bluesabreknome: I'd be fine for testing that00:11
bluesabrejust finished watching a political debate00:11
bluesabrenothing more to say about that00:11
Unit193"I'm sorry"00:24
bluesabre"So sorry"02:49
astraljavaSince when have politicians apologized for anything?05:37
Unit193Since it serves them?05:38
ochosig'day everyone07:08
flocculantmorning ochosi 07:09
flocculantnice to see the tracker in a new home 07:10
ochosiyup, gotta check it out :)07:10
flocculantit looks ... the same :p07:10
ochosiyeah, not surprised about that07:10
ochosiknome, pleia2: nice work!07:11
ochosii'll let dpm know when he's around again07:11
flocculantand +1 to knome and pleia2 :)07:12
ochosibluesabre: any reason to go from libreoffice-style-elementary to lo-style-elementary as a package name? (or did i misunderstand that there)07:22
knomeochosi, please keep me in the loop :)07:52
ochosiso the wiki is postponed for now i presume?07:53
knomewe don't even use the wiki too much, so..07:53
ochosifrankly, that's partly because is so unusably slow though07:58
ochosicould imagine we'd use it more if it were more responsive and integrated07:58
flocculantthe wiki doesn't use a server - it's kept in a treacle mine08:00
knomeochosi, i don't know... i personally wouldn't have many uses for the wiki08:10
knomei guess if you would, then it'd be lovely to hear what those use cases would be08:10
Unit193!info libreoffice-style-elementary wily08:32
ubottuPackage libreoffice-style-elementary does not exist in wily08:32
knomeflocculant, i was thinking (very preliminary) if a compact list of new uploads in, say, the xubuntu-staging PPA, would help figuring out what needs to be tested08:40
knomeflocculant, another thing could be new uploads in the archive of a predefined list of packages08:41
ochosithat sounds useful08:46
knomewhich one?08:46
ochosiboth actually, lists of uploads08:52
knomethe former one should be relatively easy to grab08:55
knomethe latter...08:55
knomewell, you can guess08:55
knomeochosi, did you get a mail notification last night?08:56
ochosii did08:58
knomeok, good08:58
ochosilet me compare them quickly08:58
knomethat came from the new server too08:58
ochosioh right08:58
ochosithat's nicer08:58
ochosi+1 on the new format09:00
knomegood good09:00
* knome messes around with the tracker db09:13
knomedon't worry if something seems to break, it'll likely get fixed in a minute09:13
ochosiso the plan is still to integrate the tracker with the header of the website?09:15
knomenot as is09:15
ochosior is that also postponed09:16
knomebut in some way, sure09:16
knomeit's postponed until i have the time and motivation for it09:16
knomei'm trying to make the tracker a bit more flexible for the w->w+1 migration already09:35
flocculantknome: sounds like a good idea - especially if it's easy for testers to get at 10:07
flocculantand both 10:07
knomeflocculant, i was thinking for another tab in the tracker10:08
knomethat is easy enough to access10:08
flocculantyep for sure10:08
flocculantI can see the second being more lengthy ... 10:09
knomethe idea would be to sort that by date ideally10:09
knomeso you could get an idea of the newest uploads quickly10:09
knomemaybe grouped by week10:10
flocculantbut if package foo affects (as an example) mousepad - we really only need to mention mousepad I guess10:10
knomeper-day granularity is likely too much10:10
knomewell, knowing whatever foo or sth might affect is harder to figure out again10:10
flocculantwould it not be a depends ?10:11
knomebasically we'd need to follow *all* of the dependencies if we wanted to track what can affect this or that10:11
knomesure, but to figure that out mechanically...10:11
flocculantyea - which I suspect is what 10:11
flocculantknome> the latter...10:11
flocculant<knome> well, you can guess10:11
knomedepends can be multiple level deep10:12
knomethat's "too much" to do really10:12
knomeand i don't know how many libraries we want to track10:12
flocculantnot hundreds .. 10:12
knomefor example, a new gtk upload can definitely break our stuff10:12
knomebut that's not something we "need" to track10:12
knomebecause something that is obviously broken is reported anyway10:13
knomewe basically only want to notify people of changes WE did10:13
knomeso actually, just checking if there are changes in mousepad is much better than seeing if there are changes in its dependencies anyway10:13
knomeunless the dependency is a core xfce lib or sth, which we might want to track10:13
knome(because changes in that are very relevant to us)10:14
