Guest66644Got it!01:51
Guest66644channel lol, just sent over here yup01:52
Guest66644Was on Ubuntu Studio, invite01:52
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:13
NokajiI have a usb thumb drive (sandisk 8gb cruzer switch) that I pulled whilst it was being written to and is now somewhat defunct. It is sometimes recognised on, say a reboot and I even copied all? the data off it. Sometimes it appears as  'read only' and I cannot do a reformat on it, evah. any suggestions how i can revive it?17:08
daftykinstry dd'ing zeroes onto the first 100MB or so17:09
daftykinstrying different ports, systems... etc17:09
daftykinsbut then they're so cheap, might be better to just accept it's dead17:09
NokajiI just lookd at the price, you're right.17:09
MartijnVdSOnly 1.17kg xD17:10
Nokajiit seemed so near to my grasp but maybe I'll give it a good burial instead17:10
daftykinswell at least try zero filling it ;)17:11
MartijnVdSand then reformatting XD17:11
Nokajiit actually responded better when I swopped it form USB 2 port to a usb3, dunno if that was just a coinkydink17:11
MartijnVdSoh yeah by zeroing you'll lose all data - might be useful to note ;)17:11
NokajiI've copied the data off it17:12
Nokajican't write to it though17:12
MartijnVdSNokaji: is everything unmounted?17:12
MartijnVdSwhat does the kernel log say?17:12
Nokajicurrently can't even see it in 'drives' or such17:12
MartijnVdShow hard did you pull it from its port? :P17:13
Nokajinormal tension but it was being written to at the time17:13
NokajiI pulled out the wrong one17:13
daftykinslet that be a lesson to ye!17:14
MartijnVdSyou sound like my dentist.. :P17:14
Nokajiyeah, a cheap one fortunately17:14
Nokajihow would i write zeros?17:14
MartijnVdSNokaji: do you know the device name? /dev/sdSOMELETTER17:14
NokajiI did, forgotten and moved it around, when i see it again i can make a note17:15
Nokajikernel log I am not that familiar with17:15
MartijnVdSNokaji: "dmesg" on the command line17:16
MartijnVdSit should also tell you which device name is assigned17:16
MartijnVdSalso, if there's problems accessing the device, you'll find it in there17:16
Nokajiokay, tried dmesg --help17:17
Nokaji and got some indepth help so I'll try that next time17:17
NokajiI guess saving it is purely an academic exercise and this lesson taught me to upgrade my usb ports17:18
Nokajireminds me, this four port belkin is damned warm17:19
Nokajiusb2, no external power applied, two devices inserted17:19
MartijnVdSLots of traffic? Direct sunlight?17:20
Nokajiunderneath is warmest17:20
daftykinsUSB hubs =|17:20
Nokajinever noticed any warmth form my cheap chinese ones17:20
Nokajiokay, i'll use tis as a learning exercise of ubuntu too, eg writing zeros17:21
Nokajithanks chaps17:21
Nokajithat's interesting, this dmesg not only gives me the cruzer details but also repeats my log on messages immediately  prior to firing up 14.04 - maybe I can 'fix' that too - s.b. a nice little, no sweat project17:24
MartijnVdSmost messages aren't problems, just informational17:26
daftykins"if it ain't broke, don't fix it"17:26
Nokajion a fresh install i got none, now i get a limited number. Since swopping modem, I get 'red' messages saying unable to disconnect. Occassional i get a 'screen of death', no biggie though for now17:28
daftykinsabsolutely no idea what you mean :)17:29
Nokajiwell, i get a few messages both on boot and exit. also messages in red text that go by fast but state 'modemmanger' issues, but I'm fine with it, oh and occasional screen fixes requiring a reset17:30
Nokajijust tweaks really17:31
penguin42yeh modemmanager always moans, always has17:37
Nokajipart of the reason I installed ubuntu was to delve into the technical side however it has worked so well out of the box, I've mainly only ever need to click an icon or limited C&P in Terminal17:39
penguin42Nokaji: One trick is to pick one thing and just understand how it works a bit more, you can generally keep digging as far as you want17:49
Nokajipenguin42: Undoubtedly. i like to pick a thing that revolves around an issue I may have, such as playing blu ray, that way there is a pressie at the end of it17:50
NokajiI rememebr form my early college days when the geezer taught us to make things that included several skills rolled into one, rther than making abstract stuff17:51
