surgy3i tried to ask in kubuntu but no one is there or no one knows how to help00:00
surgy3i just installed kubuntu and am getting a black screen with blinking cursor. i think it is cuased by grub being installed in the wrong spot. im currently talkin to you via the kubuntu live cd. i need grub reinstalled onto the ssd that kubuntu is installed on. i have lts 14.04 kubuntu installed. please help me00:01
Jordan_U!bootinfo | surgy300:02
ubottusurgy3: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.00:02
fabzor3surgy3, when you reinstall, unplug your other disks00:03
fabzor3just in case it get installed to the wrong disks00:03
squintysurgy3:  there is also the following    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Troubleshooting00:03
surgy3fabzor3: my other disks are internal thats rediculous00:03
squintyno it's not00:04
squintyquite common to reduce potential problems00:04
Jordan_Usurgy3: You do not need to remove any drives.00:04
jake_anyone here mining on 100mhs?00:06
surgy3Jordan_U: here is the results http://www.pasteall.org/6024500:07
jake_no one?00:08
surgy3how do i tell what /dev/sdc is ?00:09
Jordan_Usurgy3: OK, are you currently booted from a Kubuntu 14.04 liveCD?00:09
surgy3Jordan_U: yes00:09
Jordan_Usurgy3: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/ && sudo grub-install --target=i386-pc --boot-directory=/mnt/boot/ /dev/sdc00:10
surgy3Jordan_U: installation finished no errors reported. so that was it?00:11
Jordan_Usurgy3: Note that while that should get you booting you are not quite done fixing things yet! Once booted, run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure --frontend=text grub-pc".00:12
surgy3thnx man00:13
Jordan_Usurgy3: If you forget to do this second step, and select the appropriate devices (at least /dev/sdc, but you could also decide to install to all disks) for grub's boot sector, then booting might break again with a future update as grub-pc will run grub-install against the wrong device.00:13
surgy3Jordan_U: ok i understand will run that command first thing on reboot thanks a million00:14
Jordan_Usurgy3: You're welcome.00:14
caliculkWhat is the way (besides using apt-get) to check if a package is available in one of Ubuntu's repos?00:15
Jordan_Ucaliculk: packages.ubuntu.com00:15
caliculkI was trying to install 'minidlna' but when I try to use apt-get it doesn't show up as available.00:15
caliculkThanks Jordan_U00:15
Jordan_Ucaliculk: You're welcome.00:15
Bashing-omcaliculk: There is also terminal command ' apt-cache search minidlna ' Once the package name is identified ' apt-cache show <name) ' for additional info .00:19
surgyJordan_U, fixed :)00:23
fowlmy audio is skipping all the time. on all applications. pulseaudio. how can I fix it???00:35
GerowenIs there any particular reason that several options in VLC (under 15.04) are grayed out?  Like subtitle track, take snapshot, all sorts of things under all the menus except the "Media" menu00:35
tsimonq2fowl: Did you try a reinstall?00:35
tsimonq2Try a live CD00:35
fowltsimonq2, lol.. no i didnt00:35
Gerowenfowl: 14.04 LTS?  I had the same issue, upgrading to 15.04 seems to have fixed it for the most part.00:35
fowli'm on 15.0400:36
bekksI'm on 14.04 until 16.04.1 :)00:36
bekksAt least.00:36
tsimonq2fowl: Try a Live CD first, and if it doesn't work, you need drivers(or some other fix for your hardware), otherwise, do a reinstall if it REALLY bugs you00:36
fowltsimonq2, sorry i find your reinstall suggestion to be somewhat hilarious00:37
tsimonq2Pulseaudio I mean...not Ubuntu!00:37
fowlhow do i find out what drivers i need00:38
bekksOerHeks: ping? :)00:40
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Guy1524Hey guys so my laptop recently broke but the ssd in it is fine.  I have a server and I tried booting from the ssd.  There are countless errors.  It is a lenovo thinkserver00:50
bekksMaybe its not that fine?00:51
Guy1524I did nothing to the sdd00:51
Guy1524it has always worked perfectly00:51
Guy1524even when the fan was broken00:51
bekksWhich doesnt mean it works perfectly now.00:51
El22Hola a todos: Soy 22Jerán00:51
Guy1524yes, it does00:51
Guy1524I can go into recovery mode and go through it00:51
Guy1524all files still there00:52
Guy1524grub is still on there00:52
erpoGuy1524: What is your goal?00:52
Guy1524to launch ubuntu00:52
bekksGuy1524: Which doesnt mean much so far.00:52
Guy1524w/o crashing00:52
erpoAre you trying to repurpose the server as your permanent desktop?00:52
Guy1524I put in a graphics card00:53
Guy1524and more ram00:53
Guy1524it has a radeon hd something, and 12 gb of ram, an intel xeon00:53
erpoWhat does it do when it crashes?00:53
Guy1524well when i boot, the ubuntu splash screen shows up for a few seconds then a bunch of error text spits out00:54
bekksGuy1524: Which errors?00:54
ki7rwwhat's the story on using updater? it hangs. it turns out that the problem is some kind of changelog stuff that causes it to hang. same thing happens with synaptic. i have to use apt-get to get updates to install00:54
Guy1524i can only see the end of the stack trace00:54
Guy1524and can't scroll up00:54
El22Me voy a cagar a los yuyos, y vuelvo!00:54
Guy1524after printing everything freezes00:54
=== bazhang__ is now known as bazhang
Guy1524ill try launching gui from recovery mode00:55
Guy1524and showing u the errors00:55
Guy1524because its still responsive when I do that00:55
erpoSounds good.00:55
Guy1524OK, so on my screen, one thing says: Caught signal 11(Segmentation Fault) Server aborting00:57
Guy1524there are a lot more things00:57
Guy1524ill send u a picture00:57
georgeowellGuy1524 Do you have a camera?00:58
georgeowelltake a pic00:58
Bashing-omGuy1524: A thought, different graphics cards and ya need to purge the present graphics driver ?00:59
Guy1524i didnt have the sdd in b4 i put in the new graphics card00:59
Guy1524its from a different computer00:59
Guy1524sorry the camera on windows 8 is reflected01:01
Guy1524i dont have any software to reflect it back01:01
Guy1524do you?01:01
Ben64Guy1524: just post it01:02
ivanjianjianhey all01:02
bekksGuy1524: Your X server crashed due to the wrong driver installed for your current GPU.01:03
Guy1524should i go into root on recovery mode01:03
Guy1524and install new drivers01:03
bekksGuy1524: Yes.01:03
Guy1524ok, ill try01:04
Guy1524what command do I type in to get new drivers I used to have intel HD now I have radeon hd, not sure of version01:07
Guy1524when I type sudo lshw -C video I get Error in 'lshw'" free(): invalid next size (fast)" 0x0000000001c53120 *** Segmentation fault01:10
GeForce88where is the download link for 10.04 ? or am i being forced to pay for it now via the ubuntu website ?01:11
GeForce88pardon, not 10.04, i mean 15.0401:12
JanCit should be there01:12
GeForce88even if i slide the sliders to the left, and it sayts use ubuntu for free, there is no link01:13
GeForce88just the paypal link01:13
georgeowellGuy1524 I'd just recommend reinstalling to be honest. It'll save you a lot of hassle.01:15
Guy1524I tried that01:16
Guy1524still a million errors01:16
GeForce88at least you can download it. :(01:16
JanCGeForce88: then just go to alternative downloads01:17
JanCall the images are on all the mirrors01:18
GeForce88janc : i see that now. thanks01:18
JanCand maybe somebody should fix the "regular" downloads indeed01:18
GeForce88and maybe some one shouldnt try downloading stuff whilest drinking01:19
JanCGeForce88: the LTS download has a "Not now, take me to the download ›" link, but the non-LTS you wanted doesn't01:21
JanCso looks like a bug to me  :)01:21
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JanCand it's not just you drinking  ;)01:21
Guest84475@search daniel greenberg01:22
Guest84475@seek daniel greenberg01:22
larrydewey123Hey everyone, I am trying to access a usb device which shows up in dmesg and lsusb and lspci, but it doesn't auto mount. Is there a way to force mount it?01:22
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Guy1524so I have a radeon hd 6400 series, how do I get the drivers01:23
erpolarrydewey123: What kind of device is it?01:23
larrydewey123it is a cell phone. Nokia Lumia 72001:24
erpoGuy1524: Sorry. I've stayed away from AMD/ATI graphics cards under Linux so I can't offer any advice.01:24
erpolarrydewey123: That's a windows phone. I'll bet it's using mtp. What version of Ubuntu are you running?01:24
JanCGuy1524: it should work with the standard open source drivers01:25
Guy1524do i have those01:25
JanCwhich are pre-installed01:25
Guy1524x crashes01:25
Guy1524erpo said I needed to download them01:25
Guy1524everything is so buggy, everything is crashing01:26
srvkHi guys, does anyone know a way of turning off my dedicated gpu for when I'm running on integrated graphics?01:26
JanCGuy1524: sounds more like your install is totally broken01:26
JanCor the hardware is01:26
Guy1524But I am sure its not01:26
Guy1524because it works on my laptop01:26
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Bashing-omGuy1524: IF you are (re-)installing, the kernel will find and install drivers. Open source if in the install you do not check "install updates" in the installer .01:26
Guy1524how do I reinstall01:27
erpolarrydewey123: Hang on.01:27
Guy1524im in recovery mode01:27
Guy1524if i log in it crashes01:27
larrydewey123erpo: no problem. Thanks for the help.01:27
Bashing-omGuy1524: Not at all knowledgeable about a proper way to remove the Intel driver .01:28
Guy1524well i guess I cant because whenever i do apt-get it returns segmentation fault01:28
snadgewhy does apt-cache show fglrx show this version: Version: 2:15.200-0ubuntu4.1 .. but the website for the package, shows ubuntu 4 (without the .1)01:28
snadgei guess what im trying to say is.. where is this mythical 4.1 package01:28
Guy1524this is so buggy!01:28
Guy1524the screen keeps turning off, everything is returning errors01:29
Guy1524and freezing01:29
erpolarrydewey123: When you say it doesn't automount, how do you know? Where are you looking and expecting it to appear?01:29
Bashing-omGuy1524: Not buggy - wrong graphics driver - .. Maybe try and boot to terminal from the grub menu. Perhaps then the GUI graphics driver will not be loaded and you can get some work done ?01:30
Guy1524I am talking about that01:30
larrydewey123erpo: it doesn't create a mount point in /dev. It doesn't show up in nautilus, and it doesn't pop up. I don't know where else to look for it.01:30
Guy1524I have not even once gotten to a gui01:30
Guy1524even recovery mode root is constantly crashing01:31
Guy1524and returning errors01:31
Guy1524i cant do anything but browse the filesystem01:31
bazhangGuy1524, dont use enter as punctuation01:31
Bashing-omGuy1524: Presntly you have no means to access the GUI. Why even try ? Boot to terminal .01:31
Guy1524I have!01:32
Guy1524And sorry Ive bean trying to get something out of this machine all day01:32
erpolarrydewey123: MTP devices like your phone don't create /dev/sd* entries even when they're working properly. Given that, have you plugged the phone into the computer and looked through everything in the nautilus sidebar?01:32
OerHeks Guy1524 time to do a memtest86 test01:33
Guy1524how do I launch it01:33
Bashing-omGuy1524: I am not referring to booting in recoverry mode, but booting from grub's boot menu, edit the boot parameters such that you boot direct to a terminal (TTY1) .01:33
erpolarrydewey123: Aha. Apparently libmtp needs patches to work with your phone on 15.04. Try these instructions: http://ubuntuqa.com/334936/how-to-connect-nokia-lumia-730-to-ubuntu-150401:35
Bashing-omGuy1524: As OerHeks suggest, a Memtest at this time would be a great thing to do before any other things .01:35
Guy1524how do I do a memtest01:35
makemeOla, I'm running 15.04 on kvm, and compiz is literally gorging itself on my cpu cycles thanks to no GA. Is there a way to make this stop?01:36
Ben64you select it from grub01:36
Ben64makeme: and GA is...?01:37
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makemeGraphical Acceleration01:37
Ben64don't use compiz01:37
GerowenWhy does nautilus in 15.04 keep re-enabling "Show hidden files"?  I turned it on once to find a file easier, and now every time I close and re-open a file browser window (not restarting the nautilus process, just closing windows), it has re-enabled the "show hidden files" option.01:38
Guy1524how do i do a memtest???01:38
Ben64Guy1524: you select it from grub01:38
Guy1524its not in grub01:38
Ben64yes it is01:38
makemeBen42: Well I totally would, because it's a piece of garbage, but I like Unity, and no compiz = no unity.01:38
Guy1524just normal upstart and recovery01:38
bazhangGuy1524, are you using ubuntu01:38
bazhangGuy1524, what version, and is this in a vm01:39
Guy1524no, not a vm 15.0401:39
wileeeGuy1524, You've checked the sum?01:39
Guy1524whats that01:39
Ben64makeme: unity doesn't work well without acceleration01:39
bazhangGuy1524, memtest is there then01:39
OerHeksGuy1524, from live iso, it is an option01:39
wileeeGuy1524, I sent you a bot message earlier01:39
wileee!md5sum | Guy152401:39
ubottuGuy1524: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:40
Guy1524I am not using a usb01:40
Guy1524i am booting from a hard drive that works on another computer01:40
wileeeGuy1524, Are you still using the download that errors on the live check?01:40
Ben64its an option on installed ubuntu in grub01:40
Guy1524I am so confused, what are you guys talking about, grub only has 3 options01:41
larrydewey123erpo: doesn't seem to be working. It won't boot, and we are trying to pull info off of it. Any other ideas?01:41
erpolarrydewey123: The phone won't boot?01:41
larrydewey123erpo: it "boots" but it won't get past the Nokia logo01:42
larrydewey123it registers as though it has been connected, but it won't mount.01:42
Bashing-omGuy1524: 15.04 ? IF 15.04 then it is systemd as the initiate system . Many bets are off as many of us have no familiarity with 15.04's systemd .01:43
Guy1524should I try install 14.0401:43
surgycan someone please help me get my tablet working right?01:44
neldogzAnyone seeing gui stutter when running Ubuntu within Virtualbox 5.0?01:44
wileeesurgy, Maybe, give the channel an outline.01:44
Guy1524guys would installing 14.04 help01:44
Bashing-omGuy1524: That is your choice . 14.04 is the Long Term Support release and we do know the issues related to 14.04 ( not counting I know litle about Intel graphics ) .01:45
surgyits a huion 580 graphics tablet. and it currently works but i need to be able to configure it. rotate it to left handed use and cange the buttons. it does not show up under input devices >> graphics tablets01:45
wileeeGuy1524, This actually installed now, or the HD is a live boot?01:45
JanCso, ubuntu.com website bug filed  :)01:45
Guy1524it is installed on the sdd, yes01:45
Guy1524I used to use it in another computer01:45
Guy1524and I am transfering to a new computer01:45
OerHekssurgy, #ubuntu-touch is the propper channel i guess01:45
Guy1524also booting from upstart restarts the computer for me01:46
wileeeGuy1524, Cool, ignore my comments, I thought you were still working on that. Sorry about that.01:46
erpolarrydewey123: I would connect the phone to a Windows PC just to verify whether the issue is the phone or the computer's OS. The MTP protocol requires that the phone be working properly to transfer files. If it won't mount on the Windows PC, then try taking out the microSD card and plugging that into a reader.01:47
Guy1524its fine wileee, i just gave up trying to install it fresh and thought it would be easier to use the old ssd, but I was 200% wrong01:47
wileeeGuy1524, You mentioned you were UEFI but legacy this the goal with the HD, and was it UEFI or what before?01:47
Guy1524maybe i should try arch, so I can find the root of the problem01:47
Guy1524its on legacy01:47
Guy1524but i could do uefi01:48
Guy1524secure boot is off01:48
OerHeksso it is an install, transferring to a different machine, probably with different hardware, oh and uefi?01:48
wileeeGuy1524, Thanks, just trying to get the context. It seems best on an install if possible to stay uefi by and large.01:48
Guy1524k ill try booting with uefi but at this point i have no hope01:49
wileeeGuy1524, Have you summed that erring usb or the iso you were using before?01:50
Guy1524no bcuz i am using my bros computer and i dont want to install new software01:50
Guy1524he uses windows01:50
bazhangno need to install anything01:50
bazhangjust check the hash01:51
wileeeGuy1524, That could be the issue, and bazhang is correct read the wiki if you can.01:51
bazhangbeing on windows is NOT an obstacle either01:51
Guy1524it could be the issue01:51
Guy1524with the usb01:51
Guy1524but not the usb, it works fine01:51
bazhangcheck the hash Guy152401:52
Guy1524I am trying to ssd right now01:52
Guy1524that i am sure works01:52
wileeeGuy1524, you can check both read carefully the wiki, http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:52
Guy1524that involves installing software01:52
Guy1524on my bros computer01:52
bazhangGuy1524, again, stop using enter as punctuation, its impossible to read01:53
Guest44536anyone know how long freenode nickserv locks your nickname if you goof on id password?01:53
bazhangGuy1524, no software install of any kind is involved at all01:53
daftykinsGuest44536: ask in #freenode , this is not IRC support01:53
bazhang30 secons or so Guest4453601:53
Guy1524that is software01:54
bazhangGuy1524, did you actually read the hashsum links give you01:54
Guest44536thanks bazhang01:54
daftykinsyou can get standalone hash checking .exe's... do it01:55
Guy1524I think I am going to give up, thanks for the help though01:55
bazhangGuy1524, then you would know that no software install of any kind is involved, just checking the hash with a simple command01:55
Guy1524You need to install software to use that command01:55
bazhangGuy1524, thats not correct at all01:55
Guy1524md5sum is not recognized...01:56
daftykinsrunning an executable != installing01:56
Guy1524for me it is01:56
surgyi need help setting up y graphics tablet i dont even know where to start. :: its a huion 580 graphics tablet. and it currently works but i need to be able to configure it. rotate it to left handed use and cange the buttons. it does not show up under input devices >> graphics tablets01:56
Guy1524anyway ill just try arch, thanks though01:56
daftykinsGuy1524: you're being ridiculous01:56
bazhang#ubuntu-touch surgy01:56
Ben64you need to check the md5sum on any iso01:56
bazhangenough time wasted01:57
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surgybazbing80, thats for tablets...... i need help with a graphics tablet..... i was informed by the people there that i was in the wrong place01:58
bazhangsurgy, is it touchscreen01:58
surgybazbing80, no it is a pen and stylus for doing digital art on a desktop...01:58
bazhangsurgy, wacom?01:59
Ben64like a wacom tablet i'm guessing01:59
surgybazbing80, a pad and stylus*01:59
surgybazbing80, similar but different brand01:59
bazhangsurgy its not bazbing01:59
fowlmy audio is skipping all the time. on all applications. pulseaudio. how can I fix it??? where is even the alsa or pulseaudio settings?!01:59
surgyoh oops lol stupid tab01:59
bazhangsurgy apt-cache search wacom01:59
bazhangsurgy that should work with the offbrand as well02:00
surgybut its a huion...02:00
surgyoh ok02:00
bazhangsurgy huion is before the actual branding02:00
surgybazhang, huion is the brand.. i thought.... it says huion right on the front and they have their own website02:01
bazhangsurgy yes thats right, but they also sell to the majors such as wacom02:01
bazhangsurgy, try the apt-cache search for that and see02:02
surgy Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.02:02
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:03
bazhangsurgy thats a new issue then02:03
surgybazbing80, i just tried to install one of the many wacom drivers using apt-get install and that popped up02:03
daftykinsshow the output in a paste, we can't see from here02:04
bazhangsurgy still not bazbing02:04
surgylol sorry habit of typing a partial name and pressing tab02:05
daftykinsyou don't use 'sudo' with an apt-cache search, that was mistake #102:05
kostkonsurgy, that package comes preinstalled anyway02:06
surgyi feel like the wacom drivers wont help me.02:07
daftykinswouldn't have hurt to try02:07
surgyhe just said it is preinstalled right?02:08
daftykinsyou could've installed some other way02:08
daftykinsit would not be throwing errors if it were already on02:08
daftykinsperhaps run a "sudo apt-get -f install" and pastebin it02:08
surgywell i dont understand the error.02:08
bazhangdaftykins, he just did say he installed the numerous wacom packages02:09
surgyand you implied that if i pasted it you would help me find a solution02:09
daftykinsright, and now i'm asking for more02:09
bazhangsurgy, we dont know what all you have installed, you said many packages02:09
surgyi did?02:09
bazhangsurgy, so we need tons more details on how to resolve this, you are giving the absolute bare minimum of info for troubleshooting02:10
codepython777does anyone know why ssh xyz gives me "Enter password to unlock the private key" box ?02:10
surgybazhang, im sorry for doing that. the reason im not giving you the information you need to help me is because i dont know what that information is or how to get it.02:11
daftykinsi told you the command to run, consider me given up on you :)02:11
bazhangsurgy, first, do what daftykins suggested a moment ago02:11
surgysorry i had issed that line doing so now02:11
surgyit shows nothing... thats for broken or incomplete packages right? http://www.pasteall.org/6025302:12
kostkonsurgy, run  sudo apt-get upgrade  now02:14
kostkonsurgy, or do a test run first02:14
surgya "test run" ?02:15
kostkonsurgy, sudo apt-get upgrade -s   if you want02:15
kostkonsurgy, what ubuntu version are you on?02:17
JanCthere is also the 'xserver-xorg-input-aiptek' driver, and it seems like there used to be an 'xserver-xorg-input-wizardpen' driver in a PPA (without recent updates), that both cover some non-wacom tablets02:17
daftykinsuh-oh. utopic.02:18
ubottuUbuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic02:18
daftykinsgame over02:18
kostkonsurgy, ok im guessing 14.04 with the hwe stack ok02:18
surgyyes 14.04 have no idea what a hwe stack is02:18
=== Shrooms` is now known as Shrooms
ubottuOn August 7, 2014, Ubuntu 12.04.5 will deliver the kernel and graphics stack from 14.04. At that time, security updates and bug fixes for older hardware enablement stacks will cease. Users of older hardware enablement stacks are encouraged to update to the 12.04.5 hardware enablement stack or upgrade to 14.04. Please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/1204_HWE_EOL for further details.02:19
bazhangsurgy see above02:19
kostkonsurgy, pick a kde package from the list and apt-cache it02:20
kostkonsurgy, apt-cache policy*02:20
surgyapt-cache policy* is not a command02:21
kostkonsurgy, apt-cache policy <package name>02:22
kostkonsurgy, thought so. ppa mess02:23
surgyppa mess?02:23
kostkonsurgy, you have added a ppa and it has created dependency problems02:24
