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dokoScottK, could you update clamav to a version using llvm3.6?11:30
ScottKdoko: is this for Debian too?11:43
dokoScottK, I don't care if debian wants to keep llvm3.511:45
ScottKI do because the person whose been adapting clamav to newer llvm releases really only cares about Debian.11:47
dokowell, why do lurk on this channel to ask about debian11:50
ScottKThen I guess the answer to your original question is no.12:01
ricotzslangasek, hi, could you take another look at coinutils -- https://launchpadlibrarian.net/213501143/coinutils_2.9.15-3_2.9.15-3ubuntu1.diff.gz -- there are e.g. "Provides: libcoinutils3" which likely needs tweaking15:36
ricotzdoko, ^15:36
slangasekricotz: does something somewhere depend on libcoinutils3?  I agree this is a bug but it seems to be very low-impact18:18
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ricotzslangasek, it is dependency of libreoffice which is switched to use its internal copy due it being in universe19:21
ricotzso it is optional19:21
ricotzbesides that more important are audacity, scribus, vlc, kodi19:22

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