ianorlinnhaines: I assume you ok with a picture I took of you at the lug right02:18
Roguehorsemeeting tomorrow right?06:12
nhainesianorlin: I don't understand what that means.07:13
nhainesBut I haven't seen the picture.07:14
nhainesI don't mind the picture being taken and unless I look weird in it, I don't mind it being posted somewhere either.07:14
RoguehorseLOL! When I see pictures of me posted by someone else, at first it kind of weirds me out because I didn't realize someone was taking pictures, then I'm fine with it..I never care, I'm weird anyway =)14:21
MichaelPaoliUbuntu Hour Berkeley - 'till 1pm @ Bobby G's - also same location, BerkeleyLUG noon-3p  http://berkeleylug.com/meetings/19:26
darthrobotTitle: [Meetings | BerkeleyLUG]19:26
pleia2enjoy :)19:26
grantbowMichaelPaoli: nice20:04
MichaelPaoliGot up to 9 people total here at BerkeleyLUG.21:09

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