bazhangppa-purge if its not too late02:24
bazhang!ppa-purge | surgy02:25
ubottusurgy: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:25
JanCseems like that Huion tablet needed the unmaintained 'xserver-xorg-input-wizardpen' driver until at least a couple years back?02:25
JanCso then the wacom driver is probably useless, I think?02:26
OerHeksthere is also digimend, formaly known as huion, http://digimend.github.io/drivers/02:26
bazhanghe's on an eol version, mixed with ppa02:26
JanCOerHeks: aha, that looks better indeed, if it's maintained02:28
surgyso how do i know which ppa is bad? and which to get rid of?02:28
JanCOerHeks: although it seems like all their stuff is upstreamed now?02:29
fowlAudio skips. Been here for three days. The problem has existed since i installed the os 15.04 in may or so.02:29
fowlEvery once in a while i say audio skips so that nobody can help me02:30
kostkonsurgy, this one https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports  To purge it, install ppa-purge and then use the command as described above, i.e.  sudo ppa-purge ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports02:31
surgyso thank you guys for helping me figure out that i screwed up..... but at least i tried before askign for help..... i dont really understand what i tried i guess.....02:31
=== nada is now known as Guest19668
JanCHuion H610 should work with Linux kernel >= 3.1702:31
fowlIs 15.04 supported??02:32
kostkonfowl, y02:32
surgykostkon, ok its purged02:35
Pinkamena_DSo it seems like from when I first tried to use two video cards back in 2011 or so, not much has been updated. People still suggest manual xorg config and removing ubuntu unity. Has anyone heard that there is any progress on this issue or should I be trying to start writing my own scripts?02:35
bazhangsurgy time to upgrade to a support verion of ubuntu02:35
kostkonsurgy,  try doing a sudo apt-get update and then   sudo apt-get upgrade  should give no errors02:35
bazhang!eolupgrades | surgy02:36
ubottusurgy: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:36
wileeePinkamena_D, radeons are not very well supported, when they are it seems for a short while, do the research before proclaiming hogwash02:36
surgyas of a few hours ago this was listed as the lts02:36
bazhangsurgy you said 14.1002:36
daftykinssurgy: show the output of "lsb_release -d"02:36
Pinkamena_Dwileee, what? Who said anything about radeons?02:37
surgyDescription:    Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS02:37
Pinkamena_DI mean generally, about any video cards. I have many ndivia and amd lying around that I have tested.02:37
surgyand i said 14.0402:37
daftykinsalright, this is called checking information - don't get awkward about it02:38
wileeePinkamena_D, Thought you had that per earlier post, what are they02:38
surgysorry its just frustratin02:38
Pinkamena_DCurrently I have 8800gt and integrated intel02:39
monty_hallif I have ssh installed and I connect, does that necessarily mean I haver sftp too?02:39
surgyand yes i upgraded with 0 errors02:39
wileeePinkamena_D, Never the less your statement is one borne of frustration and generalized, we can do without that. ;)02:39
JanCmonty_hall: depends on the ssh server configuration02:40
kostkonsurgy, you've got the option now to install the latest hwe stack from 15.04 if you want, if you are after more up-to-date drivers https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack02:41
Pinkamena_DThe xorg documentation is very strange and does cause frusteration. There are seemingly a very large number of places where donfigs are stored and adding a single monitor seems to be very difficult to do correctly. The frusteration, however, came from some posts claiming that unity 'does not support two video cards', which makes all of the effort useless anyway.02:41
surgykostkon, the huion driver is included in the 15.04 hwe stack?02:42
kostkonsurgy, no idea02:42
JanCwhat kernel does 14.04 have again?02:43
wileeePinkamena_D, Understand that on the web, get the info that is correct, people will say anything there like here.02:43
wileeeI'm on your side really. ;)02:44
Bashing-omJanC: 3.13.0-61-generic .02:44
Pinkamena_DWould you say that you have heard something to the contrary of what I said from official sources or are you just trying to be upbeat?02:44
JanCand the Huion driver is in 3.1702:45
codepython777does anyone know why ssh xyz gives me "Enter password to unlock the private key" box ?02:45
wileeePinkamena_D, No I just spend a lot of time here and rarely see a graphic issue not fixed if the right protocol is followed.02:45
surgyJanC, i have 3.1702:46
wileeeand there is support is the issue02:46
Pinkamena_Dcodepython777, ssh-add -D ?02:46
surgyBashing-om, JanC Linux surgy-pc 3.16.0-30-generic #40~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jan 15 17:43:14 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux02:47
daftykinsyeah you've not been installing your updates02:48
kostkonsurgy, the 15.04 stack will give you 3.19 afaik02:49
JanCsurgy: you can install 3.19 kernels02:49
surgydaftykins, ive only been up and running with kubuntu for 4 hours lol02:49
monty_hallJanC: would you know if ubuntu desktop defaults to active?02:49
monty_hallactive sftp that is..02:50
daftykinssurgy: doesn't seem likely02:50
surgydaftykins, yeah how so?02:50
JanCmonty_hall: I think SFTP support is on by default, yes02:50
daftykinsoutdated kernel and lsb_release claiming 14.04.302:50
daftykinssurgy: so "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" - install and reboot, before anything further02:51
JanCkernel does not upgrade automatically AFAIK02:51
daftykinsnot accurate02:51
daftykinsi'm talking about sub versions02:51
surgylol i downloaded the iso after work today02:51
hello_anyone knows about the connect the another sever?02:51
daftykinshello_: try that one again?02:51
hello_anyone knows about how to connect the another sever?02:51
surgydaftykins, ok wil ldo02:51
JanCbut a new install should have the new kernel, I guess02:52
daftykinshello_: via what? command line? file share? telepathy?02:52
hello_via command line.02:52
daftykins!ssh | hello_02:53
ubottuhello_: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)02:53
surgydaftykins, http://www.pasteall.org/60257 it didnt install or upgrade anything.... so should i still reboot?02:54
hello_thanks daftykins and ubottu02:54
daftykinstry "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"02:55
surgysame nothing to install or upgrade02:55
daftykinsok no idea why you've got held packages, but i'm done02:56
surgyok thnx.02:56
surgybtw just a note. this is why things are how they are. j/s02:57
JanCsurgy: I'd say try to reboot and see if that got you the right kernel  :)02:57
daftykins"j/s" ?02:57
surgyjust saying*02:58
daftykinsalso, when you say 'this' you have to actually provide an explanation or claim02:58
daftykinsso your sentence didn't do anything02:58
daftykinsJanC: nothing has changed...02:58
kostkonsurgy, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack#Trusty   the long one02:58
JanCyou can also see the installed kernels in /boot/ of course02:58
surgy"this" being defined as the subject at hand. having a simple configuration of a piece of hid compliant hardware. changing the mapping of a button on something i have a driver for.02:58
JanCsurgy: the configuration stuff is not HID compliant02:59
JanCactually, the HID compliant part only emulates a mouse03:00
JanCwhich is useless as graphics tablets go03:00
surgyJanC, i understand. i just dont understand why i cant just change a config file somewhere.03:00
surgysee my tablet is there. and it does work03:01
surgywith pressure sensitivty03:01
JanCthat's the USB HID part03:01
JanCsurgy: are you using Krita, GIMP, ...?03:02
JanCdid you try other applications like the GIMP too?03:03
surgyJanC, yes it works everywhere03:03
JanCsurgy: but can you configure it there?03:04
JanCsurgy: so do you have a 3.19 kernel in /boot/ ?03:05
surgylet me rephrase03:06
surgyi can edit the buttons of the tablet in gimp. but i cannot change the orientation of the tablet in gimp03:06
surgyJanC, and no i only have kernal 3.16 in /boot/03:07
surgyJanC, and if your curious this is where i got my iso http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu the 14.04 lts03:08
cfhowlettsurgy: this is a wacom tablet?03:09
JanCcfhowlett: no03:09
bazhangcfhowlett, a 'huion'03:10
surgycfhowlett, no its a huion tablet03:10
JanCcan you install 'linux-generic-lts-vivid'03:10
JanCsurgy: ^^^03:10
JanCthat should give you 3.19 kernels03:11
surgyso i need the 3.19 kernal so that i will have the driver?03:12
JanCsurgy: I don't know, but a newer driver might help03:12
surgyJanC, thats the frustrating part. the thing works lol i just cant configure it.03:13
JanCif it doesn't, you might also want to ask the developers of Krita, GIMP, etc.03:13
JanCmaybe it's something on their side...03:13
Bashing-omsurgy: JanC libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-lts-vivid linux-image-generic-lts-vivid also ??03:14
surgyJanC, in windows and in linux (if your using a wacom) you open the configuration utility and change the button mapping and orientation and resolution of the tablet. not in the programs03:14
JanCsurgy: maybe the wacom utility only works with wacom tablets, I don't know03:15
JanCyou could also try a live-booted 15.04 to see if it works there03:16
cfhowlettwacom and wacom under-the-hood devices03:16
fowli'm on 15.04. audio skips constantly, on ever application. kernel 3.19, ubuntu 15.04, please help?03:16
JanCcfhowlett: this isn't wacom compatible though03:16
JanCapparently a very popular Chinese graphics tablet design03:17
JanCbecause it's cheap probably  :)03:17
JanCbut the manufacturer doesn't have or help with linux support, it seems03:17
cfhowlettJanC, in Beijing, can confirm.  very popular here.03:19
surgyJanC, the manufacturer has a driver too but its not needed in kernal > 3.15 according to them.03:19
JanCcfhowlett: it's sold under tens of names at least  :)03:19
surgyand its popular because it performs well and its cheap03:19
cfhowlettJanC, it's China.  Sold under 100's of names03:20
JanCsurgy: the people who make the drivers say their up-to-date driver is in 3.1703:20
JanCor something03:20
JanCso if you install 3.19, reboot, & check if that helps...03:21
hello_Janc, you're so kind. :)03:22
JanCcfhowlett: at least tens of brand names tested & listed on the driver page  :)03:23
hello_JanC : Do you know how to change my nickname?03:23
fowli'm on 15.04. audio skips constantly, on ever application. kernel 3.19, ubuntu 15.04, please help? (no, it doesnt work on a livecd, no, it hasnt worked since i installed it)03:23
cfhowlett!nick | hello_03:23
ubottuhello_: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.03:23
LonelyCoderI still don't understand partitions.03:24
cfhowlett!partitions | LonelyCoder03:24
ubottuLonelyCoder: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap03:24
LonelyCodercfhowlett: 404 error03:24
JanCwhy do you need to understand partitions?03:25
triwhy youtube video always show 360p only ?03:25
hello_!nick maro03:25
fowlwhy audio skip all the time?03:25
cfhowlettlonelyCoder, 404 on partitioning = you doin it wrong03:25
trino higher resolution03:25
wileeetri, THey control that03:25
LonelyCodercfhowlett: the URL :P03:25
grahamsavage_ok so cpu usage is going crazy, system monitor shows 0 in every % cpu column03:25
grahamsavage_sorted descending... whats the deal?03:25
wileeetri, Depends on the upload03:25
triwhat do you mean wileee03:26
=== hello_ is now known as maro
trisame video on windows I can watch 1080p03:26
marothanks cfhowlett and ubottu.03:26
fowlits crazy. every application the audio is skipping03:26
maroI was a hello :)03:26
wileeetri, pastebin xrandr run in the terminal03:26
wileeethis a VM?03:27
JanCfowl: does it always skip or only sometimes?03:27
Bashing-omLonelyCoder: Nother tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition .03:28
fowlJanC, yes its dependable03:28
LonelyCoderBashing-om: That article is annoying and doesn't explain much.03:28
triwileee, http://pastebin.com/eBALwuUW03:28
cfhowlettLonelyCoder, more details - what is your end goal?03:28
=== RudeViper is now known as RudeViper|Snooze
JanCfowl: dependable how?03:29
fowlJanC, what?03:29
fowlJanC, you just asked me if it always skips03:29
wileeetri, Thanks the computer is running 1366x768, not sure here. So the dropup has no more higher resolutions?03:29
LonelyCodercfhowlett: Mounting Partitions make no sense03:29
cfhowlett!mounting | LonelyCoder03:30
ubottuLonelyCoder: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap03:30
triwileee, i got it03:30
triwileee, i installed adobe flash and it fixed the issue03:30
trinow I can choose 1080p03:30
fabzor3gparted is great03:30
wileeetri, Excellent, good job. ;)03:30
trithanks bro03:30
cfhowlettLonelyCoder, eh, or this03:30
JanCIMO "dependable" means you know beforehand when it will skip  :)03:30
fabzor3omg stop whinging about ubuntu install guides, they are great03:31
fabzor3if you want something really scarey then install a proper text only os like gentoo or arch03:31
fabzor3ubuntu help is really good03:32
fowlJanC, well i'd put money on it. every audio application skips a few times every 5-10 minutes03:32
fabzor3is there something in particular I can help you with>03:32
* wileee has a dual boot of gentoo and arch in a russet potato03:32
fabzor3if its skipping perhaps have a look at your bugger size03:33
JanCfowl: I assume your system is fast enough & has enough RAM so that can't be the reason?03:33
fabzor3*buffer size i mean03:33
fabzor3your settings could be too aggressive03:33
fabzor3even with the best computer, if you have the wrong seetings for your sound hardware itll skip03:34
JanCfabzor3: most applications don't allow to set that and use big buffers by default03:34
fabzor3so what exactly are we talking about here?03:35
fowlwhere are the settings03:35
JanCfowl: I assume you haven't messed with your audio configuration, right?03:35
fowlno i havent03:36
OerHeksfowl, setting audio standard in BIOS from HD to AC97 could help03:37
JanCOerHeks: that sounds like a ugly workaround really  :)03:38
JanCfowl: and this is Ubuntu Desktop, not Ubuntu Studio or the like?03:38
fabzor3ac97 is a better supported chipset, since its older03:38
OerHeksmaybe there is a bios upgrade too03:38
fabzor3whats so good about hd anyway?03:38
fowli dont need HD audio03:39
JanCfowl: can you monitor CPU-usage while you are playing audio and see if some application uses a lot of CPU, especially when the skips happen?03:40
fabzor3haha if you do then go and buy a 2 thousand dollar firewire rackmount sound card made by motu03:40
fabzor3nothing onboard will even be "HD" ;)03:40
nmatrix9Hey does anyone know why I can't play a iso dvd with .webm files in it?03:40
fabzor3nmatrix9, possibly because you dont have the correct codecs installed03:40
JanCthat "HD" is just a branding thing03:40
cfhowlettnmatrix9, commercial DVD?  drm03:41
JanCit has no real meaning03:41
fabzor3hd is pretty funny yeah03:41
nmatrix9cfhowlett, it's a open source dvd03:41
JanChigh quality audio would be called HiFi03:41
nmatrix9fabzor3, cfhowlett this is the dvd https://krita.org/item/muses/03:42
nmatrix9it's not drm protected03:42
cfhowlettnmatrix9, assuming it's mounted, copy a .webm to your desktop and try again. also: ubuntu-restricted-extras and/or VLC might help03:42
nmatrix9fabzor3, cfhowlett I can mount it and play the files inside individually but I can't play the iso normally like I do other dvd isos for some reason.03:42
fowlJanC, i am right now watching a movie on VLC with nothing else open03:43
cfhowlett!dvd | nmatrix9, best advice I can give is to look at your DVD setup03:43
ubottunmatrix9, best advice I can give is to look at your DVD setup: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:43
salomonbuenas noches03:51
salomonsaludos a los amigos que se encuentran en la red03:51
cfhowlett!es | salomon03:52
ubottusalomon: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:52
ghost_Hello everybody!04:02
GerowenHello ghost_!04:02
GerowenQuestion all, why does Nautilus keep re-enabling "Show hidden files"?04:02
GerowenI uncheck it, close all open file browser windows, open one back up and it still does it.  Rebooting has no affect.04:03
Bashing-omghost_: Try key combo ctl+h, close out nautilus, when reopened is good ?04:04
GerowenBashing-om: Nope, CTRL+H hides the hidden files for the duration of that particular instance of nautilus, but when I open a new window they are shown again.04:09
GerowenI've tried restarting the nautilus service, restarting the whole computer and everything.04:09
GerowenBashing-om: Got it, had to go into the preferences and uncheck "Show hidden and backup files", apparently that is a separate option from the checkmark in the "view" menu.04:15
Bashing-omGerowen: :) Good to know info .04:16
cristian_hola hay alguien?04:16
cristian_hola alguien que hable español?04:17
eduhatAndreTitan, yo04:17
nobungayo entiendo un pucito04:17
AndreTitani forgot that was windows04:17
Bashing-om!es | cristian_04:18
ubottucristian_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.04:18
cristian_hola amigos04:18
cristian_me pueden ayudar con dos problemas que tengo mi ubuntu mate?04:18
AndreTitando you have an ubuntu usb?04:18
eduhatAndreTitan, I've examined /dev/md124 and it is showing inactive. It is showing blank RaidDevice for /dev/sd[acd]604:18
cristian_no en un dvd04:18
eduhatAndreTitan, I'm in arch live cd04:19
AndreTitanIm not familiar with that04:19
AndreTitanTry going to their IRC?04:19
AndreTitanI think theres a data recovery irc somewhere04:19
cristian_Amigos, necesito activar el wifi04:19
cristian_y también otra cosa es que mi ubuntu mate no apaga04:20
eduhatAndreTitan, I can adapt if you tell me from ubuntu perspective. The commands are generally the same.04:20
cfhowlett!es | cristian_,04:20
ubottucristian_,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.04:20
cfhowletteduhat, best to ask !arch for working with arch.  not supported here.04:21
eduhatOk, how can I do it from ubuntu?04:21
AndreTitanCristian_ te puedo ayudar im usiong traductor Google04:21
eduhatI need to recover a RAID5 array which was attached to a buffalo terrastation NAS04:21
eduhatI have the drives attached to a server which I've booted a live ISO from, I have all data recovery tools available, just need to recover the data.04:21
cristian_Si es que necesito activar el wifi en mi lap04:21
cristian_y también pues tengo un problema muy raro, no apaga el lap04:22
AndreTitan¿Está ejecutando Ubuntu04:22
cristian_Si AndreTitan, ubuntu mate04:23
AndreTitanCómo ves la señal wifi en la esquina superior derecha ?04:23
cristian_No esta activado, solo me da por cable04:23
cristian_Creo que le falta los drivers de wifi, pero no recuerdo bien como se instalan04:24
cfhowletteduhat, arch and ubuntu are unrelated.  you're using arch ...04:24
AndreTitan¿Cuál es su tarjeta?04:24
cristian_ya te digo04:25
eduhatcfhowlett, If I was doing this same thing from ubuntu, how would you do it? I've rebooted into ubuntu04:25
cristian_broadcom corporation BCM431104:25
cristian_WLAN 14e4:431104:26
Bashing-om!bcm | cristian_04:26
ubottucristian_: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:26
cristian_También mi otro problema es que no apaga04:27
cristian_Cuando quiero apagar el equipo, selecciono la opción apagar y se queda en el logo04:27
AndreTitanEso puede ser una variedad de causas04:28
cristian_AndreTitan no se que puede ser, ya volví e instalé el ubuntu pero sigue igual04:29
_N1X_ubuntu server failed to write bootloader in /dev/sda , HP z840 workstation with Integrated LSI SAS 2308 Controller04:29
AndreTitan¿Qué estás arrancando ubuntu fuera de04:30
cristian_AndreTitan, yo lo instalo desde un dvd04:30
cfhowlett!server | _N1X_ might want to ask the experts ...04:30
ubottu_N1X_ might want to ask the experts ...: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server04:30
AndreTitan¿Qué tan grande es el DVD ?04:31
cristian_De 4 gb04:31
=== trick is now known as trickzero
cristian_la imagen iso es de 1.1 gb04:31
maybejojo!es | AndreTitan04:32
ubottuAndreTitan: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.04:32
AndreTitanI speak english04:32
AndreTitanim helping him04:32
AndreTitanusing google translate04:32
AndreTitanWE both know no one is on es04:32
AndreTitanso just let me help him04:32
AndreTitanPruebe a instalar a un mínimo de 8 gb USB04:33
AndreTitanSi eso no funciona , llamar mi atención diciendo mi nombre04:34
cristian_ok AndreTitan04:35
AndreTitancomo eso04:35
d3r4What's a good password manager for Ubuntu, anyway?05:07
sparlockHello.  I used scp to move files from a remote device to my local directory, however I cannot see them using a file browser, only through ls in a terminal.  Why is this?05:21
=== root is now known as citroniks
sparlockOk, I browsed to the containing folder, pressed F5 and then tried again, now it all appears to be there.  Problem solved.05:23
=== grei is now known as Guest60273
=== eduhat is now known as Guest84201
=== user is now known as Guest90082
MarconMits possible to define ip address on ubuntu ISO, like access from ssh05:58
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Mr_SheeshNo ops awake?06:16
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d3r4umm what's this?06:17
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baizond3r4: spam06:17
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* Mr_Sheesh puts up the goalposts06:18
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ObrienDave!ops | D{17p8zF`_7^}_3306:19
ubottuD{17p8zF`_7^}_33: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang06:19
D{17p8zF`_7^}_33if trump, noodle. soccer as it wis west then you dont like Trump please starticle Snoop-dogg-blames racial profiling calibre. thats when then they not. them back to the gringos06:19
Mr_SheeshTYVM Myrtti06:19
d3r4hi guys06:19
ObrienDave+1 Myrtti06:19
d3r4any users of revelation pw manager here?06:19
d3r4how easy is importing there?06:20
stevendaleon a system from roughly around 2008, with 4 GB RAM, and a 3 TB SATA spinning hard drive, how big should the pagefile be?06:30
ObrienDavewhat page file? linux has no such thing06:30
ObrienDaveif you mean swap, same size as RAM. 4gb06:31
stevendaleObrienDave, #ubuntu-offtopic06:31
ObrienDavewhy OT? you asked a support question06:32
stevendaleIf you had ANY common sense at all, you'd realize I meant "pagefile" as "swapfile"06:34
ObrienDaveROFL you asked the wrong thing ;P06:34
nanoz]can someone help me to understand this xargs command why we need it ?06:34
ObrienDavebesides, most humans fail mind reading classes ;P06:35
=== Cybert1nus is now known as Cybertinus
stevendaleLast chance ObrienDave, #ubuntu-offtopic06:35
=== explosive is now known as EriC^^
ErrorFlexXxHello. May I ask a question related to XUbuntu installations, too ?06:48
ErrorFlexXxI already searched for it on google but cant find any hints to solve this. After the login there is a system problem detected (MessageBox) On /var/crash I can find the file -rw-r-----  1 lightdm   whoopsie  427707 Aug  8 08:44 _usr_lib_x86_64-linux-gnu_indicator-sound_indicator-sound-service.112.crash06:51