flocculantbasically - if this tab is more than a page - people are going to soon start ignoring it10:14
knomeof course10:14
flocculantnot meaning 'us' 10:14
knomeand that's why i said it should be ideally ordered by date10:14
knomeeg. it can be 3 pages long, but the most relevant information is at the top10:14
knomeso people can dig as deep as they have motivation10:15
knome(not that i want to make it 3 pages long...)10:15
knomeprobably something like this https://sigma.unit193.net/~unit193/xfce412.html but even less scary looking...10:15
knomei'm wondering how easy it is to get the changelog entries for the packages10:16
flocculantwell 10:16
knometo potentially show them in the tracker10:16
flocculantnot when it's a ppa10:16
knomei mean .deb changelogs10:16
flocculantoh right10:16
knomethey are hand-crafted anyway, so it's not an information overload10:16
knomeor when it is, it's a major update10:16
knomeand then it should be...10:17
flocculantwhat would make sense would be - mousepad gets listed and could be clicked (like you have expand on spec in tracker) so you can see changelog if you want to10:17
flocculanttesters probably would just want to know to look at mousepad 10:17
knomeyes, something like that10:17
knomewell, i don't think it's a bad direction that testers know to look at changelogs10:18
knomei just think currently it's "too hard" to get to them10:18
knomeso they don't do it10:18
knomebut if we told:10:18
knomethese are new uploads in the last week10:18
flocculantno - totally agree - but at the moment what would be good would be a way to get simple info to them10:18
knomethere are the changes made in them, look specifically for bugs related to them10:18
flocculantjust so we can point them 'somewhere' 10:18
knomethen i would think testers would be definitely more likely to do exactly that10:19
knomeit would be a great improvement over "i ran mousepad and typed qwerty"10:19
knomebecause what's the use of testing/QA if new features aren't the focus10:20
knome(ok ok, there are benefits for it, but you get my point...)10:20
flocculantyep - that's not something I would be likely to disagree with ever :)10:20
knomeok, bbl10:52
knomehf everybody10:52
flocculanttracker appears to have forgotten a whole bunch of stuff 11:01
bluesabreochosi: did not change the package name... so what are you referring to?11:26
ochosiyeah, wasn't sure11:37
ochosimight've misinterpreted "libreoffice-style to lo-style-elementary" from earlier11:37
ochosibluesabre: ^11:37
bluesabreyeah, the longer phrase makes more sense11:38
bluesabre"added Provides: libreoffice-style to lo-style-elementary"11:38
ochosioh right11:39
ochosiyeah, it was early and i hadn't had coffee yet ;)11:39
ochosialso, i hope it's ok i assigned you a catfish bug/patch11:39
ochosialso linked it to the tracker11:39
bluesabresure, haven't looked at my email yet11:39
bluesabreor really at all for a few days11:39
ochosithat's ok11:40
ochosiwhenever that menulibre release is out and catfish, we'll have several more DONE items on our tracker11:40
bluesabrefound a new menulibre bug today, going to fix that and should be able to release11:41
ochosii guess UI wise menulibre is fairly done now11:41
ochosiwanna take a stab at catfish next?11:41
bluesabreyeah, still some minor tweaks with 2.1, and yeah, catfish is next11:41
bluesabreplanning to have that done by next weekend11:41
bluesabretoday will hopefully be a productive day11:42
ochosinice, i'm around for a bit noow11:42
ochosiif you want to tackle something together11:42
ochosicould for instance try to prep a POC panel patch for xfpanel-switch11:43
bluesabreyeah, if you want to take a look at that11:44
bluesabrecould also review Noskcaj's sgt-launcher https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/xubuntu-staging11:45
ochosiyeah, i'll start with the panel11:50
ochosiiirc there were some concerns Unit193 wanted to see addressed and i'm not sure of their status atm11:51
ochosiso i'd rather wait for that to be resolved11:51
ochosiwould be helpful if these sorts of comments were actually noted in a MR review or something11:51
ochosion irc that just gets lost11:51
flocculantwords 11:59
flocculanthi ochosi bluesabre 11:59
bluesabrehey flocculant 12:00
flocculanthaving a good day I trust12:01
ochosijust really really hot here12:02
flocculantit's warming up here ready for rain next week 12:03
bluesabreit's probably warm... but I've got my USB fan running to not find out12:04
flocculantha ha 12:04
