Kiloshellooo africa06:34
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Kiloshi craigbrash and everyone else16:31
craigbrashhello Kilos, hows the weekend?16:32
Kilostiring and yours16:32
Kiloswe working of piping thats got blocked underground16:33
Kilosand water tanks leaking and so on16:33
craigbrashinstalled win 10 for wife then put win 7 back16:42
Kiloslol teasch her to use ubuntu man16:51
Kilosoh craigbrash from the mails you guys have been sending back and worth just remind them that we welcome all linux users17:10
Kilosso what if someone uses mint or slitaz or any other system17:11
Kiloswe just need to offer all linux users a home channel where they can find or offer help to others17:12
Kilosno need for each group to have their own irc channel17:12
Kilosthe main aim is to spread and promote FOSS17:13
Kiloswe just started from ubuntu because im addicted17:20
Kilosand its sad to see locos breakup17:20
Kilosnight africa, sleep tight. see you tomorrow17:35

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