kalibHello guys, I´m running Kubuntu 15.04 with plasma 5. Installed this machine a few days ago.. but from time to time Kubuntu is freezing, at least kde/plasma. Nothing happens, I cant click anywhere and can´t use keyboard to type anything.. but I can go to terminal with Ctrl + Alt + F2.00:39
kalibAny tip or log I could check out?00:39
kalibAs far as I can see, it freezes when I try to connect on my wifi.00:42
kalibbut it could be coinscidence00:43
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CrowX-if I install kubuntu 14.04, will kde4 upgrade to kde5 when I do "apt-get dist-upgrade"?02:03
yofelCrowX-: no, 14.04 is kde4 for its entire lifetime02:05
CrowX-that's great02:06
surgy hello02:35
surgysimple question.02:35
surgyon the default kubuntu install you get a "desktop" widget.... i am using this as a place to put links to my applications. how do i change the icon for these links?02:36
surgyi thought you used to just go to properties and click on the current icon to change to a new icon... but thats not working for somereason02:40
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KriseHi. Is there any way to re install kubuntu so i dont lose my files04:12
Kriseor can i acsess my files when useing live cd04:13
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KriseHello, my kubuntu installation is broken and im useing live cd at the moment. Is it possible to acsess my files useing live cd or repair previous installation without losing my data06:07
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xieyiI checked out auth.log and found several login attempts to my ssh. I installed the fail2ban.08:29
xieyibut I still can find login attempts in auth.log08:29
xieyimultiple times08:29
xieyiis there anything else I should do after I installed fail2ban08:29
lordievaderGood morning.09:02
Ubuntu-Boyhi all09:28
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BluesKajHowdy all11:38
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kalibGood morning. I have a fresh install of kubuntu 15.04 with plasma 5. But it´s impossible to work.. Every time I boot my machine, after log in on kde, I can just work for a few seconds and it freezes. But only the kde/plasma. I can go to ctrl + alt + F2 and work in console, just fine. But the F7 is frozen. Any tip?12:02
mancomunadoI deleted a simple file and prompted a warning if I wanted to make hardware be forgotten by the system. Three devices were grey on the list. The music was still playing, but when the track finished all the sounds now aren't working. How do I reinstall it?12:12
kalibmancomunado: I think no one is up.. since yesterday I´m asking the same thing.. but noone answers.. :/12:20
mancomunadokalib, same thing?12:21
mancomunadoaudio being removed?12:21
kalibno.. different problem..  My bad.. I mean I´m asking one question since yesterday, but not the same as yours.12:22
kalibmy kubuntu 15.04 freezes after a few seconds logged in.. but only freezes the kde.. I can go to ctrl + alt + F2 and do whatever I want.12:22
lordievaderkalib: Have you checked vmstat?12:23
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kalibnot yet.. but I checked a few other things.12:24
kalibbut, as far as I can see on google.. many people are having this same issue.12:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1384512 in Projet OpenGL "Plasma 5 frequent screen freezes" [Undecided,New]12:25
damaltorhey everybody. i have a problem with bluetooth on my thinkpad t400. bluetooth is in fact working, but bluedevil still says there is no adapter found. if i use hcitool, i can see the adapter and scan for othe devices etc, still bluedevil and the systray icon cant find the adapter... wat do? :)12:25
lordievaderkalib: Xrender performs without trouble?12:25
kalibdidn´t try Xrender.. just found this link from launchpad.. but I can some people trying Xrender.12:26
kalibI´ll probably give it a try.12:26
kaliblordievader: but I´m not sure If I´ll be able to change it, since it freezes sometimes before even one minute. :p12:27
kalibanyway.. I´ll give it a try later.. right now I´m not with the machine. I´ll only have it in a few hours.12:27
lordievaderI suppose you can configure it in ~/.config/kwinrc or where ever that is moved.12:28
kalibas soon as I get the machine I´ll try it.12:29
kalibjoin #linuxmint-help13:12
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alket-webhi, i cant login to plasma5, i tried a wine game it crashed, i hard rebooted now it kicks me out13:49
kalibalket: kubuntu with plasma5 is totally bugged. :/13:57
alketkalib: well it was working fine, until kwin got corrupted i think13:58
kalibI´m right now downloading another distro... after 6 years using kubuntu..installed the 15.04 with plasma.. but it´s impossible to keep it13:58
alketi can't use kwin with lxqt also13:58
alketkalib: why not 14.04 ?13:58
kalibalket: what´s the point of keep using an old version?13:58
kalibwhy not use a new version of something else?13:59
kalibI´m running kubuntu since.. I don´t know.. 9.04, I guess...13:59
lordievaderStability is the main reason to use LTS releases.13:59
alketI use kubuntu 14.04 since its first day of release, never had a problem14:00
alketi mean I use it at work14:00
alketbut at home i like to experiment a bit14:00
kalibgave up now. had so many problems with it since 15.04 + plasma14:00
alketit looks like you want stability, plasma5 its not as well tested as kde4, so better use something that has it14:01