ErrorFlexXxThis happens on every reboot.. I cant find a real problem with the inidicator and Im not sure if I use it at the moment.. Where can I get more informations to that crash message ?06:52
ObrienDavei don't have an answer for you. stick around, someone can help you eventually06:54
ErrorFlexXxOk, thanks for your attention :)06:55
ErrorFlexXxI try to uninstall the gtk2 indicator. Maybe its unused and just crashing on startup... I will be back after reboot..06:59
Dishonoredgreetings :-D07:03
Dishonoreddoes ubuntu search and install graphics drivers by default?07:04
Dishonoredor i need to install them?07:04
ObrienDavewhich card?07:05
Dishonoredits not installed in my machine by default, but is there a way i can make ubuntu do it for me, or i need to do all shit by myself07:05
Dishonoredradeon 6000 M series07:05
=== link is now known as Guest68272
EriC^^Dishonored: open the dash, type drivers07:06
ObrienDavei think amd has linus drivers. you have to get them from amd. i'm not 100% sure on that07:06
DishonoredObrienDave, ya, shit load of dependency issues or install logs07:07
Dishonoredon install logs*07:07
Guest68272Hi, im new here. may anyone tell if there's a channel to get info about 7kaa? I mean seven kingdoms?07:07
Guest68272It's a game, right?07:07
DishonoredGuest68272, use alist07:08
Guest68272i already did it!07:08
Guest68272& found none!07:08
DishonoredEriC^^, i just checked additional driver from settings menu, it shows amd driver installed but a different one than i need07:09
EriC^^which one do you need?07:10
Guest68272ok thanks for none!!07:10
DishonoredEriC^^, http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/Latest-LINUX-Beta-Driver.aspx07:12
EriC^^download it from the site then07:13
Dishonoredya, but heck a load of dependency issues, and even unsure if its safe, i see dependency issue other than ones included in download page07:14
Dishonoredjust wondering if there is a package by ubuntu for the latest drivers, they're are not open source, so does ubuntu host proprietry  ones?07:16
Dishonoredor shall i resolve dependency myself and install?07:17
ObrienDaveROFL why would the drivers from AMD be considered unsafe?07:17
Dishonoredthey're beta07:17
EriC^^Dishonored: i think the driver from the site makes a .deb that you finally install07:18
EriC^^should pull whatever it needs, you're probably doing it wrong07:18
DishonoredEriC^^, the interface says it generates system specific driver packages, i just selects it that all i do and next i get error regarding prerequistes..07:21
EriC^^are you supposed to run it with sudo/gksu?07:21
Dishonoredsudo, yes07:22
EriC^^ok so what are the dependencies it says are missing?07:22
Dishonoreddh-modaliases,execstack, dpkg-dev, debhelper, dkms.lib32gcc1 etc..07:26
EriC^^Dishonored: ok, install them..07:29
DishonoredEriC^^, i have got them installed07:30
=== RudeViper|Snooze is now known as RudeViper
DishonoredEriC^^, the package is generated and now i have to install them, but installer encounter error saying dependency are no resolved and cleans up temporary  files07:32
DishonoredEriC^^, should i ask amd support now?07:32
EriC^^sure, why not07:33
Varu_Hi All need Help: After upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04.3 , it doesn't load the UI. and on console throws Error device not accepting address 4, error -71 and Error setting new configurations07:33
DishonoredEriC^^, i have crap for brains....07:33
DishonoredEriC^^, much thanks man07:34
Varu_ Hi All need Help: After upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04.3 , it doesn't load the UI. and on console throws Error device not accepting address 4, error -71 and Error setting new configurations07:34
cfhowlett!patience | Varu_07:34
ubottuVaru_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:34
Varu_Sure, sorry for this07:35
EriC^^Dishonored: no problem07:36
ErrorFlexXxHello again. I solved my problem.. It was a very custom one. I messed up with my session startup applications. There was an additional xfwm4 --replace entry. The second startup from xfwm4 caused the sound-indicator crash... Just for information :)07:48
Novice201yHello. When I "ssh USER@SERVER" command promnt just goes to the new llne. What's wrong?07:55
BilboSwagginsUbuntu's log files just filled up my whole hard disk07:55
BilboSwagginswhat do07:55
funkenstrahlenHey, I have a fresh ubuntu 14.04 lts. I installed the ufw package. But I get a weird error when I call 'ufw enable' https://gist.github.com/funkenstrahlen/8d22f9d0eb80aa12ca7b07:57
funkenstrahlenany tipps?07:57
EriC^^BilboSwaggins: type df -h07:57
EriC^^paste in paste.ubuntu.com07:57
cfhowlettfunkenstrahlen, installed ufw?  what?   it comes WITH ubuntu!  so what did YOU do?07:57
funkenstrahlencfhowlett: sudo apt-get install ufw07:58
BilboSwagginsEriC^^, I'd paste them there but Firefox doesn't like to run with 0.0kb free space07:58
Varu_ Hi All need Help: After upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04.3 , it doesn't load the UI. and on console throws Error device not accepting address 4, error -71 and Error setting new configurations07:58
funkenstrahlencfhowlett: its a vserver and fresh reset by my provider. the ubuntu image the provider provides does not include ufw by default07:58
BilboSwagginsEriC^^, kern.log and syslog are huge07:59
BilboSwagginsand taking up all the space07:59
EriC^^BilboSwaggins: tail -100 | nc termbin.com 999907:59
cfhowlettfunkenstrahlen, then you're provider gave you something very non-standard.  personally, I wouldn't trust it07:59
BilboSwagginsEriC^^, what does that do07:59
EriC^^sends a paste to termbin.com07:59
BilboSwagginsof what08:00
ObrienDaveof the last 100 lines08:00
BilboSwagginsof what >:(08:00
funkenstrahlencfhowlett: I can not choose a custom image.08:00
EriC^^tail -100 /var/log/syslog08:00
funkenstrahlencfhowlett: I have to deal with their basic images08:00
cfhowlettfunkenstrahlen, then you probably need to contact them for support because they altered it.08:01
cfhowlett!ufw | funkenstrahlen08:01
ubottufunkenstrahlen: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo08:01
BilboSwagginsok EriC^^ I did it08:01
EriC^^what's the link?08:01
BilboSwagginslooks like iwlwifi is being a super spax08:01
EriC^^BilboSwaggins: which kernel are you running? type uname -r08:03
EriC^^try running an older kernel08:03
BilboSwagginshow am I going to do anything when I have 0 space to work with08:04
BilboSwagginswhat I need to know is how to delete these logs08:04
BilboSwaggins/dev/sda5                75G   71G  4.0K 100% /08:04
ObrienDavesleepy time *waves*08:06
cfhowlettBilboSwaggins, sudo rm    NameOfLogHere        but proceed with extreme caution.  for instance; /dev/sda5 IS NOT your log file and that command would wipe the partition - probably not what you want to accomplish08:06
BilboSwagginscfhowlett, ye but once I do that how do I stop the log from filling again08:07
BilboSwagginsbecause I know that's what is going to happen08:07
BilboSwagginscfhowlett, the files are kern.log and syslog08:07
BilboSwagginsdeleting those isn't going to make Ubuntu die, right?08:08
EriC^^type echo "" | sudo tee /var/log/syslog08:08
EriC^^don't delete08:08
BilboSwagginsok let's see what happens08:08
EriC^^or delete no problem08:08
cfhowlettBilboSwaggins, as you rightly point out: better to suss out why before you start deleting things.  outside my admittedly narrow range of knowledge.  ask someone else and proceed with caution.08:08
EriC^^type sudo rm /var/log/syslog /var/log/kern.log08:08
BilboSwagginssudo tee, right?08:08
BilboSwagginsdelete no problem?08:08
EriC^^then type sudo service rsyslog restart08:08
BilboSwagginsok let's see08:09
EriC^^are you using wifi?08:09
BilboSwagginsone device broke the other day somehow08:10
BilboSwagginsjudging from that log I linked earlier I get the feeling whatever iwlwifi is is spazzing out08:10
EriC^^it's the wifi module08:10
BilboSwagginsEriC^^, how do I stop that08:12
BilboSwagginsbecause rsyslogd is doing it again already08:12
EriC^^BilboSwaggins: type apt-cache policy linux-firmware | grep Installed08:12
cfhowlettBilboSwaggins, I take it you are not IRC from the problem machine??08:12
EriC^^sudo modprobe -r iwlwifi , you'll lose internet if you're using wifi though08:12
BilboSwagginscfhowlett, I am08:13
EriC^^BilboSwaggins: which ubuntu are you using?08:13
EriC^^ok, type apt-cache ...08:13
EriC^^try the 3.13.0-61 kernel maybe08:14
BilboSwagginswhy would that help08:14
EriC^^cause https://lists.debian.org/debian-kernel/2014/10/msg00224.html08:15
EriC^^BilboSwaggins: which linux-firmware do you have?08:16
BilboSwagginsI am just going to figure out a way to break rsyslogd08:16
EriC^^you can just stop the service if you want08:16
EriC^^sudo service rsyslog stop08:16
BilboSwagginswow that worked08:19
Cyb3rn3thow can I hide join and quit messages in irssi ?08:19
BilboSwagginsthanks EriC^^08:20
EriC^^no problem08:21
EriC^^BilboSwaggins: you have modify rsyslog.conf to ignore certain msgs if you want08:21
EriC^^so you still keep it running08:22
girayhey people08:31
giraycan i ask a question?08:31
girayanybody here can help?08:32
newbieshi there08:33
newbiesanybody here good at c prgramming ?08:34
girayhey can u help me with something08:34
giraywere the only ones who talk08:34
newbiesim taking c programming course... and i want to make a dice rolling animation on c for my software project08:35
linuXm1ntHi guys, I have a little doubt here. I have a live CD rescuing data from a Windows partition after a catastrophe. I am using the tool photorec. The ETA has increased up to 99 hours. I see the lights of the external hd blinking, but the counter of files does not move. The app is Photorec (included in testdisk). any help please?08:35
newbieswow partition problem08:36
linuXm1nt@newbies I am talking about rescuing data that is corrupt and has been deleted. It's such an agony. :(08:38
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
lucky_22when i install MYSQL for python i face one probel ImportError: No module named ConfigParser08:39
=== Blaster is now known as Guest62281
lucky_22plz any one help me out..08:39
newbies@linuXm1nt sorry i have no idea to recover your files...it seems dead..-,-08:40
TzunamiiLads, if you don't get answers here right away you either need to wait a few hours and try again or try your luck @ http://ubuntuforums.org/ , for instance.08:41
linuXm1nt@newbies Well, I have receover 300 files, around 200 photos so far. Not bad right? :D08:41
drmagoolinuXm1nt: check 'dmesg' or /var/log/messages for any errors. It sounds like a hardware problem with your disc.08:42
newbies@linuXm1nt that's a good one..u should teach me haha08:42
TzunamiiBackups are overrated08:42
drmagoonewbies: check out #c this is a channel for ubuntu support not programming08:43
MonkeyDustlinuXm1nt  what is the outcome of    cat /etc/issue08:43
=== user is now known as Guest73827
linuXm1nton it guys ;)08:43
drmagoolucky_22: install 'pip' and you thru that install any special modules needed for python08:43
lucky_22actually i have already instaled pip08:44
drmagoonewbies:  type '/join #' without ''08:44
drmagoolucky_22: lucky_22 'pip install configparser'08:46
linuXm1nt@drmagon what am I looking for on the output? State of hdd? :)08:46
drmagoolinuXm1nt: anything that is related to the harddrive, should be the last lines of the output08:48
drmagoolinuXm1nt: if you are unsure what is related, then pastebin the output and gives us the link.08:49
lucky_22this pip command give me invalid syntax error08:49
drmagoolucky_22: can you pastebin the output ?08:51
lucky_22root@kali:~# pip install configparser08:52
lucky_22Collecting configparser08:52
lucky_22  Using cached configparser-3.3.0r2.tar.gz08:52
lucky_22    Complete output from command python setup.py egg_info:08:52
lucky_22    Traceback (most recent call last):08:52
lucky_22      File "<string>", line 3, in <module>08:52
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:52
linuXm1nt@drmagoo that's odd. Last lins are pendrives and external hdd. Is it by any chance sdc? Sorry I am dislexyc.08:52
=== EriC^^ is now known as heelflip
telboonanyone knows how to make the location bar by default?08:53
linuXm1ntdrmagoo found it! seems fine to me? wanna see the output of the sda? :)08:57
lucky_22root@kali:~# pip install configparser08:57
lucky_22Collecting configparser08:57
lucky_22  Using cached configparser-3.3.0r2.tar.gz08:57
lucky_22    Complete output from command python setup.py egg_info:08:57
lucky_22    Traceback (most recent call last):08:57
lucky_22      File "<string>", line 3, in <module>08:57
k1l!kali | lucky_2208:59
ubottulucky_22: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)08:59
lucky_22root@kali:~# pip install configparser09:02
lucky_22Collecting configparser09:02
lucky_22  Using cached configparser-3.3.0r2.tar.gz09:02
lucky_22    Complete output from command python setup.py egg_info:09:02
lucky_22    Traceback (most recent call last):09:02
lucky_22      File "<string>", line 3, in <module>09:02
heelfliplucky_22: use paste.ubuntu.com09:03
* OerHeks facepalms09:03
heelflipor also lucky_22 kali isn't supported here /join #kali-linux09:04
linuXm1ntdmagoo are you over there ;(09:05
badbodhheelflip, that's shallow. just because hostname is kali don't mean he's on kali :P09:06
heelfliphehe :P09:07
badbodhyou narrow minded people need more ram, like unity <-very old joke when unity came out09:08
=== alexpark^afk is now known as alexpark
linuXm1ntbadbodh hahah09:09
linuXm1ntwell, anybody has any idea of the ETA of photorec of now: 107 hours? Trying to recover files from a Windows partition, the files were practically destroyed. Manahged to recover some of them.09:11
heelfliplinuXm1nt: did you try testdisk first?09:12
heelflipyou can browse for the files with it and recover the ones you want09:12
linuXm1ntheelpflip it is the same program right?09:12
heelflipyeah, it's the same package09:12
heelflipsudo testdisk in the terminal runs it09:13
linuXm1ntheelpflip: can i do it while running photorec?09:13
heelfliphmm i dunno, i doubt09:14
heelflipmaybe, give it a shot09:15
linuXm1ntheelpflip what does it do, basically. record info of the partition or actual recovery of files?09:15
MonkeyDustheelflip  it recovers the files, puts them in maps09:15
heelfliplinuXm1nt: it searches the disk for partitions that have been erased, and you can recover the whole partition or browse the files and recover what you want09:16
MonkeyDustoops linuXm1nt ^^^^09:16
linuXm1ntheelpflip the partition itself is not deleted, the windows is working09:16
heelfliplinuXm1nt: you can browse the files then09:17
heelflipit's way quicker than photorec09:17
linuXm1ntheelpflip: exactly, however photorec managed to recover destroyed photos. Will it do the same?09:18
heelfliplinuXm1nt: if photorec managed to get them testdisk will probably be able to do the same, except more efficiently09:18
heelflipthink of it as photorec is a searching tool, testdisk can let you browse and individually get the files or dirs09:18
heelflipit's made by the same company09:18
linuXm1ntheelpflip oh shut, i wis i had know that earlier ;)09:19
=== SmOkE_RU is now known as SmOkE_RU_off
=== SmOkE_RU_off is now known as SmOkE_RU
linuXm1ntheelflip about the time to finish if photorec, i think it just went crazy right? 108 h to finish? :O09:20
heelflipyeah that seems pretty excessive..09:20
linuXm1ntheelflip thanks so much for everything09:23
heelflipno problem09:24
telboondoes anyone use Kali depositories over here?09:27
telbooni'm thinking of using Kali depositories -- but i hear that it might update some apps in Ubuntu -- making them instable09:28
MonkeyDusttelboon  kali is not supported here, you're in the wrong channel09:28
telboonI'm using Ubuntu09:28
heelfliplinuXm1nt: if you use testdisk, press "p" over the partition to list the files, it's a little tricky to use it at first09:28
=== alexpark is now known as alexpark^afk
telboonbut thinking of adding Kali depositories09:28
heelfliplinuXm1nt: and don't press "write" no matter what, cause it will write a new partition table09:29
linuXm1ntheelflip i am a tad confused with testdisk09:29
heelfliplinuXm1nt: lol09:30
heelflipdid you run it?09:30
heelflipit is pretty confusing..09:30
linuXm1ntheelflip yep but the option are strange09:30
linuXm1ntheelpflip would be 1st creat a new log file?09:30
heelfliplinuXm1nt: ok, after you choose the disk, it should give you Intel GPT etc. press enter over the one that's selected09:31
heelflipif you want yeah, it's not necessary09:31
linuXm1ntheelflip efi gpt. isnt that what windows 8 would be? (efi?) or intel pc? mmmm09:33
heelflipyeah, intel pc means legacy (msdos partition table)09:34
aldkjfalskdjfmy first ubuntu09:37
linuXm1ntonce you go ubuntu you never go back09:38
linuXm1ntor was that with another thing, can't remember09:38
MonkeyDust!manual | aldkjfalskdjf09:38
ubottualdkjfalskdjf: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:38
linuXm1ntheelflip  its curious, i got to the point of selecting the partition and it only gives me the option of write09:39
linuXm1nti mean mmmm09:40
heelfliplinuXm1nt: did you press on quick search?09:40
linuXm1ntheelflip yep09:41
heelfliplinuXm1nt: ok, press "p" over the partition09:42
linuXm1ntheelflip oh no sorry backup partition table09:42
heelflippress q a couple times09:43
=== erwin is now known as easyOnMe
tokamwhat is a good software to design a cv?09:44
MonkeyDusttokam  i guess Writer has a suitable template09:45
linuXm1nttokam: curriculum vitae? go to europass the webpage of the eu. pretty neat09:45
=== diveinto0^afk is now known as diveinto0
jnxdis it true the BQ ubuntu phones are now available worldwide!?09:49
linuXm1ntjnxd spanish quality ftw :D09:49
MonkeyDust!phone | jnxd ask here09:50
ubottujnxd ask here: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch09:50
=== Tsunami1 is now known as Guest64384
linuXm1ntheelflip, i am going to the partition and typing p but comes back the terminal with ubuntu@ubuntu09:50
heelflipmust be segfaulting09:51
tokamMonkeyDust: linuXm1nt: I would like to make my own theme09:51
heelflipdo other partitions work?09:52
linuXm1ntas in, do they boot?09:52
heelflipno, can you list the files?09:52
linuXm1ntyep i can list them, when i hover to the ntfs of windows, press p and comes back to main terminal09:53
=== john is now known as Guest38136
heelfliptry the deeper search, maybe use another listing09:53
=== db is now known as Guest14941
MonkeyDusttokam  i'm sure Writer's Tools, you find what you need09:54
tokamDoes Ubuntu Mate support the software center?09:55
linuXm1ntheelflip, ok on it ;)09:55
linuXm1nttokam it should09:55
tokamyes it is linked in the command center09:56
tokambut not bellow applications09:56
tokamMonkeyDust: you are talking about libre writer?09:56
tokamwill not it be hard to position all my icons for my CV with writer?09:57
linuXm1ntheelflip so odd, it does only give me the option of quick search09:58
linuXm1ntheelflip oh oh found it09:59
MonkeyDusttokam  yes10:00
MonkeyDusttokam  i mean yes, i mean Libre Ofice Writer10:00
tokamlet's assume I like to have a pattern in background of the whole page10:00
tokamthan I will end up with issues with libre?10:01
tokamI was thinking on something like gimp MonkeyDust10:01
linuXm1nttokam, can you not use the equivalent of publisher on libreoffice and then move to writer?10:02
tokamlibre draw?10:03
linuXm1nttokam as soon as my so comes back to life i'll tell you10:03
tokamwhat is the equivalent of publisher on libereoffice?10:03
linuXm1nttokam that's right10:05
tokamso you recomment to use draw10:06
linuXm1nttokam can you not add a background, export the file into an odt format on to writer?10:06
linuXm1nti would say yes, cannot guarantee 100% ;)10:06
MonkeyDusttokam  gimp for a cv? gimp is similar to photoshop, it's not a text editor10:08
tokamsomething like this can not be done with libre alone? http://www.webdesigntunes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/2oxy43oj.png10:09
tokamI do not like it10:09
tokambut it shows what I am talking about10:09
Dishonoredtokam, gimp should do it just fine for you10:10
tokamIs there a software that is easier to use?10:10
tokamis libre draw really recommended?10:11
linuXm1nttokam it is not bad10:11
tokamI did not find out yet how to import to writer10:11
Dishonoredi would rather use css!!!10:11
tokamI think on windows illustrator were the right choice?10:11
linuXm1nttokam using wine maybe?10:11
Dishonoredtokam, if you plan on pulling out different images and putting them together and_not_making images by yourself, you can give gimp a try, putting images is not that tough with gimp10:13
Dishonoredtokam, there are templates out there on libre office's website, maybe that will help out too10:14
tokamJUsr for future knowledge: What would you use to make images on ubuntu?10:14
DishonoredGIMP & inkscape10:15
tokamIt seems to be done with tables on libre10:15
tokamIs something like this (background) possible with libre?10:18
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest60756
Dishonoredlibre what? writer?10:19
Dishonoredtokam, format --> page --> background10:21
bhagwankip on new window10:22
jimcooncatI have some PS2 disks but no console, is there a way I can check the CD that it's all readable using Ubuntu utilities?10:24
tokamDishonored: thanks10:25
Dishonoredtokam, yw10:25
=== Eggs is now known as Guest78499
tokamDishonored: I thnk libre will be easier than gimp for positioning (with tables)?10:25
tokamI do not know how to position things in gimp accurate10:25
Dishonoredtokam, i just libre, ya i guess its better in libre for positioning...10:26
Dishonoredjust tried*10:26
tokamI do not know if krita is a good software for my task10:26
OerHeks try it :-)10:27
MonkeyDusttokam  or inkscape, it's more for DTP10:30
Dishonoredi guess he want a web design style cv10:31
blackflowFirefox is crashing more than a 70yo lady with no driving license driving NASCAR.10:31
MonkeyDustblackflow  define 'crashing'10:32
blackflowMonkeyDust: Closes all windows and popups up a dialog saying it crashed and if I wanted to report to Mozilla.10:33
blackflowI mean, duh.10:33
blackflow*pops up10:33
Dishonoredtokam, try adding a timeline style to your job experience/ education with year, could impress your bawwzzz....10:33
blackflowAlso many times HTML5 video would play only sound and I have to reload the page for it to start playing the video part too.10:34
MonkeyDustblackflow  sure you don't have too many addons, like all sorts of blockers?10:34
blackflowMonkeyDust: I have only one add-on, Ghostery.10:34
MonkeyDustblackflow  fair enough, i have that too...10:34
blackflowand the regular  ubuntu stuff10:34
blackflowMonkeyDust: good idea, I turned off all Ubuntu add-ons, let's see if that'll fix it.10:36
Dishonoredtokam, just for inspiration:- http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/04/10-handy-tips-for-web-design-cvs-and-resumes/10:37
tokamthanks for your help. have a good day10:41
tokam(I am off for an appointment at 13:0010:41