ochosiman, glade is really hard to get right only in a text editor12:09
bluesabreeasy solution, open text editor and replace XfceTitledDialog with GtkDialog, then open in glade12:19
bluesabreochosi: ^12:19
ochosiyeah i know12:20
ochosialready done that12:20
ochosiodd thing is my patch *should* in theory work12:20
ochosibut it just displays an empty prefs dialog12:20
ochosiin glade it opens fine with all the content12:20
ochosibuilding cleanly again...12:21
ochosimaybe that'll help12:22
ochosiawesome, still the same12:22
ochosibluesabre: wanna take a peek at the patch in case i missed something obvious?12:23
ochosibluesabre: it's a diff ^12:25
bluesabrewell, the code looks sane enough12:27
ochosifor some reason it complains that for panel-switch G_IS_OBJECT fails12:27
ochosi(that's the signal connect)12:27
ochosiyeah, i don't really get it12:30
ochosii presume it also doesnt work for you?12:30
bluesabrebuilding now12:37
ochosii'm wondering whether i have to install the panel for the dialog to show up correctly12:38
ochosicause i think just running it from the source dir might create problems because it finds no plugins, not even the internal ones12:38
bluesabreyes, the panel is very picky about its installation dir12:40
ochosiok weird, now the prefs dialog shows up, but without my button12:40
ochosiso i presume it's running the system version after all :/12:40
ochosimeh, so i guess i'll have to install on top of my current installation12:41
ochosioh how i like that...12:41
ochosihmpf, alright, that fails12:42
ochosiso no idea why it shows up fine in glade but not in IL12:42
bluesabrewhat prefix did you use?12:43
bluesabrewelp, that's a broken panel12:44
ochosi /usr12:44
* bluesabre doesn't like working with panel code12:45
ochosiyeah, it's not *that* much fun12:45
ochosireminds of the fun times i had with the intelligent hiding code12:45
ochosiwell, "fun"12:47
ochosianyway, i guess you have no spontaneous idea why that's failing so badly?12:48
bluesabreI can't seem to get it working correctly12:48
bluesabreI guess drop a g_warning/g_print in there so we can see if it is using that code12:49
bluesabreor however we debug the panel12:49
ochosioh hehe12:50
ochosifound the problem12:50
ochosiand fun12:50
ochosiit's working as it should12:50
ochosieven closes the panel prefs dialog12:50
ochosione sec12:51
ochosii was considering to put some icon there12:51
ochosimaybe the archive icon12:51
ochosibut i'm not sure, "presets" isnt an easy one really12:52
ochosiso this is just working, not sure this is the right place/form for the launcher12:52
bluesabrepresets might also be the wrong term12:53
bluesabrepossibly Backup/Restore12:53
bluesabrewhich then archive is correct12:53
ochosibackup and restore sounds nice12:54
ochosilet's go with that for now12:54
bluesabreand somebody suggested moving that button to the dialog actions at the bottom, which might be a good place12:55
bluesabreto the left of the close button?12:55
ochosihm, not sure tbh12:56
ochosii haven't seen any such buttons in the lower buttonbox12:57
ochosiit's usually just apply, cancel, close, ok and such12:57
ochosiso personally i feel it's better kept where it is, at least more or less12:59
ochosibut yeah, i admit i'm not sure13:00
bluesabrejust kind of an odd place to float13:06
bluesabreone option is to make panel-switch pluggable, and give it its own tab13:07
ochosibluesabre: http://i.imgur.com/dXL2xDo.png13:09
ochosithat'd probably be awesome13:09
ochosithe prefs dialog would die in fire when loading a config, because of the panel getting killed13:10
bluesabreoh yeah13:10
ochosiwhich is why i preemptively close it when launching panel switch atm13:10
bluesabrewe could improve the way we load it13:10
ochosithis should only show up when xfpanel-switch is found in path now btw13:10
ochosiyeah, but that's v1.013:10
ochosiwe're still working on something to ship in wily13:10
ochosii'd rather push in this more or less sane patch that can later be improved upon13:11
bluesabreI think ultimately we're going to update xfconf via queries, so the panel would basically contract and expand while it runs13:11
ochosiand that way ppl can test whether we want this upstream13:11
ochosisounds good too13:11
ochosibut still, we don't have infinite time until the cycle ends, i just wanted something compact that we can easily ship as a patch on top of xfce4-panel13:12
bluesabresounds good tome13:12
ochosiit seems that xfpanel-switch doesn't work when spawned from the panel prefs..13:13
* ochosi scratches head13:13
