OvenWerksfabzor3: you are already using pulse I would imagine.00:00
OvenWerksfabzor3: run pavucontrol from somewhere (systray audio drop down or command line will work)00:01
OvenWerksThe rightmost tab is called configuration. You should see your 6 port (5.1) card there.00:02
OvenWerksfabzor3: click on the profile dropdown and select 5.1 as your profile and see if that works00:03
* OvenWerks has never tried as he doesn't have the hardware.00:03
fabzor3I will do00:03
fabzor3I haven't got it hooked up just yet but yeah thanks ill try and just use the pulse controls00:04
fabzor3I have an old carm amp and a monoblock00:04
fabzor3and some power supplies00:04
fabzor3so now im off to buy some speaker boxes ;)00:04
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Guest66644Ubuntu Studio Black here, my own hybrid pentesting media deepnet OS :)00:42
holsteinGuest66644: its black? as in, a black screen?01:33
Guest66644Na, as in pentest suite01:39
holsteinyou probably want a security channel, or, one of the offtopic channels.. #ubuntu-offtopic01:43
Guest66644Well, just putting this Ubuntu in order, trying its IRC yup01:45
holsteinits irc?01:45
Guest66644Nice job but lacks allot of upgrades01:45
Guest66644Xchat, xcuse me01:46
holsteinGuest66644: upgrades dont come with ubuntu.. its not a rolling release01:46
holsteinall ubuntu, and flavors.. you just get, basically, patches.. not upgrades01:46
Guest66644Right, allready added Muon and Debian then loaded up01:46
Guest66644I set it up last week and added RC3 and it locked up ??01:47
holsteinwhat locked up?01:47
Guest66644Where is their Ubuntu studio team  UK?01:47
holsteinGuest66644: their? who?01:48
Guest66644The entire system locked up. Never got a resolve, error code etc. Have to watch what you add.01:48
holsteinGuest66644: you added "debian" to ubuntu?01:49
holsteini dont know what that means..01:49
Guest66644I just re-installed01:49
ubottuJoin us for a discussion using the Queen's English in #ubuntu-uk01:50
Guest66644Looks like a low volume channel. Popular version though01:50
Guest66644Ok, I am on #ubuntu-uk01:53
holsteinits not specific to ubuntustudio.. there is no localized ubuntustudio community01:54
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Guest89095resetting the default settings12:48
Guest89095That would be on the Panel12:48
cfhowlettis there a question here?12:49
Guest89095How do you reset panel to default?12:52
cfhowlettGuest89095, only way I've found to work is to remove the .config files, logout, login12:53
Guest89095Ok, thanks, will try it12:54
cfhowlett@ /home/username/.config/xfce412:55
cfhowlett@ /home/username/.config/xfce4/panel12:55
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