tokamthanks for the link10:41
fabzor3have a good one10:42
unbuntu732I heard that for ubuntu to run games, an AMD card won't work and I basically need Nvida. How much of this is true?10:49
blackflowsomewhat. nvidia has historically had better driver support.10:49
unbuntu732That's a bit disappointing. Alright, thanks. :310:50
blackflowbut, eh, games on linux is a joke. Most of those that can run in Wine run much better in Wine than natively on Linux.10:50
OerHeksAMD 2xxx 3xxx 4xxx are old, if you have a newer GPU, it should work10:51
unbuntu732I'm new to ubuntu and at the stage of a dual boot, just so I can run my games and if I really need to get something done, I can go to windows until I can figure out how to do it on ubuntu. So these kinds of questions are things that I stop in to check on a bit often10:51
unbuntu732mine is a radion r7 200.10:52
unbuntu732Which is fairly new I think10:52
fabzor3oh hey10:53
fabzor3couldnt be further from the truth my friend10:53
fabzor3ati work great10:53
fabzor3also in particular for regnum online I find ati cards to be a lot faster than nvidia cards of the same spec10:53
Dishonoredfun fact, while i'm seeing this, i'm downloading TF210:54
fabzor3I have had just as many nvidia drivers as ati drivers bug out on me10:54
blackflowfabzor3: how many different ATI cards you tested?10:54
unbuntu732I'm really not sure, but that's probably because of nivida physx making it seem better10:54
fabzor3lets see10:54
fabzor3not that many10:54
fabzor3though I have owned about 5 of them10:54
blackflowtwo? ten?10:54
fabzor3and I have had about 7 nvidia cards10:54
fabzor3over about 7 years or so10:54
fabzor3since my 3dfx days on windows10:54
fabzor3I started on ubuntu 6 and now I run ubuntu 1510:55
unbuntu732I'm on 15 myself, though I want to drop down to 1410:55
unbuntu732Because apparently steam doesn't work on 1510:55
blackflowunbuntu732: not true10:55
fabzor3nah phytsx is really not used much in linux, physx tends to be used more for windows games10:55
unbuntu732it doesn't show up in the ubuntu software menu for me. Then again, I'm new and probably doing something wrong10:56
blackflowunbuntu732: the software center supposedly sucks big time after 14.04. I don't use it, but there's steam if you run apt-get on the command line.10:57
Dishonoredunbuntu732, really? nvidia provide better support? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_36yNWw_07g -----> linus torvald's reaction towards nvidia10:57
=== diveinto0 is now known as diveinto0^afk
unbuntu732I made no claims of support.10:57
BotchlaBDishonored: To be fair, that was some 3 years ago; while Optimus still has issues, it's somewhat improved now.10:57
blackflowDishonored: that's for the open source driver that sucks big time10:57
blackflownvidia has excellent support for their proprietary driver10:57
Dishonoredamd, still have opensource support, tested on ubuntu10:58
blownwho like intel drive?10:58
x4w3wow, when i remove unity to run xfce4, notify is down :(10:58
x4w3repairing notify system...10:59
MonkeyDustx4w3  no need to remove unity, simply install xfce, logout, switch, login10:59
x4w3i switch to both directly to test....it was bad idea :)11:00
x4w3psensor, everpad, pidgin, steam, rythmbox, all of them down :)11:01
MonkeyDustx4w3  that's called 'learning'11:01
MonkeyDustx4w3  breaking and fixing things is the best way to learn11:01
x4w3MonkeyDust: of course man.11:01
x4w3and with your company more.11:01
Dishonoredunbuntu732, what game are you trying to run? just curious to know..11:01
x4w3accompaniment sorry.11:02
unbuntu732Well, Maplestory and Devpro yugioh sim11:02
unbuntu732But I also have a pile of other emulator games for videos later11:02
unbuntu732but those should all run on their respective emulators11:03
blackflowunbuntu732: if your card is significantly stronger than the recommended specs for a game, it should run in linux fine. otherwise forget about it.11:04
unbuntu732I was actually hoping that with linux being a lighter weight OS the hardware would go further11:04
unbuntu732But my main reason for switching is microsoft's new privacy or lack of I should say11:05
Dishonoredman if you're into PC gaming....YOU_NEED_WINDOWS11:05
blackflowunbuntu732: I have no idea why that is, I suspect the opengl+xorg integration being the cause. But, I know from direct experience (and there are objective benchmarks on the net) that games that run fast on high settings in Windows, run poor on LOW settings in Linux on the same machine.11:05
=== aaaa is now known as aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
unbuntu732So basically, to really play all the games I have to deal with Microsoft's BS11:07
blackflowunbuntu732: unfortunately11:08
blackflowunbuntu732: unless the games you want are significantly underspeced for your hardware11:08
Ben64depends on the games really11:08
Ben64many steam games work great in linux now11:09
DishonoredBen64 just said it..i play TF2 its pretty smooth with an AMD graphics card11:09
blackflowI have yet to find one, published after 200911:09
Ben64you should check steam sometime11:10
deliverymandoes anyone know if you should or shouldnt reformat ssd drives? i wana install ubuntu but ive read that you shouldnt reformat ssds but instead secure erase them? anyone know anything about this? id appreciate it11:10
blackflowunless, as I said, you have hardware that's significantly stronger than what the game requires.11:10
blowni installed goat simulator11:10
Dishonoredunbuntu732, try steam, they also have a custom graphics setting for some games11:10
Ben64blackflow: that is wrong, and makes no sense11:10
blackflowBen64: it's personal experience from many games, and eh....   http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=mordor-win10-linux&num=211:10
Ben64yes, that is one game that has a bad port11:11
blackflowthat's exactly what I see on games that run in Win and Linux, on the SAME machine.11:11
unbuntu732I'll try and get steam again in a few minutes, but I'm on my windows half right now.11:11
unbuntu732So I can't really try yet11:11
Dishonoredunbuntu732, get steam, highly recommened!11:12
unbuntu732I have steam on my windows side, but it's not showing in the shop on my linux11:12
unbuntu732Because my linux side is a 15.0411:12
unbuntu732not the 14.0411:12
blackflowBioshock Infinte craps out. Serious Sam needs very low settings. X-Com has extremely poor framerate even on lowest settings. Left4Dead drops framerate after a minute and doesn't recover .....11:12
Ben64steam works fine in 15.0411:12
blackflowunbuntu732: the store sucks on 15.04. Use the command line, there's steam on 15.04 I'm running it11:13
blownwhat hardware do you use11:13
Dishonoredunbuntu732, you can get a .deb from steam website11:13
unbuntu732well, my processor is an amd 3.5ghz 6 cores and a radeon r7 200 GPU.11:13
Dishonoredyou are ready to go11:14
blowni did the deb11:14
unbuntu732I've got plenty of ram, but I think I should have poured more cash into my GPU11:14
unbuntu732and probably gotten more ghz and less core on my processor11:14
unbuntu732first build mistakes I suppose11:14
blownhow many ramz did you get?11:15
blackflowunbuntu732: you can hardly get more ghz than that11:15
unbuntu732at first? 411:15
unbuntu732but then at christmas I got another 811:15
unbuntu732so I have enough ram11:15
unbuntu73212 ramz is good I think11:15
Dishonoreddid u built it yourself? you can always change GPU...11:15
Ben64and as for the "no games after 2009" nonsense, there are somewhere around 1300 games showing up on steam as linux compatible with a release date of >=201011:15
unbuntu732I did build it myself, yes.11:15
unbuntu732But I picked a crappy mobo I think.11:15
blownu picked amd11:16
unbuntu732since it doesn't have enough pci/es11:16
blownthat was the first prob... jk11:16
Dishonoredi would go for intel11:16
unbuntu732I actually have a whole PCIE slot I can't use -_-11:16
blownyou only need 1 right?11:16
unbuntu732my GPU on the only other PCI16 hangs over and blocks it11:16
unbuntu732crossfiring and whatnot11:17
unbuntu732I only NEED one, yeah. But I'd like more to shove GPUs at11:17
wild_cheесть тут кто/??11:17
Ben64unbuntu732: you're almost always going to be better off replacing a card than trying to do that11:18
wild_cherussia есть??11:18
Ben64!ru | wild_che11:18
ubottuwild_che: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:18
Dishonoredwhat cpu cooler u guys have?11:18
blownthe stock unit11:18
unbuntu732Uhh.... not sure exactly.11:18
unbuntu732It's not stock though11:19
unbuntu732My last computer, a prebuilt laptop I burned11:19
Ben64wild_che: stop11:19
* blown gives wild_che a beer11:19
unbuntu732because it was out mode and I tried to do too much with it.11:19
unbuntu732my last computer laptop had 2 ramz11:19
Ben64wild_che: you're spamming the channel, don't do that11:19
Dishonoredi overcloaked my sisters laptop and burned the ass out of it11:19
unbuntu732which basically means I can run the OS and... maybe a browser or something11:19
unbuntu732I tried to game on it11:20
blownwhy do you want to game?11:20
Ben64#ubuntu-offtopic for non support related topics please11:20
wild_cheHow to switch to the Russian channel?11:20
Ben64wild_che: '/join #ubuntu-ru' as ubottu said11:20
Dishonoredi play only 2 games, Ghost recon phantoms and TF211:20
bazhang!ot | Dishonored11:20
ubottuDishonored: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:20
unbuntu732For fun of course O_O Sorry, going to the off topic room11:21
Dishonoredubottu, dude just saying it...11:21
ubottuDishonored: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:21
bazhangDishonored, take the chat elsewhere11:21
Dishonoredbazhang, dude just saying it11:21
bazhangDishonored, dont just say it HERE11:21
Dishonoredbazhang, whoa....chill man11:22
x4w3after third purge i can't initialize notify-osd properly grrrr11:22
Romunixпривет народ11:24
bazhang!ru | Romunix11:24
ubottuRomunix: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:24
t3hello fellow ubuntuees11:29
BluesKajHiyas all11:29
t3so random question11:31
t3does anyone know where one can get the StressLinux distro these days?11:32
Ben64not on topic here11:33
t3sorry Ben6411:33
t3I'll move elsewhere, Cheers!11:34
=== Guest14941 is now known as linxiaoxiang
linxiaoxianghow to install google-chrome11:35
Ben64linxiaoxiang: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/11:36
linxiaoxiangcannot connect to  https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/11:38
Ben64linxiaoxiang: sounds like a problem with your internet11:39
linxiaoxiangour coutry kill the website11:39
Ben64then maybe you should stick to chromium11:39
OerHeksoh china and chrome :-( bad luck11:40
MonkeyDustI guess duckduckgo is blocked too in China, because it does not 'track' its users11:43
habbasiDoes anyone have a PPA for OpenSSL (latest) that's usually up to date?11:46
linxiaoxiangOur country does not allow you to enter the foreign website.11:46
OerHekshabbasi, there is no need for a PPA , as SSL is patched in Ubuntu.11:48
habbasiOerHeks: Actually, with GnuTLS at its current version, and OpenSSL at its current version, with Ubuntu 14.0411:48
MonkeyDusthabbasi  but have a look here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=ssl11:48
habbasiThere's a serious bug.11:49
habbasiAn OpenSSL client won't connect to a GnuTLS server.11:49
Ben64habbasi: not seeing any bug there11:53
habbasiBen42: Line 2511:54
Ben64thats an error, not a bug11:54
habbasiBen42: It's a bug because they're not compatible and don't cause aborts in many applications.11:54
habbasiBen42: One of them is implementing stuff wrong.11:55
Ben64yes, and its the server11:55
cuddylierAnyone know why my box stops starting at http://i.imgur.com/yuKxQa4.png ?11:55
habbasiBen42: Which is GnuTLS. So it's a GnuTLS bug in the Ubuntu 14.04 package.11:55
habbasiBen42: :/11:56
Ben64the problem is the irc server is not configured properly11:56
habbasiBen42: I see. I'll try to ask around. I'm in the channel right now.11:58
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linuxisgoodSo, are you saying that this IRC channel has an error in it's code, or is it a problem with Freenode itself?12:03
cuddylierAnyone know why my box stops starting at http://i.imgur.com/yuKxQa4.png with Ubuntu 14.04?12:08
cuddylierDidn't use to, and how to fix it?12:08
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=== SmOkE-RU is now known as SmOkE_RU
linuxisgoodMost likely something with your network driver, or something12:17
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
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erkan^which shortcut of the keyboard typ I: ç12:28
erkan^I use USA International without death keys12:28
OerHeksALT-GR + ,12:31
OerHeksabd SHIFT Alt Gr + , = Ç12:31
erkan^ah thx OerHeks12:32
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rainbowwarriorhelo would just like to let you know the ac3160 wifi adaptor that comes with the msi ge60 2qd apache works fine on live cd12:40
rainbowwarriorin ubuntu 15.0412:41
cfhowlettrainbowwarrior, we see you12:43
rainbowwarriorcfhowlett, sorry was fixing my typo :)12:43
__john_doe__hey guys, can anyone help troubleshoot ubuntu boot? For some reason hangs on a screen before login and I cant even do ctl+alt+f1.12:48
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cfhowlett!test | rattkjelke13:04
ubotturattkjelke: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )13:04
rattkjelkeI didn't know there was a test channel13:04
HenerI have a programming question. Does somebody know a good channel for that?13:11
cfhowlettHener, programming is a pretty darn wide net.  perhaps a narrower focus?  specific language?13:12
__john_doe__Hener: which lang?13:12
Henercfhowlett: Well, it's pretty more a logical questions. So, not as important which language13:12
cfhowlett!alis | Hener do a search13:13
ubottuHener do a search: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*13:13
clearocan you please tell me how to install tshark in ubuntu ? from the terminal13:13
cfhowlett!info tshark13:14
ubottutshark (source: wireshark): network traffic analyzer - console version. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.12.1+g01b65bf-4+deb8u2build0.15.04.1 (vivid), package size 122 kB, installed size 366 kB13:14
OerHekssudo apt-get install <package>13:14
cfhowlettclearo, enable the universe repo and ^^^ this13:14
trizeusBought Brother printer DCP-T500W13:17
cfhowlett!brother | trizeus13:17
trizeusHi cfhowlett13:17
cfhowletttrizeus, hey.  sorry, that seems to be a false factoid.13:17
trizeusits printer & Scanner , I am trying  to install it  on ubuntu 14.0413:18
cfhowlett!printer | trizeus13:18
ubottutrizeus: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu13:18
trizeusi tried with cups13:18
trizeusbut no luck13:18
trizeushowever my scanner dose work13:18
trizeusbut printing no luck13:18
cfhowletttrizeus, so partial success.  good sign.13:19
=== myst is now known as Guest75387
trizeusya ! cfhowlett :)13:19
trizeusis there any new way to install that printer13:19
MonkeyDusttrizeus  can it do a POST, power on self test13:20
trizeusya M'Dust done that too...13:21
trizeusi think is there any user right issue with cups or any thing like that13:21
NectarInstalled spotify but it wont load. The icon is there though... help?13:23
lambda_launching from terminal ?13:24
Nectarshould i try "spotify" or "spotify-client". Neither work13:25
lambda_terminal stated errors ?13:25
lambda_i dont know spotify sorry13:25
MonkeyDustNectar  FYI, there's also #spotify13:25
Nectarill try there. thanks.13:26
lambda_I have an epson printer that is listed in lsusb but does not appear in "printers" application from ubuntu13:26
OerHeksNectar, that client is "only for premium account customers."https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Spotify13:27
cfhowlett!cups | lambda_, merely plugging it in doesn't mean properly configured.  go to cups and install the drivers.13:27
ubottulambda_, merely plugging it in doesn't mean properly configured.  go to cups and install the drivers.: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu13:27
Nectaroo.. still, it should loads.13:28
BurningChrome_is there any mapping of differences in config files on Apache between installing it with apt-get and with source code?13:28
clearoI have a probllem when i  run  tshark i got " Capturing on 'wlan0' tshark: The capture session could not be initiated on interface 'wlan0' (You don't have permission to capture on that device). Please check to make sure you have sufficient permissions, and that you have the proper interface or pipe specified. "  HELP13:29
NectarI will just use the spotify webclient. No problemo.13:30
clearoshoul i run as root with sudo " ?13:32
bekksclearo: You have to, since only root is allowed to capture traffic.13:33
lambda_I have a broken package I cannot uninstall because dpkg returns error13:33
bekkslambda_: So pastebin the entire output please, and give us the URL of your pastebin.13:34
NectarHow do I uninstall "spotify-client" in terminal; "apt-get remove spotify-client"?13:34
lambda_it was a disk error due to a brutal reboot13:34
bekkslambda_: So pastebin the entire output please, and give us the URL of your pastebin.13:34
MonkeyDustNectar  how did you install it?13:35
Nectar"sudo apt-get install spotify-client"13:35
MonkeyDustNectar  there's always synaptic, where you can look for spotify and delete13:36
=== carlo is now known as Guest22705
clearowhat is  kernel BPF JIT  ?   " WARNING: dumpcap will enable kernel BPF JIT compiler if available.  You might want to reset it By doing "echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/core/bpf_jit_enable"13:37
SonikkuAmericaJust a random question: What does "Ignoring BGRT: invalid status 0 (expected 1)" mean in dmesg?13:38
NectarMonkeyDust: do i install that?13:38
MonkeyDustNectar  sudo apt-get install synaptic   <-- syn-apt-ic, a gui for apt13:39
lambda_I could remove the package with synaptic since it said : " try to reinstall package before removing it " finally @bekks13:40
bekkslambda_: Try to reinstall it, as the message suggests.13:41
no_gravityHello! My laptop battery only charges up to 48%. Is that due to some setting in Ubuntu?13:42
bekksno_gravity: No. It's due to an old battery.13:42
no_gravityok. its a new one. maybe crappy quality.13:43
cfhowlettno_gravity, OEM battery or ... el cheapo replacement?13:43
no_gravitycheap replacement13:43
QantouriscWhat is the path of the init started by the kernel ?13:43
lambda_bekks: yeah, i made it. Now cups is installed but my printer still not detected13:43
Qantouriscexample /sbin/init13:43
cfhowlettno_gravity, good news: new battery!  bad news: wrong battery?13:44
bekkslambda_: Just installing cups will not magically make your printer work.13:44
no_gravitycfhowlett: should be the right one..13:44
brainwashQantourisc: it's /sbin/init, isn't it?13:45
cfhowlettno_gravity, el cheapo replacements are cheap for a reason.  you can barely expect 100% functionality from an OEM battery.13:45
Qantouriscbrainwash: wasn't sure, cause I couldn't start it if i tried to run it from a shell (without an init running, quess it checks if it's pid0)13:45
Johnny_Linuxno_gravity , charge it to its so called full, use it till it dies @least 5 times, see if it comes up13:46
brainwashQantourisc: no error message?13:46
lambda_i found the right driver on openprinting.org13:47
no_gravityJohnny_Linux: ok, thanks for the tip!13:47
no_gravityJohnny_Linux: until ubuntu shuts of?13:48
no_gravitybattery gymnastics13:48
Johnny_Linuxlet it charge ti its full till you use it, 8-14 hrs13:48
lambda_bekks: after installing cups and replugging the printer it works magically finally13:48
bekkslambda_: Because you installed the driver.13:49
ftwigHi, just looked at https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/deja-dup/ and it seems deja-dup is, to use a technical term 'a bit crap'.  Is this corect.  Was looking for automated timemachine type backups and thought it was this;(.13:49
MonkeyDust!backup | ftwig there are other ways13:49
ubottuftwig there are other ways: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning13:49
MonkeyDustftwig  luckybackup uses rsync13:50
lambda_bekks: ok !13:50
ftwigubottu os you are saying it is crap? Want something with a GUI as the restore will be from not very technical users.13:51
MonkeyDustftwig  it's 'crap' if you don't like it or if it doesnt suit your needs13:52
=== carlo_ is now known as Guest21309
lambda_thank you very much ! bye13:53
Qantouriscbrainwash: nope, sorry, it's init not beeing able to do verry basic stuff, nobody wrote a error check for that :D13:54
ftwigMonkeyDust The revews seem to indicate it does not actualy work, i.e. fails to restore.  They all are 1*13:54
MonkeyDustftwig  then use another way to backup... report a !bug for deja dup, if you like13:56
bazhang!info backintime-common | ftwig13:56
ubottuftwig: backintime-common (source: backintime): simple backup/snapshot system. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.0.36-1 (vivid), package size 185 kB, installed size 1405 kB13:56
bazhangthere is a backintime-gnome as well ftwig13:56
ftwigubottu bazhang13:58
bazhangftwig, one of us is a bot13:59
zykotick9bazhang: but which one?  ;)13:59
bazhangzykotick9, ikr13:59
ftwigubottu bazhang thanks, backintime says it uses snapshots.  does this mean it copies all files all the time or is it incramental 9like timemachine and only used space for changes013:59
ubottuftwig: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:59
bazhangftwig, there are great number of backup solutions available14:00
samsungi don'n know how it's works14:00
bazhangftwig, please dont address ubootu like that14:00
ftwigbazhang os it realy is a bot, cunning14:01
MonkeyDust!bot > ftwig14:01
ubottuftwig, please see my private message14:01
bazhangftwig, as I said there a great number of backup solutions available, that is only one14:02
ftwigbazhang indeed, was hoping for advice on what to use.  Basicaly we want something like timemachine with a gui interface so is is relativly easy to train people how to do restores.  We want something incramental (again like tiimemachine) so we can do backups every houre without using lots of space.14:04
bazhang!info grsync | ftwig14:05
ubottuftwig: grsync (source: grsync): GTK+ frontend for rsync. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.5-1 (vivid), package size 127 kB, installed size 700 kB14:05
bazhangthats incremental with a gui ftwig14:06
MonkeyDustftwig  you can use rsync to backup, and create a cronjob to repeat it every hour14:06
tswettAhoy. I'm looking for a non-graphical live-CD ISO of Ubuntu or Debian to use in a virtual machine with 512 MB of RAM.14:07
bekksUse the server ISO.14:07
bekksOR the mini iso.14:07
MonkeyDusttswett  explore vagrant, it's very handy14:07
bazhang!mini | tswett14:07
ubottutswett: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD14:07
MonkeyDusttswett  http://www.vagrantbox.es/14:08
tswettbazhang: with the minimal image, can I install new packages for use in the live CD environment?14:09
=== tgm4883_ is now known as tgm4883
bazhangtswett, look to a persistent usb for that14:09
