lordievaderGood morning.07:49
yossarianukthanks for plasma 5.3.2 in the PPA guys !08:15
yossarianukoddly i'm still getting crashes at shutdown on my 15.10  desktop though.08:15
yossarianuki.e i shutdown/reboot a KDE process 'crashes' - i.e process has stopped / restart? - and the desktop never shutdown (I have to go to a console (alt+ctrl+f2) and reboot from there08:19
lordievaderCan't say I've seen that.08:19
yossarianukI didn't note which process it was (i'm at work now on kubuntu 15.04+PPA)08:19
yossarianukI could have applied updates before hand (can't fully remember)08:20
yossarianukif happens again i'll note it and report...08:20
yossarianukother than that 15.10 seems rock solid.08:20
yossarianuk(less issues than in 15.04)08:20
yossarianuksounds a bit like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-keyring/+bug/140715208:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1407152 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu) "Can't log out from Plasma session with SDDM" [Critical,Fix released]08:23
yossarianukbut obviously isnt that bug (which is fixed..)08:23
lordievaderyossarianuk: But do you have the fix? ;)08:24
yossarianuklordievader: nope - other than going to a virtual console to reboot.08:25
yossarianuki will report it if i occurs again...08:26
lordievaderyossarianuk: That wasn't what I ment. The bug says the fix is released, but that doesn't automatically mean that you have a version with that fix applied.08:26
lordievaderI.e. check package versions ;)08:26
lordievaderOhh, Plasma 5.3.95 is Plasma 5.4 alpha, ain't it ?08:28
yossarianukok - i'm running latest 15.10, what version is that at ?08:31
yossarianukps - looking forward to plasma 5.4, 5.3 was an improvement so i imagine 5.4 will also be.08:31
lordievaderJudging from the comments it has been applied sometime back.08:33
lordievaderAh, 3.16.0-0ubuntu1 carried the fix.08:35
yossarianukhmmm - ok i'll actually try to note whats going on it is re-happens.08:39
yossarianuk*if it*08:39
Riddellsoee_: yes (remove ppa and get updates from wily)09:01
soee_hmm that is not good that users have to remove their confiuratin files after upgrade to 5.3.2 in Vivid: https://plus.google.com/110954078302330754910/posts/dLTF8v23ppi09:23
sitterthere is literally no useful information there09:26
sitterRiddell: apps in need of review: kwalletmanager (straight port), kcalcore, kcontacts, akonadi (straight port), kmime, gpgmepp, kldap, kmbox, syndication09:28
Riddellsitter: oh awesome09:34
Riddellsgclark: kdeconnect working good for me, I've uploaded your package09:43
Riddellsitter: I also made a kubuntu_wily_archive branch09:43
sitterfor kdeconnect?09:44
Riddellsitter: yes09:44
Riddellsitter: shall i just run staging-upload and throw applications into the PPA?09:44
sitterRiddell: apps not done09:45
Riddellsitter: I know but it'll show us some issues and let us upload some bits if they're blocking, or would you prefer to port them all then do that?09:45
sitterI would pefer packaging -> CI -> fix to make CI happy -> initial upload09:46
Riddellokay dokay09:46
sitterwhich would make lots more sense had the CI part been done 4 weeks ago but there's only one me -.-09:46
Riddellbut first, I need to  do a plasma release, which always sounds icky09:46
Riddellgit clone sitter09:47
clivejoa few sitter and Riddell clones would be good :)09:47
sitterah clivejo could totally fix up CI warnings :P09:48
clivejoI wish, I just dont have a clue!09:48
sitterhttp://kci.pangea.pub/ anything that has _stable_ is going to land as either plasma or apps and should not be orange or red09:48
sitterclivejo: learning opportunity clearly. click on gpgmepp, click on view latest console in the center bottom of the gpgmepp page, click on 'parsed console output' in the left hand side navigation, inspect the errors09:50
sitter90% of unstable builds are likely because lintian takes issue with them so simply google the error identifier and you shoudl get a page describing that error09:51
sitterof course the page will have a very confusing and silly description so nobody understands it, so instead you'll ask here :P09:51
* sitter shakes fist at lintian descriptions09:52
tsdgeosRiddell: this bug is back! https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/+bug/148362009:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1483620 in Kubuntu PPA "kipi-plugins 4:4.9.0-0ubuntu1 is missing dependencies" [Undecided,New]09:53
tsdgeosi thought debian had special tools to make sure that didn't happen09:54
clivejositter >> W: libkf5gpgmepp-dev: wrong-section-according-to-package-name libkf5gpgmepp-dev => libdevel09:54
Riddelltsdgeos: you're using backports?09:54
Riddellclivejo: yep, should have Section: libdevel added to the appropriate block in debian/control09:55
tsdgeosRiddell: http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu/09:55
tsdgeosit worked fine in the vivid package09:55
clivejohow would I go about changing that?09:55
clivejois Jenkins another LP like build service?09:56
sitterjenkins is the build service in this case09:56
clivejohow do I access the source?09:56
sitterclivejo: find applications/gpgmepp repo here -> http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/?q=pkg-kde -> you'll find a git url on its page -> clone that (i.e. git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-kde/applications/gpgmepp.git)09:56
sitterkubuntu CI works on special branches kubuntu_stable and kubuntu_unstable09:57
sitterin this case we'll want to change stable, so switch there using git checkout kubuntu_stable09:57
sitterthen open debian/control and edit it09:57
sitterto resolve the warning you'll want to change (or add) the Section: field of libkf5gpgmepp-dev to say libdevel09:58
sitterthen save and run `git diff | pastebinit`09:58
sitterthat'll give you a paste url, you give it to me and I'll push the change for you09:58
clivejoyou been workin on this?09:58
sitter(or you can also give it to Riddell, sgclark, shadeslayer, etc...)09:58
clivejoadded symbols 58mins ago09:59
sitteryeah new package for applications 15.08 release09:59
clivejohumm dont have pastebin setup10:02
sitterclivejo: sudo apt install pastebinit10:04
sittervery handy tool10:04
clivejoyeah, installed it10:04
clivejowhat is kubuntu_unstable?10:06
