arthurfiggishello :) i was going to give installing a 352.x version of the nvidia drivers in 15.04 and there are a few ppa's for it...is xorg-edgers the one that's generally used/trusted or is there a better one? if this is the wrong place to ask...sorry about that :)04:04
SonikkuAmericaI don't think so... lemme look it up04:07
arthurfiggisSonikkuAmerica, thanks...the other one commonly mentioned is ppa:mamarley/nvidia but i wasn't sure which one was...not supported, but generally used i guess :)04:09
SonikkuAmericaI would look on NVIDIA's Web site for Linux drivers and (even though it's not necessarily recommended because security) run one of their scripts04:09
arthurfiggisSonikkuAmerica, ahh, okay...on some distributions running the nvidia installer seemed to cause a lot of troubles, but i guess keeping it up to date for security reasons would be important as well. maybe i'll check out installing the official installers then, thanks :)04:12
octoquaddarkxst, does a guest session exist under Ubuntu Gnome?08:43
octoquadRe: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+question/26958008:43
darkxstoctoquad, no09:07
darkxstit might work when using lightdm, but not gdm09:09
octoquadta. Added a response to the question.09:22
octoquaddarkxst, any good resources/books for learning C. I have Programming in C (3rd Edition) by Stephen G. Kochan.09:26
darkxstoctoquad, no idea09:31
darkxstmaybe c.learncodethehardway.org/book/ their python book seems pretty popular09:31
darkxstalso GNOME C is kind of unique, with all the glib/gobject/gtk stuff etc not sure how much a generic book will help with all that09:35
darkxstoctoquad, have to run09:35
octoquadok thanks09:35
darkxstif you know the basics of C, read the code and try and fix some simple bugs09:36
octoquadactually I find working with real problems the best way to learn. If you have any please send them my way.09:37
darkxsttry look at bugs tagged gnome-love on bugzilla09:37
octoquadah yes09:38
octoquaddarkxst, when you get some time please update: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+question/26991110:07
octoquad^ sorry was looking for something in the chat log :P10:44
darkxstoctoquad, updated12:20
darkxstoctoquad, np, there is crap everywhere that is probably never updated!13:22
octoquadOK, i'll keep an eye out if I find anything and update.13:35
octoquaddarkxst, for ubuntu-gnome-default-settings if I do dch -i the version becomes 15.04.5ubuntu1 is this correct? I see previous entries don't have the ubuntu1 bit?13:40
SonikkuAmerica!info ubuntu-gnome-default-settings13:40
ubot5ubuntu-gnome-default-settings (source: ubuntu-gnome-default-settings): default settings for the Ubuntu GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 15.04.5 (vivid), package size 4 kB, installed size 73 kB13:40
darkxstoctoquad, no, ubuntu is upsteam, so it should be 15.10.113:41
SonikkuAmericadarkxst: Is he using the dev branch?13:41
darkxstSonikkuAmerica, Its for wily13:41
darkxstatleast I assume13:42
octoquadYes for wily, I branched from here: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/wily/ubuntu-gnome-default-settings/wily13:42
octoquadI can redo it, not a problem, it's small change13:43
darkxstSonikkuAmerica, for what its worth xorg-edgers is about the best trusted place to get nvidia drivers, but it does pull in other updates. so in that case you need pins13:43
darkxststill far easier than breaking your system with nvidia's installer13:43
octoquaddarkxst, should I rather use this branch instead: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-gnome-default-settings13:44
darkxstoctoquad, just change the version and commit, bzr gobbles up history unlike git13:44
SonikkuAmericadarkxst: Yeah, last night I wasn't too sure if xorg-edgers was even still maintained, given it's been around since nvidia-9613:45
darkxstits maintained by ricotz13:45
octoquadSo version should become 15.10 or 15.10.1 instead of 15.04.5ubuntu113:46
octoquador 15.10.0 if I look at the previous entries13:46
darkxst15.10.0 is gine13:46
darkxstI honestly have better things to worry about if its a 0 or 1!13:47
darkxstand lp:ubuntu/ubuntu-gnome-default-settings is the actual branch, but most likely the other you posted is just a link to that same branch13:48
* darkxst waits for the day the world falls over, and ubuntu moves to git ;) 13:51
darkxstshouldnt be too far off!13:51
octoquadI did a bzr lp-propose, it now has tvim open, not sure what I should put in there. Any ideas? This guide doesn't mention it as a step to complete: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/fixing-a-bug.html13:56
octoquadtvim = vim13:56
darkxstits a u-d-d branch really doesnt matter. so long as changelog entry in good13:59
darkxstparticularly when its midnight here and I need to be up and out by 7.30am tomorrow14:01
* darkxst going bed14:01
octoquadok. Sorted. Fix committed.14:01
octoquadThanks for the help :)14:01
octoquadnight darkxst14:02
darkxstoctoquad, will look tomorrow and sponsor14:03
darkxstjust file a MP14:04
darkxstso I get email notification ;)14:04
darkxstthere are whispers of dgit coming to ubuntu and replacing the u-d-d stuff ;)14:06
octoquadMP done, but my release tag is wrong in the commit, should be wily not vivid. darn14:08
darkxstjust add another commit. MP will update14:09
darkxstand bzr will squash the history out of existence when its merged14:11
darkxstPoS really14:11
darkxstand you may ask why, but there is nothing close to git rebase in bzr ;(14:12
darkxstpiece of shit14:13
octoquadbtw: http://blog.launchpad.net/general/git-code-hosting-beta14:13
darkxstyeh I know, thats partly motivated by dgit14:14
darkxstwe were however planning to host our branches in debian14:15
octoquadis it a lot of work? Sorry for keeping you up14:15
darkxstwhats a lot of work?14:16
darkxstmigrating to git?14:17
octoquadporting everything to debian14:18
octoquadbranches that is14:18
darkxstoctoquad, no porting just hosting our branches on alioth14:19
octoquadOh i see14:19
darkxstwhich makes perfect sense, once debian move to git14:19
darkxstdebian gnome is still on svn ;(14:20
octoquadI so over svn lol14:20
octoquadok, that's it from me today. Tomorrow I shall work on the USC fix.14:21
octoquadnight darkxst14:21
darkxstoctoquad, but I have clearance to host our stuff their until that happend14:21
darkxstor could be hosted on git.launchpad until then, I don't really care14:22
octoquadlol your choice darkxst :)14:22
octoquadi'll chat to you tomoz, get some rest already haha14:23
darkxstit makes little difference until they have their git branches setup14:24
darkxstand I'm sleeping now14:24
darkxstbut the end goal, is we tend to start packaging dev releases,  then debian pick them up around the time we pull into ubuntu atchives14:27
* darkxst really gone now though14:27
lindolhi all15:19
Dave07747Hi lindol15:23
lindolDave07747, thank you :)15:25
Dave07747Of course lindol :)15:26
lindolWhat is your time? :)15:29
lindolKorea is midnight :)15:29
lindolI will go to bed soon :)15:29
lindolhave a good night :)15:36
Dave0774711:38 AM15:38
Dave07747America east coast15:38
meowPoliceI used unetbootin to try to boot gnome from a flashdrive and now whenever I plug it in it doesn't load and I can't open bios21:49
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