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jamespageand charmers around? I could do with a review of https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charm-helpers/liberty-versioning/+merge/26499809:11
wesleymasonmarcoceppi: are there any py3 compatible rules/guidelines/points for charmhelpers? (is it even a thing?), #askingforafriend12:19
marcoceppiwesleymason: first of all \o/ on duckduckgo12:25
marcoceppiwesleymason: I'm not sure I understand the question, charmhelpers should be py2/py3 compat if that's what you're asking12:26
wesleymasonmarcoceppi: yes, partially, but also is there anything that needs to be considered (e.g. any bits that won't work)12:26
marcoceppiwesleymason: not that I'm aware of, if you come across any issues though, let me know12:27
pedronismarcoceppi: hi, it's a bit strange it doesn't say so in HACKING for example though12:27
stubwesleymason: The tests get run against both py2 and py3, and whenever someone breaks py3 I bitch about it and fix it.12:27
wesleymasonstub: cool12:28
stubwesleymason: the biggest headache is subprocess.check_call and friends, which returns bytes by default and charms like to call a lot.12:28
stubwesleymason: easy peasy, just remember to add 'universal_newlines=True' on every call.12:29
marcoceppipedronis: sadly that hacking doc hasn't been updated in over 300 revisions :\ if you have text taht would fit better in there lmk or submit a patch!12:29
wesleymasonstub: 🙌12:29
marcoceppistub: have you played much with tox?12:29
wesleymason(╯°□°)╯︵ ʃʃɐɔ‾ʞɔǝɥɔ12:29
stubmarcoceppi: No, but it would be what I would first look at if I needed something like buildout/tox/etc.12:30
marcoceppistub: I think we're going to add it to charm-helpers instead of what currently performs the unittests. So far it's been added to a number of other tools and it's a very nice interface12:31
stubmarcoceppi: yup. Talk to barry on the internal chans or the guys in #launchpad-dev if you want - I think they might know the gory details.12:32
ddellavjamespage, I had to re-run amulet tests again due to a timeout on the undercloud (i guess?) but everything is green now. Take a look when you get a chance and let me know: https://code.launchpad.net/~ddellav/charms/trusty/glance/upgrade-action/+merge/26559213:30
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hatchcan you not upgrade a local charm with a local charm? It's giving me an error that local:trusty/mycharm is an invalid charm name16:52
hatcher service name16:52
lazyPowerhatch: you can upgrade a local charm with a local charm16:53
lazyPowerdo you have $JUJU_REPOSITORY set?16:53
hatchyeah I literally just changed `deploy` to `upgrade-charm --force`16:53
lazyPoweryou dont need local:foo/bar with upgrade charm16:54
lazyPowerjust the name of the service is fine16:54
lazyPowerjuju upgrade-charm --force bar16:54
lazyPowerjuju will do the source resolution for you since it has a local: reference listed in the output16:54
lazyPoweryou can verify w/ juju status16:55
hatchahh there we go16:55
hatchquite an odd failure case16:55
lazyPoweri dont think its an odd failure. upgrade-charm depends on a service directive. suppose you deployed 2 services, same charm, different names16:56
lazyPowerand you only want to upgrade a single service, not both16:56
sparkiegeekhatch: pah, you should consider yourself lucky. Using local charms is getting easier. Back in the day it was seriously difficult :P16:56
hatchlazyPower ahh I suppose that makes sense16:57
sparkiegeekhatch: you know about dhx and it's syncing abilities right? (automagical syncing of locally editted charm to deployed environment)16:58
lazyPowerhatch: context sensitivity is arguably one of the nicer things about juju :)16:58
hatchlazyPower but the error messages are real poor16:58
lazyPowersparkiegeek: have you tried sync-watch? where it works in reverse. Edit locally - force push remotely16:58
lazyPowerhatch: a bug would go a long way16:59
sparkiegeeklazyPower: ah, yeah that's the one I meant16:59
hatchI had a typo in my metadata.yaml, so it gave me an error about that and then said it couldn't find the charm lol16:59
hatchjuju sync-watch?16:59
hatchlazyPower I don't think this upgrade charm is actually working17:01
lazyPowerhatch: https://github.com/juju/plugins/pull/5317:01
lazyPowerhatch: what appears to be the behavior?17:01
hatchit's uploading the code, but not re-running the install hook17:01
hatchis it not supposed to re-run the install hook if there is no config-changed?17:01
lazyPowerdo you have a hook trapped on the unit? and i dont think upgrade-charm implicitly calls the install hook17:01
lazyPowerit calls upgrade-charm => config-changed17:01
hatchohh yesterday marcoceppi said that it called the install hook if there was no upgrade-charm17:03
lazyPowermarcoceppi: upgrade-charm calls the install hook? wat?17:03
hatchI mean, it kind of makes sense17:03
lazyPowerhatch: it may, but i'm not aware of that. i defer to the answerer17:03
hatchthe install hook is the place that would install deps17:04
hatchwhich may change between versions17:04
lazyPoweri dont know that i agree with that17:04
hatchlazyPower well it's not calling mine17:04
