surgycan someone help me set up my graphics tablet please? i need to be able to configure it and change it to left handed use and change the button configuration. it currently works like a mouse01:46
surgyits a huion 580 graphics tablet. and it currently works but i need to be able to configure it. rotate it to left handed use and cange the buttons. it does not show up under input devices >> graphics tablets01:46
JanCsurgy: this channel is for running Ubuntu on tablets & phones & such  :)01:50
JanCsurgy: and maybe the graphics program(s) you are using have some settings you can change, but otherwise I have no idea  :-(01:51
surgyJanC, oh the guys in #ubuntu sent me here grrrrr01:56
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Mundyhello guys, may I ask u for help? I´m not sure at all if im so stupid or I found a bug on Ubuntu on my LG Nexus 405:37
JanCMundy: you can certainly ask05:53
MundyI was playing for the first time wih terminal on my device, trying various commands, together with syntaxes... I came to passwd command... Through terminal I have changed my password on the same as it was before ( so basicly no change was made)... everything in terminal was smooth, till lock screen comes.. It says im using wrong passcode...05:56
Mundymaybe there is some way on desktop how to bypass lockscreen, when u forgot ur pass.. but im hopeless with mobile device...05:57
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padmahasHello all09:02
padmahasI searched the web but cannot find where can I buy Ubuntu phone in India09:03
svijpadmahas: hi! you may can buy it here: http://store.bq.com/gl/ but there will be some news about the india launch next week09:07
svijon monday, to be specific09:07
padmahasOh thank you "svij". Hope it will be available as soon as possible09:10
svijit was planned for end of july, so it'll probably start next week or the week after09:11
padmahasmm.... good to know... I had subscribed to touch newsletter. But got no news about their launch in India09:12
svijyep, next week ;)09:13
svijI'm one of those "Ubuntu Phone Insiders" we are getting the news a few days/weeks earlier09:13
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jnxdis it true the BQ ubuntu phones are now available worldwide!?09:51
ali1234ogra_: (or anyone) can you remember approximately when the ubuntu touch root switcheroo happened? i mean the switch from android having the main root fs, to android being inside a chroot13:19
ogra_ali1234, about 2.5 years ago14:02
ali1234what month?14:03
ali12342.5 years is too long14:03
ali1234that puts it in feb 201314:03
ogra_o know for sure i wrote the documentation for it a while after we had images with it 1-2 months14:03
ali1234touch preview was released in feb 2013... it was a few months before the flip14:04
ogra_yeah, somewhere after feb ... but pretty soon14:04
ali1234i'm updating the ports wiki page to separate out the abandoned ports14:04
ogra_it was the first thing i worked on after the preview14:04
ali1234and i need an arbitrary cut off date14:05
ogra_well, the cutoff date doesnt really matter, if a port uses the old preview rootfs you can wipe it ... the rootfs is gone14:05
ali1234hmm okay14:06
ogra_we cleaned up all old images, so only recnet ports will work anyway14:06
ali1234i'm going on "anything not updated since 2013", explicitly discontinued by author, or broken download links14:06
ali1234for a first pass14:06
ali1234that covers like 95% of all ports already14:07
ali1234community ones that is14:07
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ali1234hmm make that 80%... 8 out of the first 40 i looked at seem to not fit any of those categories14:10
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