fishcookerhow to suspend from command line?01:49
ianorlinpm-suspend but it has some wierd quirks to work out01:51
Unit193dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.freedesktop.login1 /org/freedesktop/login1 org.freedesktop.login1.Manager.Suspend boolean:true  ? :P01:52
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mig_Question about the application launch bar: I want to add recently installed apps, but they don't show up in the list. How can I fix this?11:45
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silver_mhi I have a question about plank17:51
silver_mI removed the anchor icon in plank17:52
silver_mbut now I cannot set plank to be transparent background17:52
silver_mhow can I do this?17:52
krytariksilver_m: "~/.config/plank/dock1/settings"18:20
krytarik(Set "Theme" to "Transparent".)18:22
silver_mMy theme is set to transparent however it is gray and not transparent18:29
ianorlynsilver_m, are you using compisting?18:30
silver_mI use compton18:31
ianorlynhmm I do not know18:31
silver_mwhat should run first? compton or plank?18:32
silver_mI can disable compton and plank18:32
silver_mand run with the correct order18:33
silver_mbut I dont know what must run first18:33
JohnDoe_71Rusplank is some like dock? First compton, after 15-20 second plank18:43
ianorlynyes plank is a dock18:43
JohnDoe_71Rusi use cairo-dock + xcompmgr18:43
silver_mI use lubuntu generic 3.18.0-13 and it does not make reboot or shutdown19:25
silver_mI click reboot and does nothing19:25
silver_mwhich lubuntu version should I install to intel atom?19:58
silver_mI think 15.04 runs ok20:04
silver_mhowever there is a grub at startup and confuses me I dont want it20:04
ianorlynsilver_m, I think you install to a hard drive or ssd not on the cpu itself20:04
silver_mcan I remove grub from startup?20:05
ianorlyngrub is the bootloader that you need to boot lubuntu most of the time20:07
silver_myes but20:08
silver_mwhen It opens20:08
silver_mit says ubuntu20:08
silver_mI click it20:08
silver_mand says error20:08
silver_mthen I move a selection down20:08
silver_mand click it20:08
silver_mand boots ok20:08
silver_mnow my pc is stuck because of grub20:09
silver_mand needs reboot from button20:09
silver_mI did a hard boot20:10
silver_mnow grub says20:10
silver_mUbuntu with linux 3.18.0-13 generic20:10
silver_mUbuntu with linux 3.18.0-13 systemd20:11
silver_mif I choose generic pc is halted, if i choose system id pc boots ok20:11
ianorlynsilver_m, which version of lubuntu is this?20:11
silver_msystemd not system id20:11
ianorlynboot it and updates20:12
ianorlyn15.04 should default to systemd by default after a few changes20:12
silver_mit says starting 219 version20:12
ianorlynI think that only happened if you ran an early development release of 15.04 before the switch from upstart to systemd20:12
silver_mand what should I do to stop appear grub and choose upstart instead of systemd?20:13
silver_mI cannot reboot properly20:13
silver_mit starts grub20:13
silver_mand causes problem20:13
silver_mI did all updates and upgrades20:14
silver_mcan I configure grub to run automatically systemd ?20:15
silver_mI use grub2, and I want it to boot in Advanced Ubuntu  and then Ubuntu linux 3.18.0-13 systemd, how to configure this?20:18
silver_mthis is insane20:24
silver_mevery time I reboot20:24
silver_mmy pc becomes dark20:24
silver_mthen I push on/off and pc closes then I push on/off an pc starts grub220:24
silver_mand then I choose advanced ubuntu option20:25
silver_mand then I choose lubuntu systemd20:25
silver_mand then pc boots20:25
silver_manyone can help?20:25
krytariksilver_m: Make sure "linux-generic" is installed.20:25
silver_mhow to install this20:25
silver_msudo apt-get install linux-generic   ??20:27
silver_mok it installs it now20:28
silver_mit is newer version it says 3.19.0-2520:29
silver_mI used old version 3.18.0-1320:29
silver_mafter new version should I do a reboot again or should I install anything more?20:30