tswettI don't need it to be persistent.14:09
zykotick9tswett: note, the mini & server ISOs are NOT LiveCD, they are install images only.14:10
tswettI only want the package installation to last as long as the system is running.14:10
bazhangtswett, everything will be gone next boot, up to you14:10
tswettYeah, that's what I want.14:10
=== Threepwood is now known as Guest89049
ftwigMonkeyDust actualy that is part of it.  Just spoke to a mate and if you create a new folder with hard links for the previous backup (with a name of the current date) you get timetravel functionality.14:12
Jay1Hello everyone14:14
Jay1I need help14:14
noobifieduh oh14:14
cfhowlett!help | Jay114:14
ubottuJay1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:14
turbatsal all14:14
QantouriscDoes ubunut/upstart has a verbose/debug startup mode ?14:14
Qantourisc(to debug init)14:14
Jay1All right. I am linux enthusiast. And stuck with this problem. Somebody please help me on this - http://stackoverflow.com/q/31893921/5205282?stw=214:15
bazhangwhat version of ubuntu Jay114:16
Jay1Its Netrunner 14.114:16
bazhangwhats netrunner Jay114:16
Jay1its kubuntu based distro14:17
samthewildoneone problem I noticed with all variations of ubuntu is my wifi will not automatically connect.14:17
bazhangJay1, thats not supported here, use alis to find a support channel14:17
bazhang!alis | Jay114:17
ubottuJay1: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*14:17
samthewildoneSometimes it will and others I will have to turn off the wifi and back on to get it to work.14:17
cfhowlettJay1, not supported here.  it's not official ubuntu.  sory14:17
ciscoDudeafternoon gents14:18
MonkeyDustJay1  only two present in #netrunner, probably bots, even14:18
ciscoDudeI would like to make a move to Linux14:18
ciscoDudeI am very tired of Windows 814:18
Qantouriscbrainwash: if you care: turns out there just isn't an tty to bind to14:18
cfhowlett!install | ciscoDude14:18
ubottuciscoDude: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate14:18
ciscoDudeThe only issue is that I have not been working with Linux for over 10 years14:18
bazhang!install | ciscoDude14:18
MonkeyDustciscoDude  create a live dvd or usb, boot from it and see if you like it14:19
ciscoDudeYes. I am using a CD with Virtual Box to check it14:19
bazhanghave a read of the ubuntu manual, wiki and help then ciscoDude14:19
cfhowlett!manual | ciscoDude14:19
ubottuciscoDude: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/14:19
bazhang!rute | and this ciscoDude14:19
ubottuand this ciscoDude: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com14:19
ciscoDudeVery kind all of you14:20
ciscoDudeIs there any Open Source project for Sys Log and Snmp which I can use for Ubuntu14:20
ciscoDudeDo you advise any application14:20
TzunamiiciscoDude: http://ubuntuforums.org/ is also a good place14:20
=== im is now known as YANGIM
ruwanHello world!14:25
ruwanInstalled ubuntu mate today :)14:26
cowbaconruwan: welcome to the family14:26
ruwanthank you cowbacon14:26
cfhowlettruwan, www.fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads       start with #0 and work up would be my suggestion.14:27
ruwanDownloading updates...14:28
ruwanThanks cfhowlett. I bookmarked it.14:31
ruwanHello jzp11314:31
ruwanAnyone from Sri Lanka?14:32
bazhang!loco | ruwan check here14:32
ubotturuwan check here: Information on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at http://loco.ubuntu.com/14:32
saravindNo Iam from india14:32
bazhangthats not on topic for here ruwan saravind14:33
cfhowlettruwan, saravind take it to private discussion please.  thanks.14:33
saravindK dudes sorry14:33
=== roberto is now known as Guest39213
OerHeksGuest39213, what?14:35
BluesKajheh, guess they think this is file sharing14:36
BluesKajand their tasre is questionable14:36
BluesKajtaste that is14:36
OerHekspssst ... áll torrents >> http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/14:37
Herculescan I please have a Ubuntu Server disc? I am 14 and have a slow internet ?14:37
bazhanggo to a loco or lug and ask for one Hercules14:38
OerHeksHercules, shipit stopped sending free cds14:38
bazhang!loco | Hercules have a search here14:38
ubottuHercules have a search here: Information on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at http://loco.ubuntu.com/14:38
HerculesI tried but was unable to find one.14:39
bazhangwhat locale Hercules14:39
Herculesbazhang: Kanpur14:39
Herculesbazhang: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India14:39
Herculesbazhang: I tried contacting the IIT Kanpur, but wasn't unable to get oe.14:39
bazhang#ubuntu-in perhaps Hercules14:39
Herculespeople aren't active in there14:40
bazhangthose are your best shots Hercules14:40
BluesKajinteresting how these italian users seem to think #ubuntu is a file sharing chat. apparently this was published in some mag there by a disgruntled ubuntu user who wrote for the magazine...that's the story I heard14:40
OerHeksBluesKaj, and the budus script ;-)14:41
cfhowlettBluesKaj, yeah, I've asked about that.  there's an explanation somewhere, but I've no idea14:41
bazhangits a common feature on italy irc, but way offtopic for this channel14:41
aldkjfalskdjfit's been a long day without you my friend14:41
aldkjfalskdjfand i tell you all about it when i see you again14:41
BluesKajOerHeks:  budus script ..file search ?14:42
MrKeunerhi, my 14.04 doesn't ask for password after suspend14:42
MrKeuneri cehcked th epower settings but nothing seems to be missing14:42
MrKeunerknown issues?14:43
kokutDunno if this is the right place to ask but is there some package names that start with php56 ? in the ubuntu repos? I'm getting only php-5 ?14:47
Dorfhas anyone had a good experience dual booting ubuntu with win 10?14:47
kokutdorf what do you need win 10 for? forget about that shiet14:48
Dorfso that's a no?14:48
cfhowlettDorf, depending on your machine specs and use case, consider my setup: ubuntu 14.04 + virtualbox + windows for those rare times when I need MS Word14:49
MrKeunerhaha we'll see who is after free shit and who is after freedom14:49
cfhowlettMrKeuner, language please ...14:49
Herculescan anyone from here send me an free disc?14:50
cfhowlettHercules, don't be silly.  you have internet.  download.14:50
HerculesEveryone doesn't have fast internet.14:50
Dorfi have a large steam library that mostly is not compatible with linux so i want to keep windows as an os.  i'm a web dev and i prefer to do my development on linux or mac.  since my personal laptop is not a mac, i want to dual boot a linux distro and i want that distro to be ubuntu.  make more sense?14:50
cfhowlettHercules, doesn't need to be fast.  start a torrent.  you'll get it.14:50
Herculescfhowlett: In an year?14:51
Herculescfhowlett: It'll take an year T.T14:51
cfhowlettHercules, torrents are faster than direct download in my experience.14:51
kokutMrKeuner: who is after freedom? thats just hilarious14:51
bazhangHercules, its not on topic here14:51
kokutMrKeuner: some people use the word freedom in such a funny way, specially in the US14:52
bazhangkokut, thats enough please14:52
MrKeunerkokut, I am not from US14:52
kokutbazhang: wut?14:52
bazhangkokut, this is support only14:52
HerculesMy parents won't get me a better internet T.T14:52
cfhowlettHercules, so use a torrent.  it works.14:53
kokutbazhang: right, i'm just trying to find out if there are some packages that start with php56 in the repos or in which repo... sorry for the OT14:53
HerculesI had tried but it not gonna work on 40 kbps speed14:53
cfhowlettHercules, yes it will.  it'll just take a bit longer.14:53
bazhangkokut, /msg ubottu find php56 for starters14:54
tokamWhats a good software to preview A4 pages which are written in html/css14:54
HerculesIt will take more than an year T.T14:54
kokutbazhang: i just found out that its actually in the package php5 :) ty14:54
cfhowlettHercules, what country?14:54
tokamlike here http://codepen.io/rafaelcastrocouto/pen/LFAes/14:55
cfhowlettHercules, go to your local linux user group.  there are several in India.  They'll have it.14:55
HerculesI had contacted a person of IIT but he said he can't get the disc.14:55
OerHeksHercules, sorry we cannot help you there14:56
cfhowlettHercules, https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-in14:56
cfhowlettHercules, send your request to ubuntu-india14:56
Matt_tenithere is a thing called "ubuntu-india"?14:56
Herculescfhowlett: They never respond.14:57
HerculesMatt_teni: Whats the "LOL" thing in it?14:57
cfhowlettHercules, dude.  come on.  they respond to me and I'm not even IN india!14:57
HerculesI tried #ubuntu-in14:57
cfhowlett!behelpful | Matt_teni,14:57
ubottuMatt_teni,: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.14:57
cfhowlettHercules, read the link I sent you.  IRC is not your only option.14:58
tokamIs there a good software for ubuntu to write an A4 document as Html and export it as pdf?15:04
cfhowletttokam, libreoffce15:05
tokamhtml with libre?15:05
cfhowletttokam, yep.  check your export options.15:05
tokamI want to create the document with html15:06
MrKeunercfhowlett, sorry15:09
=== Amar is now known as Guest27741
Guest27741Any one here tried Hack this site??15:24
cfhowlettGuest27741, we don't do hacking here.  check your channel.15:24
Guest27741oh its ok15:24
Z3Hi! is ready Hardware Enablement Stack for Ubuntu 14.04? (14.04.3 kernel)    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack   wiki is still not updated15:27
Z3 only commands to update to vivid15:27
smzzhello anyone can help me w/ xubuntu, i installed on 30 GB SSD  w/ LVM full encryption, i have free 16 gb and /dev + /run/shm use 1.9 * 2 GB, i want to resize this swap and i  don't know how.15:34
fowlAudio skips for me15:35
cfhowlett!jp | aldkjfalskdjf15:38
ubottualdkjfalskdjf: 日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。15:38
YamakasYis anyone authing samba shares against freeipa ? as this is "impossible" it seems15:41
smzzhello anyone can help me w/ xubuntu, i installed on 30 GB SSD  w/ LVM full encryption, i have free 16 gb and /dev + /run/shm use 1.9 * 2 GB, i want to resize this swap and i  don't know how.?15:42
x4w3YamakasY: http://www.freeipa.org/page/Howto/Integrating_a_Samba_File_Server_With_IPA15:46
craigbass76Is there a text file where network settings are stored?15:50
x4w3craigbass76: /etc/network/interfaces?15:51
k1l_craigbass76: what exactly are you looking for?15:51
k1l_x4w3: that depends heavily on how the connection is setup15:51
craigbass76Found it.  I was wondering how to set up the network permanently with a command line.  /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/xxx looks like what I was after15:52
x4w3craigbass76 perfect :)15:54
techkamarhi der15:54
wolfieoramahello, need a little help with removing windows dual boot, and just stick to ubuntu15:54
hanganybody here??15:55
techkamarmy battery indicator in ubuntu is not updating properly......it always shows constant time.....plz help15:55
EriC^^wolfieorama: copy the files you need, remove the partition, resize ubuntu's15:55
k1l_wolfieorama: well, you can delete the windows partition. run "sudo update-grub" afterwards and all windows is gone15:55
craigbass76x4w3, I remember on Fedora it used to be somewhere in /etc/sysconfig/, but there was no such spot in Ubuntu15:55
x4w3exactly in red hat is easier15:56
x4w3scripts are into sysconfig :)15:56
k1l_craigbass76: that depends on what you are used to :) ubuntu user would not look into /etc/sysconfig ;p15:57
wolfieoramaEric do i need to use a live cd15:57
wolfieoramakll_ u have a link to a documantation ?15:57
EriC^^wolfieorama: for the resizing of ubuntu's partition yes15:57
cfhowletthang, your question is ???15:57
k1l_wolfieorama: if you want to put the free space on the disk into the ubuntu partition: yes.15:57
k1l_EriC^^: seems like we have an echo in here :)15:58
EriC^^k1l_: :)15:58
hangno~ i didnot have questions15:58
hangi was interesting in this zone15:59
hanghaha  -.-15:59
wolfieoramakll_ so i can delete directly from ubuntu15:59
wolfieoramaEric kindly share16:00
cfhowletthang, chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic.  This is the dedicated support channel. Thanks.16:00
k1l_wolfieorama: to delete: yes. but to expand the ubuntu partition to use the new free space you need to boot to a live linux16:00
EriC^^wolfieorama: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999916:00
hangok....thanks for telling me16:01
=== erkan^ is now known as zippo^
techkamarmy battery indicator in ubuntu is not updating properly......it always shows constant time.....plz help16:05
oldornewRunning apt-get update and upgrade gets nothing installed currently, yet there's a pop up "Software Installer" asking to download and install 65.3MB worth of updates. Why?16:08
ObrienDaveuse dist-upgrade16:08
k1l_oldornew: use the new "apt" command: "sudo apt update" and then "sudo apt full-upgrade" to make sure you got the latest packages from the repos16:10
oldornewkil_: yeah that seems to work16:11
ionehi i need create a bridge, wlan0 to eth016:13
ionecan i help me?16:13
=== pabed1 is now known as pabed
alimjHello. Question regarding "apt-get dist-upgrade"16:16
alimjin which I receive several "/sbin/ldconfig.real: /usr/lib/libgraph.so.1 is not a symbolic link"16:17
alimjI think I installed some libgraph long ago to compile some old G++ code which used Borland C graphic libraries16:18
alimjIs there an easy way to eliminate the annoying warning message?16:18
wileeealimj, pastebin your info with the command included16:20
alimjwileee: Unfortunately after the update I did "clear" :-(16:21
wileeealimj, Sorry?16:21
alimjClear the screen16:22
wileeealimj, Run the command again, we need details.16:22
alimjwileee: It only happens during "apt-get dist-upgrade"16:22
wileeeif it is erroring it still should16:22
alimjIt is not error. Just a warning16:23
wileeealimj, 3rd time run it again, we need to see the warning16:23
alimjI will "apt-get install" a new package to force it to show the warning message16:24
wileeeno no, are you sure the error does not show with an update and dist-upgrade?16:24
alimjwileee: The errors shows after each new package is installed or old packages are updated16:25
wileeealimj, So that is a yes?16:25
alimjIt appears I can not replicate the error. Maybe I will be back next time. Thanks wileee16:26
alimjIt is not a huge problem. Just annoying warning message16:26
wileeealimj, if it is a apport popup , look at the info16:27
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alimjOk. Thanks o/16:29
__momak35NSyoutube movie that will change your life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcl6tl2FC9816:34
erkan^https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion/MozillaBuilds (Manual Installation) is no enough information. Does someone know another websit more information how install I slf Fiefox / Thunderbird via website on Ubuntu16:34
k1l_erkan^: why dont you use the firefox that is in the official ubuntu repos?16:35
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
WhitesquallIt's a nice time to enable apparmor profile for firefox by default.16:35
erkan^because I want install self, k1l_16:35
erkan^without ppa16:36
erkan^I like install self via official website mozilla.org16:36
k1l_erkan^: well. ubuntu offers a service and ships updated versions with security patches. so you need to look after the security and for updates on your own then16:36
k1l_erkan^: where exactly is the documentation not working?16:37
sandahI'm trying to install trusty desktop from cd is there an image besides the minimal one which would work for an old laptop?16:43
k1l_sandah: for old hardware i would start with Lubuntu anyway16:44
ObrienDaveor xubuntu16:44
wileeesandah, Net install, mini?16:44
sandahwileee: this is a one time thing on an old hp laptop. I was going to try to install net mini, but given k1l_ and ObrienDave I will try one of the lower end distros.16:45
sandahI'm afraid I wouldn't get the kernel magic from the server iso.16:46
wileeesandah, The mini can install any version.16:46
bekkssandah: Which kernel magic?16:46
k1l_sandah: server and dekstop share the same kernels16:46
sandahSo they can detect all the same hardware? I would assume the server kernel wouldn't pick up wifi and such. How can Install desktop from mini?16:47
k1l_sandah: its the same codebase. so the kernels are the same etc.16:48
k1l_!mini | sandah16:48
ubottusandah: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD16:48
wileeesandah, It is in a menu during install asking what you want to add basically. ^^^16:48
bekkssandah: They detect the same hardware, you can install desktop from mini.16:48
sandahCool I will try mini. I can always move to lubuntu or xubuntu if its too slow. Thanks everyone16:49
ObrienDavesandah, it's the same code base. just different DEs (Desktop Environments)16:51
alberikhi, I'm from mexico, and I'm learning english and free software16:52
nbusroneBrightness reset when I restart the pc , ubuntu 14.04 using nivida driver.How do I manually set them ?17:04
XenuLivesI have this weird issue on my trackpad where if I do some movements followed by a click my screen locks up. Only way to get my system working again is to do Ctrl+Alt F3 and then switch back17:08
XenuLivesWhat gives?17:08
DzAirmaXhey guyz17:09
DzAirmaXsomeone knows hot to create a custom regex in fail2ban ?17:09
DzAirmaXI ma pretty sure its easy, I just have no clue ...17:09
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brainwashDzAirmaX: please ask in #fail2ban17:12
DzAirmaXbrainwash: I did already ..17:13
fowlAudio skips17:15
StewiMy server is hanging at "minissdpd[<pid>]: received signal 15, good-bye" on shutdown. Does anyone know what may be happening?17:15
DzAirmaXI am pretty sur its basic stuff ... but I cant figure it out17:15
daftykinsDzAirmaX: not hugely relevant here so be patient in the appropriate channel17:16
StewiI'll do some more in-depth debugging later, just wondering if anyone has seen this before.17:16
DzAirmaXdaftykins : ok ...17:16
cfhowlett!server | Stewi,17:21
ubottuStewi,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server17:21
StewiThanks mate17:22
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ubottuJASON55: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:29
Gallomimiahello. i'm having a serious problem with my quassel install. And i've done some digging and realized that my install is 2 version numbers behind because the new package is in the vivid packages, while i'm using trusty. how can i remedy this problem? http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/quassel-core17:37
wileeeGallomimia, THat is eol17:38
k1l_Gallomimia: you dont mix versions from trusty and vivid17:38
Gallomimiawait what? i'm not end of life on my LTS install17:38
Gallomimialet me verify these names...17:38
k1l_no, trusty is not EOL17:39
Gallomimiawell the up-to-dateness of the quassel packages in trusty are being treated like it's EOL17:39
ObrienDaveGallomimia, you might have to use the PPA method. but that is not supported here17:39
Gallomimiai think i can figure that out17:40
k1l_Gallomimia: well, that is nothing new, that the LTS release doesnt get the latest versionnumbers after its relased17:40
Gallomimiathe lovely thing about an open source community is we could remedy that issue.17:40
k1l_Gallomimia: if you are a hunter for the latest version numbers, LTS is not the right choice then17:40
Gallomimiaone problem i've been meaning to look up is how to work with packages and apt with less blindness and more knowledge. can anyone suggest a place to start reading?17:41
stack12than whats the point of lts17:41
ObrienDavestack12, long term stability17:41
k1l_stack12: beeing a stable base that doesnt change for a long time.17:41
stack12if nothing changes then you aren't getting support17:41
stack12it should have the new packages17:41
ObrienDave*face palms*17:41
k1l_stack12: what? sorry but that doesnt make any sense17:41
Gallomimiathis is my point: the ubuntu people publish kernel updates twice a week! and some of them break userspace. for shame. but you want to argue that a piece of userspace software doesn't need to get updates for half a year?17:42
GallomimiaLTS stands for long term support. not long term stability.17:42
ObrienDave*face palms again*17:42
stack12support being new packages17:42
k1l_stack12: LTS is getting updates, but only for security updates and heavy bugfixes. not  just because there is a new version number out there17:42
Gallomimiaubuntu doesn't have stability. so stop dreaming.17:42
kostkonGallomimia, the future snappy based versions of ubuntu will take care of that, at the moment your choices would be: to upgrade to 15.04-15.10, find and use a ppa or compile it yourself17:42
k1l_stack12: that is just false.17:42
k1l_Gallomimia: please read the facts first before you make such harsh (and insulting) statements.17:43
wileeeGallomimia, Sorry about that I was thinking 14.10, my mistake17:45
stack12this is what they say about lts A Feature-Based Release: We will focus on hardening functionality of existing features, versus introducing new ones1, except for in the areas of Online Services and Desktop Experience2. So your desktop apps should get updates17:45
Gallomimiak1l_: i'm not reading facts. i'm talking about my personal experience using ubuntu. the reason i still use it is because it has tons of software packaged and things tend to work more easily with say.... video drivers and games and stuff. but stable? that's debian. i don't like having no kernel updates for months and months and months. ubuntu is better. that's not an insult.17:46
Gallomimianow, this is not a place for arguments and discussions about "better" it's a place for problems and solutions17:47
kostkonGallomimia, true17:47
k1l_just wow *sigh*17:47
Gallomimiaso. one solution is to download a new version from a ppa. another solution could be to get those packages in the LTS repo updated. is that possible? I'm willing to do some work and learn how and help out17:48
daftykinsGallomimia: no we are not going to have someone update he packages just for you.17:48
k1l_!sru  | Gallomimia17:48
ubottuGallomimia: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates17:48
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ObrienDavePPA installs are NOT supported here17:48
kostkonGallomimia, they do provide a ppa on their download page http://quassel-irc.org/downloads17:48
nbusroneBrightness reset when I restart the pc , ubuntu 14.04 using nivida driver.How do I manually set them ?17:49
k1l_Gallomimia: but "i want new version numbers!" is not an argument to break the LTS repos.17:49
kostkonGallomimia, but after you install it you'll lose support for that app in here17:49
Gallomimiakostkon: ok. the old program crashes when i try to do X. is that a reason to "break" the LTS repos?17:49
ObrienDave*no feeding trolls*17:49
k1l_Gallomimia: if its a bug, file a bug on launchpad or contribute to the bugreport if there is already one.17:50
kostkonGallomimia, the ppa only provides one package it's not going to break your system17:50
kostkonGallomimia, it only provides quassel17:50