sitterclivejo: pushed your change... this is now going to trigger a new build http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_stable_gpgmepp/ whenever there is a free slot and no dependencies are building10:06
clivejowhy do we want an unstable branch10:06
dokositter, kdepim ping10:07
sitterkubuntu_stable tracks development of the stable branch in KDE (i.e. right now that is applications 15.08). kubuntu_unstable tracks development of the master branch in KDE (i.e. what is going to become applications 15.12)10:07
sittersince unstable eventually becomes stable we'll want to integrate it as well10:07
clivejoso its like +110:08
sitterdoko: we are on it. patching the existing kdepim doesn't scale so we decided to instead move ahead and get the qt5 kdepim landed10:08
sitterclivejo: up10:08
dokothanks for the heads up10:08
sitterdoko: also FWIW the fedora patch to qmake we talked about yesterday is already applied to our qmake for half a year. so, most other qt4 apps shouldn't have a problem. kdepim is special because boost is used all over the pim stack though10:09
dokositter, I was told that clementine has the same issue10:09
sitterclivejo: yup that is ;)10:09
sitterdoko: possibly. the thing is that the offending header(s) have like a gazillion possibly chaining orders that could lead to the problem. the qmake patch only prevents a portion of them10:11
clivejoso oketea failed cause of this -> cp: cannot stat 'debian/tmp/usr/share/oktetapart/oktetapartbrowserui.rc': No such file or directory10:12
sitterdoko: what we could do is patch boost to #ifndef Q_MOC_RUN in all the relevant headers10:12
sitterI think there's some 10-20 headers that would need that, it should however resolve all compat problems with qt4 and has no negative side effects10:13
dokositter: ok, then let's do this. could you prepare such a patch?10:14
sitterclivejo: a file is no longer being installed by cmake, so now the build fails. I usually check the build log if the file has possibly changed path10:15
sitterdoko: when I find time10:15
clivejositter looks like its moved debian/tmp/usr/share/oktetapart/oktetapartbrowserui.rc to debian/tmp/usr/share/kxmlgui5/oktetapart/oktetapartbrowserui.rc10:16
dokositter: do you know which files are affected?10:17
sitterclivejo: ok, so clone the okteta git repository, checkout the kubuntu_stable branch and adjust the install file to use the new path10:17
clivejoso okteta.install needs changed to the new path?10:17
dokodon't get me wrong, but that kdepim is on a critical path, so either the one based on qt5 would be appreciated, or the boost fixes10:18
soee_Riddell: so you plan to release new Plasma today ?10:18
yossarianukwhich version is that soee_:10:19
sitterdoko: qt5 one is top priority anyway as I need it for work-work10:19
soee_yossarianuk: 5.4 beta for Wily10:19
sitterclivejo: also possibly oktetapartreadonlyui.rc and oktetapartreadwriteui.rc changed path, so you can make sure those are correct in the install10:19
yossarianukcool - will that be in the normal wily (15.10) repos?10:19
soee_yossarianuk: yes10:19
=== soee_ is now known as soee
dokoRiddell, sitter: I see that kde is using patchelf, which is not available on some archs? what exactly is done with this? would chrpath an option too?10:21
dokosee the julia package10:21
Riddellsoee: plasma beta out now10:21
Riddelldoko: I don't think I've heard of it, where it's being used by kde?10:22
dokoahh, not kde, sorry10:22
yossarianukIs the fullscreen launcher included by default in 5.4 ? - i.e -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE9fV8II6eI&feature=youtu.be10:23
yossarianukor is that an addon?10:23
clivejositter: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12054685/10:23
soeeyossarianuk: find teh answer here https://dot.kde.org/2015/08/11/plasma-54-beta-adds-shine10:24
sitterclivejo: thanks. pushed10:26
yossarianuksoee: cheers for the outline of 5.410:32
yossarianukso will wayland be 'fully' supported by 5.5 / 5.6 ?10:32
clivejositter: in kate -> textfilterplugin.so doesnt seem to be built, how do I find out what happened to it?10:36
clivejofull path is usr/lib/*/qt5/plugins/ktexteditor/textfilterplugin.so10:37
clivejois it being built separately?10:40
sitterclivejo: that one is tricky and impossible to find out :P10:41
clivejositter: ah now, nothing is impossible10:42
sitterwell, it's not it's just very pointless10:42
clivejodo you know Christoph Cullmann ?10:42
sitterit is fallout from us merging unstable into stable too late10:42
clivejohe was working on it in Akademy10:43
sitteri.e. since Applications/15.08 is coming up we merged unstable into stable (which previously was Applications/15.04), but we did it so late that unstable already had new files that never made it into 15.0810:43
sitterand that's why the build is now failing10:43
clivejohes bound to know!10:43
sitterfixing this invovles meddling with git10:43
sitteractually what I just said might be nonsense xD10:44
clivejocant git go back in time?10:44
sitterwhat I said was correct after all ^^10:45
sitterclivejo: not necessary10:45
Riddellclivejo: purpose starting to go green now I uploaded sgclark's kdeconnect :) https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/purpose/1.0~rc1-0ubuntu110:45
clivejowhere did you get the new kde-connect?!?10:46
sitterclivejo: the workflow to resolve this is essentially git revert the last commit, then merge stable into unstable and revert the revert10:46
sitterit's madness10:46
clivejorevert the revert10:46
sitterhttp://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/kate.git/log/?h=kubuntu_unstable :P10:47
sitterclivejo: should be fixed in the next build now \o/10:48
clivejowhat happened that file?10:48
clivejooh, its a brand new plugin for the next release?10:50
soeeRiddell: do we plan 5.4beta backport ?10:50
Riddellclivejo: from sgclark who just took a git snapshot cos Vaca won't make a release10:50
Riddellsoee: I doubt I have time, maybe sgclark will take it up but she says she's away this week10:50
soeeok, thank you10:51
clivejohow do I search the commits?10:51
clivejoI googled textfilterplugin.so and didnt find anything10:52
sitterclivejo: I use gitk10:52
clivejowhats gitk?10:52
sittergui for git log10:52
sittera very 1990's gui though ;)10:52
sitterI have only ever seen one other person use it, so you might find qgit or ggit more enjoyable to use10:53
clivejoso I have to clone the package first?10:53
clivejono web interface?10:53