diddledanallo all17:52
daftykins'lo mr.dan17:56
* diddledan says "15.10" and sniggers at the lude reference18:06
diddledanwerewolf's wily18:06
diddledanit's like the action actor, bruce's willi18:07
MartijnVdSdiddledan: 15.10? is that like 4.20?18:12
diddledanthem japs are being clever again: http://www.engadget.com/2015/08/07/japan-privacy-visor/18:34
zleapso how does that work18:39
penguin42I'm assuming it's based on that a lot of the face recognition is based on things like ratios of distances between eyes and nose and if it makes it hard for the software to identify the edges of the eyes and the nose that helps18:40
NokajiI invented something similar to that decades ago18:41
zleapbut havent facebook jus found a way to use part of your face and it can still recognise you18:41
Nokajicenturies, possibly18:41
zleapyeah sorry18:42
NokajiI invented the Nokaji Number Plate Obscurer18:42
zleapah number plate18:42
zleapi thought that was about face recognition18:42
Nokajiyour No. plate is in plane view but closely surrounded by a board covered in alphanumerics18:42
Nokajino, it is about number plates, the guy is obviously trying to muscle in on my action18:43
zleapi have seen license plate covers18:43
zleapUS ones18:43
Nokajianother way to mask your number plate is hair-spray18:44
Nokajispray several layers over it18:44
Nokajiit reflects a camera flash, whiting out the plate18:44
mgdmsomeone, I forget who, tested one of those sprays taht was supposed to do that18:45
mgdmif anything, it made the plate easier to read under a flash18:45
NokajiI didn't say it worked18:45
daftykinsyou just need a little rotating drum so you can flick a button James Bond style and change reg plate ;)18:45
* penguin42 guesses epaper might work18:46
Nokajiborrowing form the spectacles idea, you could have uneven layers of hair-spray18:46
Nokajithe angle of the plate is possibly another critical factor18:47
Nokajimaybe spray your 'rounded' bumper too18:47
mgdmor just drive at or under the limit ;-)18:49
Nokajiyou could have a lens over the plate making it obscure at a given angle18:52
Nokajiif you could somehow incorporate distance into it, that would be better18:53
mgdmone of those filters like you get in security-conscious places over monitors might work - cuts the viewing angle18:54
diddledanpost a sign that says "don't take photos of this car" would be just as effective18:54
mgdmor an LCD that works somewhat like an automatic welding mask, that goes black if it detects a flash18:55
zleapyou can get paper that does that18:55
Nokajior some additional text on your plate, visible only under camera flash18:55
zleapreacts to light from photo copieers,  i know RM did that with their manuals to stop people photocopying them18:55
diddledanwhy do you assume random stranger person will only photograph your car when it's dark?18:55
mgdmwell I've been assuming people were thinking about how to avoid speed cameras18:57
mgdmwhich might've been wrong18:57
zleapthe pic posted was relating to masking faces so people are not recognised18:58
mgdmI missed that18:58
zleapwhich is why i commented that facebook now have software to recognise you by other means18:59
zleapso there is little escape18:59
diddledanmgdm: I managed to open this can of worms by initially posting this link: http://www.engadget.com/2015/08/07/japan-privacy-visor/18:59
penguin42zleap: I suspect they're using a neural net thing these days - and the recognition rates are getting impressive18:59
zleapi use diaspora so none of those features,  but it is privacy aware19:00
diddledanindeed. with neural nets even with fancy tech that "obscures" there will be improvement by learning19:00
zleapi think it should, then allow you to mask faces,   as facebook can draw a sqare around a face19:00
diddledanthat's where it helps facebook that their users are trained to "tag" their friends' faces19:00
penguin42zleap: I've failed to find anything interesting on diaspora19:00
zleapso it can'tbe that much harder to recognise a face place a mask over it19:01
zleappenguin42: depends who you follow19:01
zleaplots of discussions on UN investigating last years attack on gaza by isreal19:01
diddledanzleap: the issue isn't that other people can't see your face, it's that facebook know who the photo is of19:01