hatchlazyPower you don't install sysdeps in the install hook?17:04
lazyPoweri mean if you want that behavior, implicitly call install from your upgrade-charm17:04
lazyPowerotherwise, why does it make sense to implicitly call it?17:04
lazyPowerhatch: i'm going to grab a bite to eat. be back in 10 to 15.17:06
lazyPowerbut, one thing before i go17:06
lazyPoweryou should have at bare minimum seen it call config-changed17:06
hatchlazyPower sure np17:06
lazyPowerif upgrade-charm didn't call config-changed, something is either trapped, in error state, or broken17:06
hatchok lemme check that out17:06
hatchlazyPower I can confirm that config-changed was not called, the unit is in the install hook failed state from previous runs but I thought that --force should 'just do it'17:08
lazyPowerhatch: --force only force upgrades the charm code17:12
lazyPowerif your unit is in failure state, you still need to resolve --retry17:13
hatchlazyPower ohh...that'll teach me to assume17:14
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hatchlazyPower so if a hook is in an error state and you try and upgrade it without --force it won't copy the files for any unit?17:18
lazyPowerit will upgrade the charm, but it queues, and the upgraded code wont land until that upgrade-charm cycle is reached17:18
lazyPowerthe --force kind of stealth bombs the upgraded hook code in place17:18
hatchso you would end up in a state where some units have the upgraded code but the ones with hook errors won't?17:20
lazyPowerhatch: they will eventually reach consistency, as that upgrade-charm hook is queued17:21
lazyPowerbut correct. the units in error state will be in halted execution state17:21
lazyPowerso the ones that are not in error will continue to cycle as you would expect17:21
hatchright, but the admin would have to resolve all hook errors first?17:21
hatchlazyPower ok and is there a way to force resolve all errors? When the install hook fails you have to resolve all the next hooks to get it into a functional state17:24
lazyPowerjust juju resolved or juju resolved --retry17:25
hatchoh ok so I'll have to run `juju resolved` three times if the install hook fails17:26
lazyPowermbruzek: marcoceppi - if either of you have a moment, this was a priority fix that just got proposed for the store - https://code.launchpad.net/~kubernetes/charms/trusty/etcd/trunk/+merge/26769617:45
mbruzeklazyPower: you need better bzr foo17:46
mbruzek<<< TREE >>> MERGE-SOURCE17:46
mbruzekYou have merge conflict messages in the readme.17:46
lazyPoweri dont even know where that came from17:47
lazyPowerit was not a merge17:47
* lazyPower eyeballs the github repository17:47
* mbruzek coughs 'vendor'17:47
lazyPowermbruzek: you're welcome to contribute if you dislike how it works :)17:47
mbruzekYou are right.17:47
lazyPowerThis isn't in the local copy17:48
lazyPoweri dont know where that came from17:48
lazyPowerand worse yet, its a whitespace collision17:48
mbruzekIBM has problems with spaces and tabs too don't feel bad17:49
lazyPowermbruzek: feeling spunky today huh?17:49
lazyPowermbruzek: doesn't exist in the repo either17:50
mbruzeklazyPower: I was going off the diff in the merge propsal17:51
lazyPowerthe readme diverged from the store charm and whats in ~kubernetes17:51
mbruzekHow would that happen?17:52
mbruzekIs he charm store touching a file?17:52
lazyPowermbruzek: you broke it w/ rev 1517:52
lazyPowermade changes to the push copy @ the store that dont reflect whats in ~kubernetes17:52
lazyPowerarigato obama san17:53
lazyPoweralso since we're in here17:53
lazyPowerwe have a typo. "Man"-tainers17:53
mbruzekyeah I noticed that too.  My change was to clean up the promulgated namespace17:54
lazyPowermbruzek: @_@ you make my life difficult17:54
mbruzekThe Force is strong with this one17:55
lazyPoweri'm fixing it tho17:55
lazyPower1 sec17:55
lazyPowermbruzek: rev 17 should have that backported fix17:57
lazyPowermbruzek: ploz stop diverging our namespace <317:57
mbruzekdo proper merges and this wouldn't happen.17:57
hatchlazyPower are there any restrictions for hook scripts accessing other files? They run as root correct?19:15
lazyPowercorrect, its run as root.19:15
hatchodd....the script can't access the file, says it doesn't exist, but when I run it manually as root it works19:16
hatchlazyPower and `juju run` executes the files in the hook context based from their directory?19:17
lazyPowerhatch: juju run `whoami && pwd`19:17
hatchoh...it's running it as the cli user19:18
hatchwait nm heh19:18
lazyPowerdepends on if you're running it at --unit --service level19:19
hatchlazyPower so hooks are executed from the hooks dir or from the charm dir?19:19
hatchjuju run is giving me the charm dir19:19
lazyPowerfrom $CHARM_DIR19:20
hatchok that's why it's not working19:20
hatchthanks again lazyPower19:23
lazyPowercheers :)19:23
mwenninghi juju team, is there a way to set --keep-broken after bootstrap?20:27
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pmatulisi'm confused. juju bugs are tracked on github but juju-core bugs are tracked on launchpad?23:46
pmatulisand what's the difference between these two "projects"?23:47

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