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Dragonkeeperhello.  is there a plane to add voice recognition to phones. like google search (responding to ok ubuntu)  :')05:40
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belkinsaHello, is there a way to change what type of info shows up on the main screen (as in the X text sent today (as an example) one)?14:06
tipaihello everyone ...can anyone help me out with this error14:06
tipaiDevice falcon not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu14:06
tipaii want to install ubuntu touch in motorola g14:07
ogra_then you would have to port it ... there is no image on that server for the falcon http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu/http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu/14:07
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices14:08
ogra_if there isnt a link to an image  for your device in the wiki above, check the xda forums, perhaps someone there has worled on a port14:08
tipaiokey i understand ..14:09
tipailooking forward14:09
ogra_belkinsa, i dont think you can change the defaults easily ... but there is an app in the store that can set a customm message14:10
ogra_(the bit showing the info is a generic service, apps provide the text for it)14:11
habsstgraber: Not sure if this is the right place, but trying to compile system-image-2.2 on a desktop 14.04 deriv and I get this error: http://sprunge.us/UJXS Do you know how I would go about fixing this error?16:41
stgraberhabs: that would be a question for barry16:43
habsbarry: ^ Thanks, was just looking to get this compiled16:52
zzarr_where do I download the image for my Meizu MX4?18:37
zzarr_I kind of did something stupid18:37
zzarr_how do I reflash the phone?18:39
brobostigonphablet-tools, :)18:41
zzarr_but, it's getting stuck, not starting adb18:47
zzarr_or at least not visible with adb18:47
zzarr_what I did was stupid, I know, I was trying to move /usr to /home and make a symlink /usr -> /home/usr i order to free some storage on /18:48
zzarr_I made an backup of /usr called /usr.bak18:49
zzarr_my phone is in recovery mod, but ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en does not do anything18:51
zzarr_do I need to enable my phone some how?18:52
ogra_you need a recovery img with adb18:53
ogra_the installed one doesnt have adb18:53
zzarr_how to obtain that?18:54
zzarr_and how to install?18:54
zzarr_found it :)18:57
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zzarr_I'm in a adb shell now, how do I access / in Ubuntu Touch?19:03
ogra_you mean from recovery ?19:04
zzarr_or... if I run ubuntu-device-flash touch --device arale --channel ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en will I wipe /home?19:04
zzarr_yes from recovery19:04
ogra_no, not if you nort use --wipe or --boratrap19:04
zzarr_I better run that line then :)19:05
ogra_sudo ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en  --recovery-image /pathh/to/your/recovery.img19:05
ogra_that will only reinstall the system and not touch and of the writable bits (like homedir)19:06
zzarr_I started the line I asked about before your last response, I hope it will work19:07
zzarr_In any way, thanks alot :)19:08
ogra_--bootstrap makes it fromat the partitions, --wipe makes it rm all writable data, so dont use any of theseif you want to keep something19:08
ogra_well, good luck :)19:08
zzarr_if my /home is deleted it's no big deal, just sorting music :)19:08
zzarr_hmm... it rebooted :D19:10
zzarr_my thought's on Ubuntu Touch so far.... LOVE IT!19:11
zzarr_NORMAL BOOT :D19:12
zzarr_rotating ubun... never mind, allready booted19:13
zzarr_now I can continue destroying my phone :D (I'll do my best to not do that... yes)19:14
zzarr_is there a good way to move /usr or make / bigger?19:15
ogra_not easily, no19:17
ogra_use a chroot (that also prevents you from having to make it writable which causes various other probs)19:18
zzarr_do you think that running "sudo su", "cp /usr  /home" "mv /usr  /usr.bak", "ln -s /home/usr  /usr" could work?19:20
zzarr_I like the idea of a chroot, but how do I set that up? (I realy want XMir running)19:21
ogra_oh, i think that wont work in a chroot19:21
zzarr_should I have proposed instead of stable?19:21
ogra_so you likely have to make it writabble19:21
ogra_(and be prepared to have to re-flash too :) OTA will break)19:22
zzarr_but only when I install19:22
ogra_(and the system isnt designed for apt updates, it will fall apart over time)19:22
ogra_there were instructions on the mailing list how to make XMir work though hacking up the os19:23
ogra_check the archives19:23
zzarr_you don't have a link to the archive?19:23
zzarr_I'll install proposed now :)19:24
ogra_(the search interface in launchpad is crap, better search for "XMir ubuntu-phone" on google ;)19:26
zzarr_hehe, yepp19:27
zzarr_now it got proposed :)19:38
zzarr_I'll give up for today, It's getting late here in Sweden, 21:40 ( or 9:40PM)19:40
zzarr_thanks alot ogra_19:41
seldonhello guys, how best way to init help deveolop for ubuntu phone...22:12
seldonexits anyway to emulate ubuntu phone?22:16
k1l_seldon: there is the ubuntu sdk22:17
k1l_seldon: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/22:19
GringerHello, i try to acces my mx4 via Fastboot but I will see only < waiting for device > adb is workingfine. Any tips for me?23:16

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