sitterclivejo: for kate? quickgit.kde.org10:53
sitterI find cloning faster than fighting with web interfaces though10:53
sitterif you look at the CMakeLists.txt change you'll notice that this change enables the plugin10:54
sitterhence resolving https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34724310:55
ubottuKDE bug 347243 in plugin-pythonapi "text filter plugin missing from kate 5.0.0" [Major,Resolved: fixed]10:55
clivejoshould it not be enabled?10:55
sitterclivejo: not for applications 15.0810:56
sitterit's a new feature, and since 15.08 supposedly was already frozen it can only go into 15.1210:56
sitterclivejo: new gpgmepp report in, seems the Section fix had a format problem ;) http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_stable_gpgmepp/2/parsed_console/10:56
sitterRiddell: new for review kholidays and kpimtextedit10:57
clivejois it lib-devel ?10:57
sitterPackage: libkf5gpgmepp-dev10:58
sitterSection : libdevel10:58
sitternotice the difference10:58
clivejothe space?10:58
clivejogood lord10:58
clivejofussy isnt it10:58
Riddellcomputers are fussy like that10:59
sitterlintian is pretty strict10:59
clivejoOCD more like it11:00
sitterenforcing a common format isn't a bad thing though11:00
sitternext thing you know is someone does this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12054847/11:00
sitteralways gets my blood boiling when people do that with code :P11:01
clivejonow I like that formatting11:01
sitterlot's of people do11:01
sitterunless everyone's editor is really good at parsing the language in question though it will at some point become incosistent and stop looking so nice11:02
sitteralso there's the qustion of tab vs. space11:03
sitterand there's people who prefer tab which then usually looks weird for everyone but the person who put the tabs there ;)11:03
sitterformatting is always a faffy subject11:03
clivejosurely human readility is more important!11:03
sitterclivejo: studies have shown that it doesn't improve readability :P11:05
sitterespecially not if you have long words to column on11:05
clivejoIm dyslexic, so it does for me11:05
sitteras the space betwen short words and actual value gets bigger one finds it harder to hold the line when reading11:05
clivejoI dont read, I recognise word patterns!11:05
sitterclivejo: same difference11:06
clivejositter: have you fixed the formatting for gpgmepp?11:08
sitterclivejo: no11:08
sitterthere's another problem as well. a new one \o/11:08
clivejowhats the new problem?11:08
sitterclivejo: there's a new warning11:09
sittercheck the parsed output11:09
clivejogrrr I hate versions11:10
clivejowhat zero is it complaining about?11:12
clivejothe 15.10-0?11:12
sittereh eh11:13
sitterclivejo: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_stable_gpgmepp/2/parsed_console/11:13
sitteryou usually want to look at the parsed output11:13
sitterthe raw output has many more complaints we choose to ignore for various reasons11:13
clivejois the missing depends caused by my using a space in the section ?11:15
Riddellsitter: ark up for review11:16
sitterRiddell: +rm  debian/ark/usr/lib/*/libkerfuffle.so11:18
sitterwe should upstream this11:18
sitterclivejo: nope it's me being a crappy packager :S11:18
sitterclivejo: you'll want to add the two libraries as dependencies of the -dbg package11:19
clivejositter: why is that?11:19
sitterclivejo: because in order to use the debug symbols one needs to have the thing to debug installed as well11:20
clivejoah, good logic there11:21
sitterpractically speaking it is a bit weird though. one doesn't decide that one wants to install a debug package without first having the need to debug the thing one wants to install the debug package for11:24
clivejositter: it current Depends: libkf5gpgmepp5 (= ${binary:Version}) | libkf5gpgmepp-pthread5 (= ${binary:Version}) | libkf5qgpgme5 (= ${binary:$11:26
clivejo         ${misc:Depends}11:26
clivejoI need to add libkf5gpgmepp-dev?11:27
* clivejo rubs chin in deep thought11:28
sitterclivejo: it possibly complains because it doesn't depend on gpgme which isn't a package fo rcourse11:29
sitterif my lintian actually wasn't defunct this would be easier to debug >.<11:32
dokoRiddell, sitter: kwin ftbfs11:33
BluesKajHey folks11:36
clivejohi BluesKaj11:36
Riddelldoko: looks like it needs its kwayland build-dep version bumped, fixing..11:36
BluesKajHi clivejo11:36
dokoRiddell, sitter: kwin kwayland-integration kscreen kicad 11:38
sitterclivejo: let's fix the Section for now. I can't seem to reproduce the dbg warning11:40
Riddelldoko: kicad we're innocent of, that's wxgtk stuff! :)11:40
sittermight be a fluke11:40
clivejoI think the missing section is generating that error11:40
clivejoyou want me to make the diff?11:41
clivejoget me some experience!11:42
sneleis plasma 5.4 beta packaged to wily? it will be in main repository for wily or in backports?11:43
sitterclivejo: pushed11:43
sitterlet's see what happens11:43
* clivejo fingers crossed11:44
sitterRiddell: are you preping a review request for ark?11:44
soeesnele: backports are for previous version, so development version never has backports11:44
Riddellsitter: not currently, I'm not sure how to do it in cmake, there's a PRIVATE keyword for libraries but reading the docs I"m not sure what it does11:45
clivejoRiddell: regarding purpose, should the package name be changed to libkf5purpose?11:45
sitterRiddell: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/124610/11:45
Riddellclivejo: the binary package is named so, the source package is named however upstream wants it to be named which is just "purpose"11:46
Riddellsitter: genius, ok I'll take a look11:47
dokoRiddell, could we stop with new plasma versions until we have the current stack in -release, or is this required?11:48
Riddelldoko: it's all uploaded11:48
Riddelldoko: I'm waiting for the last parts of frameworks to build on powerpc and arm64 before going through to check all plasma is compiling11:49
dokoyes, babysitting these ...11:49
dokoRiddell, ktorrent has a b-d on itself?11:50
sitterRiddell: kidentitymanagement for review11:56
dokositter: libktorrent is the next qt4/boost candidate11:57
snelewily is not starting after newest updates. freezes at splash screen. install -f fixes pamwallet thingy but i still get feeze at splash screen12:04
clivejoIm getting "pam-kwallet : Depends: pam-kwallet4 but it is not installed" on upgrade of wily12:09
