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Dr|CraigI'm trying to install kubuntu on virtualbox but the GUI keeps crashing03:48
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arghnetubuntuanyone know an easy way to load khali lin. inside ubunutu? trying to get an athreos chipset into monitor mode05:14
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:29
arghnetubuntuim new to this, i know the chipset supports it. do i need to flash a custom firmware on it?05:33
arghnetubuntuits a TP link $20 pos05:33
arghnetubuntuand thank you for the link05:34
valoriearghnetubuntu: I've not needed to set such things up manually for eons so I'm not much help05:50
valoriebut notice the "modprobe" stuff05:51
valoriewhich pokes the needed stuff into the kernel as I recall05:51
valorieyou might find more help in #ubuntu where there are more people05:51
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.05:51
arghnetubuntuthank you05:53
valorieyou are most welcome; that's why we're here05:54
valorieto help one another out05:55
arghnetubuntumuch appreciated05:55
dubisHi, Is it normal kjots is no more in KDEPIM?07:09
valorie!info kjots07:15
ubottukjots (source: kdepim): note-taking utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.14.6-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 347 kB, installed size 1323 kB07:15
valoriedubis: I don't recall it being part of PIM?07:16
valorieI remember using it, but it was standalone07:16
dubis!info kjots07:21
ubottukjots (source: kdepim): note-taking utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.14.6-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 347 kB, installed size 1323 kB07:21
dubiswhere can i find source of kjots?07:22
dubisI find that about https://sites.google.com/site/bb1001dd/linux-hacks-and-patches/kjots-insert-image-patch but I've got error with KStandardDirs object should be remplaced by FileLocate or something else07:25
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valoriedubis: you can get source for any package just by enabling that in your sources list07:47
ubottuYou can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html07:47
valorienow if you want it from git, you'll clone it from the kde sources, not our packages07:47
valoriebut start with our source package07:48
valorieniters all07:48
lordievaderGood morning.07:49
dubisvalorie thanks07:49
dubisvalorie: we told me about a new tools project do you have any info?07:59
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akasichi, when using firefox and clicking videos in youtube, sometimes, the video just opens the audio and plays over the  last one, any help? thnx10:30
akasicthere are no other tabs opened10:31
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BluesKajHey folks11:36
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tucnakhiho there, I just got my kubuntu 15.04 broken :\12:42
tucnakbasically, it boots as expected, but gets stuck on fancy loading bar after login12:42
tucnakI tried purging / reinstalling kubuntu-desktop12:42
tucnakdid some weird things I don't remember to sddm12:43
tucnakI'd love you guys to at least give me a clue to log file, which might contain useful information related to after-login boot process12:43
hateballtucnak: you could try moving your user config to a backup location so it generates new files12:45
tucnakhateball: you mean .config, or .kde5 or whatever?12:46
hateballtucnak: that is, change to a vtty, log in, move the contents of ~/config/kde to somewhere12:46
hateballtucnak: yeah I am not on plasma5 now so I am unsure about the location12:47
hateballbut it should be in ~/.config iirc12:47
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hateballon kde4.x it's in ~/.kde/ but I think it moved in plasma512:48
tucnakhateball: gimme a while12:48
tucnakhateball: danke, it workd13:00
yossarianukhi - does anyone here remember the name of an opensource game which I used to play on Linux years (at least 5+) ago - there were no graphics - it was based in cave and you controlled a blind bat? you controlled purely by sound ....13:02
Picino.. but it sounds kinda neat13:03
hateballtucnak: cool, hopefully you didnt lose any data13:03
hateballtucnak: at any rate it's still there in the backup dir13:03
lordievaderyossarianuk: Sounds pretty cool indeed.13:04
yossarianuklordievader: pici: it was in an odd way... - perfect to play at work (no one will know your playing..)13:05
lordievaderyossarianuk: If you remember do let me know.13:05
Piciyossarianuk: well, if you're looking for cli games, theres the bsdgames package, which has a lot of old favorites. theres also nethack.13:05
yossarianukPici: cheers, it may have been SDL based. (just no graphics..)13:12
yossarianuk_may be wrong..)13:13
