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m0nkey_any of you reprobates got dual citizenship? .. not sure how i should re-enter the UK since i hold both UK and canadian passports. Any ideas?02:18
daftykinspass :D02:19
m0nkey_From what I understand, when checking in, present my Canadian passport. When I arrive in the UK, present my UK passport. Then visa-versa on the return leg.02:20
ali1234why does it matter?02:20
daftykinsi think m0nkey_ doesn't want to be accused of coming over like a spy :>02:21
m0nkey_It matters, because if I get it wrong, I could spend hours at the border. Trying to avoid that :)02:21
ali1234maybe ask on travel.stackexchange.com02:21
m0nkey_Yeah, pretty much what I've already read from other sources02:24
daftykinsisn't there some kinda local rep building to ask too?02:25
daftykinsi forget the word for it02:25
daftykinsthat's the one02:25
m0nkey_I don't mind solely travelling on my Canadian passport, I just don't want to spend hours queuing at the international arrivals at Gatwick.02:25
daftykinsfor some reason i was coming up with 'consulate' :>02:25
ali1234consulate is probably more correct02:26
daftykinshehe, glance to the right hand end for the special channel islands backdoor ;)02:26
m0nkey_Right hand, that's the swiss entry, no?02:26
m0nkey_Unless they shuffled it around last time I visted02:26
ali1234last time i went abroad they didn't check my passport on return to the UK02:27
ali1234at all02:27
m0nkey_I've had that, just flashed my british passport and no questions asked02:27
daftykinsi remember a big gradual slope down, then you turn to the right and come back on yourself to get to the channel island flights corner02:27
ali1234they just had a sign saying "EU passport holders go this way"02:27
ali1234and nobody actually checking anything02:27
m0nkey_I waited in the international arrives queue with my wife, when we got to the passport control, I was questioned as to why I didn't use the British entry.02:28
m0nkey_Duh, I'm with my wife and kids02:28
m0nkey_The next time I did that, the officer wanted to see my permanent residence card for Canada.02:28
m0nkey_This time, travelling alone, but as a dual-citizen.02:29
m0nkey_Which is why I'm checking up on this crap.02:29
daftykinsjust give yourself ample time i guess :)02:29
m0nkey_Heh yeah. I can't see having any trouble presenting my British passport. I'll have a giggle when they ask me "how long have you been out of the country" :)02:30
daftykinsjust don't say "not long enough" ;)02:31
m0nkey_That answer will be 2 years :)02:31
mapppsim melting05:12
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:03
* zmoylan-pi pelts brobostigon with nerf darts09:06
* brobostigon dies ungracefully, with loads of magical sparkles.09:07
zmoylan-pitry and assume an awkward position just to annoy the chalk outline person09:08
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NokajiThey (amazon review) are saying the Logitech LS1 Laser Mouse is great for Linux. Any idea how they got the middle button to work?15:22
Nokajibutton / scroll wheel15:23
Nokajiscroll works fine15:23
Nokajipushing wheel left/right works fine too. The button in windows usually has to be configured form a set menu of options/functions.15:25
Nokajinone of which are visible in mouse/tablets settings15:26
daftykinsi've never had to configure a mouse buttons in Windows :>15:28
Nokajiit can be set as double click and a few other things I forget15:28
Nokajials the pointer speed is configurable (inc via linux) as is the option for primary button being left or right (again, in linux too)15:29
mgdmdoes the middle button work as the X paste thing? (Is that still a thing these days?)15:31
Nokajisorry, not familiar with x paste15:32
Nokajiat last I found some clues on the www15:35
Nokajiseems they are all being deleted faster than I can get to them though15:36
mgdmit used to be that you could highlight a bit of text somwhere and then press middle mouse to paste it somewhere else (separate from the ctrl-c/ctrl-v clipboard)15:36
mgdmbut I've not used Ubuntu on a desktop in a couple of years, and so I don't know if it still runs X :-)15:36
Nokaji"It's important to note that Ubuntu considers a standard two button,  scroll/click-wheel mouse to have five buttons. Each main button (left  and right) count as one, the downward click on the wheel counts as  another, and the up/down scrolling also count as one each (2+1+2=5). "15:37
Nokajiseems I am on the way to find out15:37
Nokajimy next clue "xinput - find your device in xinput list and run "15:40
daftykinsthen 7 since most have back+forward too15:41
daftykinscouldn't be without those15:42
Nokaji7 is doable, they say15:42
Nokajion a former ubuntu page now only available via google cache15:42
daftykinsnah it's a common thing :)15:42
Nokaji"xinput list 10" gives me the five values15:46
Nokaji"xinput test 10" gives me feedback on which button is which (id=10 in my particular case). no response to middle click15:51