daftykinsGallomimia: just because something doesn't work for you doesn't mean it's 100% true of the package17:50
Gallomimiaokay okay. but it does indeed feel very weird trying to submit bug reports on versions that were abandoned by the app developer more than half a year ago.17:51
k1l_Gallomimia: that is why its LTS. the ubuntu community provides the support.17:51
ObrienDave*face palms again and again and again......*17:51
ViperZI would like to chat with someone about completely transitioning from Windows to Linux - I started working with Linux back in the late 90's however drawn back into Windows as that is the corporate norm - if anyone wants to discuss shoot me a msg17:51
k1l_Gallomimia: that sounds just like you dont know about the LTS idea. but when you dont want to read or learn anyway, we can stop it right here.17:52
ObrienDaveViperZ, you can discuss that in #ubuntu-offtopic17:52
Gallomimiak1l_: i'm starting to think you're more and more right about that. the last time i moved forward from LTS, it did indeed lose a lot of "stability"17:52
ObrienDavethis is becomming offtopic. Gallomimia do you have any SPECIFIC support questions or issues?17:53
Gallomimianope. i'm going to work on that ppa solution17:53
ViperZThank you ObrienDave17:54
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muculusI have performance issue with aufs for millions of files. The mount command is: sudo mount -t aufs -o br=/home/files1=rw:/home/files2=rw -o udba=reval -o create=rr none /home/files318:21
muculuswhats the problem? is there any better alternative?18:21
banana_lovercan I mont ufs from freebsd 10.1 on ubuntu?18:29
lucas-arghello all18:30
bhanzbanana_lover: yes18:31
banana_loveris this accurate?18:31
banana_loversudo mount -r -t ufs -o ufstype=ufs2 /dev/sdb1 /home/<your_username>/ufs_mount18:32
Gallomimiabanana_lover: looks pretty good to me. an interesting place to mount it but it'll work. you need to make the empty dir ufs_mount18:39
banana_lovercan the latest swi prolog be compiled on freebsd 10.1?18:39
Gallomimiathat's probably better to ask in #freebsd18:40
daftykinsbanana_lover: notice that this is an #ubuntu channel so that question is ridiculous here18:40
nbusroneBrightness reset when I restart the pc , ubuntu 14.04 using nivida driver.How do I manually set them ?18:40
banana_loveroops wrong chan18:40
Gallomimianbusrone: that's an interesting problem. I use the same drivers and ubuntu version, and brightness doesn't give me troubles. perhaps your monitor doesn't like ubuntu?18:41
Gallomimiai also have a strange thing where the monitor loses connection to the pulse-audio whenever the screen locks. might be similar18:41
daftykinsaudio and brightness queries? mmm no? :)18:42
nbusroneGallomimia : it auto reset my brightness setting at nvidia randomly , like copy , open a youtube through browser and other else. How do I add on xorg to overwrite the brightness ?18:43
Gallomimiai don't see any brightness settings in my OS18:43
k1l_that is more of an acpi issue. some BIOS reset the brightness to choosen levels while boot18:44
minimecnbusrone: that should help... http://askubuntu.com/questions/480579/brightness-resets-on-boot-reboot-in-ubuntu-14-0418:44
daftykinsnbusrone: is this a laptop?18:46
nbusroneminimec : the answer is to update .18:46
nbusronedaftykins : desktop with GTx550 nvidia18:46
daftykinsnbusrone: then there's no such thing as brightness controlled by the OS.18:46
Pendrag0n1so when I type "screen -list" it returns one, that is "(Multi, attached)" and promptly says "There is no screen to be resumed."  I know this is because I am already attached, and I know I can simply type in "screen -x [ID]" to reattach anyways, but is there a shortcut around this?  A line I can put in my .screenrc file that will allow me attach to already attached screens?18:47
daftykinsscreen -rd no?18:47
Pendrag0n1let me try18:49
Pendrag0n1ahh, thank you18:49
Pendrag0n1ah no, that detatches the other one on the other monitor dafykins18:50
daftykinsso what are you trying to achieve? have two on the same instance?18:50
daftykinsi don't see why you would want to be on the same thing from two places :)18:51
daftykinsjust drop the d, since that's detach18:51
daftykinsi'm sure there's more to it than that though18:51
nbusronedaftykins : I  change my brightness at Nvidia server setting - DFP0 - Color correction - Brightness and confirm to -30.But it get reset randomly and I need to open nvidia setting again . Using nvidia binary 352.2118:52
Pendrag0n1I am using screen for work, I use six monitors, I want to tail logs on other montiors, anywho, I have a bashrc shortcut "alias x='screen -x'" which works normally, but only once, once I am attached, I can't do it on other putty shells without detaching the other ones18:52
daftykinsnbusrone: i have no idea why you would want to mess with those settings. at login, you need to auto run something like "nvidia-settings -l" to have it parse the values you've set.18:53
Pendrag0n1just trying to figure out if there is a way to attach anyways, without detaching the other ones, I mean, I know there is a way, I was just wondering if there was a shorter, one liner, so I can place it in my .screenrc or modify my bashrc alias18:53
daftykinsor run the tool with gksu so you can write them permanently to your xorg.conf18:53
EriC^^Pendrag0n1: grab the multi id and pass it to screen -x18:54
EriC^^screen -x $(screen -list | grep awk whatever floats your boat)18:55
nbusronedaftykins : Nvidia already at the startup application command : sh -c '/usr/bin/nvidia-settings --load-config-only'18:56
daftykinsnbusrone: then perhaps it's not working.18:57
daftykinsnbusrone: but i did tell you more than one thing...18:57
nbusronedaftykins : yeh ? what would it be ?18:57
daftykinsreboot and test it by running it manually as your user18:58
daftykinsuse your head :)18:58
daftykinsstill don't know why you use the graphics settings to adjust brightness - that's a monitor thing ¬_¬18:58
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
nbusronedaftykins : monitor ? sorry newbie to ubuntu. Maybe i try to update my driver and software kernel . Will report back again tomorrow :) thanks for the help :)19:00
daftykinsnbusrone: yeah - the display, you change brightness there... not in the OS19:01
nbusronedaftykins : and it get reset randomly19:01
daftykinsnbusrone: i'm talking about physical controls on your _monitor_19:02
daftykinsi don't think you understand me19:02
nbusronedaftykins : sorry for the less understanding , you mean setting the monitor physical brightness rather than software ? becasue it's much easier to adjust the brightness when watching at a player rather than adjust physical on the monitor.19:06
nbusronedaftykins : will report back again tomorrow thanks for the help :) gtg19:07
Alhedoes anyone know of any freeware that'll recover files from a damaged filesystem19:12
bekksAlhe: Which filesystem type?19:13
user321@Alhe i heard for testdisk, scalpel but you need to google about it19:13
daftykinswe need a factoid :>19:14
UnrelatedWhen I use apt-get install (insert prog/app here) where does that program get installed to?19:14
Alhebekks ntfs19:14
daftykinsUnrelated: depends on the program.19:14
AppAraathi everyone, has anyone here experimented or is using Kwin? I'm thinking of installing it in an Ubuntu 14.04 minimal VM to check it out. Would you consider Kwin to be stable to use on the desktop?19:14
Alheuser321 i'll look into that19:14
user321Unrelated: if instaled by user in /usr/bin i guess19:14
FuchsAppAraat: standalone?19:14
Unrelatedso there's no like, base directory where everything gets put into?19:14
FuchsAppAraat: I mean ... most KDE users use it, daily19:15
wileeeUnrelated, You got it, what is the interest?19:15
UnrelatedFor instance, I installed xchat and want to add a script to it.19:15
AppAraatFuchs: yep standalone, I pretty much only need the Expo and Scale feature of the Cinnamon DE. I'm not exactly interested in other features of KDE also.19:15
daftykinsUnrelated: you should use hexchat instead, i think xchat is ancient now19:15
k1l_Unrelated: scripts are going to be added into the .xchat folder in your home folder19:16
FuchsAppAraat: well, it should work  *shrug*19:16
Unrelatedokay, there is an .xchat folder in home?19:16
FuchsAppAraat: maybe compiz will work better as it was more intended to be used stand alone, but then it isn't really maintained outside of unity any more, so ...19:16
daftykinsUnrelated: if you want to locate a program path, then you can try "which xchat" in the terminal - but perhaps such programs support configs being placed in their user config folder? i.e. something like ~/.xchat/blah19:16
k1l_Unrelated: did you look for it?19:17
user321Unrelated: in moust programs that you want to add scipts its /home folder then in home folder you create or its created by itself .(dot hidden folder) that you need to put script in19:17
UnrelatedI'm looking around now19:18
Unrelatedit shows /usr/bin/xchat19:18
Unrelatedwhen I pull up usr/bin there is no xchat folder.19:18
k1l_Unrelated: you dont add scripts to the program19:18
daftykinsUnrelated: no because that's the binary19:18
k1l_Unrelated: we told you to look into your home folder.19:18
Unrelatedso /home?19:19
user321Unrelated: if you want to delete binary or something you go in user/bin19:19
k1l_Unrelated: yes19:19
Unrelatednothing there. Also, thank you all for your help, I appreciate it.19:19
user321Unrelated: if you want to change something you mage file in your home folder like .xchatrc19:19
AppAraatFuchs: hmm, that's interesting as well. Since it's being maintained for Unity that means that Ubuntu team is working on it, so integration should be more "harmonized". Can I use it standalone on an Ubuntu minimal install?19:20
user321Unrelated: or in moust likely .xchat folder add something19:20
Unrelatedheh. So hexchat is better for irc chatting?19:20
user321Unrelated: hexchat is being updated by comunity19:20
FuchsAppAraat: probably. Try installing it and running it with --replace to replace your current window manager.19:20
k1l_Unrelated: did you start xchat already?19:20
user321Unrelated: xcaht not19:21
FuchsAppAraat: chances are that it is packaged in a way that has unwanted dependencies, mind  (but then kwin, the not-5 variant, does too. So if you want to use kwin standalone, use the Qt5 based one)19:21
UnrelatedI'm using xchat now. It's how I am here.19:21
user321Unrelated: im trying thunderbirds chat19:21
k1l_Unrelated: so there is a .xhcat folder in your users home 100%19:21
Unrelatedhow do I bring that folder up in the gui?19:22
user321Unrelated, k1l_: if you cannto see it press ctrl+h to unhide . folders19:22
k1l_have you enabled to view "hidden folders"?19:22
UnrelatedI <3 you guys19:22
k1l_press ctrl+h if not.19:22
daftykinslove isn't appropriate to being handed answers :P19:22
k1l_Unrelated: folders and files starting with a "." like ".xchat" are hidden by default.19:23
Unrelatedit was the ctrl + h that I was missing.19:23
user321Unrelated: remeber adding something to programms in ubuntu is usualy by .rc file in home folder or . dot folder in home folder19:23
Unrelatedthere is a plugin that I wanted to add to xchat that allows me to right-click send/display my sys info.19:24
user321anyways anyone else using mozzilathunderbird for irc chat any expirience19:24
varwachashello,I have just installed elementary-os on my ubuntu 14.04 to try out pantheon,But now I need to switch back19:24
AppAraatFuchs: ah thanks for the heads-up there. One feature which I would love, but not sure if it is present in said WMs, is the ability to "tag" windows. So suppose you have a terminal window open which you solely use for monitoring or updating. You just tag the window "update" or "monitor". Then, when you want to switch to that window (from which ever workspace), simply enter the beginning of that window tag in19:24
AppAraatthe search bar and switch to it.19:24
Unrelatedand I didn't want the file just hanging out in a random folder, I wanted to put it in the xchat folder.19:24
k1l_Unrelated: there where you got that script, there should have been an README or howto install that script19:25
Unrelatedwhich I couldn't find.19:25
varwachasCan anyone help? I just did purge, still it doesn't work19:25
FuchsAppAraat: there are two features in kwin that match that, a bit19:25
FuchsAppAraat: first of all, you can add a specific keybinding to a window in general19:26
qkzoo1978What's the best media center solution for ubuntu?  I had always heard xbmc, but thought I read somewhere that that project has been changed to something else.19:26
k1l_varwachas: "install elementary-os on my ubuntu"?19:26
daftykinsvarwachas: i don't think anything elementary is supported here o019:26
FuchsAppAraat: in addition to that, you could give that terminal a specific title (only works with programs that let the user edit the title, mind. Terminals do) and then use expose and the filter19:26
daftykinsvarwachas: did it come in via a PPA? try !ppapurge perhaps19:26
varwachasdaftykins: Yes exactly, http://askubuntu.com/questions/642190/pantheon-elementary-desktop-not-completely-uninstalling-ubuntu-14-0419:27
k1l_varwachas: use ppa-purge to get rid of PPAs you dont want anymore19:27
k1l_!ppa-purge | varwachas19:27
ubottuvarwachas: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html19:27
UnrelatedI will say this. Ubuntu has come a long way in the last decade.19:27
UnrelatedI finally decided to make the switch from windows 2 days ago.19:28
daftykinsUnrelated: chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please, support only here19:28
qkzoo1978Best media center app for linux..?19:28
daftykinsqkzoo1978: for local file playback, or what?19:28
AppAraatFuchs: ah that sounds like sufficient for my use case. I'll definitely do some research on this. Thank you!19:29
qkzoo1978daftykins: Think smart tv solution.19:29
qkzoo1978daftykins: streaming, local playback, the works.19:30
k1l_!kodi | qkzoo197819:30
qkzoo1978Thanks k1l_, I'll check it out :)19:30
k1l_qkzoo1978: xbmc now known as kodi19:30
daftykinsqkzoo1978: Kodi is as close as you're going to get, but it doesn't support streaming services like netflix and the like19:30
royalexhi! :)19:34
varwachasubottu: I removed all the ppa's and did sudo update then sudo apt-get upgrade19:35
ubottuvarwachas: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:35
k1l_varwachas: no. did you use "ppa-purge" command or not?19:35
varwachask1l_: Yes I did19:35
royalexdo someone know a fater way to wipe an usb stick than dd? it's taking ages19:36
TraumatizerHi Guys. I´ve coupled my TV through HDMI. But I want the sound to output on the TV as well. When I go to Sound Settings I can´t find my TV under Output Devices. Or is there another way to do this?19:36
k1l_varwachas: because if you did not you still got the packages in your system. just removing the PPA doesnt remove the packages. thats only done by the ppa-purge command19:36
daftykinsTraumatizer: what graphics hardware?19:36
UbuntuFanForeveri need help, Since i have Ubuntu installed now is it safe to put Windows 8.1 back in fast startup?19:36
TraumatizerGive me one second daftykins to look that up.19:37
k1l_UbuntuFanForever: you cant mount the windows partitions then afterwards.19:37
varwachask1l_: sudo ppa-purge ppa:elementary-os this is what I tried19:37
Traumatizerdaftykins ive got: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (primary) (rev 0c)19:37
k1l_varwachas: that is not going to work19:37
UbuntuFanForeverkll_ I have a UEFI system.. Would i still be able to boot into windows if i do it? I wouldn't really want to access the windows partition on Ubuntu anyway :319:37
daftykinsTraumatizer: are you sure that's what you've got HDMI connected?19:38
k1l_varwachas: "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d" in a pastebin please19:38
daftykinsTraumatizer: http://paste.ubuntu.com <-- put "lspci" there would be handy19:38
UbuntuFanForeveris the Windows Key on the keyboard also the "Super" key?19:39
Traumatizerdaftykins; http://paste.ubuntu.com/12033187/19:39
k1l_UbuntuFanForever: yes, on linux its called "super" key19:39
varwachask1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12033192/19:40
daftykinsUbuntuFanForever: the super key is also the 'windows' key ;)19:40
UbuntuFanForeverI'm about to ditch this computer in 2 years :D19:40
daftykinsTraumatizer: and which ubuntu is this? "cat /etc/issue" or "lsb_release -d"19:41
Traumatizer14.04.3 LTS19:41
k1l_varwachas: you didnt read how to use ppa-purge properly19:41
TraumatizerI replaced Unity by Xubuntu daftkins, but that shouldnt change anything i guess19:41
UbuntuFanForeverI'm going to get a System76 computer with their payment month-to-month option.. i don't really need windows no more.. I can do everything i do on Ubuntu that i do in windows.. While Windows is now spying on people with windows 10.. o_o19:41
menacecan someone recommend a image shower like irfanview, but for ubuntu?19:41
royalexdo someone know a fater way to wipe an usb stick than dd? it's taking ages19:42
k1l_varwachas: sudo ppa-purge ppa:elementary-os/daily19:42
daftykinsTraumatizer: hrmm, i'm surprised that a 965 even *has* HDMI, so no idea what's up there i'm afraid - likely xfce lacking in configurability perhaps19:42
k1l_varwachas: put that into a pastebin please again19:42
menaceroyalex: wipefs19:42
daftykinsroyalex: wipe? you don't need to write to the whole thing to get it blanked.19:42
TraumatizerHmm that sucks.19:42
TraumatizerSo basically nothing I can do daftykins?19:42
royalexmenace: it will wipe byte of data or it just dereference it?19:42
daftykinsTraumatizer: i'm sure someone that knows audio better might have an idea, i don't know my feet from my face when it comes to it :)19:43
daftykinsTraumatizer: i was just checking for the easy bit, like driver19:43
menaceroyalex: sorry, did just look, it's the wrong program19:43
royalexok thanks anyway :)19:43
TraumatizerOkay, can I like file a bug report or something? Or request for hwardre support, something like that19:43
royalexdaftykins: well.. actually i need a REAL wipe since i have a REALLY sensitive data on there19:44
daftykinsTraumatizer: well it might just need configuring19:44
varwachask1l_: sorry, here is the pastebin link http://paste.ubuntu.com/12033225/19:44
daftykinsroyalex: then no, a good 'dd' zero fill at least twice is the order of the day19:44
TraumatizerImma google around a bit somre more than19:44
daftykinsTraumatizer: if you play around with "aplay -l" and "aplay -L" in the terminal it should show up the device at least :)19:45
royalexdaftykins: oh ok... i just wondered cause it is taking AGES19:45
k1l_varwachas: how did you disable that PPA?19:46
royalexdaftykins: it's writing like at 130 kbps19:46
daftykinsroyalex: then it's either a rubbish drive or there's a config issue, are you checking with kill -USR1?19:46
royalexyup wit sudo kill -USR1 $(pgrep ^dd)19:47
daftykinsmmhmm, not seen a flash drive go that bad19:47
varwachask1l_: I removed that PPA via add-apt-repository ppa:elementary-os19:47
daftykinscheck dmesg | tail for any errors perhaps, royalex19:47
k1l_varwachas: ok, please add it again19:47
k1l_varwachas: when you added it again, we can use ppa-purge to properly remove it19:48
royalexok wait i have log in to anoter cli19:49
TraumatizerAh daftykins I fixed it.19:49
TraumatizerThrough alsamixer I could unmute the S/PDIF channel and than pulse audio configuration allowed me to select my TV as output19:50
daftykinsdidn't think it would be that easy19:50
varwachask1l_: Done that, what next http://paste.ubuntu.com/12033297/19:53
oalI don't know if this is a Gnome question or Ubuntu question: Everything on my computer is lagging. Typing in text fields in Firefox, flash videos, typing in intellij idea. Any suggestions?19:54
k1l_varwachas: ok, so now after a reboot that should have removed everything19:54
varwachas_k1l_: I have just rebooted but the User Interface isn't the same as before especially the bar above, icons and mouse pointer19:58
k1l_varwachas_: is it another theme?19:58
varwachas_k1l_: Dont know, kindly have a look http://imgur.com/BISOWi019:59
k1l_varwachas_: ok. so there is still some settings that were changed by the PPA packages.20:00
daftykinsoal: there's one very simple thing worth checking - do you use a mechanical hard disk? is this a laptop or desktop?20:01
varwachas_k1l_: So what should I do to get back to the original Unity Shell Interface that comes with Ubuntu?20:01
k1l_varwachas_: try a "unity-tweak-tool --reset-unity"20:01
oaldaftykins, I run Ubuntu off an SSD, but I have a mechanical hard disk installed as well20:01
oalIt's only used for file storage though. No apps run off it20:01
daftykinsoal: ah ok, so not even your /home ?20:01
k1l_varwachas_: if that doesnt help after a relogin try that answer: http://askubuntu.com/questions/56313/how-do-i-reset-gnome-to-the-defaults20:02
oaldaftykins, nope20:02
daftykinsoal: ok not much point checking the health of your HDD then, hmm. how's your RAM usage going?20:02
utunaHowdy all20:02
JustSighDudesoal, I have that same problem sometimes. I have no idea what causes it.20:03
oaldaftykins, 1.9 / 15.6 GiB according to the system monitor20:03
daftykinsok, probably more a gnome thing then - never used it20:03
oalCPU usage is all over the place...20:04
royalexsorry i was talking to one of you but i don't remember who :D20:04
royalexdaftykins: i was talking with you before right? i forgot the nick i was talking to20:05
daftykinsroyalex: the queries matter, not the who :)20:05
royalexyou know... i had some "problem" with the battery... or better say it was all my fault20:06
varwachask1l_: unity tweak command didn't work out20:06
k1l_varwachas: that is one of the big issues with that messy PPAs. they change a lot of stuff and its not reverted on remove.20:07
nmatrix9Is there a updated wacom control panel GUI for the latest versions of Ubuntu?20:07
k1l_varwachas: "rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity .cache .dbus .dmrc .mission-control .thumbnails ~/.config/dconf/user ~.compiz*"20:08
varwachask1l_: executed that , what next?20:09
k1l_varwachas: relogin20:09
mixxithey guys20:09
mixxitim having trouble booting ubuntu server and wondered if anyone can help20:09
daftykins!details | mixxit20:10
ubottumixxit: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)20:10
k1l_mixxit: depends on the exact error20:10
mixxitits not getting to grub unless i manually choose to select boot device in bios20:10
varwachas_k1l_: no use20:10
k1l_mixxit: so write the grub into the MBR of the first HHD that gets booted?20:10
LongFengThe earth king has invited you to lake Laogai.20:10
CaerdwynQuick question for anyone here... why do the icons in the unity status bar sometimes become transparent, as if they're hidden behind the bar? I can't click on them or interact with them in any way, and at times when I kill the program that makes the icon and relaunch it, the ghosted icon vanishes, then reappears transparent again...20:10
mixxitis that update-grub?20:11
k1l_mixxit: no, that is grub-install20:11
