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atralheaven_ /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER atralheaven_ toslcuzgsacx01:06
atralheaven_oh sorry01:07
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Cinosso I installed Ubuntu Server on a PC with two hard drives (I used gdisk to delete the old partitions from both hard drives). The installation apparently completed successfully, but when I try to boot, it just shows a flashing underscore/cursor on the left side of the screen05:25
mybalzitchCinos: you're proablby trying to boot from the wrong drive06:05
Cinosturns out I somehow installed grub on the USB drive06:06
Cinoswhen I plugged it back in, it worked fine06:06
CinosI'm working on fixing that now06:06
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mybalzitchKeetonic_: fix yer intertubes07:37
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lordievaderGood morning.09:02
YamakasYwhy is ubuntu samba version build against heimdal ?10:28
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VillageHello Guys, I faced with problem: when i try run VLC at Ubuntu 14.04 - "vlc -I telnet --telnet-password admin" i got errors - http://pastebin.com/cQ3r6KT3 Please help me13:34
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Slingmeh, seems like openvpn-server is quite outdated in the 14.04 repo's15:00
Sling2.3.2, released >2 years ago, and no features like tls-cipher-min15:01
patdk-lapsling, I dunno why you are complaining15:09
patdk-lapubuntu never said they will only use the newest software when release, and update all version of their os's with it15:10
Slingpatdk-lap: seems like one of those packages that should be kept at least a bit up to date :)15:10
patdk-lapthat is totally against policy15:10
Slingsince people rely on it for security15:10
patdk-lappolicy says packages should NOT be updated15:10
patdk-lapwhat does updated have to do with security?15:10
patdk-lapnow if there is a security issue, ok15:11
patdk-lapbut please name ONE security issue with the version in ubuntu15:11
Slingwell I can't specify a minimal tls version meaning I can't mitigate downgrade attacks on my connection15:12
Slingalso it seems that I can't specify ciphers that my openssl supports, but that might be some other issue15:12
patdk-lapdowngrade has nothing to do with min tls version15:13
Slingwhy not?15:13
patdk-lapplease locate the security issue that is missing from that list15:16
patdk-lapor, if you have the CVe, just look for that15:16
patdk-lapif you don't have a cve, then someone with openvpn should be creating one15:17
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host127anyone seen this > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR6BR_ydi8U or this >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LVFkw9Y4B0 if yes why they still don't done sudo -su?20:51
host127the google operators are doing this?20:51
host127if yes why android is the most popular? if ubuntu wants get back theirselves property why ubuntu operators won't attack to crash the most popular phones20:53
host127why ubuntu dont attacks the most popular people phones using this method to all the world's phones to kill google forever?20:54
host127i discovered that the ubuntu@host: $ is present now on android 4.4.2 so is ubuntu or fake ubuntu:20:55
host127why these cowards dont have sudo su?20:55
host127much people to read nothing20:57
host127it sounds like ubuntu are being paid by google zombies.20:57
host127if yes, stay in silence and ignore me20:57
host127if i have ubuntu@host:$ in my phone I WILL HAVE THE OBLIGATION TO BE ROOT OR IS NOT MY PHONE OR PC, why still they don't have sudo su?20:59
bekkshost127: because sudo su is nonsense, either use sudo -s or sudo -i21:01
host127the english is correct, you are reading and you are ignoring, i downloaded these videos (because is capable that gogle will remove soon) and i will publish to all people around me to EXPLOIT YOUR IGNORANCE and enjoy the results21:01
host127sudo requires a passwd21:01
bekksThe password of the user. As does sudo su.21:02
host127third exploits is not possible with sudo21:02
host127why google don't have passworded sudo still?21:02
bekksAsk google.21:02
host127google is using your property21:03
host127i preffer you aswer21:03
bekksCorrect. I will ignore you.21:03
host127I am right when i say that ubuntu is a BIGGEST IGNORANCE21:04
host127bekks: su in ubuntu is to get ride and fix repetitive sudo typiing21:05
host127su is the stay on air of sudo.21:05
host127sudo is the first key to enter su21:06
host127when we have su enabled without sudo they destroy like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LVFkw9Y4B021:06
host127why ubuntu don't colaborate to do sudo for android (they are using your property son)21:07
host127or ubuntu destroy all most popular phones using metasploit, or ubuntu is being paid by these shittes to do not do sudo21:08
host127when linux will WAKE UP AND STOP THESE SHITTES FOREVER?21:10
patdk-lapfirst, what does ubuntu have to do with any of this?21:10
patdk-lapsecond, what does linux have anything to do with this?21:10
patdk-laplinux is a kernel, it could care less about userland stuff, like sudo and libc21:10
host127bekks: say to damned gogle shittes to EXPLOIT my ubuntu in my pendrive. if they can21:11
JanCalso, whether or not sudo needs a password, and which one, is really up to how you configure it  :)21:11
