phillwianorlin: *and also for melodie when she returns. I have my 4 VM's set up... 14.04.3 32 and 64 bit and 15.10 a1 32 and 64 bit. All have 512 MB RAM and 10 GB HDD allocated to them. So, do poke me as and when you want something throwing at them.. I can increase any of them to 1GB RAM if needed.14:23
tsimonq2Hi, I am running the test case for Update Manager for wily, and I cannot seem to find the Update Manager in the Lubuntu menu! The test case has no location clues whatsoever...and I always update my computer via the terminal, so can someone please tell me where the Update Manager is?16:01
tsimonq2wxl phillw ianorlin Unit193 krytarik16:03
tsimonq2nvm, I typed update-manager in the terminal and it worked16:07
wosincwill lubuntu drop lxde and use lxqt?18:50
wosincin the next versions18:50
phillwwosinc: lxde will be here for at least our 16.04 LTS... As to what 16.10 holds, that is not decided yet.18:54
wosincalright, thank you for the response18:55
phillwtsimonq2: can you see if https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/galculator/+bug/1474571 is solved with recent gcalc update, thanks20:33
ubot93Launchpad bug 1474571 in galculator (Ubuntu) "galculator segfaults in paper mode and selecting prefrences " [Medium,Confirmed]20:33
ianorlinphillw that was a gnumeric update not galculator20:42
ianorlinit was for the spreadsheet not the calculator20:42
phillwianorlin: nope.. it says paper mode in gcalc (View --> Paper Mode)20:44
ianorlinphillw: I was talking about the update20:45
phillwianorlin: ahh, okies :)20:45
tsimonq2phillw: I went SFK for a while, should I still do that? Sorry!22:38
tsimonq2*AFK :P22:38

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