ochosibut maybe that's because i haven't installed it13:13
ochosixfce4-panel: no process found13:13
ochosixfce4-panel: There is already a running instance13:13
ochosioh, and we direly need ctrl+q and alt+c to close xfpanel-switch. that's sooo annoying :)13:13
bluesabreyou could also run the path you get instead of the command13:14
bluesabrethats a new one13:14
bluesabreI find it annoying that those accelerators aren't done automatically by the toolkit13:15
ochosino, it's just the mnemonic close13:15
ochosiok, i have the patch read13:16
ochosishall i send it to you so you can add it to the package?13:17
bluesabreno hurry, we don't even have panel-switch in wily yet13:19
ochosiwell we could throw it in a PPA for testing?13:19
bluesabrewe can do that13:19
ochosigotta clean the flat now13:19
bluesabrek, seeya later ochosi13:21
ochosibluesabre: added another workitem for you for that ;)13:27
bluesabremakes it more likely for me to remember it in later today :D13:28
ochosiindeed :)13:29
ochosiflocculant: that would be something worth testing app-wise btw: xfpanel-switch13:34
ochosibluesabre: oh, do we not have that packaged anywhere yet..?13:35
ochosianyway, would be good if all of that could go into -staging13:35
bluesabreyeah, will try to get that done today13:37
bluesabregetting my list together now13:37
flocculantbluesabre seems to be getting the h and l and letter order mixed up ... 13:38
flocculantochosi: and yea for sure - had just read all ^^ and come to the same conclusion :)13:39
bluesabreflocculant: hm?13:42
flocculantbbl 13:47
bluesabreI think I'll go ahead and set us up with the gtk2 version just to be safe here, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-mate-meta/+bug/147395213:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1473952 in xubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Choose preferred pinentry method" [Undecided,New]13:54
bluesabreUnit193: poke14:01
bluesabresince I never seem to remember the difference...14:06
bluesabrein the seed, we have14:06
bluesabre * (libpam-gnome-keyring)14:06
bluesabre * xdg-utils14:06
bluesabrewhat's the difference with including the parentheses?14:06
bluesabremicahg: ^14:06
krytarikbluesabre: Depends vs. recommends.14:07
bluesabreeverybody knows but me14:07
bluesabrethanks krytarik!14:07
bluesabrekrytarik: do you have a core install handy?14:14
* bluesabre grabs a core iso14:16
knomegmm, something broke in the tracker15:36
* knome investigates15:36
knomeeh, malformed db disk image15:37
knomemaybe i should migrate to mysql..15:37
knomepleia2, once you get back... mind setting me up a mysql user and a database15:44
knomethere goes one of the "easy to move around" bits15:44
knomebut maybe it's better this way anyway15:45
knomeok, i rebuilt the db15:50
bluesabreminor inconvenience15:51
knomenot really15:52
knomethis isn't the first time this happens15:52
knomethough it's the first time it wasn't a trivial fix15:52
bluesabreI haven't worked with sqlite dbs long enough to run into any issues like that16:03
knomei'm sure it's something about transactions i'm doing16:03
knome...which are supposed to fight these kind of situations16:03
knomeahh, better16:17
pleia2knome: sure, what do you need it for? (so I can name accordingly)17:08
pleia2ah, replacing sqlite?17:09
knomeone failure enough :(17:16
ochosievening all19:17
flocculanthi ochosi 19:20
ochosihey flocculant, how're things?19:20
flocculantgood here :)19:21
flocculantochosi: which ppa is xfpanel switch going to end up in - the dev one? 19:32
ochosidoing fine, thanks for asking19:32
ochosii would have guessed staging19:33
ochosibecause we want to push it to wily19:33
ochosibut it depends on bluesabre a bit19:33
ochosipersonally i think it's ok to ship it, since it's not a critical tool and it's actually hidden in the panel preferences19:33
flocculantoh yea - makes sense I guess19:33
ochosibut yeah, it could do with a bit more testing and all19:33
ochosiso that way it would be ready for the LTs19:33
ochosiwhich would be the ultimate goal, from my pov19:33
flocculantwell - I definitely don't have a standard panel - so I guess me testing it will be useful19:34
flocculantyep - all things point to LTS :)19:34
ochosiyou can easily test it already19:37
ochosiif you want to19:37
ochosithe patch for the panel is only for further integration19:37
flocculanthappy to do that19:37
ochosibzr branch lp:xfpanel-switch 19:38
ochosithen ./configure && make && sudo make install19:39
ochosiand you're set19:39
