MmikeHi. I got this email: A new OAuth token consumer was enabled in Launchpad.07:45
MmikeIt's also stated that I report this here if I haven't done anything that could result with 'OAuth token consumer' change.07:45
MmikeSo I'm reporting.07:46
wgrantMmike: What were you doing just before you got the email?07:49
Mmikewgrant: I did open a new bug, sec, let me check when07:51
wgrantMmike: The 'ubuntu-bug' tool asks you to authorise a new OAuth token.07:51
Mmikewgrant: yup, that's it07:51
wgrantThat explains it, then. Nothing to worry about.07:52
Mmikewgrant: all good then, sorry for the inconvenience :)07:52
wgrantNot at all.07:52
coreycbdoes anyone know how to alias a branch in launchpad?  for example we have a branch lp:charms/trusty/cinder-ceph that appears to have been set up as an alias of lp:charms/cinder-ceph.  but we're not sure how we did it!14:06
maxbcoreycb: Since 'charms' is a distro object, every branch associated with it actually has a 5-component name: ~user/charms/series/package/branchname15:39
maxbThere are various short forms which are based on things being considered primary15:39
maxblp:charms/series/package is one, I think that's driven by one specific branch being marked as 'official' (for the scope of charms/series/package)15:41
maxblp:charms/package is another - I think there's an attribute on the whole charms distribution which says which series is the current focus of development15:41
coreycbmaxb, any idea if there's a way to set one branch as an alias of another?15:52
maxbThere is not15:52
coreycbmaxb, when we push to one of the branches mentioned above it also updates the other branch.  so I'm trying to figure out how that was setup.15:53
maxbI don't really understand why lp:charms/trusty/cinder-ceph doesn't seem to exist in the web UI15:57
maxbcoreycb: My best guess is that something in LP's object model results in it tracing back from trusty to the prior release in which a branch actually exists15:59
maxbhttps://code.launchpad.net/+branch/charms/trusty/cinder-ceph for example, redirects to https://code.launchpad.net/~openstack-charmers/charms/precise/cinder-ceph/trunk16:00
maxbSo in this case, I guess you have somehow ended up with unintentional alias-like behaviour16:00
coreycbmaxb, interesting, well thanks for the info16:01
mark06wgrant: hi, trying to upload a ~300MiB file about 5-10 times, always getting timeout: OOPS-8e15b64462406fb09e262fd2f412867920:06
mark06cjwatson: ^21:09
wgrantmark06: I've increased the timeout, so if you try again now it should work.23:13
wgrantLet me know if it doesn't.23:13

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