silver_mI have another question, if I install unity-tweak-tool in lubuntu, will pc have any improvements? or it is only for ubuntu?20:32
silver_mwell even with linux-generic pc has black screen in reboot and needs to push on/off button to close, then again on/off buton to open in grub2 and then again choose the options advanced ubuntu  and systemd20:36
silver_mvery inconvenient20:36
silver_mcan I make grub2 to run automatically systemd in reboot?20:37
silver_mthe funny thing is that a quarter ago there was not any grub2  in my pc reboot20:38
silver_mbut suddently appeared this option20:38
silver_mcan I configure grub 2?20:39
silver_mok I du some updates maybe it fixes it20:44
decafdoughnutI have an issue with my computer, when I turn it on the monitor just displays a white screen with a mouse cursor. It doesn't do anything.20:46
silver_mand it was doing that for many days? or suddenty?20:47
decafdoughnuti just installed. it worked fine until I rebooted20:48
ianorlindecafdoughnut: does clicking mouse do anything?20:48
silver_mYes my pc has problem in reboot too20:48
silver_mI did some updates20:48
decafdoughnutbut I can't get in to anything at all20:49
silver_mnow I will try it again. My pc started appear a grub2 suddenly, after reboot the screen goes black I push on/off button, I push again on/off button and then grub2 appears20:50
silver_manother question, can I configure dropbox not appear on startup?20:52
silver_mok my pc is fixed I installed linux-generic and did updates so grub2 dissappeared21:00
silver_mand my pc boots ok21:00
silver_mthanks for help21:01
silver_mwell now I have to solve the issue of transparent plank21:04
silver_mwell ubuntu one is now working or stopped?21:08
silver_mlubuntu is good when you get it to work but until you get it to work it is very annoying21:18
BotchlaBsilver_m, I don't think it's /that/ bad, tbh21:22
BotchlaBYeah, I needed to tinker some stuff, like turn off ibus so that gedit wouldn't consume 100% CPU.21:23
BotchlaBBut they were mostly minor things.21:23
silver_mBotchlaB I have a problem with compton and plank21:25
silver_mI want to run together so the plank has transparent background21:25
BotchlaBWait. What exactly are compton and plank? I'm curious since these seem to be physics terms. :)21:25
holsteinhave you tried wbar?21:25
holsteinit used to do transparency without needing comp like that21:25
silver_mbut the plank has not transparent background it has gray21:25
holsteinadding compositing may be more than just a trivial thing with lubuntu... and it may make it unstable, or, "heavy"21:26
silver_mwhat is wbar21:26
holstein!info wbar21:26
ubottuwbar (source: wbar): light and fast launch bar. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.4-2 (vivid), package size 57 kB, installed size 215 kB21:26
silver_mwbar is like plank?21:26
holsteinits a plank like item that has transparency, as i said, simpler.. and lighter, as well21:26
silver_mok I will try it21:26
holsteinits more appropriate, i think, for lxde..21:26
holsteini have used both plank and wbar.. they are different, for sure.. im just saying, wbar is light, and transparent, and doenst require 3d for it, or comp..21:27
silver_mBotchlaB compton is a window manager, and plank is a dock app like docky21:27
BotchlaBI see.21:27
holsteincompton *may* supply what you need, for transparency support in plank21:28
silver_mwell i run both compton and plank but I removed the anchor icon of plank and there is no transparency21:29
holsteinsilver_m: you can use the config file, mentioned before.. otherwise, test that you have compositing21:29
silver_mI dont know how to bring back the anchor icon21:29
holsteinjust installing compton dosent do the trick..21:29
holsteinyou dont need the anchor icon, but, you can always simply reset the config file, and go back to a default setup21:29
holsteinwith the anchor.. and all other defaults21:30
ianorlinyeah I mean only if you have a recent one is it worth it21:30
silver_mBotchlab are you a physician?21:31
BotchlaB...No? lol21:31