Nokajiso, i think we concurred that some light-reactive tech' was the best way forward for No. Plates19:02
diddledanNokaji: I'll just photograph your car without flash19:02
Nokajiokay, couple it with a gps that knows the whereabouts of cameras so you can manually switch it on, then you can speed with impunity19:03
Nokajior have the gps switch it on, ofc19:04
Nokajimaybe some james bond style pepper-spray and paint as a tail-gun19:05
Nokajiactually, I like the old fashioned 'burning tyre around the gatso' idea19:05
Nokajinot that i would ever advocate anything illegal ofc, only do it if it is permitted in your zip-code19:07
daftykinsdirecthex: a mate has just picked up rare replay and seems to only see the 360 titles and not the N64 ones, is there any trick to it do you know?19:30
directhexdaftykins: there are 9 360 games. the remaining 21 games are accessed via the "rare replay" game itself19:30
directhexeg blast corps, conker bfs, you access by runnig rare replay19:30
daftykinsah ok so it's like a menu launcher? cool :>19:31
daftykinsthank you sir19:31
directhexbanjo kazooie is the 360 re-release, so you can run it directly from "my games & apps" - BUT19:31
daftykinsheh he says it doesn't even run yet, must be busy19:32
directhexa bunch of the extra content - making of videos, etc - is gated behind "tickets", which you earn at a rate of 6 achievements to one ticket. it can only detect achievements for 360 games (and issue tickets accordingly) if you launch them via the rare replay app, not directly19:32
directhexdaftykins: rare replay requires 10 separate app installs, then 10 separate app updates. took me about 2.5 hours, from the disc, to fully running19:34
directhex10x 700mb updates19:34
directhexi guess one copy of the 360 emu/OS per game19:34
daftykinsmmm that's a lot of wasted space19:35
directhex ¯\_(ツ)_/¯19:36
daftykinsi kind of want to get in on the preview program so i can play with the backwards compatibility19:37
directhexdaftykins: me too19:43
directhexdaftykins: still, i have 9 games to test it with already now :p19:43
daftykinsi'm not sure how fun it'd be to have the newer software and my friends be on the old though19:43
daftykinscould spell trouble19:43
popeyIt amuses me how the whole emulation scene is very commercial now.19:51
popeyAll those years ago everyone saying games are "abandoned" and that nobody wanted them, but now the license owners are reaping in retro gaming on mobile and console platforms19:51
daftykinsit's pretty neat19:52
daftykinsespecially given a lot of these triple A titles aren't even fun19:52
MartijnVdSpopey: someone had to write the emulators first :)19:52
popeysure, but emulators have existed for a very long time20:00
popeyI remember when I very first discovered MAME on a BBS. That was a revalation.20:00
popeyThere was another one around the same time I think called Sparcade which was prettier but emulated fewer games.20:01
mgdmI remember Sparcade for some reason20:01
mgdmIn my first job there was a guy there who was a big Neo Geo fanboi, I think he might've used that or something with a similar name20:01
popeyI built a picade today20:02
popeytis fun20:02
popeycould do with better switches, will probably replace those20:02
popeyya, fun20:02
* popey goes to drink beer and sit by a fire20:02
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diddledananyone remember the commercial program "bleem!"?20:37
diddledanthe exclamation is important so you need it copy+paste prolly20:38
MartijnVdSdiddledan: I remember it as a mythical thing nobody ever had20:39
daftykinsdiddledan: yep! remember running it on win9820:40
daftykinsand being sad it didn't work in XP20:40
daftykinshowever i remember trying Crash Bandicoot - it ruined all the time-based puzzles making the game impossible20:41
diddledandosbox (as a corollory) has a thingy to help in situations where the game runs too fast iirc20:50
daftykinsmust've been one of those things where the game was developed closely to the playstations clock speed20:50
diddledanyeah, early games did that20:50
diddledanthe original theme-park game did that on dos, too20:51
diddledanI remember running it on a faster pc and it was all gank20:51
ali1234i pirated it but it never worked20:53
diddledanali1234: are you supposed to admit such behaviour in public?23:30

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