Nokajirsponses to buttons 1,3,4,5,6,7 - so it's button 215:53
Nokaji{xinput set-button-map 10 2} doesn't seem to work however I can alter left click with {xinput set-button-map 10 1}16:01
zmoylan-pitrillian from original radio series of h2g2 has died... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-3384138316:17
brobostigontrisha macmillan, yes.16:18
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penguin42zmoylan-pi: :-(16:30
penguin42zmoylan-pi: I'd blame the bugblatter beast of trall16:34
zmoylan-pinever leave home without your towel...16:35
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* brobostigon liked arthur trying to teach a neanderthal scrabble.16:36
penguin42yes, you've got it,   six times nine....16:39
* penguin42 does have the CDs of the 1st two series16:39
zmoylan-piand we learned the value of a good phone sanitizer...16:39
brobostigonpayed in leaves.16:40
penguin42fitted nasaly16:40
daftykinso hai17:14
diddledanI _really_ need an ssd in here17:41
diddledanit's painful17:41
diddledantry to do something and have to wait minutes17:41
daftykinswhere's that?17:42
diddledanin my desktop17:42
daftykinsbuy buy buy :D17:42
diddledan*drool* http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-2-5-Inch-Solid-State-Drive/dp/B00P738MUU/ref=sr_1_sc_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1439142221&sr=8-5-spell&keywords=sumsung+ssd17:45
penguin42diddledan: I use an SSD + a spinny; OS and /home on the SSD, other big stuff on the spinny17:48
diddledanyeah, this'll be for the OS and every-day stuff. I've got a raid array for the archival of video (not illegal, honest)17:49
diddledanI'll also be using the RAID for my floppy archive when I get around to doing that17:49
diddledanI bought a kryoflux the other day for the floppies17:50
diddledanI just need to wire it up17:50
penguin42amiga floppies?17:51
diddledannah, dos17:51
diddledanthe kryo doesn't care tho - it'll do anything17:51
penguin42can't you just read the DOS floppies under Linux ?17:51
daftykinsi noticed the windows 10 requirements page says you may have to go on windows update to get a driver for your floppy drive17:52
penguin42an updated driver for your floppy drive?!17:52
diddledanyeah there was a bit of rumour shortly before RTM-that-wasn't that win10 wouldn't support floppy at all17:53
penguin42you mean they got to 2 weeks before release and someone 'cr*p we never wrote a floppy driver!'17:53
diddledanpenguin42: no, a driver in the first instance - win10 doesn't ship with a driver so you need to download it off winupdate17:53
penguin42oh weird17:54
daftykinsin fairness that's gonna be niche with any luck17:54
penguin42diddledan: Hmm, that could give an interesting problem given that sometimes if you need to install early stage drivers you had them on .....17:54
daftykinspenguin42: been able to use flash drives since Vista17:58
diddledanand cd/dvd17:58
diddledantake the windows disk out and plop the driver disk in instead17:58
diddledanthen swap back once the drivers are loaded17:59
daftykinsi remember that in server 2003 though, i used a program to integrate them though so i didn't have to bother17:59
diddledanyeah slipstreaming the installer is more difficult since vista tho17:59
diddledanthe weird wim thingy ruined it18:00
daftykinshuge hassle, i was reading about putting USB3 drivers into 10 or 7 so i could boot from USB3 port and do crazy fast installs ;)18:00
diddledanmy USB 3 isn't working on my desktop18:00
diddledanannoying the poo out of me18:00
diddledanI really should moan at MS18:00
daftykinsintel or 3rd party controller?18:01
diddledanit's an etron chip and windows loads the drivers correctly but it doesn't detect either of my two disks18:01
penguin42out of curiosity does Linux work on the same hardware?18:02
penguin42a rarity :-)18:02
penguin42there are a few bits of magic with USB, especially things like ports that are shared between USB3 and USB2 controllers18:03
daftykinsprobably just need a better driver ;)18:06
penguin42daftykins: Is it on a separate card or on the motherboard? If on the motherboard it might be worth checking for a bios update - there's some structures that I think tell drivers the relationship USB2 and USB3 controllers18:08
daftykinstcf? :)18:10
diddledanlast bios update was 201318:11
diddledanI think gigabyte have abandoned the mobo18:11
daftykinsugh gigabyte :P18:11
Nokajiwell, i can say I added an internal USB3 port to my m/c this week, worked fine on s/w on, no need to faff around with drivers18:12
daftykinsmotorcycle? :P18:12
diddledanM/C hammer18:13
daftykinsodd notation18:13
Nokajiit was taught me in college so it is official18:13
Nokajidraw a circle around it18:13
daftykinsi humbly challenge that18:13
diddledanI've never seen that designation either18:14
penguin42there are some very location specific names18:14
penguin42never heard that one18:14
daftykinsdiddledan: i used most of my 7 or 8 drivers in my 10 installs XD18:14
