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pindongahi, I'm creating a snappy pkg, and I have almost everything working, but I still got 2 questions20:36
pindonga1. how can I make it so a config file is placed in the right location when the pkg is installed ? whatever I put into the source folders gets written to /apps/<pkg>.sideload/<version>/ but when running snappy config it expects the file in /var/lib/apps/<pkg>.sideload/<version>/20:38
pindonga2. is there an easy way to get the config also exposed via the webdm ui, so that users can edit it from the webui?20:39
pindonga3. the pkg provides a service, but the service will not start properly unless some hardware has been plugged in (a printer in this case)20:39
pindongais there a way to restart the service via the webui? or maybe I need to add some dbus rules so it restarts when the device is plugged?20:40

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