soeebut there are very few packages from Plasma 5.4 beta and Framewroks 5.13 in Willy, shouldn't we wait with upgrades till all of them are in archive >12:18
yofelyou should wait12:47
yofelbut if you already broke your system you could ask jr where he put the WIP packages and update using those12:48
sitterdoko: libktorrent should be fixed in ubuntu412:51
sitterclivejo: achievement unlocked: CI fixer12:51
dokositter, ta12:52
BluesKaj_After the latest update and dist-upgrade wily alpha2 stalls on the splash screen, yakuake loads , but the desktop doesn't. Also sddm has to be enabled again.12:57
soeeRiddell: see last comment https://plus.google.com/110954078302330754910/posts/hsrBjUKZRfi13:01
soeeRiddell: all new packages are already in archive or some are unpubllished yet and this might cause the problems ?13:01
Riddellprobably some are unpublished13:02
* doko grumbles at sitter for not using GCC 5 for testing ...13:03
sitterdoko: I wouldn't know what to do anyway :P13:04
clivejositte Riddell: what is kamoso failing - http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_unstable_kamoso/13:44
clivejositter: 13:45
Riddell"Upload was likely rejected, we have been waiting for well over 30 minutes!" dunno, needs sitter to look into why it was rejected by launchpad13:45
clivejoand plasma-pa ?13:47
clivejois there a ppa for testing?13:48
sitterRiddell, clivejo: launchpad swollowed the upload13:49
sitterthere is no sign of it13:49
sittersimply retrying is the best course of action for rejection anyway13:49
clivejoyou didnt push it to the wrong place *coughs*13:49
sitterif it doesn't work twice in a row it is cause for concern ^^13:49
clivejositter: are you on the KDE team?13:50
clivejoany plans to get the kolab server packaged in Ubuntu?13:52
sitterI think we had looked into it at some point and possibly even had packages. but it is a chore to maintain13:54
sitterin particular since IIRC it required patching various middleware packages13:54
Riddellyes it's always scared me too much13:55
clivejoscared you?!?13:55
Riddellthere is a debian packaging team, dunno how far they got13:55
clivejowhat would it take to get it into ubuntu archive?13:59
RiddellI don't know, I'm unsure what needs to be changed in other packages14:02
sitterkdepimlibs is still way too huge >.<14:07
clivejoI thought they were separating it into modules?14:12
sitteryeah, but there' still a wall of akonadi left14:15
sitterI mean14:15
sitterit's way less mental than it was before14:15
starbuck1ximion: i tested latest KCI with muon discover and found it had initiliazed with only some kde-centric apps, missing anything gtk/x11 mostly14:20
starbuck1since apol is on vacation, you know anything about that being related to appstream adata?14:21
ximionstarbuck1: first of all: is Muon compiled with AppStream support?14:21
ximionand: do you have AppStream metadata?14:22
ximionyou can search through the data using the appstream-index tool14:22
starbuck1ximion: are you and apol exchanging status so far?14:29
sitterRiddell, clivejo: 14:29
sitterkamoso_3.0.0~rc1+git20150811.1358+15.10-0.dsc: Version older than that in the archive. 3.0.0~rc1+git20150811.1358+15.10-0 <= 3.0.0+git20150804.1331+15.10-014:29
starbuck1i read about the discussion to split discover as standalone from muon packager...14:30
clivejostupid version14:30
ximionstarbuck1: yes, that will happen soon. Another thing is that we need to enable AppStream support unconditionally of the backend - at time, it's tied to the PackageKit backend being enabled, and you can't have both PK and QApt14:32
ximionat Tanglu we enable the experimental PK backend to get AppStream support, which sort of works14:32
ximionbut still, you can see that PK is less mature in Muon than QApt is14:33
ximionalso, Discover will need some architectural redesign to support AppStream properly. Right now, it reads packages first and maps packages to AppStream components. While it actually should be the other way around. Doing that will also dramatically speed up Discover when running on PK14:34
ximionapol wanted to do all the Muon stuff, while I wanted to improve the libappstream and libappstream-qt libraries14:37
clivejowhats wrong with this package -> http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_stable_kalgebra/9/parsed_console/14:52
clivejoRiddell: kalgebra-common has missing dependencies...  org.kde.analitza[1.0] not found.  Would that be a runtime or build dep?  Im kinda leaning to a build dep on analitza-dev ?15:12
clivejosanta_: hi15:13
santa_hi everyone15:14
starbuck1ximion: when muon packager and updater is split, would you like to carry on dsicover + appstream/PK?15:16
starbuck1just saying aleix would also have to carry on the packager and the updater of muon, so its a logical split happening there imo15:17
ximionstarbuck1: I can't firmly commit to anything, since maintaining AppStream itself, working on PackageKit and developing Limba and Tanglu is already lots of work - but I would certainly like to help with the newly split-out Discover15:19
ximionit's using QAppStream afterall :-)15:19
ximionone idea is to merge the updater part into Discover as well, btw15:21
ximionand to make Apper the package-manager of choice for non-Debian-based distros, since porting Muon to PK to make it distro-agnostic would just be a lot of pointless work15:21
ximionand maybe find a new maintainer for the Debian/Kubuntu-specific Muon15:22
starbuck1ximion: how to increase appstream support in Discover? if we ship it like that as part of 5.4, people will wonder about where all the apps have gone?15:24
ximionI need to check what's actually in Discover atm, one second...15:24
ximionhmm, it's still dependent on PK being enabled15:25
ximionso unless you changed that in Kubuntu, there is actually no AppStream support enabled15:25
starbuck1oh, so it might be another issue15:25
starbuck1lets wait until pol returns :)15:25
ximionldd /usr/bin/muon-discover | grep appstream15:26
ximionif that shows nothing => no AppSteam15:27
ximionI could take a look at it, but I'm currently a bit occupied with Debconf15:27
Riddellorg.kde.analitza will be a runtime qml issue15:29
santa_Riddell: I have sent to the ml a set of patches for apps, you might want to apply them before jumping completely into 15.0815:30
santa_I can re-submit anything if it got obsolete, I started with those a long time ago15:31