varwachas_k1l_: still the same, my terminal is also still the same, shortcuts aren't working also20:11
k1l_varwachas_: is it ok on another user account or guest account?20:11
utunaHello mixxit20:13
varwachas__k1l_: Even guest has the user interface all messed up20:13
k1l_varwachas__: that reminds me again why i hate all that ubuntu spinoff messes20:14
Caerdwynfor anyone wondering what i mean, http://i.imgur.com/3mtKTLa.png20:14
varwachas__k1l_: Even I feel the same now20:14
varwachas__k1l_: So is there any other way of getting back other than a reinstall(loss of data)20:15
joe4I can't seem to get the gnome terminal session preferences to open up, any thoughts?20:16
pauljwCaerdwyn, I can't answer to why this happens, but I have encountered the same on my system.  For me, if I switch to a different virtual desktop and back again, the icons return to normal.20:16
k1l_varwachas__: hmm. you could dig into all the gnome settings and libs stuff where the elementary stuff did the changes. but i am not aware of what they all changed20:16
Caerdwynpauljw: virtual desktop meaning another workspace, or to a tty and back?20:16
pauljwCaerdwyn, another workspace20:17
k1l_varwachas__: as my last idea: open unity-tweak-tool and set the themes and panel things manually. if that doesnt work i dont know what to do.20:17
Caerdwynpauljw: alrighty, thanks... much appreciated!20:17
* k1l_ needs to leave for a bit now anyway20:17
mixxitok did that20:17
mixxitbut its still going to network boot20:17
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utunaBe well k1l_20:18
Caerdwynpauljw: tried that, the icon only appears for a split second when the actual workspace switch occurs, then immediately disappears/becomes transparent again :\20:19
zippo^who does use with Gnome Classic?20:19
zippo^How can I add icon and menu of Thunderbird in menu (alacarte) ?20:19
zippo^after I have downloaded and installed Thunderbird of the officiaĺ Mozilla20:20
pauljwCaerdwyn, hmmm.  Don't know what to tell you.  Wish I knew what caused it myself.20:20
CaerdwynIn this particular case, it's TeamViewer running that has its icon hidden, but I've also seen it happen with other things like Skype, PS3 Media Server, even Synergy, it's so weird.20:21
wileeezippo^, What happened to the ubuntu thunderbird?20:22
zippo^a wait, i make a screenshot, wileee20:22
wileeezippo^, No I asked a question20:22
royalexdaftykins: i resolved tweaking the buffer size, thanks for the help you gave me :)20:23
pauljwCaerdwyn, it is a weird problem, on my system, the entire launch bar  goes opaque, looks like a program screen would look if the system was working on something for a time.20:23
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Caerdwynpauljw: the only thing I've even changed on my install related to unity, was downloading the unity tweak tool and setting the transparency of the bar to 100%...think that might have something to do with it maybe?20:24
pauljwCaerdwyn, is that when it started?  Try changing back to your original settings.20:25
CaerdwynI take that back... changing the transparency back to default makes the icon that is "transparent" vanish completely; it becomes obscured by the panel itself20:25
zippo^wileee, http://picpaste.com/pics/Schermafdruk_van_2015-08-08_22_22_22-WOQLZmGd.1439065524.png20:25
Caerdwynpauljw: no, this has been happening for a while now, even when I was on 12.04... I'm on 14.04.2 now and it still does it20:25
zippo^I did add icon, then I did OK, later was he removed20:25
pauljwCaerdwyn, i see.20:26
wileeezippo^, What happened to the ubuntu thunderbird?20:26
zippo^I did Thunderbird in /opt/thunderbird and icon ia /opt/thunderbird/icons, etc.20:26
zippo^I cannot move thunderbird to another menu and cannot add icon, wileee20:26
wileeezippo^, What happened to the ubuntu thunderbird?20:27
zippo^what mean you?20:27
markoo_Hello I'm trying to use terminator terminal. How do I get to split it into two tabs (vertically) by command line?20:27
k1l_he did manually install thunderbird20:27
wileeeyes, just trying to get what happened20:27
Caerdwynpauljw: turning transparency to 100% and background blur off in tweak tool make the icon visible in the panel, but isn't able to be interacted with, it looks like it's just hiding behind it20:27
zippo^than is he removed20:28
zippo^and I cannot move item thunderbird to another menu example INTERNET20:28
ubuntu681How to upgrade libimobiledevice to 1.2.0 to support ios 8.4 ?20:28
k1l_zippo^: see if the thunderbird ships a icon for you20:28
markoo_If this is not possible directly, what do you suggest me?20:28
wileeezippo^, This your computer? Do you know what has happened?20:28
k1l_ubuntu681: on what ubuntu?20:28
zippo^nothing, normal. I can open thunderbird20:28
zippo^but problem with alacrta20:29
john_doe_jrI see that httpd is running and I need to kill it…I kill it but it spawns back…how do I figure out what program is running this?20:29
ubuntu68114.04.3 LTS20:29
brabbitWhat is the best email client unlike thunderbird without addons?20:29
zippo^webmail, brabbit20:30
Fuchsjohn_doe_jr: pstree could list the parent, my guess is: an init script or something like monit20:30
Fuchsjohn_doe_jr: if you didn't install anything special, apache is the likely candidate20:30
k1l_ubuntu681: you will need to find a PPA with a higher version20:30
ubuntu681there is a .tar.bz2 package in the website, but i don't know how to install it.20:31
john_doe_jrFuchs: I know it's apache but I just don't know what program is running it20:32
Fuchsas said, either it is started to respawn, then use the init script (as you should) to stop it20:33
k1l_ubuntu681: it ships a README which explains. but you are on your own then with that20:33
Fuchsif not, there might be something like monit running which restarts it20:33
xangua!compile | ubuntu68120:33
ubottuubuntu681: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall20:33
janisozaurhow do i install 32 bit sdl2 on 64-bit 15.04 ubuntu?20:34
AcerHi, I need I bootlable flash drive. Any recommendations on wich software to use?20:35
xangua!usb | Acer20:35
ubottuAcer: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent20:35
janisozaur!usb-creator-gtk | Acer20:35
janisozaur!info usb-creator-gtk | Acer20:36
ubottuAcer: usb-creator-gtk (source: usb-creator): create a startup disk using a CD or disc image (for GNOME). In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.67ubuntu0.1 (vivid), package size 22 kB, installed size 223 kB (Only available for amd64; i386)20:36
ubuntu681Is there an alternative easier way to install it other than compiling ?20:37
bekksubuntu681: When having a tarball containg the sources only - no.20:37
xanguaubuntu681: keep up with latest Ubuntu releases, don't upgrade iOS unlessyou know it's supported, stop using iOS devices20:39
minimecubuntu681: there's a guide here... http://askubuntu.com/questions/598940/libimobiledevice-1-2-ios-8-support-for-ubuntu-14-04-trusty20:39
bpromptubuntu681:    you could try checking around at www.rpmseek.com or www.rpmfind.com , it has .deb as well as rpm packages precompiled, for many packages and libs20:39
bpromptubuntu681:    but if all you have is the source, then you'd have to give it to the compiler, that's what the compilier is for20:40
zippo^Why cannot I move item or folder to another menu via alaracte ?20:41
ubuntu681you guys are great! this is why ubuntu is the best os ...20:43
stevecoh1having trouble with update-grub.  I run it to add the newly installed kernel.  output is at http://pastebin.com/Mz37FRg4.   It indicates that version 3.13.0-61 was found.  Yet it's doesn't get ouptut to /boot/grub/menu.lst.  Why not?20:45
Dusti[n]Hello im was upgrading to 15.04 and now it stalls at "starting light display manager" any ideas?20:45
daftykinsDusti[n]: laptop/desktop ? what graphics hardware? upgraded from what?20:47
Dusti[n]Desktop nvidia and 14.10 i think20:49
stevecoh1anyone here know anything about grub?20:49
YamakasYis anyone authing samba shares against freeipa ? as this is "impossible" it seems20:50
EriC^^stevecoh1: are you using grub1?20:51
Dusti[n]When typing apt upgrade it says 2 packages will not be changed20:51
bekksDusti[n]: So use apt-get dist-upgrade20:51
zippo^wileee, why cannot I edit or add etc. of the alacrate?20:53
stevecoh1eric^^ how do I tell what version of grub I'm using?20:54
EriC^^grub -V20:54
EriC^^or dpkg -l | grep grub20:55
stevecoh1gnu grub 0.9720:56
Dusti[n]Bekks: it says 2 packages have been kept back libgbm1 xorg20:56
Dusti[n]Those 2 not upgraded20:56
EriC^^stevecoh1: why aren't you using grub2?20:57
EriC^^which ubuntu version do you have?20:57
k1l_Dusti[n]: run "apt full-upgrade"20:57
stevecoh1I may be20:58
Dusti[n]Same out come k1l_20:58
EriC^^stevecoh1: type cat /etc/issue20:59
stevecoh1see http://pastebin.com/eFw914KF21:00
stevecoh1that his dpkg output21:00
EriC^^stevecoh1: type sudo parted -l21:00
EriC^^looks like you had grub-efi installed21:00
EriC^^you have grub1 right now, which is very old21:01
trismDusti[n]: can you pastebin: apt-cache policy libgbm1 xorg;21:01
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stevecoh1ok, eric, I didn't have grub installed at all until I developed this kernel problem several months ago.  I installed grub, and this is what I got.21:02
stevecoh1my machine is 64-bit21:02
stevecoh1What should I do about this?  I am trying to solve a simple problem and keep getting deeper and deeper into trouble.21:03
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stevecoh1why does dpkg show 3 different grubs installed?21:04
EriC^^stevecoh1: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 and paste the link here21:04
EriC^^stevecoh1: the grub-efi is removed and just has the config files21:05
EriC^^you have grub cause i think you used sudo apt-get install grub to install it ( should have used grub-pc )21:05
EriC^^grub-common are just the common files,21:05
TJ-(or grub2)21:05
Dusti[n]Im on my phone so that might be hard ill try and give you the jist of it21:05
stevecoh1$ sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999921:06
stevecoh1[sudo] password for scohen:21:06
EriC^^stevecoh1: ok, well you're using uefi, so you need to install grub-efi , sudo apt-get install grub-efi-amd6421:06
skinofstarshey gang. i'm trying to make a .sh script run in terminal with a double click, but the terminal isn't available in the file's properties21:06
stevecoh1will this automatically pick up all the installed kernels?21:07
TJ-skinofstars: Because it is a shell script not a terminal script... shell scripts (.sh) are executed by sh/dash; or .bash scripts by bash21:07
skinofstarsTJ-: fine, but at the moment it opens in gedit21:08
Dusti[n]It looks like its still looking at vivid packages21:09
undisclosedplease recommend a command line way of setting the time and timezone21:09
EriC^^skinofstars: you can create a .desktop file to run it in a terminal, or you'd have to set your filemanager to execute on double click but that would be for all21:09
stevecoh1my problem is that 3.13.0-46 works, 3.13.0-48 is no good, and 3.13.0-61 is what I want to test.  I don't want to blow away my existing configuration unless I am sure I can get back to 46 if necessary.  will installing grub-efi insure that I will be able to do that?21:10
skinofstarsEriC^^: hmm, ok, i'll google that. thanks21:11
k1l_Dusti[n]: what gives you "lsb_release -d"?21:11
TJ-skinofstars: that is probably because gedit has been configured as the default application for that file extension, or that mime type21:11
EriC^^stevecoh1: yes, more so your current setup will not boot21:11
user1254undisclosed: have a look at timedatectl21:12
therofluserwhere is ubuntu one on ubuntu 15.04 ?21:12
stevecoh1eric^^, so this is safe?  I have to be able to get back to 46 if necessary21:12
undiscloseduser1254, thanks, but it is the recommended way or simply one of the 5-6 ways? :)21:13
stevecoh1and how does it work?  Presently I have to type escape repeatedly after booting to see the grub screen.  Will that still work?21:13
Dusti[n]All my repositories are vivids21:13
EriC^^stevecoh1: you hold shift to get grub21:14
stevecoh1ok, cool, will give it a try.21:14
stevecoh1thank you  very much Eric^^21:14
EriC^^no problem21:14
k1l_therofluser: the data sync service is gone21:14
SuperLagWe're using Centrify and it has it's own modified libsmbclient. How do I make other packages that require Ubuntu's stock libsmbclient use the Centrify one instead, so those packages will install?21:15
user1254undisclosed: depends on what you think of as recommended way. for me i think its the easiest. also 'recommended' way for archlinux21:15
SuperLagbecause when I try to install gvfs-backends, it says it depends on libsmbclient, and that won't install because it conflicts with the version Centrify provides21:16
undiscloseduser1254, thanks21:16
Dusti[n]Sorry i got dc21:16
TJ-SuperLag: Best solution there is to install Centrify's tools and libraries under the /usr/local/ prefix ... then they will take precedence but the Ubuntu standard packages can still install/upgrade without complaining21:18
Dusti[n]Anyidea why my repositories are vivid when im on 15.04? Thats not right is it?21:19
k1l_Dusti[n]: 15.04 is vivid21:19
bekksDusti[n]: Why not? :)21:19
Dusti[n]Well wth is wrong with my computer21:20
bekksWhy do you thing there is something wrong at all?21:20
k1l_Dusti[n]: pastebin a "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" to a pastebinit please21:20
Dusti[n]It basicly  will not boot into graphics mode21:21
k1l_Dusti[n]: so can you run the upgrade in tty1?21:21
k1l_Dusti[n]: then: what video card is it and what driver is installed?21:22
brenobelemalander_: :*21:22
brenobelemAldenice_: :*21:22
daftykinsDusti[n]: ah you replied to me about this but didn't include my nickname so i head no idea you had done.21:23
daftykinsDusti[n]: what do you get when you boot?21:23
k1l_alander_: Aldenice_ brenobelem this is the ubuntu support channel. please stick to ubuntu support in here. for testing there is ##test and for chat ##chat21:23
brenobelemk1l_: I know that.21:24
Dusti[n]Sorry im on my cellphone trying to irc and its aggravating21:24
brenobelemk1l_: I'm not testing anyting, I'm just showing them the support channels.21:24
SuperLagTJ-: looks like they get put in /opt/centrify21:24
daftykinsDusti[n]: so what led to this? was it a clean 15.04 install or did you upgrade to it?21:25
daftykinsan upgrade you said, ok21:25
Dusti[n]Last thing it says daftykins is starting light display manager21:25
daftykinsDusti[n]: ok and can you get a command line login by pressing ctrl+alt+F1, F2 or so on?21:26
daftykinsDusti[n]: ok log in and run "sudo apt-get purge nvidia* " (taking note of the * after nvidia there) then reboot21:27
Dusti[n]Daftykins it says 302mb will be removed i hit yes21:29
daftykinsDusti[n]: take note of what number driver it kills if you see it, nvidia-###21:30
daftykinsversion number that is, naturally21:30
Dusti[n]Hum i wanna say it was 32121:32
daftykins331 perhaps, no bother21:32
Dusti[n]On the reboot i just have a blanke screen21:32
daftykinsdo you know which card you have?21:32
daftykinslog in in the same way if not, then type "lspci"21:33
OerHekssudo ubuntu-drivers list # or autoinstall :-)21:34
daftykinsyip that could work21:34
Dusti[n]No not right off21:34
ISKhow's it going?21:35
daftykinsISK: support only, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic :)21:35
Dusti[n]Ok its installing 34621:37
daftykinsok, pay attention to the module build and check it shows no obvious errors21:37
ISKdaftykins: I'm here to serve too, but thanks for advice ;)21:38
daftykinsthen just a reboot after would do21:38
Dusti[n]I did the autoinstall like oerheks said21:38
daftykinsfair enough :>21:38
Dusti[n]Ty very much ill let ya know how it comes out21:39
Dusti[n]Still no  desktop just term21:43
daftykinsbut not hanging on the same lightdm error this time?21:44
daftykinswell that's different21:44
daftykinsDusti[n]: does your desktop get an internet connection via wired?21:44
daftykinshrmm and yet it managed to get a driver before21:45
daftykinsi wonder if it was just in cache21:45
Dorfi'm trying to dual boot ubuntu with win 10 on an SSD.  I cleared a partition for Ubuntu and formatted it as ext4.  I'm at the install screen and it's been hung at "Preparing to install ubuntu..." for 10 minutes.  This has been going on all morning.  Any ideas21:45
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daftykinsDusti[n]: are you online if you log in at the TTY and try "ping google.com" ? ctrl+C to stop21:46
daftykinsDorf: there was no point preparing that partition beforehand really21:46
Dusti[n]Wait its hung back up there21:46
Dorfdaftykins: it was a last ditch effort.  i've tried everything i could think of or read on the forums21:47
daftykinsDorf: which version are you trying to put on?21:47
Dorf14.04 x64 via unetbootin21:49
daftykinsDorf: and was 10 installed EFI, or legacy?21:49
Dorflet me check21:50
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daftykinsso are you booting ubuntu in EFI mode?21:52
daftykins!efi | Dorf for more info to check21:52
ubottuDorf for more info to check: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:52
Dorfi don't know.21:52
daftykinsessentially you should be seeing the white text on black background style boot menu21:52
Dorflike grub?21:52
daftykinsread the link ;)21:53
Dorfyes... that's what i see21:54
daftykinsand what kind of system is this?21:54
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Dorfin what regards?21:55
daftykinswhat kind?21:55
Dorfasus g75121:55
daftykinsgood lord21:56
daftykinsso don't you think it'd make more sense to run the OS it's designed for? if you're really after 'mobile' gaming?21:56
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x4w3i have properly configurated icecast2 + jack +idjc and now i can listen to a film...21:58
Dorfthat's why i'm dual booting.  regardless of what you think makes more sense, i want a linux distro.  if you are unable to help, fine, i understand that nobody has all the answers, but i didn't come here for lectures on what people think i should and should not have on my laptop.21:58
x4w3:( alsa and alsamixer is ok, and test run but daemons like vlc no21:58
daftykinsDorf: it was just a question, no need for the defensive response21:59
Dorfsorry, but what baring does it have on if/how you can help me?21:59
TJ-Dorf: did you start the installer from the "Try Ubuntu" option and launch the installer from the desktop icon?22:00
daftykinsbecause understanding what you hope to achieve with this system could help in how to make use of it better22:00
NilePrinceHelpp Please22:00
x4w3do someone how recover my sound? after configurate icecast i lose it22:00
Dorfi've tried both with the same result TJ-22:00
daftykinsDorf: so for example, i think if you want to game with it or have it run best - LTS probably isn't the best choice for such hardware.22:00
NilePrincebored system :D22:00
TJ-Dorf: No, I mean right now22:00
NilePrinceW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/wallch/3+/ubuntu/dists/vivid/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found22:00
NilePrinceE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.22:00
daftykinsNilePrince: your PPA is probably dead, that's not official so we can't help - maybe find a new one22:01
Dorfdaftykins: i'm a web developer.  i like to develop in linux.  i have a large steam library and most games don't run in linux.  i want to boot into linux for work and windows for play22:01
DorfTJ-: i have tried both and both ways result the same way.  right now i am not trying to install because i can't get past the preparing to install screen no matter what i do22:02
daftykinsDorf: ok and what are the two letters after G751 on your model?22:02
NilePrincethis for update22:02
TJ-Dorf: I was hoping you would say yes; when you use the "Try Ubuntu" live environment we can get easy access to the log-files to find out why it's hung up22:02
daftykinsDorf: like TJ- 's getting at, i'd recommend you boot into 'try' to get further info22:03
daftykinsbut i still think 14.04 is less ideal for a system like that22:03
x4w3please i have no sound in ubuntu, and speaker test run ok22:03
=== diveinto0^afk is now known as diveinto0
Dorfwhat version would you recommend?22:04
TJ-Dorf: There are 2 sets of log files... the 'try' environment and it's "/var/log/" directory, and the installation "/target/var/log/" which is a chroot where the installation is done. I use "ls -latr <dir>" to list the most recently changed logs last, and then check them out for clues as to what happened most recently22:04
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daftykinsDorf: 15.04 is the only other supported release currently out22:05
daftykinsDorf: i think TJ- is up for the challenge though so maybe see how you go first :>22:05
TJ-Dorf: The "debian-installer" keeps quite extensive logs of every step it takes, as does "apt" ... I seem to recall they both create sub-dirs of var/log/22:05
=== Bronsa``````` is now known as t0by
TJ-daftykins: Dorf Actually I'd recommend installing the LTS, and then if there are any hardware issues (newer drivers required) use the HardWare Enablement stack on top22:06
Dorfi've found a detailed set of instructions for my model22:06
daftykins*nod* fair enough22:07
Dorfi'm going to attempt that22:07
TJ-Dorf: Installing an LTS means you don't have to upgrade (15.04) in a few months when its support ends, after 15.10 is released22:07
Dorfi don't remember it being this difficult when i put it on my desktop22:07
TJ-Dorf: Unlike Windows, Almost everything in Linux *logs* extensively, or can be told to do so, and those system logs are always under /var/log/22:08
x4w3i recover it with pavucontrol, i dont know why, alsa something strange...22:09
TJ-Dorf: notebooks/laptops/small devices often have more proprietary hardware and kludges which the manufacturers don't provide to the Linux ecosystem, so we're often playing catch-up as owners of those devices hit bugs and figure out causes and workarounds/fixes22:09
akadewhy the system that ubuntu uses to recognize other OS in the installation is different from other distros?22:09
TJ-akade: As far as I know os-prober is used to detect other installations22:10
* zykotick9 would think ubuntu's grub/os-prober would be pretty up-to-date in the debian-based world...22:11
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akadeUbuntu is the only one that doesn't recognize windows partition, I don't have a logical partition, maybe it's the problem?22:12
NectarAnyone know any good software (which will work with gnome) to display email notifications in the top menu?22:12
zykotick9akade: sorry, i personally don't care about windows partition recognition at all...  but i wouldn't think primary vs logical/extended would make much of a difference, at least with DOS-MBR...  (U)EFI <- and all bets are OFF for me ;)22:15
Dorfi'm really close to just saying to heck with it and booting into a VM22:15
akadei give up with the actual installation system, someone tried to make a manual installation without /swap and /home partition, only using the main /, it can be done?22:15