akasichi all, i cant format an external hdd, i get the next error:  mkdosfs: failed whilst writing reserved sector13:40
Das_Good Day! I am using Kubuntu 14.04 LTS. With KDE 4.13.3 installed. Now: I would like to install the newly released Digikam 4.12.0 on my machine. Is this possible without loosing the LTS "Status"? Thanks in advance!14:39
ShadowXThe network keeps saying setting network address15:03
ShadowXbut doesn't connect15:03
ShadowXdoes anybody know how to fix this?15:03
alvinI'm trying to do a 'manual partitioning'. But how? I've created the necessary volumes (LVM). They are prepared, but how can I show them to the installer?17:16
alvinIn other words, I want to tell the installer what logical volume to use for /root and swap,...17:16
lordievaderalvin: The installer should list them.17:18
alvinHmm. It doesn't. Is there a way to reload the installer?17:19
alvinI'll try pressing back.17:19
lordievaderalvin: Go all the way back to the options on how to partition the disk (full, lvm, manual, etc)17:20
alvinlordievader: Ok. you are absolutely right! I went back and used manual again. Now they are all visible17:20
alvinEFI Dual-boot with encrypted LVM. There are easier things, but it looks good. I can't seem to point the Windows EFI partition to /boot/efi, but the installer *might* pick that one up I hope.17:23
lordievaderI'm running an encrypted lvm spread over two disks ;)17:24
alvinNever tried that one. Both disks have to be opened before loading LVM then?17:25
lordievaderLuckily not. Else  systemd couldn't unlock the other disk.17:26
lordievaderIt unlocks the ssd first where the rootfs is on, it mounts root and unlocks the other disk with the key which resides on the rootfs.17:27
alvinand the other disk is a normal disk? Don't you have performance issues when using both types in the same volume group?17:28
alvinOr am I behind the times?17:28
lordievaderPerformance issues?17:29
lordievaderI specify by hand on wich disk every lv goes.17:29
alvinAh, nice. Never done that either.17:29
alvinWell, it worked. Sort of. There's a grub menu. I can still boot Windows. But on booting Kubuntu there's a blank screen and the monitors go to sleep. Something must be missing.17:30
lordievaderBoot up without the splash and quiet kernel parameters.17:31
alvinLet's see17:34
alvinWell, that's more helpful. It can't find the root device /dev/kubuntu/root, which is normal, since the passphrase was not asked.17:37
jaafarHey people17:41
jaafarI'm getting some plasma crashes when I resume from sleep and change monitors (disconnect my primary and use the laptop screen) at the same time17:41
jaafarunfortunately I can't file a bug because the reporting tool can't find debug symbols for plasma.  Is there a package I can install?17:41
genii!info kde-workspace-dbg17:45
ubottuPackage kde-workspace-dbg does not exist in vivid17:45
krytarik!info plasma-workspace-dbg17:55
ubottuplasma-workspace-dbg (source: plasma-workspace): Plasma Workspace for KF5. In component universe, is extra. Version 4:5.2.2-0ubuntu3 (vivid), package size 47856 kB, installed size 50462 kB17:55
krytarik!info kde-workspace-dbg trusty17:57
ubottukde-workspace-dbg (source: kde-workspace): debugging symbols for the KDE Plasma Workspaces. In component universe, is extra. Version 4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2 (trusty), package size 83980 kB, installed size 349694 kB17:57
jaafaryay krytarik I'll give it a try18:23
krytarikjaafar: Depending on your Kubuntu version, of course.18:24
jaafarhmz it doesn't know that one18:24
jaafarvivid is my version18:24
jonbeebei read something about kubuntu's futuer up in the air ... is it really possible that 15.10 will be the last official kubuntu release?18:24
jonbeebeor is that just a bunch of hyperbole on the internet18:25
jaafarhmz, OK plasma, but:18:25
jaafar"plasma-workspace-dbg is already the newest version."18:25
jaafarso it's got it? or something18:25
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krytarikjonbeebe: Well, for the record, almost *everything* is possible - some things are just less likely. :P18:29
jonbeebecool, good to know18:30
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Alumincoming from 12.04 LTS, I updated my laptop to 15.04 and noticed a few missing features and a lot of hard-lock crashes.  It's kinda reminiscent of the early days of KDE 4.x.  :)  I was wondering if there was a bit Qt version jump from 14.10 to 15.0419:20
Aluminthe _real_ question I'm asking, though, is whether there was jump going into 14.04 LTS.  My concern here is that I'm about to upgrade my mom's computer from an ancient version (don't ask, heh) to 14.04 and while I can navigate around some instability, she won't be able to19:21
