R0B_RODvery nice distro thanks a lot00:01
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mig_i like it too00:46
kl0rth0I have a console blanking issue... consoleblank=600 and I have tried many different ways to find a workaround.00:54
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SixtyFoldis there a way to change alt+f2 to the windows key on the keyboard instead? are there key bindings in a file somewhere or something?08:50
SixtyFolddo you know the dir off hand?08:51
SixtyFoldif not ill google it08:51
bioterrorjust a moment08:51
bioterrorhelp.ubuntu.com is slow08:52
SixtyFoldi found it08:53
SixtyFoldyah, thanks :)08:53
bioterrorchange alt to super08:53
SixtyFoldis it super or is W for super?08:55
SixtyFoldoh geesh, im stupid af anyhow, i just realized you could do super + r to get run anyways08:56
SixtyFoldso i dont need to change the binding, just read better. haha smh08:56
joel135Hi, I am trying to write Ukrainian letters. I am using IBus and ibus-table-translit-ua. A second ago I didn't know how to write й but I figured out by trial and error. Now I can't find Я. How can I be systematic about finding the keys? I did find a database /usr/share/ibus-table/tables/translit-ua.db which may contain the mapping but I'm not familiar with SQL.15:04
joel135My physical keyboard is Swedish so it's pretty similar to a US one.15:05
holsteini think i would ask in the main #ubuntu channel.. and refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KeyboardLayouts and see if i could find someone in the irc channel for that area.. could be, something is "broken" about the support, etc15:06
joel135I'll try that.15:09
krytarikjoel135: In the worst case, you could always do: "xmodmap -pke".15:16
joel135krytarik, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12056048/15:19
krytarikjoel135: But I don't want to know! :P15:20
C0deGyverany one know if there is a cap on RAM for libintu?23:29
C0deGyverI have 32GB or ram installed but `/proc/meminfo` shows ~1/2 that :(23:30
C0deGyveroops accidentlly closed wrong chat... lol23:31
wxlC0deGyver: what do you mean by cap?23:33
C0deGyvera limit23:34
wxlC0deGyver: i got that, but i'm still not sure what you mean. i guess the answer is no. it can consume as much as it wants (though there is the out of memory killer)23:34
wxlperhaps explaining what you're trying to figure out might help23:35
C0deGyverI mean (for instance) in windows 7 the home version limits RAM to 8GB I think to use 32GB you have to get pro or ultimate... so it is limiting how much RAM the computer can see / use23:37
wxlC0deGyver: afaik that's based on limitation of the cpu home is intended for (x86)23:38
C0deGyverI want to make sure I will be able to usa all of my 32GB of RAM on my lubuntu computer23:38
C0deGyverI would agree but they have a 64 bit home23:38
wxlC0deGyver: then use the 64bit version and you'll be fine23:38
wxlthere's no such limitation with lubuntu23:38
wxlexcept for those imposed by the cpu itself23:39
C0deGyverokay.. thanks... now (if you don't mind) why do you think the results of my `/proc/meminfo` were half of my installed ram23:40
C0deGyverI did not know the cpu could impose RAM restrictions... hmmm may be that is the cause...23:40
wxldepends on which line you're referring to, C0deGyver. might be wiser to check `free -g`23:41
C0deGyverthe total line23:42
wxl"MemTotal" should be the same23:42
wxlhmm maybe not free -g23:42
wxlfree -m instead23:42
C0deGyvercould you look at my proccessor and check for the limit you were talking about?23:43
wxl-g seems off over here23:43
wxlyou should have no problems there23:43
wxlcheck your bios and make sure it sees all of the memory23:43
C0deGyverok brb going to run ur command23:43
C0deGyverwill do that to23:43
wxlKamilion: ?23:47
KamilionC0deGyver: Sorry, the only reason to impose limitations like that is to charge people more money...23:48
wxlC0deGyver: there may be limited support for memory in some cpus based on kernel issues e.g. https://askubuntu.com/questions/106976/why-doesnt-ubuntu-detect-all-of-my-ram-on-64-bit23:48
wxl…so might want to check dmesg23:48
KamilionARK shows 32GB max.23:48
C0deGyverI'm back..23:48
C0deGyverwhat is ARK?23:49
Kamilionintel's product information system23:49
C0deGyverbios shows:16384mb...23:50
wxlso seems like the problem exists outside of linux :)23:50
Kamilionhardware issue.23:50
C0deGyveryea... well that sucks... any Ideas? please!23:51
Kamilionhow many sticks of memory? Four or eight?23:51
C0deGyver(this is a custom built PC) I am going to use as a server four 8GB sticks23:52
Kamiliondmidecode -t 1723:52
Kamilionhow many show up, two or four?23:52
C0deGyvernot sure where to look in bios for the number of chips..23:53
Kamilionbios isn't gonna tell you deep info like that, only clockspeed and total size23:54
C0deGyverI see my bad brb23:54
C0deGyverI found the problem... thanks for all the help!!!!23:57

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