nhainesOoh, I didn't know about it.00:04
nhainesI'm not sure whether to be pleased that the cleaning only shows the black ink cartridge (the color ones are fine) or angry that it isn't testing the color cartridge and didn't prompt otherwise.00:05
nhainesOoh, TIL.  Well, good thing I snapshotted this VM before I instaled the drivers!00:05
nhainesIt's my "redo all the Windows screenshots in my book because now Windows 10" VM anyway.00:06
nhainesOh, nevermind, it didn't print the intermediate ink cleaning page either.  So if the priming clean doesn't work I'm going to try hp-clean.00:07
nhainesOr else just harass HP over social media until I get a free ink cartridge and or printer.  :P00:07
nhainesOoh, hp-clean uses HPLIP to give desktop notification!  <300:18
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RoguehorseWhat a week19:49
RoguehorseThis is how my condition is crippling:  https://goo.gl/photos/MVhgxu2eaKnR92Fb621:15
darthrobot[R: photos.google.com] Title: [Error reading title]21:15
RoguehorseThe swelling is really painful and it is the same sitting or standing. I can't put shoes on so I try to squeeze socks over my feet and even that isn't very easy to do.21:17
ianorlinRoguehorse: I acn understand my dad back is not in good shape either23:35

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