ximionstarbuck1: that command was wrong, it should actually be a check if /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/muon/muon-pkbackend.so exists15:32
Riddellsanta_: thanks, I'll look at them shortly15:32
ximionstarbuck1: I will prepare a package for the easy installation of Kubuntu AppStream data - until then, you could use http://packages.tanglu.org/source/dasyatis/appstream-data , which works even on Kubuntu15:35
ximionDiscover with AppStream support enabled is required though, unless using the CLI tool is good enough :-)15:36
Riddellah bother, kwin needs libhybris which doesn't exist on powerpc or arm64 or ppc64el15:45
dokoRiddell, uploaded a kwin which hopefully will build on arm64, powerpc and ppc64el15:47
Riddellah you're ahead of me :)15:48
dokoRiddell, so we plan to force gcc-5 and gcc-defaults to release tonight15:49
dokokde should be kept back by other dependencies, but you won't be able to build things in wily without wily-proposed15:50
ahoneybunRiddell: ping16:02
ahoneybunohhh kde connect update16:20
soee_yup, but no full Plasma 5.4 yet :/16:25
Riddellhi ahoneybun16:28
soee_hmm i think plasma and some part of frameworsk get stuck in proposed17:23
yofeland they will stay there until the gcc5 transition is done, so don't hold your breath17:48
clivejoRiddell: why do I keep getting emails about purpose failing to build?18:02
yofelclivejo: if your name/email is in the changelog entry when it was uploaded, you will recieve the failure messages18:05
yofel(as you might be responsible for that)18:06
clivejoyofel: do you have a login for http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/18:17
clivejoRiddell: ping18:21
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
yofelclivejo: yes, why?18:59
QuintasanHoly crap19:09
QuintasanDoes anyone have any idea why git --version yields 2.1.4 when all possible answers point to it still being 1.9.1 in trusty?19:10
Quintasanpackage version is 1.9.1, changelog says nothing about silent version bump, and I couldn't find any patches in the source that would bump the version19:10
ahoneybunRiddell: I'm getting Permission denied when trying to connect to the ec219:11
mparilloI can confirm:  <BluesKaj_> After the latest update and dist-upgrade wily alpha2 stalls on the splash screen...but the desktop doesn't. I assume this is because the plasma beta is partly packaged, so there is no need for a bug report?19:26
clivejoyofel: I want to try a patch19:27
yofelQuintasan: 'which git' is /usr/bin/git ?19:28
yofelodd, says 1.9.1 here19:29
QuintasanWhat on Earth...19:30
clivejoIve just installed updates and wily wants to reboot, will I be able to get back into my desktop?19:38
Riddellclivejo: sorted?19:38
dokoRiddell, man, sloppy b-d's are really a mess. at least update kdelibs4support 19:38
Riddellahoneybun: yeah i kicked you out I'm afraid so I could sign stuff easier, do you need t?19:38
Riddelldoko: where?19:38
clivejoRiddell: nope, I want to try a patch19:39
ahoneybunI was going to see if we could work on ark if someone else has not taken it yet19:39
Riddellahoneybun: I finished it off19:39
Riddellahoneybun: you'd done it all pretty much19:39
Riddellahoneybun: lots more to do on the doc19:39
clivejoRiddell: for http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/kanagram.git/log/?h=kubuntu_stable this patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/12057127/ do you agree/disagree?19:40
ahoneybunso I was about right with what I was doing Riddell?19:40
dokoeverywhere, apparently, the dependencies for libkf5kdelibs4support-dev were updated, but not the b-d's for kdelibs4support. you should get build failure emails, do you read them?19:41
ahoneybunRiddell: you took done that one link I had19:44
ahoneybunor someone did19:44
ahoneybunI'm trying to find the tars19:45
clivejoahoneybun: are you on wily?19:45
clivejohave you run into this freezing at splash screen issue?19:46
ahoneybunum no19:46
ahoneybunnot yet I imagine19:46
clivejohave you updated today?19:46
ahoneybunyea I know something was kinda broke19:49
soee_clivejo: when exactly it freezes ?19:50
ahoneybunsome package was installing something but another package installs it as well19:50
Riddellahoneybun: https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-apps-15.08 ?19:50
Riddellahoneybun: http://download.kde.org/unstable/applications/15.07.90/src/19:51
ahoneybunI need upstream tars19:51
ahoneybunyay unmet deps19:53
ahoneybunpam-kwallet : Depends: pam-kwallet4 but it is not installed19:53
Riddellahoneybun: enable proposed?19:53
ahoneybunI don't have that19:53
ahoneybunclean wily19:53
ahoneybunfrom alpha 219:53
ahoneybunapt-get -f install fixed it all19:54
soee_proposed will remove alot of important packages19:54
ahoneybunI'd like to have a half working system19:54
ahoneybunif not whole19:54
ahoneybunRiddell: still have not added me back I see19:54
clivejodont like the new wallpaper19:55
ahoneybunI do19:55
Riddellahoneybun: give me a minute19:55
clivejohas the old one been removed?19:55
ahoneybunclivejo: the old wallpaper?19:55
clivejoold plasma19:56
soee_i think he ment the one from 5,319:56
ahoneybunthen old wallpaper19:56
clivejoyup thats what I meant !19:56
ahoneybunno clue I have not seen the new one yet19:57
ahoneybunwell 19:57
ahoneybunI've seen it just not from a update19:57
ahoneybunRiddell: how bad would kcalutils be to package.19:57
clivejoeasy peasy :P19:58
Riddellahoneybun: you're back in19:58
* ahoneybun gets his chair ready for dep hell19:59
clivejois kcalutils not part of the suite?19:59
ahoneybunpim it is19:59
Riddellahoneybun: try kiriki maybe20:00
clivejoRiddell: whats going on with purpose on ARM64?  I keep getting failed to build emails20:01
Riddellclivejo: if you don't like that think how I feel when I upload 60 frameworks :)20:01
Riddellclivejo: it won't build until all the frameworks are built and arm64 is very very slow to build for some reason20:02
clivejodidnt say I didnt like it :P20:02
Riddellin the mean time it'll keep trying20:02
clivejomore curious as to whats going on20:02
Riddellprobably I click retry on it when I notice another architecture is ready to build20:02
clivejoI thought LP would give up, but keeps retrying over and over20:03
Riddellclivejo: probably me and doko keep retrying it, I have a script that retries all the frameworks20:04
