wgrantblr: I've got three MPs up on https://code.launchpad.net/launchpad/+activereviews when you've stopped having fun with juju and mojo.01:22
blryes, "fun"...02:49
blrwill have a look02:49
wgrantI am adjusting squid-forwardproxy atm.03:19
blrwgrant: ah, what in particular?03:25
wgrantblr: More flexible ACLs.03:28
blrwgrant: are you touching auth_list?03:29
wgrantblr: It is likely.03:29
wgrantI'm trying to work out how to salvage it.03:29
wgrantThat doesn't go near your work, does it?03:30
blryeah, it isn't great by any means.03:30
blrno that's fine, might need to update the mojo spec though.03:30
blrwgrant: did you have a look at the auth_param changes btw?03:31
wgrantblr: Ah, no, I didn't see an MP.03:31
* wgrant scratches head03:56
wgrant"This charm requires the following relation settings from clients:03:56
wgrantip: service ip address03:56
wgrantport: service port03:56
wgrantsitenames: space-delimited list of sites to whitelist03:56
wgrantWhat possible use could the service port be to the proxy?03:56
wgrantblr: https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/charms/precise/squid-forwardproxy/auth_list-deny/+merge/26762608:45
blrwgrant: looks like you've already merged it, sorry - certainly an improvement, particularly handling the inverse is nice.21:10
blrwgrant: wrt to auth_param, without any special casing we would need a dict without nesting similar to {'scheme': 'basic', 'children': '0 startup=N idle=N'} etc.21:13
blrwas inclined to have all of the params mapped to keys, but probably just as clear that way21:16
wgrantblr: I haven't merged it yet, and I realised a case last night that I'm not sure I can be bothered handling in a backward-compatible way, so it can probably wait for the more sensible redesign.22:35
wgrantSpecifically, there's no way to specify the order of ACL elements within an http_access line, which can be relevant when you're relying on short-circuiting for performance or to avoid unnecessary auth prompts.22:35
blrwgrant: any thoughts on the auth_param stuff above? ^ will that suffice?23:49
wgrantblr: Hm, perhaps have a special case that if the "children" key is a dict then it gets turned into a string?23:51
wgrantSo {"scheme": "basic", "children": "11", "utf8": "off"} and {"scheme": "basic", "children": {"number": 11}, "utf8": "off"} would be equivalent.23:53
wgrantI suppose turning bools into strs would also make sense.23:53
wgrantSo you can still specify anything you want using strings, but there are also niceties for certain keys.23:54
wgrantDoes that make sense to you?23:54
wgrantI think it's the least jarring approach.23:54
blryep, that seems reasonable23:55

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