silver_min google if I type plank it shows max planck21:31
BotchlaBYou mean *physicist*.21:31
BotchlaBPhysician = doctor.21:31
holsteinyou dont need to delete the config file, you can just rename it.. and have it as a backup21:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:32
holsteinwe have #lubuntu-offtopic as well :)21:32
silver_mholstein if I install wbar should I remove compton?21:38
holsteinsilver_m: there really wont be a "should" scneario.. if you dont need compositing, i wouldnt use compton..21:39
silver_mI installed compton only because I wanted to run plank21:39
silver_mI have another question. I have dropbox but I dont want it to run at startup, is there a way to stop it from startup?21:42
suncokreti use 32bit lubuntu, what will be faster if i install 64bit?21:43
ianorlinsuncokret: what kind of processor and how much ram?21:44
suncokretintel core 2 duo e8400 and 2Gb ram21:44
holsteinsilver_m: what i do is, just dont run dropbox locally. otherwise, they will have to provide support for the product.. http://askubuntu.com/questions/142131/how-do-i-prevent-dropbox-from-being-automatically-added-to-the-autostart-list-af may work..21:45
ianorlinah I run 64 bit on my core 2 duo with 4 GB ram21:46
ianorlin2 might or might not be worth it21:46
suncokreti instaled lubuntu 32bit on pentium d 820 with 1GB ram, and now i use that hard disk on other motherboard with e8400 and 2GB ram21:48
suncokretso i don't know if i install 64 bit, how much faster it will be than 32bit21:48
ianorlinI don't think much21:49
ianorlinalthough if you run many browser tabs it oculd start running out of ram21:49
suncokrettell me this, for example if on lubuntu 32bit firefox use 100MB ram, will on lubuntu 64bit firefox use 200MB?21:50
ianorlinnot double but some more21:52
BotchlaBI see, so even on amd64-compatible systems, to use less resources, 32-bit OS is better?21:53
BotchlaBOn older systems, I mean.21:53
suncokreti ask here how will linux work if i change motherboard, and somebody told me should not be problems, and now i can say that lubuntu continued to work like i didn't change any hardware21:54
ianorlinI would probaly work with either22:06
suncokretso you think there is no much advantage with 64bit lubuntu>?22:08
ianorlinit depends with a newer computer sure22:14
ianorlinI do think it is better with more ram22:14
bioterrorsome raw facts: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_1404_x64&num=122:15
bioterrorwith mp3 encoding, you could win 2 secs :D22:16
silver_mI installed wbar but I cannot configure it. The configure button is unclickable22:25
suncokretso i think i will not need to install 64bit, it is very little faster22:26
silver_mthe wbar is on the left of my screen vertically but I want it at the bottom of screen horizontally22:26
silver_mand I also want to change the icons22:26
silver_mof wbar22:26
silver_mand put other programs than the default22:27
silver_manyone knows how to configure wbar?22:33
krytarik!info wbar-config | silver_m22:42
ubottusilver_m: wbar-config (source: wbar): GUI tool to configure wbar. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.4-2 (vivid), package size 41 kB, installed size 231 kB22:42
silver_mshould I install wbar-config with sudo apt-get install wbar-config?22:43
silver_mok thanks22:44
krytarikAs I see it, there isn't a "configure button" in the first place though.22:45
silver_mit is22:45
silver_mon top of wbar22:45
silver_mit says confic22:45
silver_mbut I click it a22:45
silver_mit does not working22:45
krytariksilver_m: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on one line - easier to follow for everyone.22:46
silver_myes ok22:46
silver_mI will try that gui22:46
krytariksilver_m: It's a separate launcher.22:47
silver_mif I use this launcher the next time I reboot, the wbar will be configured?22:47
krytarikWell, restart wbar really, but yeah.22:48
silver_mWbar has a disadvantage that when I use rotating backgrounds, it keeps the old background22:49

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