daftykinsmy gear is so old18:14
diddledanyeah I'm gonna try the 8.1 driver18:14
daftykinssilly webcam shows the picture upside down on this laptop otherwise18:14
Nokajidaftykins: If i can fire up my time m/c, i'll gladly show you18:14
diddledanthat's a funky driver issue!18:14
daftykinstime motorcycle 8D18:14
diddledanyou should have kept it18:15
daftykinsi'd have had to field some terrible jokes about "am i in Australia"18:15
zmoylan-pijust tell people you're in australia when using it18:15
directhexgrr gigabyte motherboards18:18
directhexwouldn't touch them now18:18
daftykinswhat did they do to you?18:19
diddledanI'm gonna reboob18:20
zmoylan-pithat's probably a freudian slip... :-)18:21
directhexdaftykins: "gigabyte hybrid efi"18:24
directhexa cut-down, low-quality 64-bit efi emulator running on top of their existing 16-bit bioses.18:25
directhexit... worked poorly18:25
Nokajidaftykins: Here you go ol' sport - https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=oeISZarBe00C&pg=PA427&lpg=PA427&dq=symbols+of+mechanical+engineering+m/c&source=bl&ots=Ng-NVFzfDm&sig=y2nhp0N4D6xnL74qwyo11OAtYlE&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CCIQ6AEwAGoVChMIj_TP_c-cxwIV7AfbCh3QCwZD#v=onepage&q=symbols%20of%20mechanical%20engineering%20m%2Fc&f=false18:26
daftykinshmm nope18:27
Nokajiwell it's in there, in emblazened in yellow18:28
Nokajichallenge accepted and met18:29
daftykinsprobably old, dunno :)18:36
* daftykins didn't look18:36
diddledanand back18:41
diddledandirecthex: yeah this board has that hybrid turd18:41
directhexit does not work18:41
directhexturn it off18:41
directhexdo not try to efi boot that thing18:41
directhexmy dad was lucky, there was a beta replacement true uefi firmware available18:41
diddledanwhere'd that appear?18:42
diddledanI might go a hunting18:42
directhexGb site18:43
diddledanwin10 ninjacat goes moving: http://imgur.com/a/emHj119:43
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diddledanand win10 finally removes clippy: https://tsil0g.dm2302.livefilestore.com/y3pgcHd9awPYIJrBsqVNBeepnymwDRzs1Bfflddp9ZpUX8ANnpwPZjEyE8MescvtZL0OkgEwrto5NmzcXaF8jrcRie2Nw050JokkGUNi0mewK11ODYSRUb1VWu29c_cHogs_tzr9EhBEFwkd3bcyA_Rbg/NCTClippy-highres.jpg?psid=119:45
zmoylan-piyou'll have to pay to bring back clippy... :-)19:45
diddledanzmoylan-pi: it'll be a required upgrade, too19:46
zmoylan-piany one who does pay will be removed from society to a place that they can get the treatment they need :-P19:46
diddledandidn't we do that with the psychotics?19:46
diddledanasylums don't exist no more 'cos we do "care in the community" now19:47
zmoylan-pior house of lords as ye lot call it :-P19:47
diddledanhmm, my mac has lost the cursor19:48
diddledanI can see hover-states activating but there's no arrow19:48
diddledanaha, clicking on the menu has brought it back19:48
Nokajididdledan: I miss the asylums, you had a concentrated staff of professionals and all the facilities at hand, to boot.19:51
diddledanNokaji: they weren't nice places tho19:51
diddledanNokaji: modern psychiatric units are much nicer19:51
zmoylan-pithey weren't nice places but dumping those folk into cold uncaring community isn't nice either19:52
Nokajididdledan: Tey were fraught with problems but so is the current system. They sold it by putting a select few people in luxury accomodation with all the care they needed but all that ofc tailed off.19:52
diddledanzmoylan-pi: true, psychiatric care in the community is a bit of a trade-off - it's cheaper but means that people get neglected19:52
NokajiMy theory is that the current populace is so dumb, why bother separating them?19:53
diddledanfull-disclosure: I've been in-patient several times19:53
diddledan<-- nutjob19:53
NokajiNot that i feel compelled to disclose anything however, I've been a carer19:54
zleapwe could give people that pay to bring back clippy a ticket to colonise mars19:54
NokajiI could prolly go on making disclosure but what's the point19:54
diddledanzleap: I hope we do colonise mars19:55
zmoylan-pinah, we might want mars one day.  drop them on io19:55
diddledanzleap: so then a future arnie can get his ass to mars19:55
zleapterminator : colonize19:56
zmoylan-pii'd be happy with just a moon base20:05
diddledanthe nazis beat us there tho20:05
zmoylan-pigood movie20:06
zleapwhat movie is that20:06
diddledanloved it20:06
diddledanzleap: iron sky20:06
zmoylan-piwatch it zleap20:06
diddledanzleap: it's on netflix20:06
zleapah ok20:06
diddledanrenate is cool20:07
zleapi am trying to add an option to a note pad program created in tkinter / python and am really stuck20:21
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daftykinssounds bad21:29
zmoylan-piit's all microsofts fault... somehow... give me a minute... i'll work out how... :-)21:34
zmoylan-piit'll all hinge on it been a chinese motherboard...21:35
diddledanhow do you get chi knees?21:38

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