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Kilosevening all10:06
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CryterionKilos you're late again?11:43
Kilosbeen working on tank to slow leak11:52
Kilosans tween chatting my girls11:53
Cryterionanyone got any ideas on how the get WINE working properly?17:09
grembleHow is it currently working improperly, Cryterion ?17:14
Cryterionthink I found my mistake, trying something17:15
Kiloshi gremble Cryterion 17:20
Kilossuperfly too17:21
CryterionHi Kilos17:21
Cryterionhmm, still not working, have to fix wine somehow17:21
Kiloswine gave hassles with me in 10.10 already17:22
CryterionTrying to run a win app, but it starts opening in wine, then the tab on taskbar just dissappears 17:22
Kilosnow i dont even try it17:22
Kiloshave you got the right win chosen17:23
Cryterionalways given my hassles, I try apt-get install or even through software centre, (Show INSTALL even though it is installed) but has conflicts17:23
Cryterionhow do you even choose17:24
Kiloswhen you open wine to install something17:24
Kilosits gives all the versions17:24
CryterionWINE not Virtual Box17:24
Kilosoh have i got that mixed up too17:25
CryterionI know Virtual Box, you still run the original OS in it, wine is just an emulator17:26
Kiloslook for wine-tricks i think it was called17:30
Kilosthere also some other winething in repos17:31
KilosWine is a compatibility layer for running Windows applications on Linux.17:32
KilosApplications are run at full speed without the need of cpu emulation. Wine17:32
Kilosdoes not require Microsoft Windows, however it can use native system dll17:32
Kilosfiles in place of its own if they are available.17:32
Kilosthats from winetricks17:33
Cryterionyeah, and I somehow lost winetricks now trying to update it all17:34
Kilosill be back17:37
Kilossomething attacked my desktop and its gone super slow17:37
* Cryterion is gonna reboot now anyway17:39
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grembleMaaz: calculate 12345679*918:38
Maazgremble: 11111111118:38
grembleIf you have an 8 it makes one a 0 instead of 1, which is unfortunate :<18:38
grembleMaaz: calculate 123456789*918:39
Maazgremble: 111111110118:39

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