clivejoI know this is very basic, but where to desktop backgrounds go?20:04
Riddellthere's still a load that still need to compile on amd6420:04
Riddell/usr/share/wallpapers isn't it?20:04
ahoneybunRiddell: can you save the changelog20:04
ahoneybunI don;t know how to use emac20:04
* ahoneybun forgot to change it to nano20:05
Riddellahoneybun: everyone should know emacs20:05
Riddellit should be taught in primary school20:05
ahoneybunRiddell: well you should have shown me at akademy :P20:05
ahoneybuntill then nano is my way20:05
Riddellclivejo: did you work out what I did to the symbols in purpose?20:07
clivejoI have no idea!20:07
clivejosymbols baffle me20:07
Riddellsymbols baffle everyone20:07
clivejoand so does copyright20:07
Riddellclivejo: do you know what the symbols files are for?20:07
Riddellcopyright is easy, it's just boring20:07
Riddellnope, not debugging20:07
Riddellthey're to ensure the library remains compatible with a new release20:08
Riddellapplications use code in a library20:08
ahoneybunRiddell: do you see the "X-Ubuntu" stuff20:08
ahoneybunin the debian/control20:08
Riddellclivejo:  the source will call a class or function etc but the compiled programmes will call symbols20:09
Riddellclivejo: and if a symbol goes missing then the program will crash20:09
Riddellor if it changes20:09
Riddellso we keep track to ensure a new version of the librar y doesn't cause the apps that use that library to crash20:09
Riddellahoneybun: they can go now, it's all in debian git20:09
ahoneybunand it recommands khelpcenter420:10
ahoneybunis 5 out?20:10
Riddellahoneybun: remove the 420:10
ahoneybunremove it all there??20:10
Riddelljust khelpcenter now20:10
Riddellclivejo: with me so far?20:10
ahoneybunRiddell: does it look good?20:10
clivejothey are binary symbols?20:10
Riddellclivejo: yep20:11
clivejohuman to machine20:11
clivejolike a lookup table?20:11
Riddellahoneybun: update Vcs-Browser:20:11
Riddellahoneybun:  the url changed, just follow where the old one takes you and update it20:11
Riddellclivejo: exactly20:11
ahoneybunI thought I did20:11
clivejoDNS system for computer programs!20:12
ahoneybunRiddell: better?20:12
Riddellahoneybun: lovely20:12
Riddellclivejo: that purpose package had a bunch of plugins and private libraries in it which aren't used directly by any application so I added an override in debian/rules to ignore them20:12
clivejoI can see why programmer would want to add them, but why remove them?20:13
Riddellclivejo: they only remove them by mistake, or change them by mistake20:13
ahoneybunit depends on kdelibs5-dev20:13
ahoneybunwhich I removed20:13
Riddellclivejo: c++ is crazy hard to keep binary compatibility, if you add a new variable to a class that can change all the symbols in the class20:13
clivejocan there be multiple symbols for one entry point?20:13
ahoneybunso I guess libkdegames-dev gets removed too?20:14
Riddellclivejo:  the scary details at https://techbase.kde.org/Policies/Binary_Compatibility_Issues_With_C++20:14
Riddellahoneybun: yep20:14
ahoneybunless deps the better20:14
dokoRiddell, ahoneybun: somebody needs to update the libkdegames symbols files20:14
clivejoI havent programmed in year20:14
yofelwell, they don't only remove them by mistake. Intentional API cleanup is also a thing20:14
clivejowell since uni20:14
dokogcc-5 now in -release20:14
clivejomy project was on Minix20:15
clivejoand it put me off programming20:15
ahoneybunrecipes are failing20:15
Riddellclivejo: yes they might remove them to tidy it up, in which case they need to change the SOVERSION so it's libfoo.so.2 instead of libfoo.so.1, sometimes they forget to bump that SOVERSION20:15
clivejoah, that explains a few things!20:16
Riddellclivejo: so anyway after I told it to ignore the plugins and private libs it still said there were some new ones in the purpose library20:17
clivejothen just use a symbolic link?20:17
Riddellclivejo: so I added those in using   pkgkde-symbolshelper batchpatch -v 1.0 ../purpose.build20:17
clivejoI tried that20:17
Riddellwhere 1.0 is whatever the actual upstream version was and purpose.build was the build log20:17
clivejoand it made *.symbols files20:18
ahoneybunkf5kdegames-config.cmake ///20:18
Riddellapt search is your friend20:19
Riddellor search for KF5KDEGamesConfig.cmake on packages.ubuntu.com20:19
ahoneybunI search p.u.com20:19
ahoneybunand apt search20:19
Riddellgives me the answer20:20
ahoneybunahoneycutt@KubuntuPad-Y510P:~$ apt search kf5kdegames-config.cmake20:20
ahoneybunSorting... Done20:20
ahoneybunFull Text Search... Done20:20
Riddellahoneybun: packages.ubuntu.com  put KF5KDEGamesConfig.cmake in "Search the contents of packages"  select "packages that contain files whose names contain the keyword"   distribution wily20:22
ahoneybunI don't know the full features yet20:23
santa_you also have apt-file to do that kind of search20:25
ahoneybunthanks Riddell and santa_20:25
clivejoRiddell: is it difficult to get a login for http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/ ?20:29
ahoneybunRiddell: https://paste.kde.org/pzljfg7uz20:30
clivejoahoneybun: libkf5emoticons-dev20:32
ahoneybunit looks like the package is old or something20:33
ahoneybunnot a missing dep20:33
clivejooh wait sorry20:34
clivejodidnt read it properly20:34
ahoneybun5.10 is in there20:34
ahoneybunit wants 5.13 I think20:34
ahoneybunam I right?20:35
clivejoahoneybun: http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/amd64/libkf5kdegames-dev/filelist20:36
clivejoadd libkf5kdegames-dev as a build dep20:37
ahoneybunsame error20:38
ahoneybunCould not find a configuration file for package "KF5Emoticons" that is20:38
ahoneybun  compatible with requested version "5.13.0".20:38
ahoneybunwhos editing debian/control20:39
clivejohave you libkf5kdelibs4support-dev as a build dep?20:40
ahoneybunso we need to update libkf5emoticons-dev 20:40
ahoneybundon't think so20:40
ahoneybunsame thing20:41
santa_ahoneybun: you can try to build it in a chroot with pbuilder or sbuild20:42
Riddellahoneybun:  apt-cache policy libkf5emoticons-dev   will tell you which versions are available20:42
clivejowhat are you working on?20:42
valoriedid anyone fix the wily pam-kwallet glitch yet?20:42
ahoneybunI just forced it to install valorie20:42
valorietried upgrading my little netbook from spain, and it didn't install20:43
valoriesure, i can do that, but it should be fixed20:43
