slangasekinfinity: so, livecd-rootfs creates images using the tasks?05:27
slangasekthat seems to make it somewhat problematic to try to build a test image from wily-proposed, since the old libraries are all still available in wily with the Task header05:29
ianorlinalthough what about other flavors seeding language packs that don't want the video ?05:31
slangasek(I'm open to suggestions for how to work around this so we can build a test image before copying to wily)05:32
slangasekianorlin: is that a response to me?05:32
ianorlinyes at least if I understand correctly05:33
slangaseksorry, I don't see what your comment about language packs and video has to do with tasks and proposed05:35
ianorlinnevermind I was offtopic and thinking of something else oops05:35
infinityslangasek: We can put a uses-metapackages version of livecd-rootfs in a PPA, and build the livefses in same PPA.07:58
infinityslangasek: Honestly, I've been considering switching back to all-meta-all-the-time anyway, since we have to switch from tasks to meta for LTS point releases, which is painful if no one's tested installing with metas.07:59
infinityslangasek: It would also fix some of the "libraries never autoremove on SOVER bump" issues that installing with tasks can cause.08:00
ogra_oh, the transition has reached the desktop image09:31
* ogra_ notices a pile of builf failure mails 09:32
dokoogra_, you can upgrade to the wily-proposed desktop10:08
dokoso what does fail?10:08
bluesabreis there a new ubiquity release planned before b1? there's a few new commits since the last release 2 months ago :)15:06
slangasekinfinity: ah... in fact I though there was a grand plan to make the latest version of livecd-rootfs install the same way as for point releases, didn't realize that hadn't happened yet.  Could we do that now?18:14
infinityslangasek: We can try.  The fundamental problem (and the reason I haven't done it) is that tasks make better decisions about alternate deps.21:31
infinityslangasek: See the *_HINTS variables in the trusty version to see what I mean.  Tasks are explicit in the exact package set you want, metapackages don't do so well at that.21:32
slangasek^^ please don't accept qt-gstreamer, I've just noticed it's an unnecessary change and am backing this one out22:12
slangasekwell, this one is special.  "Encountered a section with no Package: header"? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt-gstreamer/1.2.0-2ubuntu1/+build/777731522:13
dokoslangasek, looks like the biggest blocker is kde now, however everything in universe. couldn't reach Riddell the last days, and important packages are not yet in their preparation ppa22:18
slangasekdoko: why is any of this still in a ppa, rather than in wily-proposed?22:19
dokowhy do you ask me? I only were asking for batched uploads, not everything at once.22:20
wgrantslangasek: qt-gstramer -2ubuntu2 built successfully. Is something you changed likely to have fixed the sbuild thing?22:21
wgrantHm, only failed on armhf, weiiiird.22:21
slangasekdoko: I'm asking you because you apparently know of the existence of a staging ppa which I've heard nothing about, and everything else is already landing in the archive22:21
slangasekwgrant: yeah, not related to the package afaics22:21
slangasekheh, some kind of record... smokegen exports 5 symbols and 4 of them changed for g++522:35

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