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LinDolhi all00:52
LinDolgood morning :)00:52
dave07747Good evening where I am lol00:57
dave07747But hi LinDol00:58
LinDoldave07747, haha :) good evening ;)00:58
LinDolI remember you lastnight :)00:59
dave07747Indeed LinDol :)01:03
dave07747But it's late here now, so I'm going to bed now01:03
darkxstoctoquad, can you try find a way to launch something like this on first login https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-initial-setup/tree/data/gnome-welcome-tour?id=bd033125c7da91b7ca16a357c7cb6994c243bd3c08:47
darkxstoctoquad, it can be done with autostart desktop file, but gonna need a wrapper to put a stamp in the users home directory08:47
darkxstor perhpaps gsettings if there is still an existing key for gnome-initial-setup08:48
darkxstricotz, I saw that GL sync bug is fixed you mentioned, but can't upload to archives until gcc5 transition is done, or it will just FTBFS11:31
ricotzdarkxst, you can of course upload them, but first gjs and mutter and then gnome-shell as well12:11
ricotzfor the mozjs24 transition12:11
ricotzvanilla gnome-desktop should work after that with -proposed enabled12:12
ricotzfor gnome3-staging builds we would still need to enabled the -proposed support which isn't currently12:16
darkxstricotz, I more meant I can't upload anything that deps on mozjs, and proposed is pretty broken right now, so I wouldnt enable it12:43
darkxstand if I did upload they will just add to the mess in proposed12:45
darkxstbtw bluez5 transition should finally happen, right after gcc5 also12:45
lindolThe meaning of 'Once you are in the BIOS' is 'If You are in the BIOS'?13:10
lindolI don't know meaning of 'Once' exactly13:11
lindolbecause I have understood 'Once again''. but I have not understood 'Once' yet,13:12
lindolIf you are ok, Could you explain meaning of 'Once' in 'Once you are in the BIOS'13:13
lindolI think it is 'If You are in the BIOS'.. humm.13:14
lindolis right?:)13:16
ricotzdarkxst, you can and you should upload needed rebuilds to proposed to keep the transition going!13:31
ricotzdarkxst, so gjs and gnome-shell requires a rebuild!13:32
ricotzand they won't ftbfs13:33
darkxstricotz, I have had a really long weekend13:33
ricotzI even have proposed enabled on my laptop ;)13:33
darkxstnot uploading anyhting tonight13:33
ricotzok, but mark my words13:34
darkxstok, and ignore mine, I shouldnt even be awake13:38
lobo__how can we use applet in ubuntu gnome 14.04?14:27
lobo__is there anybody here?14:34
lindolbut i am newbie.14:34
lindolAre you talking about 'gnome applet'?14:35
lindolbut i think I have not seen it yet on gnome 3.x version.14:36
lindolSorry, but i don't know  exactly.14:36
lindolBut I think gnome 3.x has GNOME Shell Extensions.14:38
lindolfor example,14:39
lobo__Just some old habit, i am used to use applet14:49
lindollobo__, sorry for my missing14:50
dave07747lindol: "once" means when. So "when you finally are in the bios menu"15:03
lindol> .<15:05
lindoldave07747, Thank you for your explnation with detail :)15:06
lindolI really thank you :)15:06
lindolWhen i translate to Korean for our wiki page, I will remember your explnation :)15:06
dave07747That's great lindol :) I'm glad to be of assistance15:07
dave07747And being able to also speak Polish, I know how tricky translations can be15:07
lindolOh you can speak Polish? :)15:10
dave07747Yes, I was originally born in Poland15:12
lindolWow +_+15:12
dave07747Thank you ;)15:12
lindolWelcome, So I changed some sentence in Korean on Wiki page, After hearing your assistance :)15:14
lindolThank you again :)15:14
lindolso, I will go to bed, because Korea is Midnight haha15:14
lindolgood evening and good morning for you :)15:14
lindol*good night :)15:15
dave07747lindol: of course, always glad to be of assistance15:15
lindolSee you again15:15
dave07747And yes, indeed15:15
lindolThank you :)15:15
Novice201yHello. How to move Gnome bar to the buttom of the screen?15:15
dave07747Novice201y You need to make a whole JavaScript extension. My friend did it, but the way he did was kinda messy with squashfs.15:17
dave07747darkxst: When I uploaded the seed to my project in bzr, and replaced seed base with the address, it says that it does not have permission, abs that only bzr branches are allowed15:19
Novice201ydave07747: It shouldn't be a need to write JS code to do such a trivial task.15:23
darkxstdave07747, paste your update.cfg, it certainly should work, I have done it before23:37

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