Unit193knome: Please to check listadmin.00:01
knomewhich one? :P00:01
Unit193floppies on -users, other crap on -devel.00:02
knomei've been watching those.00:02
Unit193!info listadmin00:02
ubottulistadmin (source: listadmin): command line mailman moderator queue manipulation. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.40-4 (wily), package size 31 kB, installed size 124 kB00:02
knomeok, sleepytime00:28
bluesabreevening all02:30
bluesabremenulibre 2.0.7 released https://launchpad.net/menulibre/+milestone/2.0.702:44
Unit193Logan: Not alive right?03:40
Unit193Care to sync virtualbox-ext-pack from exp?03:41
bluesabreoh hey Unit193 03:56
bluesabresafe to assume pinentry-gtk2 needs to be in core?03:57
Unit193bluesabre: pinentry-gnome3 is pulled in now.04:27
Unit193Are we switching to -gtk2?04:27
bluesabreit seemed like that might be preferable, or do we care?04:27
Unit193  * Temporarily (until Debian bug #791411 is fixed) allow other pinentry04:28
Unit193    methods to satisfy our dependency.04:28
ubottuDebian bug 791411 in calibre-bin "calibre-bin: Calibre disappears" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/79141104:28
Unit193If we can, I'd say -gtk2 yeah.04:29
bluesabreI'll go ahead and swap that in tomorrow.  While xfce is predominantly gtk2, I think we'd be better with that04:30
Unit193I love the GNOME response: No, we want pinentry-gnome3 for GNOME, since only that provides a proper04:31
Unit193UI/replacement for the builtin prompter.04:31
Unit193bluesabre: If you want -gnome3, then do nothing.  If you want gtk2, then add that.04:33
bluesabreI got that04:34
Unit193(Recommends of course, if you do. :P )04:36
Unit193OK, great.04:36
bluesabreochosi: xfpanel-switch in -staging, experimental panel building in my ppa https://launchpad.net/~bluesabre/+archive/ubuntu/experimental04:37
bluesabregoing to test it in the morning with a vm04:37
bluesabreinstalling the panel from today messed all sorts of things up04:37
bluesabrenight all04:38
LoganUnit193: it's now in the new queue06:27
knomepleia2, feel free to drop sqlite stuff from the server, it's not needed any more08:25
knomenow i just need to figure out why the new cron stuff isn't running :D08:27
knomeoh, right...08:28
* knome facepalms08:28
Unit193chronic is handy.08:28
knomeno, it's a fail in includes08:28
knomei'm trying to include a file that doesn't exist...08:31
knomenow it works nicely again08:31
bluesabreochosi: did you send the latest version of the patch after your "aha" moment?12:10
bluesabre(doesn't seem to be working for me)12:12
bluesabrealso of note... http://i.imgur.com/xgt0QWk.png12:14
bluesabreprobably related, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12038986/12:18
knomeheh, there's something fishy going on12:21
knomei export the flyers as pdf12:22
knomeand the a4 with text rendered as paths is 1.7MB while all the other exports are 650kBish12:22
knomeyes, i also checked the partial exports, they are all "in line", no weird things there12:23
bluesabresounds fun12:23
knomechanging the pdf compiling lib doesn't help12:38
* knome shrugs12:39
knomei guess i could dump raw pdf output to files12:42
knomebut meh12:42
knomehello flocculant 12:52
flocculanthi knome 12:52
bluesabrehey flocculant 12:57
flocculanthi bluesabre :) just looking at ppa:bluesabre/experimental for panel 12:58
bluesabreflocculant: don't use that one12:58
bluesabreit seems to be dead in the water12:58
flocculantok :D12:58
bluesabreochosi: poke12:58
flocculanttried again this morning with the backup dooby - still get errors about things that aren't there - but which are 12:59
flocculantalso the close/save etc dialogues appear a bit dodgy here 13:00
bluesabrethose are "normal" gtk3 dialogs13:01
knomeaka dodgy13:01
bluesabrecan you paste the errors you're getting?13:01
flocculantwhen I say dodgy I mean - they don't appear to work :p13:01
bluesabrenormal gtk3 to some degree ;)13:02
flocculantha ha ha 13:02
flocculantsee FIleNotFoundErrror - then see it in the last command 13:03
knomeif you people just keep adding new work items, we'll never "get there"!13:04
bluesabreI'm trying to not add new ones13:04
bluesabreflocculant: I see the issue13:05
bluesabrethat does not exist13:05
flocculant... didn't see the missing ~ 13:07
bluesabreI'll look into fixing that shortly13:08
flocculantok 13:08
bluesabretrying to kill off tasks today13:08
flocculantseems to be working - more or less now too 13:08