ahoneybunI agree20:43
valorieno hurry, I was only backing it up20:43
ahoneybunRiddell: seems there is a lot to update20:43
Riddellvalorie: what's the problem?20:43
Riddellahoneybun: go for it20:44
valorieso do I need to file a bug?20:44
ahoneybunRiddell: some dep issue with pam-kwallet20:44
ahoneybunyou need to install pam-kwallet4 but it is not installing it 20:45
valorieerroros were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/pam-kwallet4_4%3a5.3.95-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb20:45
ahoneybunclivejo: I'm pretty sure this update will fix that issue20:45
valorieE: Sub-process /uisr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)20:45
valoriegurk, bad typing20:46
valoriethat was the only error, so that's decent20:46
dokoRiddell, plasma-workspace needs a tighened b-d on plasma-sdk20:49
ahoneybunclivejo: it is compliling20:49
ahoneybunRiddell: I need the command to remote sign again20:49
clivejoahoneybun: what did you do?20:49
ahoneybunI'll add it to my text file20:49
ahoneybunclivejo: update the system20:49
valorieso: file bug?20:49
ahoneybun5.13 was in waiting20:49
clivejoRiddell didnt update his ec1?20:50
ahoneybunwhat controls this: debian/tmp/usr/share/applications/kde4/kiriki.desktop?20:50
valorieor will somebody fix this without a bug report?20:51
Riddellvalorie: slap a bug on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kwallet-pam/+filebug please20:51
clivejoahoneybun: what do you mean?  its a file that has been made that needs to go into a package20:55
ahoneybunbut it can't find it20:55
ahoneybuncp: cannot stat 'debian/tmp/usr/share/applications/kde4/kiriki.desktop': No such file or directory20:55
clivejosearch the build log for kiriki.desktop20:55
dokoRiddell, plasma-workspace needs a tighened b-d on plasma-framework too :-/20:55
clivejoits probably moved20:56
ahoneybunseems to be the best case20:56
ahoneybunbut how do I tell it to look for that instead20:56
clivejoneed to change it in the *.install file20:56
Riddelldoko: pushed to git, should I upload new packages?20:57
clivejodo a ls *.install in your debian folder20:57
dokoRiddell, no, will give back20:57
clivejoit is probably something like kiriki.install20:57
ahoneybunI see20:57
clivejofind the line that "installs" that file and edit it to the correct path and filename20:58
Riddelldoko: what do you mean "plasma-workspace needs a tighened b-d on plasma-sdk"? p-w doesn't build-dep on plasma-sdk20:58
dokoRiddell, maybe it was plasma-framework only21:00
ahoneybunclivejo: that fixed one thing21:00
ahoneybunnow more errors show up21:00
ahoneybunoh well getting closer21:00
clivejokeep fixing :P21:00
Riddellahoneybun: you can run  dh_install --list-missing to just check the .install files21:01
ahoneybunthats nice21:01
Riddellahoneybun: copy and paste is your friend :)21:01
clivejoindeed, I added a few more enties to my clipboard!21:02
clivejowish I could make the window bigger!21:03
dokoRiddell, plus kactivities-kf521:04
ahoneybunclivejo: we should compare files21:04
ahoneybunI have a text file with commands and such21:04
clivejoyes Im keeping some to21:04
clivejotrying my best to remember them, but my short term memory is rubbish21:04
ahoneybunbest to keep them anyway21:05
clivejois there such a thing as a local wiki server?21:05
ahoneybunclivejo: we could put our notes on the kubuntu community wiki page21:06
Riddelldoko: kactivities-kf5 has tight build-deps on the other frameworks, what's up there?21:06
dokoRiddell, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/214213143/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-arm64.plasma-workspace_4%3A5.3.95-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz21:06
clivejoahoneybun: I though it was being phased out?21:06
ahoneybunis it?21:07
ahoneybunnow to sign it21:07
* ahoneybun searchs logs for debsign command21:07
clivejowho needs drugs when you have packaging!21:08
clivejoahoneybun: this one debsign -r ubuntu@ec2-54-166-32-1.compute-1.amazonaws.com:mnt/path/to/changes21:09
ahoneybungot it thanks21:09
ahoneybunI have logs :)21:09
clivejohave you a wiki link?21:09
clivejoa link to community wiki21:10
clivejotoo lazy to google21:10
ahoneybunI've added mine21:12
=== morgan is now known as Guest2266
Guest2266hi - I have just updated to the latest beta nvidia driver (355.06) in kubuntu 15.10 to try EGL as the kwin maintainer wished21:14
Guest2266i.e -> http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2015/08/should-we-target-egl-as-the-default/21:14
ahoneybunnow it looks nice21:14
Guest2266i don't think its working though21:14
Guest2266if I switch to EGL its like Xrender21:14
Guest2266(not desktop effects)21:14
Guest2266GLX is normal21:14
Guest2266anyway of getting feedback / a log?21:15
Guest2266I have tried running systemsettings from a konsole window21:16
clivejoahoneybun: have you used - debuild -nc (no clean, so doesnt have to compile everything)21:16
ahoneybunadd it of course21:17
clivejothats a handy one with big projects21:17
clivejouscan --no-download --verbose  (to check the watch file21:17
ahoneybunRiddell: I signed the package but it says public key not found21:19
Guest2266ah - if I select EGL, then run in a console 'kwin_x11 --replace &' I get feedback21:19
Guest2266I see -> kwin_core: Egl Initialize succeeded - kwin_core: EGL version:  1 . 421:20
Guest2266but then -> kwin_core: Creating the OpenGL rendering failed:  "Required extension GL_OES_EGL_image not found, disabling compositing"21:20
* ahoneybun hates gpg21:25
Guest2266my issue is same as this -> https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/864738/355-06-does-not-expose-gl_oes_egl_image/21:25
Guest2266anyone had success with the new beta driver + EGL?21:26
clivejoGuest2266: I havent tried to be honest21:26
clivejoare you using the NVidia installer?21:27
Guest2266yes - latest beta21:27
Guest2266GLX is fine21:27
clivejoit really is something you need to ask NVidia21:27
Guest2266sure, its the EGL kde module though i'm having the issue with - however I am not certain what other EGL tests I can do?21:28
clivejowhat version of plasma you running?21:29
Guest2266latest in 15.10 21:29
Guest2266ii  plasma-desktop                                4:5.3.2-0ubuntu3       21:30
Guest2266no just normal dev/wily 21:30
ahoneybunclivejo: any idea about this: gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found ?21:31