ochosithen basically save your config19:42
ochosiwith xfpanel-switch19:42
ochosiand then e.g. delete one of your panels19:43
ochosithen try to restore19:43
flocculantoh - so it's not in the panel config yet :)19:46
flocculant... 19:47
flocculantand my random installs strike again lol 19:47
flocculantFileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/.config/xfce4/panel/launcher-2/14315379361.desktop'19:47
flocculantand the Cancel/Save Config dialogue won't let me do anything 19:48
flocculantseems it did - but wouldn't close19:51
flocculantapplied a backup - lost the panel completely 19:51
flocculanthad to restart it19:52
flocculantthat's too much thinking for a saturday night19:53
flocculantby the way it did almost bring it all back - just missing this launcher it believes is not there 19:59
flocculantback tomorrow 20:07
ochosibluesabre: ok, that seems to have gone sort of okayish :> (read flocculants test above)20:25
knomegreat, now all insert/update methods are converted to pdo/mysql20:47
Unit193knome: Also, that page is scary looking?20:49
knomewell, for a new contributor20:49
knomeme not so much, i'm very much at ease with tabular data anyway20:49
knome(but not non-tabular data in html <table>s)20:50
ochosii like how the burndown is growing :>20:50
knomeyeah, it's supposed to go the other way...20:51
knomeand fast20:51
ochosireally pumping it up lately20:51
knomebut i guess it proves this is useful to20:51
knomethere have always been loads of things that aren't tracked20:51
knomebecause tools suck20:51
ochosii think without the new tracker the incentive to add new workitems would've been quite low20:51
knomethat ^20:51
ochosiso this is definitely a good thing20:51
ochosithere are still untracked items, i'm pretty sure about that20:52
knomeof course20:52
ochosibut there are less than before20:52
knomebut not everything is sane to track20:52
ochosihopefully bluesabre will give us some releases soon, then the burndown will look more optimistic again20:52
knomeoh yeah, the bugs are tracked so that until they are "fix released" they are "inprogress"20:52
ochosibtw, i just announced xfpanel-switch on our ML, feel free to socialmedia it (already did g+ myself)20:53
ochosiseveral are "fix committed" already20:53
knomeso just that you know that it is intentional20:53
knomeochosi, the G+ community says the current LTS version is 14.04.220:57
knomespot the error20:57
ochosiit makes sense to wait until the fix is released20:57
ochosiaha, hadn't noticed20:57
knome(imo, 14.04 would be enough, but whatever)20:57
ochosihumm, where does it say that?20:58
knomeright top boxee20:58
knomeabout this community20:58
ochosisorry, still don't see it, at least not in the g+ community admin interface20:59
knomeyou need a screenshot?20:59
knomethe block starts with: Xubuntu is an elegant and easy-to-use operating system. Xubuntu comes with Xfce, which is a stable, light and configurable desktop environment. 20:59
knomethe blahblah-<p>21:00
knomethen the versions21:00
ochosii see that part, not the versions21:00
knomebut there it is, right after that and the other paragraph21:00
knomethat doesn't seem to be it21:01
knomethat's an ugly view btw, google is really trying hard to make me join g+21:02
knomeall those bars at the top21:03
ochosioh right21:04
ochosithat's not the same, indeed21:04
ochosii have no admin rights on the community page21:05
ochosionly on our "official" xubuntu page21:05
knomei don't even know where the section you are seeing comes from21:05
ochosipleia2 might know who admins the community page21:05
knomei might too21:05
knomeif i dig the wiki hard enough21:05
knomeso, i think pleia2 knows VERY WELL who admins it21:06
knomemaybe a bit too well..21:06
ochosiright, but that might still only be our g+ acccount, not the community21:13
knomethen figure it out, you g+ geeks21:13
ochosii'll wait for pleia2's feedback21:14
ali1234there's also "pages" on G+21:23
pleia2g+ communities have owners? :)21:25
pleia2I'll see if I can figure it out, I might know but forgot21:25
knomedunno, who maintains the about block?21:25
pleia2ali1234: we maintain the page, not the community21:26
knomemaybe that should be specified in the wiki21:26
ali1234communities certainly have creators yes21:26
pleia2oh neat, I am a moderator on the community21:26
pleia2this is why you all made me marketing lead, because I know how to social media21:27
knomeyes yes21:27
knomeand you're the cutest21:27
knomewell, traditionally marketing is much more than social media, so...21:27