host127why they can in my phone?21:11
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bekksJanC: I have an opinion, please dont spoil it with facts ;)21:11
host127patdk-lap: android haves libc in /system/lib and was compiled in gcc 4.721:12
patdk-lapfacts are overrated21:12
patdk-laphost127, so? this is #ubuntu, not #android21:12
patdk-lapand what does libc have to do with linux?21:12
patdk-lapor gcc21:12
host127patdk-lap: android 4.4.2 is EQUAL OF UBUNTU and haves ubuntu@host: configured21:13
JanCalso, this is #ubuntu-server , not sure what that has to do with a phone21:13
host127android is coming like ubuntu-server21:14
patdk-lapdid the ubuntu username get copyrighted?21:14
host127ubuntu without sudo is a damage to the people21:14
patdk-laphost127, 4.4.2 is really rather old though21:14
patdk-lapstill don't see what android ubuntu linux and sudo have to do with each other at all21:15
host127padtk-lap: i know the uypdates and no much diffrences around 2.2 and latest21:15
host127is like linux no much time for "updates"21:15
patdk-lapevery android device I own is running 5.1, lots of time for updates21:16
host127patdk: android is being attacked via metasploit because still have not real sudo21:16
host127patdk-lap: android is being attacked via metasploit because still have not real sudo21:16
host127patdk-lap: see this> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LVFkw9Y4B021:16
patdk-laptake that to #android21:16
patdk-lapwhy are you discussing it here?21:17
OerHeks !fud21:17
ubottuPlease do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt21:17
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:17
host127patdk-lap: the motorola"s ceo (scutage from android chat irc) is a terrorist and ignorant21:17
patdk-lapstill offtopic21:17
* lordievader grabs popcorn21:17
OerHekshost127, please keep this channel clear for server support, thanks. ( and we want popcorn too )21:18
host127patdk-lap: sudo is ubuntu topic ok? patdk-lap: suppose that i purge sudo from my ubuntu, what will happen?21:18
* lordievader hands OerHeks popcorn21:19
lordievaderhost127: sudo is a program that is available under ubuntu... If you purge it you wont be able to perform anything with root rights.21:20
lordievaderAt least not through sudo :P21:20
host127lordievader: correct, ubuntu servers will take control. say and prove the opposite21:20
lordievaderTake control of what?21:21
lordievaderHaving sudo is a good thing. It means your root account doesn't need a password.21:21
host127lordievader: of my pc because i will still have danger su21:21
host127with venom su enabled, my ubuntu will be controlled by me and by the ubuntu servers21:22
host127someday my ubuntu will die!21:23
lordievaderAs if it would be different with sudo...21:23
lordievaderIf it does it is through mismanagement by the administrator, likely you.21:23
host127now compare the situation of any android without sudo21:23
host127mismanagement by gogle interests?21:24
JanCyou don't need sudo or su at all, using them are your personal choice21:24
lordievaderAndroid is a completely different platform... This is not the channel for Android.21:24
host127lordievader: please you did never have any rooted android like linux EQUAL IN EVERYTHING? the only problem i want to show is why UBUNTU OF GREENROBOT still have not sudo21:25
host127lordievader: watch this please: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LVFkw9Y4B021:26
lordievaderhost127: It is based on the Linux kernel, but that doesn't make it equal.21:26
lordievaderEvery OS it vunerable at one point or another.21:26
host127lordievader: dd hostname ifconfig su chmod busybox is what?21:26
host127mount chown21:27
host127what more?21:27
host127want more?21:27
lordievaderhost127: What are you talking about...?21:27
host127linux of greenrobot logo21:27
JanC(stock) android doesn't use busybox21:27
host127JanC by god! you never knew what the greenrobot is capable?21:28
JanCand other UNIX/BSD distros use a lot of those tools too21:28
JanCmaybe even iOS has them, dunno21:28
host127JanC my problem is to explain why unix of greenrobot still don't have sudo21:29
host127JanC the same google metaexploits all rooted android21:29
lordievaderStill don't? I guess Android simply chose not to have it.21:29
JanChost127: you will have to ask Google really, and Google isn't here21:30
lordievaderAnyhow, Android is really offtopic here ;)21:30
OerHeksYeah, we are simply ubuntu robots21:30
host127lordievader: allright i don"t want android i want debian but these pigs of motorola locked the power button to nevermore enter into setup to reinstall new rom21:30
lordievaderBeep, boop21:31
lordievaderhost127: That is still offtopic, anything that doesn't have to do with Ubuntu server is offtopic.21:31
host127lordivader: how to install linux in locked hardware? :O21:32
JanChost127: bip bip bop meep meeep21:32
host127JanC please go watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LVFkw9Y4B0 and say to all ubuntu"s world to begin strike the most popular phones ok?21:33
JanCmip mip bleeeeeep21:33
host127JanC :D is serious crash them all and get back all your furthered property ok?21:34
mybalzitchwhat on earth was that about21:35
lordievaderProbably someone who discovered metasploit for the first time...21:38
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