Kilosmorning all06:34
superflyHi Kilos 08:03
Kiloshi superfly 08:04
superflyKilos: cold today?/12:38
Kilosyeah inside is still cold. ice wasnt as bad this morning and sun very lekker, hows things there?12:39
Kilosfruit trees are starting to bud12:40
Kiloshi gremble 16:17
Kiloshows you lad?16:17
grembleHow are you Kilos?16:17
grembleI am well thank you16:17
Kilosbit tired bu ok thanks16:17
grembleWhy are you tired?16:17
Kilostrying to move and repair burnt pipes to the sprayers and climbing to top of water tand and trying to slow leak down till we have the metal frame work welded together and painted for a new jojo tank to stand on16:20
Kilosim not much of a physical labourer anymore16:20
Kilosused to love physical stuff16:20
Kilosoh and the cold doesnt help16:22
CryterionWhat fruits are you growing Kilos?16:23
CryterionOh and hi guys16:24
Kiloswe have a few different kinds of peaches and plums 16:24
Kiloshi Cryterion 16:24
Cryterionnice, peaches are good16:24
Kilosand mulberries but last year the late frost killed all flowers and all leaves and new shoots on trees16:25
Kilosso no fruit last year16:25
Kiloseven killed an old fig tree16:25
Kilosgot a new one in a pot ready for planting16:25
Cryterionfrost is always a problem in inland areas16:26
Kilosyeah but the fruit trees need it , just not late like last year16:26
Kilosi tried growing peaches in toti, they grow beautifully but never bare fruit16:27
Kilosso freezing temps are needed16:27
Cryterionsolar cycle was at max about a year ago, it'll all improve over the next decade as we head for solar min16:27
Kiloseish i want fruit soon man not in ten years time16:28
Kilosfruit is expensive16:28
CryterionNo chance on peaches in durban, maybe a chance in 10 years, but then cycles out again16:28
Kilosi dont think peaches will ever have fruit in durbs16:29
Kilosmust have cold and frost16:29
Cryteriontry protect them with plastic covering or something to help16:29
Kilosyeah i will make some plan this year16:30
Kilosit caught us unawares last year16:30
Kilosweather was warming lekker then boom like a month late minus temps16:31
superflyMy parents had plenty fruit trees growing in their garden in Paarl 16:43
superflyIt never got to freezing, but it did get quite cold 16:43
Kiloswell i just hope it keeps warming now then well have16:53
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Kilosoh my17:27
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Kilosearly night for me, night all, sleep tight17:35
magespawngood evening18:25
grembleHey magespawn18:57
magespawnhi gremble 19:27
zabearI need assistance with a problem - I downloaded 7zip - installed with Ubuntu software and it is on my system. But I dont find it at applications anywhere.  How can I activate it? Advice.19:34
magespawnhi zabear i think that on linux it may be comman line only no gui19:34
magespawncomman = command19:35
zabearMhm - what else can I use for a gui to use as zipping?19:36
zabearto zip files which are too big?19:36
grembleYou should be able to do it from nautilus (your file browser)19:37
grembleor "Archive manager"19:38
magespawntry man 7zip that should give the commands19:38
zabearafraid of command line use - will take too much time and learning curve19:40
grembleIt really won't. Do it slowly. 19:41
zabearIs nautilus automatic part of ubuntu? or need I install it19:41
grembleIt is the name of your file browser19:41
grembleYou have it already19:41
zabearUnder what is it listed or how do I open it? 19:42
grembleshould be the little file drawer on your bar thing19:42
zabearsorry, but I just use files - dont know whats under the hood19:43
magespawnzabear: what version of ubuntu are you using? xubuntu? lubuntu?19:43
zabearwith gnome19:43
magespawnyup it is nautilus19:45
zabearbut how do I activate it then?19:45
grembleActivate what?19:46
zabearto activate the zip part19:47
grembleRight-click a file and then "archive"?19:47
zabearso is archive also zipping?19:48
grembleYou just choose 7zip19:48
zabearOK - will try this19:49
magespawnthere are examples on both of those links19:51
gremble^ Those are good19:51
magespawnmy recommendation would be to learn the command line19:51
grembleUsing the commandline is daunting, but much easier19:51
grembledaunting in the beginning*19:52
magespawnonce you get used to it19:52
zabearI compresed it with .tar.gz - do not find 7zip , but there is a .7z19:52
gremble.7z is 7zip. 19:53
grembletar.gz uses gzip19:53
grembleit is compressed19:53
zabearI looked for zip, not for compression - now I know how to do this - thanx for the help19:53
gremblezip is compression. Tar is an archive format19:54
magespawntar.gz is the built in linux comes as standard as far as i know19:55
zabearI just did not know the terms - have learnd something 19:55
zabearbye then19:55
gremblefine. love and leave us like that. 19:55
magespawngremble: some are like that, come for a quickie19:56
grembleGood night guys21:46
magespawngood night gremble 21:47
magespawnbed time for me too, good night all21:47

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