AluminI would think/hope not, for an LTS release, but since I haven't used it myself I figured it'd be worth asking19:23
krytarikAlumin: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-15.0419:23
AluminI guess that might explain it19:25
krytarikYep. :)19:25
alvinAlumin: Try the packports. http://www.kubuntu.org/news/plasma-532-and-frameworks-5120-backported-kubuntu-1504 It'll give you a more stable experience.19:26
Aluminalvin: for my own part, I'm willing to blame the hardware.  That laptop is oooooooold19:26
AluminI'll just go to 14.10 and then try 15.10 when it comes out19:26
ubottuUbuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic19:27
AluminI can fly by the seat of my pants.  I'm really just concerned for my mom19:27
Alumin14.04 I mean19:27
Aluminthe LTS19:27
alvinHmm, the LTS is pretty stable, yes.19:28
AluminI need something that does a thousand things and maybe explodes in my face occasionally19:28
Aluminshe needs something that does three things and (almost) never burps :)19:28
alvinemail, surfing, and?19:31
krytarikSmall games. :P19:32
krytarikOr office stuff.19:32
Aluminnah, basically just Web browsing19:35
Aluminemail is Web browsing for her :)19:35
AluminI haven't shown her games yet19:35
Aluminshe's not a gamer _at all_, not that type19:35
Aluminbut she got so addicted to Tetris for the NES back in the day19:35
Aluminit was cute and scary at the same time19:36
AluminI'm afraid what'll happen if she discovers Frozen Bubble19:36
Aluminshe's a Craigslist master19:39
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danielle331Hi. How do I disable automatic login?21:36
danielle331From the command line21:36
finetundra__why not a desktop session?21:36
danielle331Cause my x.org is broken and this is the first step to solving that problem21:37
finetundra__oh gotcha21:37
danielle331And I am In a strange country with a laptop battery about to die and a bar about to kick me out21:37
finetundra__danielle331: oh god.21:39
danielle331My thoughts exactly21:39
danielle331It's like a malthusian choice where I can change either my phone or my laptop but not both21:40
danielle331So no idea about disabling automatic logins from vt1?21:42
finetundra__danielle331: you may have better luck in #ubuntu. This place can be pretty quite21:42
finetundra__And I'm really not the best at this kinda stuff21:42
danielle331Had a quick Google. Not sure about this but isn't the procedure different for unity?21:43
danielle331Cause sddm vs lightdm21:44
finetundra__danielle331: pretty sure kubuntu uses lightdm21:53
danielle331The problem with my x server is one where the cursor appears on screen but no desktop environment seems to load. It was preceeded by an unclean shutdown after my battery died...21:54
finetundra__danielle331: have you tried loading a different de?21:55
finetundra__plasma may have briken21:55
danielle331I can log in using a different user... Now that I've worked out how to disable auto login21:55
finetundra__danielle331: I think that I may have had this issue my self but it was ~3 months ago.21:56
danielle331I've had it before too. Not caused by an unclean shutdown tho..21:57
finetundra__danielle331: yeah. hmm...21:58
finetundra__you didn't try something like sudo startx did you?21:58
finetundra__danielle331: for god sake don't run sudop startx21:59
danielle441lol alright I'll add to my list of things not to do22:00
finetundra__It'll just break things more22:00
finetundra__what have you tried so far?22:00
danielle441finetundra: so far I've tried restarting the display manager -- sudo /etc/init.d/sddm restart and sudo service sddm restart. that used to work sometimes with unity. I've never noticed it having any noticable effect on vt6 with plasma tho.22:00
danielle441tail various logs and dmesg didnt seem to say anything interesting..22:01
danielle441none of the other graphical VTs seem to work -- just a blinking underscore when I try ctrl-alt-f8 etc22:02
finetundra__danielle441: hmm22:04
FinetundraWhat version are you on?22:07
finetundra__danielle441: cause that may be of use22:08
danielle441so I dont know if this is of interest but heres my .xsession-errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12058202/22:10
danielle441It looks like there are some interesting errors in there...?22:11
FinetundraYou said that plasma loaded for another user yeah?22:12
danielle441yep I'm logged in as the other user just now22:13
danielle441have tried removing the .kde folder from my home directory, lets see if that works..22:13
danielle331Same problem - just the cursor, nothing else..22:14
FinetundraBe right back22:16
danielle551I'm gonna have to leave soon...22:18
danielle551here is the most relevent error lines: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12058241/22:19
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