ahmadgbgHi, i have a very strange problem in my ubuntu server03:10
ahmadgbgafter testing some mysqldump codes03:11
ahmadgbgmysql stopped working03:11
ahmadgbgso i restarted the server and i got the following error: Serious errors were found while checking the disk for /03:12
VoyageHow to know what disk space is left?03:23
mybalzitchdf -h03:24
Voyagehm. its 14% userd. I wonder why I am getting this http://pastie.org/1033660203:24
mybalzitcherror number 12 is out of memory03:25
Voyagewill adding swap space help?03:27
mybalzitchhow much physical memory does the machine have03:27
Voyageubuntu amazon ec2 server03:29
sarnoldman, amazon ec2 systems have such slow block storage, unless you've sprung for an ssd, that doubling the ram would probably make a bigger improvement than adding more swap03:34
sarnoldit's hard to tell from one error message if you're out of physical memory or if you've just gone beyond what linux will let you overcommit -- it's quite possible that adding swap wouldn't help at all, if the kernel's datastructures require too much memory03:35
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_N1X_ubuntu server failed to write bootloader in /dev/sda , HP z840 workstation with Integrated LSI SAS 2308 Controller04:34
Voyagesarnold,  thanks05:12
Voyagemybalzitch,  thanks05:12
Voyageadding swap helped momentarily though05:13
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skyliteim looking for effective and fast remote backup solutions for 1-2TB of data (small files) with easy restorability and non-duplicated storage. Any suggestions?11:19
skyliteI tried attic but it seems to be really slow with the amount of data I have11:20
OerHekscompress or just tar those small files, one large file is faster, independent from what method you use11:29
skylitea tar would be impossible to handle when restoring something11:31
skyliteOerHeks If i have my backups I want to be able to restore a small file from them in just seconds. Dont want to wait hours for a tar11:33
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StewiMy server is hanging at "minissdpd[<pid>]: received signal 15, good-bye" on shutdown. Has anyone seen this before?17:23
StewiI'll do some more in-depth debugging later, just wondering if anyone's seen this before and know what it is.17:25
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