clivejoahoneybun: arfe you dput'ing?21:31
clivejouse dput -u21:32
Guest2266really just wondering if anyone here had any success, it was on Martin Gräßlin's advice I gave the nvidia driver a go..21:32
ahoneybunI signed the package 21:32
Guest2266i've added a comment to his blog -> http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2015/08/should-we-target-egl-as-the-default/ (he said report issues..)21:32
yofelahoneybun: dput will check the local keyring for a valid key. If you remote-debsign that doesn't work21:33
ahoneybunoh ok21:33
clivejoGuest2266: Im not sure, I think I read somewhere that there are some new wayland features coming in Plasma5.421:35
clivejoGuest46635: but it is still WIP21:35
clivejoif you dont might breakages, you should try 5.4, report any issues :)21:36
clivejomight = mind21:36
ahoneybunclivejo: Build Status on LP has failed21:38
clivejoahoneybun: whats the problem?21:39
ahoneybunwhat the heck21:39
ahoneybunCMake error21:39
clivejodo you use pbuilder?21:40
ahoneybunI've never used pbuilder21:41
clivejodebuild uses your "local" installed packages21:41
clivejobut the build machines use a very basic install and only bring in the packages you ask it to21:41
ahoneybunso LP is missing something21:41
clivejoa build dep21:41
ahoneybunecm was on the other package we did21:42
clivejoyeah cause you installed it before its already there21:42
clivejobut not on the build machine21:42
clivejoyou need to add the extra-cmake-modules package21:43
ahoneybunyea I just found that21:43
ahoneybunshould I just edit the debian/changelog or make a new entry?21:43
clivejopbuilder is like a clean environment21:43
clivejoyou will need to bump the version number21:44
clivejousing dch -i21:44
clivejootherwise LP will refuse it21:44
clivejoso fussy!!21:44
ahoneybunvery much like the Ubuntu App Store21:44
clivejobump it to  kiriki - 4:15.07.80-1ubuntu221:45
ahoneybunit did it for me21:45
ahoneybunnow should I sign and upload again or learn to use pbuilder21:46
clivejoLOL you will probably find there are a few of these21:46
clivejobut pbuilder was a bit of a learning step for me21:46
clivejomisisng deps21:47
ahoneybunI'll sign and reupload for now21:47
clivejostuff you installed on the EC1 which helped it build OK, but it will fail on LP21:47
dokoRiddell, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/214215408/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-arm64.cantor_4%3A15.04.2-0ubuntu4_BUILDING.txt.gz cantor needs a tighned b-d on kinit21:48
ahoneybunafter LP is happy I'm going to go out for once today lol21:48
clivejoI dont think LP is ever happy :P21:49
clivejoLintan always finds something to moan about!21:49
ahoneybunyep lol21:50
ahoneybunsgclark: thanks for the work on 5.3.2 for vivid btw21:50
ahoneybunsorry for the late thanks21:50
ahoneybunclivejo: well LP took it now to wait to see if it builds21:50
clivejoahoneybun: Im looking with fingers crossed21:51
ahoneybunI imagine it will find something else21:51
clivejoanyone know what this "Enter reader viewer" is on Firefox?21:52
ahoneybunI think it makes text easier to read 21:52
ahoneybunlike a book mode21:52
clivejoahoneybun: failed21:53
ahoneybunhow do you know so fast21:53
clivejorefreshing the page!21:53
ahoneybunI see21:53
ahoneybunworking on t21:54
clivejocan you find the package you need?21:54
ahoneybunI got it 21:54
clivejoif we both got time, we should get you using pbuilder21:56
clivejosaves all this work with LP21:57
clivejo3rd time lucky!21:58
ahoneybunyea XD21:59
clivejoahoneybun: I refresh this page - https://launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/+archive/ubuntu/kubuntu-packages/+build/778729021:59
ahoneybunI'm there21:59
clivejoyou can see it putting in all the dep packages22:00
clivejopulling even22:00
ahoneybunconfigure is done22:01
clivejogood sign22:02
clivejoah lintan!22:02
clivejoit passed!22:02
ahoneybunit built22:02
clivejono lintan errors!22:03
clivejoboth archs built22:03
ahoneybundone with that22:04
ahoneybunnow time for some sun lol22:04
clivejoLOL send some my way22:04
ahoneybunafter this YouTube video22:04
clivejocouple of weeks good weather would be nice22:05
* ahoneybun is out for a few mins at least22:06
clivejoanyone know how to turn on the full screen KApp Launcher in 5.4?22:07
clivejolike this demo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE9fV8II6eI22:07
* Riddell snoozes22:18
ahoneybunclivejo: I wonder if it is like that other fullscreen launcher we had in KDE22:22
ahoneybunhomerun or something like that22:23
clivejoI cant find it22:23
ahoneybunnot sure then22:24
clivejoI thought it might be in alternatives22:24
clivejowho runs the kubuntu forum?22:26
=== g4mby is now known as PaulW2U
clivejo5.4 is pretty smooth22:58
soee_it works for you ? :)23:02
ahoneybunI'm also wondering about the fullscreen launcher23:03
clivejoinstalled pam-kwallet4 and its all good23:03
soee_clivejo: you have full plasma ? installed from ?23:04
soee_ahoneybun: maybe it exists as a separate widget ?23:04
ahoneybunhomerun did23:04
ahoneybunthough I don't even know what they are calling it23:05
soee_still i woul dput it as a alternative menu23:05
ahoneybunthe release says it is kdeplasma-addons23:05
ahoneybunsomewhere in there23:05
ahoneybunapt search kdeplasma-addons-*23:06
ahoneybunthey say Dashboard alernative but that is confusing 23:06
ahoneybunwe have a Dashboard thing already23:06
soee_oh .23:06
ahoneybunif it is a different package then it would be in the src tars somewhere23:07
ahoneybunclivejo: soee_ the source talks about "plasmaboard"23:10
ahoneybunthere are xml files for tablet, mid, full and more23:11
ahoneybunso sounds about right23:11
ahoneybunrssnow is back23:11
soee_the problem with booting stil exists ?23:12
ahoneybun5.4 looks and sounds awesome23:12
ahoneybunRiddell: what is this: http://files.kde.org/snapshots/kubuntu-201508071009-amd64.iso.mirrorlist23:13
ahoneybundaily builds?23:13
clivejotime for bed, good night all23:19
* genii quietly puts on a pot of coffee and leaves the mugs out23:21
ahoneybunNow im hitting that clivejo got23:34
ahoneybunIt is freezing23:34
ahoneybunOn login23:34
ahoneybunSeems i still had updates to apply23:41
ahoneybunFlash is still getting update 0.023:42
ahoneybunand I'm back23:51
ahoneybunthough things are so small now23:51

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