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eipi_1are you or is anyone familiar with lxle 12.04.5?01:08
bazhangtry #ubuntu01:08
eipi_1uh..I have installed lxle01:09
bazhangthis is not a support channel01:09
eipi_1umm, could you please point me in the right direction?  I am very unfamiliar with IRC.01:10
Unit193lxle isn't supported in #ubuntu.01:10
bazhang!alis | eipi_101:11
ubottueipi_1: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*01:11
eipi_1but it's a simple quandry I find myself in.  Even the most modest of geeks could advise.01:12
eipi_1would you be so kind?01:12
bazhangeipi_1, use alis to search for a support channel01:12
eipi_1wtf is alis?01:13
bazhangeipi_1, I just gave you a bot message about it01:13
eipi_1should I ixquick alis or is there something I can type in to the URL field?01:13
eipi_1c'mon man, Ima noob and this is simple...01:16
eipi_1Ima boob01:16
bazhang /msg alis list lxle  <--- eipi_101:17
eipi_1lol!  but I don't see alis!01:18
eipi_1you're first alphabetically01:18
bazhangeipi_1, /join #freenode for further help with this01:19
bazhang<Guy1524> also booting from upstart restarts the computer for me01:46
bazhangbooting from...restarts01:46
bazhangdoes that make sense01:47
bazhangoh this guy01:48
bazhanghe did the same thing a few days ago01:48
bazhangubutnu so buggy, going back to arch!01:48
AScribeHow does a loser like me stop binge drinking?03:04
bazhangtry a support forum, and not here AScribe03:06
AScribebut its me HFSPLUS03:07
bazhangthat does not change the answer a whit03:08
AScribeyou already knew03:09
bazhangplease exit the channel at this time AScribe03:09
AScribeban me03:09
bazhangI'm busy03:09
AScribei will wait here all night until tomorrow until you kick/ban me03:09
AScribeso am i03:09
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ubottuObrienDave called the ops in #ubuntu (D{17p8zF`_7^}_33)06:19
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ubottuIn #ubuntu, ftwig said: ubottu os you are saying it is crap? Want something with a GUI as the restore will be from not very technical users.13:51

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