bluesabreknome: is there anything particularly "wrong" about rearranging the work items on the blueprint?13:09
flocculantsmall point - Save config button - dialogue - save config button for new panel - once you're finished - there's not a way to close that - other than X13:10
flocculantalso Cancel - and I would expect that dialogue to close for me13:10
bluesabreyeah, there's probably tons more usability issues with that app13:14
bluesabrepushed it out quickly13:14
flocculantbluesabre: I'll pay about with it a make a list of what I see that seems odd13:14
flocculants even 13:14
bluesabreflocculant: thanks!13:14
bluesabrenot going to get to xfce4-keyboard-overlay this cycle... if ever13:15
flocculantuninstalled the panel switch from yesterday - installed the one from staging13:18
flocculantbluesabre: is that better to use than the bzr method ochosi pointed at? 13:20
knomebluesabre, no, that would likely be a better order anyway13:21
knomebluesabre, would you like the email reminders?13:25
bluesabreknome: yes please13:26
knomedaily or weekly?13:26
bluesabreflocculant: yeah, I just hadn't packaged it until last night13:26
bluesabreknome: daily please13:26
knomebluesabre, ok, you're set up!13:27
knomebluesabre, and the status order should now be what you proposed13:28
bluesabreknome, cool, thanks13:29
flocculantbluesabre: ok - just sorting a mail for testers13:30
knomeflocculant, you fancy reminder emails?13:30
flocculantnot currently - I'm on top of blueprint 13:30
knomeok ;)13:30
flocculantor at least know what's there :D13:30
knomejust poke me if you need them later13:30
flocculantknome: does the mail just go for things not started? 13:31
knomeit sends a list of all your (not your teams') work items that are TODO, INPROGRESS or BLOCKED13:31
knomehow i see it, it's not just a nag about "get these done", it's also a reminder to close the open work items13:33
bluesabreknome: thanks for the new order, I was actually suggesting rearranging the blueprint itself around (for dev), that won't break anything, right?13:33
knomeno, not at all13:34
knomefwiw, it's just a blob of text that is parsed by the tracker13:34
knomefortunately, LP does the nagging about wrong syntax13:34
knomeso i can just take it, split it into lines and then to db columns13:35
knome(yeah, since it's a blob, every time i'm pulling it, i'm removing the old rows and adding the new ones...)13:35
bluesabremuch cleaner, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-w-development13:35
* knome shrugs13:36
knometbh, with the new tracker, i barely even look at the LP work item boxes13:36
knomei just go edit it there13:36
bluesabrethe new tracker is super nice13:36
* knome bows13:36
knomei'm happy it's useful for other people too13:36
bluesabreI've been motivated by it and been trying to get things done13:36
knomehaha, yes, that's what the rationale for the burndown is ;)13:37
flocculantknome: reminder to reply to https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2015-August/010843.html13:38
knomeflocculant, thanks13:38
knomei'll go do that now13:38
bluesabrebbiab, gotta go get groceries13:41
flocculantbluesabre: cya another day if I've wandered off13:42
knomeflocculant, ok, replied13:44
knomenow, lunch-dinner13:44
flocculantgood reminder - I'm ravenous 13:44
flocculantknome: thanks for reply13:45
flocculantknome pleia2 - if I could have the daily image mail sociall mediaed that'd be good :)13:47
knomehmph, the status for the bug entries isn't shown14:08
knomei'll look at that later today or tomorrow14:11
knomei'm off14:12
knomehf and ttyl14:12
bluesabreseeya knome14:38
bluesabreUnit193: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-meta/+bug/1473952 :)14:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1473952 in ubuntustudio-meta (Ubuntu) "Choose preferred pinentry method" [Undecided,New]14:58
bluesabreknome: and yeah, the tracker will look even nicer when fixed bugs are crossed off :)15:00
bluesabrealmost there... today's image has elementary and human libreoffice themes15:45
bluesabreyesterday we also had galaxy15:45
bluesabreelementary is default, so we're doing pretty well there15:47
bluesabresuppose the next step is getting to be an alternative on the libreoffice packages15:50
pleia2knome: that was quick :) removing sqlite3 stuff now15:51
pleia2woo, and tracker still works15:52
pleia2flocculant: fb and g+ done15:57