alketlike kubuntu 14.0414:01
wirherim developing on 14.04 for almost a year now and I recommend it14:02
kalibalket: I´m running archlinux with plasma 5 in another machine.. more than 3 months using it and so good so far.. but you´re probably right.14:08
kalibwirher: but use an old release is strange for me...14:08
kalibI´m downloading linux mint, as they´re using kde 4 but not plasma. I´ll give it a try.14:09
wirherIf you ever had to develop something that would be rock-stable14:10
wirheryou would prefer older but tested software14:10
kalibI´m not looking for rock-stable.14:11
kalibI´m looking for something usable14:11
kalibI can´t even use Kubuntu 15.04... Everytime I do boot it, and lo in kde..14:11
kalibit freezes after 10 - 40 seconds..14:11
kalibI don´t care of finding some bugs from time to time..14:12
kalibbut not even open any software and have my system freezing... well, that´s not what I´m looking for.. for sure.14:12
kalibAs I said, I have plasma 5 running on archlinux on another machine.. from time to time, I can see an error screen.. but I can still work for days wihtout seeing it..14:12
kalibbut on kubuntu I can´t even start any program as my system freezes before it.. And it´s not the system itself, because I can go to ctrl + alt + F2 and do whatever I want.14:13
kalibbut F7 keeps freeze14:13
kalibanyway.. as I said.. I´ll give linux mint a try. never used it before.14:14
lordievaderkalib: I'd check the opengl settings first. It might simply be a buggy graphics driver.14:27
kaliblordievader: I will.. as soon as I get the machine.. in a few hours.15:47
kalibmint is my second plan15:47
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travis__How can I get ubuntu software center in kubuntu19:17
BluesKajyou have the software center , it contains any ubuntu packages you might want19:20
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NoCreativityHello guys. Does anyone here have a kindle paperwhite mounting with mtp ?20:01
NoCreativityI dont know if this is the right place to look for help, but Im a kubuntu user and I cannot mount my kindle even after install mtp support. dmesg also don't give any clue.20:03
NoCreativityIf someone has any tips... Thanks in advance.20:03
foresteI installed kubuntu over an arch system with a separate /home partition on my /dev/sda4. Set up same username and password, made sure sda4 wasn't formatted and mounted it as /home. Installed and everything is gone. However, the space is still used up. What went wrong and, is there anything I can do to recover these files?20:26
mwhey everybody. i have a bluetooth problem on my thinkpad t400. this is a new 15.04 install, i zpdated bluez and bluedevil from the ppas. bluetooth works fine on the console (hcitool), but bluedevil still states that no bt adapters are found. also, in the system settings there is no bluetooth symbol. what do?20:27
BluesKajforeste:  did you install kubuntu  to / partition , if not then your /home partition was overwritten by the whole OS installation20:28
foresteYeah I mounted / to dev/sda2. /home to /dev/sda420:30
foresteI don't see why that would overwrite everything on /dev/sda4, and it looks like it didn't, as the space is still being used up.20:31
mwforeste: you might be able to mount the partition manually20:31
BluesKajforeste:  did you set a mountpoint as /home in the partition phase of the ionstall?20:36
BluesKajinstall rather20:36
foresteyes, /dev/sda420:38
mwforeste: that is a partition name. did you set a mountpoint too?20:39
foresteyeah. I'm not sure I follow. I mounted /dev/sda4 to /home20:40
akasichi all20:41
mwah ok. that should work. go into a console and type "mount | grep home". is there any output?20:41
BluesKajdid you use guided or manual partitioning, foreste ?20:41
BluesKajand you chose the  /sda4  clicked on change set the /home as ext4, then set the mount point as /home20:44
forestehad my old home formatted as btrfs, so chose that, but otherwise, yes20:46
mwforeste:  go into a console and type "mount | grep home". is there any output?20:47
BluesKajdoes properties of the ~/ dir show a fair amount of data ?20:48
forestemount | grep home /dev/sda4 on /home type btrfs (rw,relatime,space_cache)20:49
forestedf- h gives : /dev/sda4       1.7T  447G  1.3T  26% /home20:49
foresteso I mean, I can understand if I was supposed to just leave it alone in the installer and maybe just edit fstab, but why is all that space used (and yet, unreachable?)20:53
BluesKajtry a sudo blkid20:56
forestenow this Idk what is happening but ok :P20:56
forestesudo blkid: /dev/sda4: UUID="e9ac0e80-8fef-4b1d-8403-71e6691dd12a" UUID_SUB="32fc7e90-2c59-4309-a6c9-4dfb405b7b47" TYPE="btrfs" PARTUUID="00086a42-04"20:57
BluesKajhmm, UUID_SUB ? a partition as a subdirectory ?20:59
BluesKajdon't like the l;ook of that, it's unfamiliar to me21:00
foresteoh boy :I21:00
BluesKajthere might be ba way to fix it, but it's beyond my experience21:01
mwit looks like everything is fine.. this is weird. sorry, no idea21:04
BluesKaji know nothing about btrfs as well so I'll leave it to others to sort it out for you ...gotta go anyway21:04
forestealright, thanks, I appreciate it21:04
BluesKajwell I hope somebody can help21:05
mwforeste: mybe you could fsck it to check everything21:06
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borntodie_salut !23:37
borntodie_ya du monde deconnecté à cette heure lçà ?23:37

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