akadethanks for the replys22:15
daftykinsakade: yes22:16
daftykinsswap isn't /swap ;)22:16
akadewhat do you mean?22:19
skinuxQuick question. Ubuntu out-of-the-box gives access to Windows drive/partition as long as it has been selected in file browser. What shell command can be used in place of double-clicking in file browser to open access to pre-mounted partitions?22:19
daftykinsakade: nevermind. anyway Ubuntu recognises Windows fine as long as you boot into the correct mode, same as how Windows was installed. what did you mean by not logical partition for Windows?22:19
daftykinsskinux: they're not mounted until clicked on22:20
daftykinsskinux: so they're not pre-mounted, you would use 'mount' ;)22:20
skinuxI know. But, I assume the action taken upon click can be done via a shell command as well?22:20
TJ-skinux: "mount" will show you where mounted file-systems are in the directory hierarchy. udisks usually does user mounts, and they are under /media/${USER}/22:20
TJ-skinux: Yes, you can use "udiskscontrol mount --block-device /dev/sdX5"22:21
daftykinsnot much benefit to just doing it manually :>22:21
zykotick9skinux: "sudo mount /dev/sdX# /mnt" (replace X and #) with correct values... then find it in /mnt22:21
TJ-skinux: Typo "udisksctl mount --block-device /dev/sdX5"22:21
Shed-34046If i boot into Windows and turn on fast startup again will i be able to boot back into windows and Ubuntu whenever? I don't really want to mount the windows partition while on ubuntu :322:21
skinuxWhat is the exact command being run when clicking in file browser??22:22
Shed-34046nautilus is the filemanager i think?22:22
akadeno, it matters, I want to know more, I have installed many distros and I always rebuild the boot with windows cd, now with all the windows insider updates and other stuff...  windows have the whole disk and it have all the tags22:22
TJ-skinux: the file browser calls the udisks daemon via the udisks library22:22
skinuxIn this case Nautilus is file browser, however, I'm considering trying out some other file browsers.22:22
TJ-skinux: In the shell you do the same thing with "udisksctl mount --block-device /dev/sdX5"22:22
zykotick9skinux: the gui browsers use mount, but they do it dynamically into /media i think...  i haven't used nautilus/etc in years...22:22
Shed-34046Anybody would i still be able to boot into windows and ubuntu if i turn on the fast startup again?22:23
TJ-zykotick9: ^^^ they use udisksd ^^^22:23
zykotick9TJ-: and what does udiskd use?  or is that systemd's mount?22:24
user1254Shed-34046: you can boot to ubuntu when fast startup is active in windows but you can't mount the ntfs/windows drives22:24
Shed-34046ok :)22:24
akadeso, why ubuntu doesn't recognize windows?22:29
daftykins!efi | akade check you're starting it properly22:29
ubottuakade check you're starting it properly: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI22:29
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akadeand in non-uefi bios?22:34
janisozauris it possible to install 32 bit packages without removing their 64 bit counterparts?22:34
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=== Stephen is now known as Guest63328
Guest63328Hello guys, I'm having a pretty big problem that's messing up my whole system. Synaptic package manager won't load anything, update manager isn't loading anything, and I can't install any packages whatsoever22:36
Guest63328E:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/repo.steampowered.com_steam_dists_precise_steam_i18n_Translation-en, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. is the error I receive with the update manager22:36
wileeeGuest63328, Close them all open a terminal and run sudo apt-get update than sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and pastebin all of it including the commands22:37
Guest63328I'm a bit of a liinux noob, what is pastebin?22:37
wileee!pastebin | Guest6332822:37
ubottuGuest63328: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:37
TJ-janisozaur: Yes, enable multi-libs by adding the foreign architecture: "sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386"22:39
Guest63328okay Wileee, I put both of those into the terminal. Now, what did you want me to do? Sorry if I'm being annoying.22:40
Shed-34046How do i contribute to the Ubuntu community like help improve it?22:41
Guest63328you wanted me to pastebin....like, use ubuntu pastebib?22:41
wileeeGuest63328, Actually I have another command, just run this and paste all of it, grep -vr "^#" /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/} cli look at  ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/22:41
janisozaurTJ-, that doesn't seem to help me. I'm trying to install 32 bit sdl2-dev, which has unmet dependencies. When trying to figure out what's wrong, it appears that libxkbcommon-dev:i386 is trying to replace my current version (x86_64) version of that package22:41
Guest63328http://paste.ubuntu.com/12034965/ There you go wileee22:42
wileeeGuest63328, Where ever you past this info you save it and post the url, I would use the bots suggestion.22:43
Shed-34046Btw guys how do i get the old ubuntu startup sound back o.o22:43
jackie007when I try to open synaptic package manager, i'm getting an error " Encountered a section with no Package: header"22:44
jackie007Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/repo.steampowered.com_steam_dists_precise_steam_i18n_Translation-en22:45
jackie007i tried to remove steam and that errors out too22:45
jackie007I'm not able to install anything22:45
jackie007any suggestions?22:46
Guest63328Alright wileee, posted it here http://paste.ubuntu.com/12034965/22:46
wileeeGuest63328, run just this and pastebin all of it,  grep -vr "^#" /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/}22:46
wileeecli look at  ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/22:46
wileeegrep -vr "^#" /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/} cli look at  ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/22:46
wileeethat command  Guest63328 ^^^22:47
Guest63328Just ran that wileee . This is what was in my terminal afterwards http://paste.ubuntu.com/12035020/22:47
zykotick9Guest63328: if you "/nick foo" it'll change your "foo" to a new name from Guest63328 probably...22:47
* zykotick9 has Guest* set to ignore...22:48
squintyjackie007:   run the following in a terminal    it deletes your old lists and then updates  if no errors are generated after updating the lists, then try installing a program or upgrading again.   sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/ && sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/apt/lists/partial && sudo apt-get update22:49
wileeeGuest63328, You have duplicate steam repos and way to many ppa's that is a mess from here, ppa's are not supported.22:49
Guest63328So, what can I do about that/22:50
squintyhe also has a debian repo22:50
zykotick9squinty: mixing distro repos is madness...22:50
wileeeGuest63328, Go to software & sources 2nd tab all the extra repos will be there find the steam ones and shut down one set, not sure which, I don;t game, than test.22:51
squintyzykotick9:  i know which is why i mentioned it22:51
zykotick9squinty: ;)22:51
gaetaneEst-ce que quelqu'un parle français?22:52
zykotick9!fr | gaetane22:52
ubottugaetane: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.22:52
deliverymani wanna install ubuntu and i run an ssd as my primary drive, i hear that i cant reformat ssd same as normal hdds22:53
gaetaneok merci22:53
wileeedeliveryman, Where did you hear this?22:53
deliverymanidk googling22:54
wileeedeliveryman, no difference22:54
deliverymano okie how sure are you22:54
deliverymanjus curious22:54
Guest63328so wait, you're saying, I must delete ALL duplicate repositories?22:54
deliverymanor are you 100percent22:54
wileeedeliveryman, I have all SSD's22:54
wileeeyour welcome to wait for any rebute22:55
deliverymanlol word nah not sayin ur wrong22:55
deliverymanjust was unsure if you were 100 percent sure or not22:55
Guest63328so, wileee , is that what you're saying, remove all duplicate repos/22:55
Shed-34046wileee and others do you remember the 2012 ad thing on ubuntu.. It was something like save yourself from the trouble that is windows 8.22:55
wileeeGuest63328, You can click them on and off, I would not just remove, they add packages, your in a very precarious install,22:56
wileeeShed-34046, We don't answer, 'I think I saw elvis inquiries'22:57
zykotick9deliveryman: re:ssd, i use SSDs for all "system" (including swap) partitions [i don't expect them to last forever, but i've never had an SSD wear out yet] my ONLY issues is i run encrypted LVM, and have to do manual setting to get fstrim to work (vs using trim in fstab)...  i say, use SSD for the speed ;)22:59
Guest63328and you're saying once I click it off, run that command again/23:00
wileeeGuest63328, No it will automatically update when closing that gui, than test if you can install.23:01
Guest63328it says "23:01
Guest63328This is a serious problem. Try again later. If this problem appears again, please report an error to the developers."23:01
Guest63328And allows me to look at details, you want the details?23:02
Guest63328in Details, it says "E:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/repo.steampowered.com_steam_dists_precise_steam_i18n_Translation-en, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened."23:02
wileeeGuest63328, Nah, honestly that is to messed up overall to really stick with you.23:02
Guest63328What do you mean, is my system broken?23:02
wileeeGuest63328, YOU have gobs of 3rd party repos some not even ubuntu.23:03
travis__Hello all, I'm new to Linux. I installed Steam and have been playing CS:GO for awhile now, but I seem to have audio issues after about 30 minutes of gaming, which requires me to restart my laptop. Any ideas?23:04
Guest63328And....is there anything I can do about that?23:04
travis__So far I have done this command: sudo apt-get install oem-audio-hda-daily-dkms23:04
wileeeGuest63328, Not you I suspect, IT is just so poorly set up not many are going to touch it, I would guess. None of those 3rd pafrty are supported here as well.23:05
travis__That threw me the error(?) : Unable to locate package oem-audio-daily-dkms23:05
travis__I then ran this command: sudo apt-get install dkms23:05
Guest63328Is there any way to get rid of those 3rd party repos?23:06
travis__It said: dkms is already the newest version.23:06
daftykinstravis__: yeah so whatever guide you're following gave the wrong package name, so essentially you didn't change anything (good thing)23:06
wileeeGuest63328, My guess is you just cruised the web and installed what you found without realizing it was a soon fatal mistake, sooner or later.23:06
mindbender1How can I manually start a service in the init.d directory?23:07
travis__daftykins, I got the command from another Ubuntu user on CS:GO.23:07
travis__daftykins, He must have misspelled something I suppose.23:07
Guest63328I suppose. I'm just gonna reformat the drive and Install windows 7 again, was worth a try I suppose23:07
Guest63328thanks for trying to help23:07
daftykinstravis__: ah-har, do you install every package CS players tell you to? :P23:07
wileeeGuest63328, Anyway, I do wish you the best. ;)23:07
deliverymanhmmm i just noticed when i installed ubuntu my secondary drive is there but i cant access it23:08
deliverymansays no d-bus interface23:08
zykotick9mindbender1: "sudo /etc/init.d/foo start"23:08
deliverymani cant mount it23:08
travis__daftykins, Nope..Lol. I'm very new to Linux though so I trusted his guidance.23:08
deliverymananyone have any ideas23:08
daftykinstravis__: but did said individual even have the same or close hardware?23:08
mindbender1zykotick9 thanks.23:08
deliverymanit sees my mybook though and that worked but thats usb 3.0 not internal23:08
travis__daftykins, I have no idea. I understand what you're getting at. I'll be more careful from now on.23:09
Guest63328Thanks for help wileee . Guess windows was the way to go23:09
zykotick9mindbender1: i'd guess "sudo service foo start" might also work, and be more current...23:09
daftykinstravis__: ;) perhaps have a hunt online for your exact model system and ubuntu version23:09
travis__daftykins, Can you please help me? I have a Lenovo Edge 15 laptop with Nvidia Geforce graphics card and i7 processor (if that stuff matters)23:09
wileeeGuest63328, If you did the same in windows you would be infected.23:09
wileeelikely anyway23:10
travis__daftykins, Oh, and LMS Ubuntu23:10
daftykinsLTS :)23:11
travis__My bad lol23:11
travis__I told you, I'm a newbie23:11
deliverymanis there anything i can do to make ubuntu do more than just see my secondary hdds23:11
deliverymanwhat does no d-bus interface mean23:12
deliverymanim going ot restart hte computer and see if i can fix it23:12
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avilbaHello everyone. I have a keyboard issue : on my laptop, my touchpad seems to be disabled for 2-3 seconds when I press any key of my keyboard. And that's also true when I use Onboard (virtual on-screen keyboard). Any ideas what the problem might be ?23:13
daftykinstravis__: before going any further - this system working isn't your lifeline to getting some important work done is it? :)23:13
RileyTLavilba: that's a good thing is it not? :)23:15
RileyTLavilba: I like that feature anyway.23:15
squintyavilba:  iirc, there is a toggle in System Control keyboard to "turn off touchpad while typing"23:16
avilbaOh is it meant to be like that ? Didn't realize...23:16
RileyTLIf I had to guess I'd say you're using something called 'syndaemon'23:16
travis__daftykins, This is my laptop.23:16
travis__daftykins, All I use it for is browsing the internet, coding as a hobby, etc23:16
daftykinsok so not mission critical23:17
travis__daftykins, If my OS gets ruined, I can reinstall from a flashdrive23:17
travis__daftykins, No documents on here that I can't live without.23:17
daftykinsgood stuff23:17
daftykinstravis__: http://askubuntu.com/questions/618575/how-do-i-find-the-current-stable-kernel-hwe-for-14-04-2 - try that to get the *vivid* HWE then23:17
daftykinstravis__: actually this one has the vivid version command - http://askubuntu.com/questions/598483/how-can-i-use-kernel-3-19-in-14-04-now23:18
avilbaOk thanks RileyTL now I know where to look !23:18
NectarAnyone know a good message notifier for Empathy mail? recommend?23:18
avilbaGood day everyone.23:18
Shed-34046Where do i go for Ubuntu support like how to install mozilla build of firefox and intel drivers and change a system setting and such :323:19
daftykinsShed-34046: you already have the intel drivers if you installed and updated your release, no action needed to be taken there.23:20
daftykinsShed-34046: and what's wrong with the firefox you have?23:20
Shed-34046I just want the MozillaBuild since it has a built in updater :323:21
travis__daftykins, So, to my understanding, I need to run: sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-vivid ?23:21
wileeeShed-34046, mozilla updates are usually in ubuntu within a day or so.23:21
daftykinsShed-34046: pointless.23:21
daftykins!pm | Shed-34046 Please don't.23:22
ubottuShed-34046 Please don't.: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.23:22
daftykinshmm ran off23:22
travis__daftykins, "System program problem detected. Do you want to report the problem now?"23:23
travis__I can cancel or report.23:24
travis__daftykins, I really hope I don't have to reinstall Ubuntu lol..23:24
daftykinsi have no way of knowing what that's about, nor if you're saying you installed and rebooted already23:24
travis__The command is currently running23:24
travis__Wait, it just finished.23:24
travis__Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.19.0-25-generic /boot/vmlinuz-3.19.05-25-generic23:25
Nectarnot empathy i mean; a notification for Evolution23:25
daftykinstravis__: rather than pasting piecemeal, (parts) paste the whole output from the command to http://paste.ubuntu.com please23:26
travis__Wow, I really need to learn more about Linux...23:26
travis__How can I copy from Command Line?23:26
moodyredsanyone familiar with 'library not found -lgcc_s.10.5'?23:26
daftykinstravis__: select it, edit menu -> copy23:26
travis__I highlighted and hit ctrl c to no avail23:27
daftykinsit's ctrl+shift+C i think23:27
daftykinsdepends on terminal23:27
wileeeNectar, Release?23:27
travis__Any particular syntax highlighting to use?23:28
Nectarwileee3> 12.1123:28
travis__Stupid question lol23:28
travis__daftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12035388/23:28
wileeeNectar, 12.11 is not a real release23:28
daftykinsnor is that23:29
Nectarerm, gentoo?23:29
Nectargnome i mean..23:29
wileeeNectar, THe ubuntu version 12.04 14.04 15.04?23:29
coffee-hi i would like to install steam on ubuntu 14.04.03 and have an amd radeon r9 card which driver should i pick?23:29
Nectaroh; 15.0423:29
njmbb82hey guys, i'm in the middle of a fresh install atm and i want to have encryption, but i want to have my /home on a separate drive. anyone know how to accomplish this?23:29
daftykinstravis__: can you also use the same method to share the output of "lspci" ?23:29
coffee-flgx or flgx-updates?23:30
wileeenjbair, Something else maual option.23:30
njmbb82that's where i am right now. what do i do?23:30
coffee-or should i just install vmware and run windows in that23:30
travis__daftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12035410/23:31
njmbb82rather, i'm unfamiliar with this interface23:31
wileeeNectar, please preface answers to others with their nick.23:31
travis__daftykins, By the way, I really appreciate your help buddy. :)23:31
travis__I really want to get into Linux.23:32
travis__I'm just such a newbie :(23:32
daftykinstravis__: ok reboot should be safe, but there'll be a couple of things to check prior to you trying out CS23:32
travis__daftykins, Okay. Let me reboot and meet you back here.23:32
wileee!info mail-notification-evolution23:33
ubottumail-notification-evolution (source: mail-notification): evolution support for mail notification. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.4.dfsg.1-13 (vivid), package size 11 kB, installed size 78 kB23:33
wileeeNectar, Has a bug but try installing mail-notification-evolution23:33
* coffee- wishes he had bought an nvidia card heh23:34
daftykinscoffee-: try updates23:34
wileeeNectar, Ah I thought I saw a bug, not true, heh.23:34
=== im is now known as yangim
Nectarwileee, no problem.23:35
coffee-daftykins, updates? won't trash my new ubuntu install?23:35
daftykinscoffee-: everything is reversible.23:35
coffee-erm okies :) ty daftykins :)23:36
wileeeNectar, So you know, I just used your question, '15.04 notification for Evolution' with the release your are running, top of the google list.23:36
wileee30 seconds at most23:36
travis__daftykins, I'm back23:37
daftykinstravis__: ok "sudo apt install pastebinit" then "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"23:37
daftykinsi'll brb23:37
travis__daftykins, Upon reboot I got the same error message about my System progaram problems23:38
travis__Ok, I'll wait.23:38
wileee<daftykins> travis__: ok "sudo apt install pastebinit" then "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log" you might do this for daftykins23:39
travis__daftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12035454/23:39
travis__*gets hacked* lol23:40
daftykinstravis__: "dpkg -l | grep nvidia | pastebinit"23:40
wileeeNectar, Glad to help, hope this works, just giving you some search info. ;)23:40
travis__daftykins, "You are trying to send an empty document, exiting."23:41
daftykinswellity wellity23:41
daftykinssounds like you never installed an nvidia graphics driver to play that game of yours23:41
daftykinsmust've been using the intel only23:42
travis__Didn't know I had to manually do that23:42
travis__On Ubuntu23:42
daftykinstravis__: "sudo apt install nvidia-346 nvidia-prime nvidia-settings"23:42
travis__I'm such a newbie, but my endgame is Arch Linux. Any idea on how to get more familiar with command line and such?23:42
travis__Basically all things Linux?23:42
wileeethat's what the cool kids run23:43
daftykinsdon't think of arch as some kind of 'pro' option23:43
* wileee inserts joke23:43
daftykinsit's essentially like those that soup up their cars, only in Linux form23:43
travis__daftykins, I just know that it is essentially a "minimalistic" distro.23:44
travis__I like the idea of minimalism, thats all.23:44
pauljwtravis__, just start small, at the beginning.   try this for starters:  http://www.linux-books.us/linux_general_0003.php23:44
wileeetravis__, use the net install and be as minimal you wan with ubuntu.23:44
travis__Having the right tool for the right job.23:44
pauljwread and read some more...23:44
daftykinstravis__: functionality on update is also minimal so i hear ;)23:45
travis__daftykins, Really? Isn't it rolling?23:46
travis__So basically it breaks all of the time..?23:46
daftykinsso i hear :D23:46
daftykinsanyway did the above install?23:46
travis__Yup, just finished.23:46
daftykinsok reboot23:47
travis__daftykins, Do you work in IT?23:47
travis__I need to know before I reboot lol23:47
travis__fine...ignore me. I'm gonna reboot.23:48
daftykinshow childish23:49
daftykinshow dare i fetch beer and chocolate :P23:49
wileeeexactly what I was thinking, no fredom23:49
pauljwdon't you know that you're not supposed to have a life..?23:50
daftykinsah, must be in the code of conduct23:50
daftykinsi live to serve!23:50
pauljwyou are awesome, i learn a lot from all of you guys23:51
travis__daftykins, Back :)23:51
wileeehang here enough you absorb stuff like muscle memories23:51
travis__Upon reboot I got the message "0.6(insert a lot more numbers here) Probe Failed"23:52
travis__I'm getting nervous lol23:52
travis__wileee, I plan on sticking around for awhile23:52
daftykins"pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"23:52
travis__Linux has given me tons of problems so far, but I love it nonetheless!23:52
wileee"Excellent" Mr. Burns23:52
Johnny_Linuxjust say you dont own an acer23:53
travis__Started with Arch (yeah, I'm stupid..) moved to Mint (liked it), then came here to Ubuntu (LOVE it so far)23:53
travis__I own a Lenovo Edge 15 laptop with 8gb RAM and 1tb HDD23:53
travis__i7 processor23:53
Johnny_Linuxgood job23:53
daftykinschat is in #ubuntu-offtopic - only srs bsns support chat in here23:53
travis__Sorry daftykins23:54
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daftykinstravis__: ok go give your game a test23:55
daftykinstravis__: what usually happens? audio stops in 30 mins, or ?23:55
travis__daftykins, Yes sir.23:56
daftykinsand you're using native Linux steam yes?23:56
travis__daftykins, It runs perfectly fine, but then my audio starts to loop a segment of like 0.5 seconds of audio23:56
daftykinsno crazy concoctions?23:56
travis__Gameplay still works fine though23:57
travis__As far as your last question23:57
daftykinsok give it a whirl23:57
travis__I'm running "Steam (steam-launcher)23:57
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