pleia2knome: I'm going to remove the linkedin link from the website15:58
Unit193bluesabre: \o/16:55
flocculantpleia2: much obliged17:47
ochosibluesabre: that looks like fun. actually i sent you the last version, after my a-ha moment, the one that worked for me.18:50
ochosibluesabre: also, i built my patch on xfce4-panel git master, maybe that's part of the problem18:51
pleia2tracker site makes me happy :)19:28
knomepleia2, yep, go ahead20:17
ochosipleia2: +120:25
knomehhheeey, now bugs can be WIP/DONE in tracker20:31
* knome went and fixed a minor bug20:31
ochosiburndown is looking better again20:44
ochosibluesabre: maybe you can re-try my patch with git master in your wily vbox20:45
ochosiotherwise i can also look at the panel patches we ship20:45
ochosiknome: i'm not sure how to make sense of that yet or how to present it, but linking up workitems to deadlines would be nice20:45
ochosilike everything in -artwork > UIF20:46
ochosiand some things in -dev > FF20:46
ochosimaybe in terms of email reminders20:48
knomebut if it's just for the email reminders, then i'm not sure if it's worth it to figure that out20:48
ochositrue that20:50
knomeok, there's a bit wiser algorithm for bug status assignment21:37
knome1) if statuses for all bugs are 'Fix Released', the status is 'DONE'21:37
knome2) if status for *any* bug is 'Fix Released', 'Fix Committed', or 'In Progress', the status is 'INPROGRESS'21:38
knome3) if neither of the above statements are true, the status is 'TODO'21:38
knome(eg. triaged bugs do not count...)21:39
ochosisounds good to me21:39
knomethe rationale for requiring 'Fix Released' for all tasks/linked items is that we care about upstream too21:40
knomethough i think bug watches aren't in this task list21:40
knomeand i don't think it still works completely21:41
knomebut i'll look into it, and that's my goal anyway21:41
knomehmm right, there was some weird glitch21:43
knomeit works now without code changes, as i expected21:43
knomeso, for posterity21:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1313682 in menulibre (Ubuntu) "Can't hide entries sourced from /usr/share/applications/kde4/" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:43
knomeis "INPROGRESS"21:43
knomeanother one:21:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1437180 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Desktop Icons show on the install only desktop" [Medium,Triaged]21:44
knomeis "TODO"21:44
knomeochosi, how should we handle "Opinion", "Invalid", and "Won't Fix"?21:46
knometo me it would make sense to ignore those, eg. if there's a bug with 2 tasks; one is fix released and another is any of those, then it should be 'DONE', right?21:46
* ochosi is a little distracted by having to kill mosquitos21:47
ochosiinvalid/wontfix > done imo21:47
ochosiopinion feels more open21:47
knome"Doesn't fit with the project, but can be discussed."21:48
knomeand yeah21:48
knomeif there are only invalid/wontfix statuses, should the bug just not be listed at all?21:48
ochosiwell invalid and wontfix don't sound like "can be discussed"21:48
knome(i don't exactly know why we would link bugs like that, but...)21:48
ochosiwe can also just unlink those21:48
knomenow they show up as "TODO"21:49
ochosibut yeah, you could take them out of the equation21:49
knomeit's easy enough21:49
ochosito some extent, keeping them linked let's us remember what we tackled / touched per cycle21:49
ochosiso that's not totally useless21:49
ochosibut showing up as TODO is21:50
knomeok, those are handled now21:50
knomenot that we have any...21:50
knomei'll keep "opinion" handling as "new" then21:50
knomeeg. no difference21:50
knomeisn't that what you wanted?21:51
ochosii'm ok with that21:51
knomewell, i thought that was what you wanted21:52
knomeyou didn't want them to be not visible21:52
knomewhat else would they be?21:52
ochosiit's a bit too hot here to really *know* what i *want* ;)21:52
knomeif there are only opinion statuses (considering wontfix and invalid aren't counted here any more), should be 'BLOCKED' ?21:52
knomei don't know, this starts going very meta21:53
ochosiheh, indeed21:53
ochosii'm not even sure "opinion" is a very useful status as it is21:53
knomeme neither21:53
knomemaybe it's a consolation status when you want to say "wontfix", but want to be nice21:54
knomeoff to bed, nighty22:31
ochosinight knome 22:32

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