pleia2I'm just a moderator, so I can't update settings21:38
ochosiheh, great :)21:40
pleia2nevermind, I found it21:51
pleia2worst interface21:52
* pleia2 updates to 14.04.321:52
knomeour sherlock21:52
ochosinice work pleia2 :)21:56
pleia2I do need to remember/figure out who my co-owner is though here21:58
pleia2someone has been updating things, re: 15.0421:58
knomementioned in the wiki?21:58
pleia2that's the page, not the community21:59
pleia2so I should add it to the wiki, for one21:59
* pleia2 does that22:00
pleia2Internal Server Error22:00
pleia2you're dead to me, wiki22:00
pleia2ok, there it goes22:00
ochosiknome thinks we don't need a responsive wiki22:00
knomewell, this information could potentially be in the website22:01
knomewe do not have a lot of data in the wiki22:01
knomeexcept some boring meeting logs22:01
ochosiyeah, even the meeting times could be there22:01
knomethe meeting times could be just in the tracker/dev site22:01
ochosii wouldn't mind migrating the leaders and webadmin info to the website tbh22:02
ochosiwould also make it feel a bit more official than just the ubuntu wiki page22:02
pleia2ok, wiki updated22:02
ochosithanks pleia2 22:02
pleia2"In the lower left corner of your community’s profile information, find the “Members” section > click See all."22:04
pleia2there are 2000+ members22:04
pleia2google why do you hate me22:04
knome:D :D22:04
pleia2it shows "Moderator" next to my name, so I'm hoping for the same from owner22:05
pleia2once 2000+ member pictures load22:05
knomejust maybe22:06
knomepictures are great!22:06
pleia2winner! https://plus.google.com/111763375350071107978/posts22:06
pleia2thanks Bill22:06
* pleia2 edits wiki again22:06
* pleia2 tries to write html in the wiki22:08
knomethat's the best22:08
knomewriting with the wrong syntax22:08
pleia2I am tired :)22:08
knomeit's ok, i'm tired as well22:08
knomei hate migrating code22:09
pleia2I love conferences in foreign lands, but rest would be nice22:09
pleia2our linkedin grou22:09
pleia2not so much a think anymore maybe22:10
knomewhatever happened..22:10
pleia2why did I even start doing this? D:22:10
pleia2rabbit hole of fixing social media things with terrible interfaces22:10
pleia2yeah, the group is gone from my profile too22:11
knomere: linkedin, maybe it lost its shine when it became "xubuntu users", eg. not potentially being mistaken for "xubuntu developers"22:11
knomepeople do the weirdest thing to get credit for things they didn't do22:11
pleia2Sorry, no results containing all your search terms were found.22:11
knomewell, tbh, i'm not sad...22:11
pleia2nor am I22:11
knomethe linkedin group had no benefits to us or our users22:11
pleia2mostly linkedin groups just spam me22:11
pleia2moar wiki edit22:12
pleia2and linked to our fb owner's fb page22:15
pleia2should probably go back and link all the lp profiles for our members, but that doesn't just exist in my head so we're safe for now22:15
pleia2we know who everyone else is pretty much, either via -dev mailing list or team22:15
knomeyummy :D22:22
knomei broke the tracker again22:22
knomeok, now for some data migration... sigh22:27
Unit193Esh, not as fun there.22:27
knomenope, none of this is fun22:27
knomebut the db being in mysql is actually funnier than being in sqlite22:27
knomein many ways...22:28
Unit193So, one thing I can think of is that one may not know what's changed since last looking, which could mean the person needs to skim over everything.22:28
knomeright, i'm looking to create some kind of "changelog"22:28
knomeeg. mark items in a list when they get marked "DONE"22:28
knomeper date, of course22:28
knomebut i'm not sure if that helps22:29
knomei guess you don't really need to know what has changed22:29
knomethis is important for you22:29
knomeyou really know your own work items22:29
knomeso... yeah22:30
knomepeople shouldn't add new things to you without asking anyway22:30
knomeand for the team items... well, i guess it would be nice to see "new items free to be taken" but meh22:30
knomesince it's all really just one big blob of text, it's not the nicest thing to produce22:30
Unit193(Well, considering I don't use it for tracking, technically others are more likely to change mine, yeah.)22:31
knomewhy don't you use it for tracking? / what do you use for tracking?22:32
knomehooray! database migration done!23:02
Unit193Everything broken?23:04
knomeno, that means nothing's broken23:04
knomebut everything was likely broken at least once23:04

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