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cYmen_So I started a lengthy job on my other machine and the GUI is completely frozen, I can't really get to the terminal running it anymore and even switching to a real terminal it is so slow that I can barely do anything10:33
cYmen_Anybody know what might be going on? Seems like fucked-up scheduling to me.10:33
knomecYmen_, please watch the language as this is a family-friendly channel10:41
cYmen_most of all this channel seems pretty dead right now11:19
knomethat happens, remember we're all volunteers11:27
PhoenixSTFhey guys12:09
PhoenixSTFhave you been able to upgrade from 14.04.2 to 14.04.312:10
knomeif you are running 14.04(.2), there is no separate "upgrade" dialog12:10
knomewhen you update all of your packages, you are on 14.04.312:10
PhoenixSTFknome: Kernel upgrade??? like in LTSEnablementStack12:11
knomePhoenixSTF, that's a different thing.12:14
PhoenixSTFknome: ahhh osrry, done that, ran the command but it did not work12:15
knomeso, what was the error?12:15
mancomunadoI deleted a simple file and prompted a warning if I wanted to make hardware be forgotten by the system. Three devices were grey on the list. The music was still playing, but when the track finished all the sounds now aren't working. How do I reinstall it?12:15
PhoenixSTFknome: forget hte last one12:16
PhoenixSTFhapens on a 14.04.2 clean install has well, dont know if fglrx has something to do with it12:17
knome"The 14.04.2 and newer point release will ship with an updated kernel and X stack by default."12:19
bekksmancomunado: So which file did you delete?13:08
mancomunadobekks, I have no idea. suddenly it started all over again as it was a ghost stuff13:09
bekksmancomunado: So you dont even know what you deleted?13:09
mancomunadoa restored file by photorec, the funny part is it was supposed to be deleted already13:10
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bandi1they guys to from from unuty 15.03 to xubuntu all i have to do is install xubuntu-desktop right?13:22
bandi1tlol unity13:23
knomebandi1t, that will install the xubuntu desktop parallel to the ubuntu desktop, yes13:23
bandi1tthanks, and there is a way to completely remove unity after right?13:26
knomewell, yes and no13:28
knomethere is no simple way to get all packages related to unity only removed13:29
zippo^Can I change a thema example "Human"?14:43
zippo^I have found14:50
zippo^ok :)14:50
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zippo^Can I move a panel top to bottom?19:38
mrkrampszippo^, sure19:40
zippo^where, mrkramps ?19:40
mrkrampszippo^, right click the panel, go to Panel → Panel Preferences → Display and unlock panel19:43
zippo^YES IT WORKS19:44
* zippo^ hugs mrkramps :)19:44
mrkrampsyou're welcome19:44
zippo^Do you true in the PPA, mrkramps ?20:41
mrkrampszippo^, you mean "trust", i guess20:42
mrkrampsyes and no20:43
zippo^sorry yes "trust" i mean20:43
mrkrampsi avoid private PPAs maintained by people who are not part of the developers or distribution's package maintainers20:44
zippo^Have I need a special app --> zip ?22:34
ubuXubuhello xubuntu channel - i just installed xubuntu 1504 32 bit  while hard wired to my network, i can easy get online this way but cannot get online wireless? it does say i am using a proprietary wireless broacom driver though so i must not know how to configure it in newtowork connections? can someone help me?22:48
ubuXubuand when i reboot it says wirless connection are available but i never see any on a list anywhere ?22:49
ubuXubuwhen i used to use ubuntu is was easy i just clikced on the name of my wirless netowrk put on passcode and done?22:50
ubuXubunow i see someone else with exact same issue as me in ubuntu forum looks like im screwed again22:53
ubuXubunoone gave him an answer22:53
ubuXubutime to wipe my drive'22:53
ubuXubuno matter how hard i try i just cannot get away from ubuntu'22:54
mrkrampsubuXubu, have you installed the proprietary drivers for wifi chipset?22:54
ubuXubuof course22:54
mrkrampscheck settings → additional drivers22:54
ubuXubu1st thing i did'22:54
mrkrampsoutput of:$ lspci | grep Network22:55
ubuXubuive done those commands 1000 times22:55
ubuXubuand u know what22:55
ubuXubuthey never solve anything22:55
ubuXubueither the built it right or it just dont work22:56
ubuXubuoh thanks for trying22:56
mrkrampsi want to know your exact wifi chipset22:56
mrkrampsthat's not an exact chipset22:57
mrkrampsthat's a company22:57
ubuXububcm4311 802.11b/g wlan22:59
ubuXubuis that what u want mrkramps22:59
mrkrampsubuXubu, which of the two broadcom drivers have you installed?23:00
ubuXubuit did it 4 me i did not initiate it at all i just checekd off boxxed to do updates and 3rd party during install23:01
ubuXububut ill go look agaiin23:01
ubuXubulinux sta wireless bcmwl kernal source proprietary23:04
ubuXubuis that what u want mrk?23:04
ubuXubumrkramps: linux sta wireless bcmwl kernal source proprietary      bcm4311 802.11b/g wlan23:06
mrkrampsubuXubu, afaik you need the b4323:07
ubuXubuyeah im porked23:07
ubuXubuwas tired of vista but i think im stuck23:07
ubuXuburuns nice hard wired though23:08
ubuXubucute lil OS23:08
mrkrampswhat the … !?23:08
mrkrampsjust install the other driver23:09
ubuXubuok thought u meant iim out a luck where is this other driver23:09
ubuXubui only se that one23:09
ubuXubudo u mean i choose "do not use this device"?23:10
ubuXubuwell i guess my only choise is do not use this decice since u say it wrong driver23:12
ubuXububut i do n ot see a choice to use any other so here gooes23:13
ubuXubuhad a seen a choice i would of tried it before coming here23:13
mrkrampsjust deactivate STA23:13
ubuXubuone sec23:13
ubuXubuhmmsure is takin its goog ole time23:15
ubuXubugoota luv a 8 year old turion cpu (gags)23:15
ubuXubuok i done it23:15
ubuXubui am not using that driver now23:15
ubuXubuwonder what will happen if  i unplug my cat623:16
mrkrampsprobably nothing23:17
ubuXubuill get booted offline23:17
ubuXubuwell here goes23:17
mrkrampsrun the following command23:17
mrkrampssudo apt-get purge bcmwl-kernel-source broadcom-sta-common broadcom-sta-source23:17
mrkrampssudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer23:18

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