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dholbachgood morning07:10
fgimenezgood morning dholbach and all07:11
dholbachhey fgimenez07:12
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Ingersoll Day! 😃09:08
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dholbachogra_, somebody in our shared office ordered a spreedbox :)11:55
ogra_dholbach, wheee !11:55
ogra_still ~2000€ missing ...11:55
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elopiofgimenez: https://github.com/elgris/check/commit/45ed7de654751f962e5c6d493a18933dcea604ec15:04
elopiomaking an outputWriter interface seems like a good upstream step15:04
fgimenezelopio, yep very good approach, in that case we would need to control the gocheck output, no skips on reboot15:12
ogra_sergiusens, lol, i just noticed your trello comment ... do you think it makes sense to still split the card even when everything is implemented (uboot that is) ?15:24
sergiusensogra_: oh, well not everything is ticked15:25
ogra_documentation mainly15:25
sergiusensogra_: if everything is ticked, just migrate it (tick it as well)15:25
sergiusensogra_: as a general practice, it's good to not keep the unknowns and knowns together, that's all ;-)15:26
ogra_i commented15:28
john-mcaleelyogra_, where do i look for details of how bluetooth might work on snappy systems today?16:49
john-mcaleelyI assume its not 'in the box'16:50
john-mcaleelyso I'm wondering if there are devices/projects which have chosen to add it yet?16:50
ogra_heh, in someones dream compartment in his head i guess :)16:50
ogra_we will need a BT framework that doesnt exist yet16:50
john-mcaleelyso, in a one-snap-to-include-everything model, there's still work, right?16:51
ogra_not sure how much lool has planned the architectural bits for this yet16:51
john-mcaleelybecause apparmor confinement, etc16:51
ogra_it wont be a one-snap-include-everything i suspect16:51
ogra_it will be a one-snap-depend-on-bt-framework rather16:52
john-mcaleelyand inside that framework, there's still work?16:52
ogra_so we first need that framework ...16:52
john-mcaleelyto accomodate snappy's confinement, ect16:52
ogra_and that framweork would have a "snappy config" ability to adjust itzs settings and add HW access etc ... i imagine16:53
ogra_but thats just from my own "dream compartment" :)16:54
john-mcaleelyits a good start. thank you16:54
john-mcaleelyogra_, is wifi different or the same?16:55
john-mcaleely(I only have a beaglebone black here, so I don't see this for real)16:56
john-mcaleelyI'm guessing there would need to be config utilities 'added' to the core image16:56
ogra_wifi is slightly different, we shhip all bits needed to set uip wifi in the core16:57
ogra_but we dont have a configuration story for that yet ... and i'm not sure if it will be a framework itself or just a snappy config option to ubuntu-core16:58
john-mcaleelyok, so there's some software there, but actually baking it in to work in a particular way is missing?16:58
ogra_there is SW and there are modules ... but no config at all currently, you have to set it up manually16:59
john-mcaleelythat's clear16:59
john-mcaleelysimilar, but different :-)17:00
ogra_yeah :)17:00
ogra_i doubt we'll pull the whole BT stack into the rootfs ... thats the main difference17:00
ogra_so the Bt SW needs to come from a framework17:00
ogra_perhaps wifi will do that too later17:00
john-mcaleelyyeah, there seem to be several viable BT stacks17:00
ogra_wifi is more clear ... wpa-supplicant and iw tools and you are done17:01
ogra_which is why we simply included them for now17:01
john-mcaleelysimpler software tech. just does IP, I guess17:01
ogra_no special daemons, no daemons depending on these daemons etc17:02
john-mcaleelyright. ui requirements17:02
john-mcaleelyfor 'pairing'17:02
john-mcaleelyor whatever17:02
ogra_well, even commandline pairing requires special tools17:04
john-mcaleelywhy am I not surprised?17:04
ogra_for the IoT side we'll need a programmatic way to do it without UI ... or perhaps web UI17:04
john-mcaleelyindeed. or just use different radios17:05
ogra_sadly the framework story is still very blurry ... there is a sprint this week in lex. ... i hope they do more than snapcraft there and we actually get some more fleshed out framework stories17:05
seshuHello there.  My current application/service that runs on Ubuntu has no gui, its written to be a daemon. The main libraries I use for my application/service uses json and mosquitto libraries.19:54
seshuI'm trying to see if I can rebundle my application/service into snapp app.19:54
seshuso can a snappy app be a daemon?19:56
beunoseshu, yes, it can run as a service19:56
seshuthanx beuno.19:57
beunoseshu, see: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/packaging-format-apps/19:57
beunohow to start it, etc19:57
seshuWould I have to bundle the libraries along with the app?19:58
beunoseshu, yes20:00
beunosnaps are self-contained20:00
seshuso looks like, if my application/service needs to incorporate functionality similar to webDM (such as triggering install,remove of other apps or trigger the upgrade of ubuntu core from remote), it should have to be a framework. Am I  correct?20:14
beunoseshu, correct20:15
beunoseshu, keep in mind, a framework like that would generally not be accepted into the snappy store20:19
beunogiven it would require to be unconfined20:20
beunoso it depends on what your goal is for this snap20:20
beunoif its for a fixed function device that doesn't need access to the general store20:20
beunoor you're just trying to get a sense of how things work20:20
seshuat the moment, I'm trying to understand how things work and how I may have to modify my application to be able to run on snappy.20:27
seshulater, the idea is to see how I could use snappy for an IoT solution.20:31
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