* daftykins hits the big red button re: saint02:38
wileeelol 'dear'03:54
daftykinsi need that amusing gif on a trigger03:55
cfhowlettwhat the heck did I just read?03:55
wileeemale brain takes till around 25 to fully develop03:55
wileeegirls average at 2303:56
daftykinsfor a 21 year old that guy sounds like an aspie 12 year old wanting all the answers at once ¬_¬04:08
cfhowlettand the trolling begins ...04:09
daftykinsfrom whom?04:14
cfhowlettdaftykins, helpmeubuntu got a bit frustrated and threw out a fud comment.  then he stopped so ... not really trolling, just frustrated.04:15
daftykinsah yes04:16
daftykinsoh dear, and now with the social labels04:16
daftykins"i'm this so i get to act this way" oh dear :)04:16
cfhowlettyeah, that's not happening either04:16
daftykinsanywho time to head off, g'night folks :)04:16
* daftykins punches his time card04:17
wileeelater gator04:17
wileeesharpen the teeth when off04:18
OerHekshardwarebugs, the only way to prevent these, is running a VM.22:08
daftykinsi dunno, if you have hardware VT on it might still be able to sneak in22:09
OerHeksold news, there are more such nasty bugs known, some are not in Xeon or Celeron.22:09
OerHekstrue, escape from any container.22:10
daftykinsthis SolarNRG guy is a total nut job23:55
daftykins'share the root password' wat23:55
OerHeksyeah, cbwyas (come back when you are sober)23:58
OerHekshi EriC^^23:58
EriC^^hi OerHeks23:58
OerHeksplease add this channel to autojoin, thanks :-P23:59
daftykinshow do people not know that they're bot triggers O_O23:59
EriC^^hehe, will do23:59

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