pittiGood morning03:01
tjaaltonsigh, again misser ancell?05:02
RAOFtjaalton: He actually hasn't been in today at all.05:23
RAOFWell, except for an hour at 6am or something.05:23
didrocksgood morning06:15
pittihey didrocks06:51
didrockshey hey pitti06:51
seb128good morning desktopers07:36
didrocksre seb12807:36
seb128re didrocks ;-)07:37
* seb128 is trying bluez5 and is having issues07:37
pittibonjour seb128 !07:38
seb128hey pitti, wie gehts?07:38
pittierr, I mean -- quite fine, thanks!07:39
seb128that transition is "fun" it seems07:39
* seb128 watches -changes and heaps of packages being rebuilt every day07:39
pittithose are actually the easy part (although it's sheer madness); fixing all the FTBFS is the "fun"07:40
seb128I guess07:41
seb128is anything going to migrate by block? or is that a everything or nothing?07:42
darkxstseb128, what issues are you having with bluez5?07:42
seb128darkxst, the u-c-c work from larsu doesn't build, the g-c-c version in the ppa gives me a "no adaptor found" label and that's it07:43
desrtword up, desktop07:43
seb128but bluez5 works, since I can pair with bluetoothctl and the indicator shows correct status/change icon/list devices07:43
seb128hey desrt!07:43
desrtanyone planning on going on a trip for 19th07:44
didrocksgood morning desrt07:44
seb128desrt, you are speaking about debconf?07:45
desrtseems the 19th is a day off and there are several pre-arranged trips07:45
seb128I'm not, I'm leaving on the 19th07:45
seb128but maybe Laney or didrocks are?07:45
desrtso you have your own pre-arranged trip, then :)07:46
seb128right ;-)07:46
seb128I'm in London the week after debconf07:46
desrtcool.  what's going on there?07:46
seb128and going direct from London to scottland for holidays07:46
didrocksI was just planning to work and spending some time visiting heidelberg07:46
desrtdidrocks: mind if i tag along, then?  wouldn't mind spending the day with you07:47
seb128desrt, sprint about pocket pc07:47
didrocksdesrt: with great pleasure :)07:47
desrtdidrocks: it's a date :)07:47
seb128didrocks, desrt, get a room07:47
darkxstseb128, I will double check the g-c-c bit later on my laptop, but pretty sure it was working07:48
seb128darkxst, could be some bug or specific to my config...07:48
darkxstseb128, you running g-c-c in unity?07:49
seb128but yes07:49
darkxstseb128, yes, but I never tested that under unity07:49
seb128it should work no?07:50
seb128or did they do something similar to display where the panel talk dbus to g-s for some reason?07:50
darkxstseb128, if it talks to g-s-d things will break07:50
darkxstnot entirely sure the bluetooth stuff does though07:50
RAOFdesrt: Yo!07:56
RAOFHope you had a good holiday.07:56
desrti did :)07:56
desrtgot your email ... i'm sort of confused about what you want07:57
desrt(re: vulkan)07:57
RAOFI'm not entirely sure, either.07:59
desrtoh.  good.  glad i captured the meaning :)07:59
didrocksgood good good good good morning Laney08:02
pittihey Laney!08:04
seb128hey Laney08:07
Laneyhey seb12808:12
willcookemorning all08:16
desrthello willcooke08:16
willcookedesrt, jet lag much?08:17
willcookestill in EUR?08:17
desrtgoing to debconf next week anyway so i figured i'd save myself the pain and stay with a friend for a week08:18
desrtworks well... she works a typical 9-5, so during the day i get to do my usual thing: work from home...08:18
didrockshey willcooke08:20
willcookehowdy didrocks08:20
* desrt has a fuckya moment08:21
desrti took an _awesome_ picture last week and i accidentally deleted it08:21
desrtbut between those two occasions i copied all the pics/videos off of my phone in order to make space by deleting the vids (since i was running out)08:21
desrtso... yay :)08:22
seb128hey willcooke08:26
willcookemorning seb12808:29
darkxstseb128, Trevinho, I now access to the CI train, i'll try and setup a landing for the compiz mp tomorrow?, bit tied up tonight, my bro is visting!09:14
seb128darkxst, Trevinho said bregma already had an ongoing/planned one, maybe coordinate with thel09:15
seb128is that the only thing blocking that update?09:16
darkxstseb128, still waiting on jdstrand to approve the source only maining09:16
seb128so no hurry for the compiz one09:16
darkxstbut just thought that would be a good one to learn the CI train09:16
seb128right, but if there is already one in the ci you are going to create trouble/conflicts09:17
seb128so please check with bregma/trevinho first09:17
darkxstseb128, if they are landing one, I'm obviously not going to also!09:18
seb128right, well it's even if they have things planned to land09:18
seb128better to do one landing rather than 209:18
seb128or you need to do the full testplan twice09:19
willcookedarkxst, seb128 - Trevinho is off today, but I know that bregma does indeed have plans in progress to land09:19
seb128willcooke, k09:19
seb128willcooke, is Trevinho trying to avoid our team meeting? ;-)09:20
willcookeseb128, I know right!?09:20
darkxstwillcooke, sure, I won't start anything then09:20
=== hikiko is now known as hikiko|bbl
seb128Laney, what is displaying the gpg password ui now in wily?11:01
Laneypinentry-gnome3 from gnupg211:09
Laneyoh no, pinentry not gnupg211:12
seb128Laney, thanks11:17
seb128(t's having some translations issues)11:17
Laneyit also FTBFS!11:19
LaneyI think the messages are sent by gpg itself btw11:20
=== hikiko|bbl is now known as hikiko
* didrocks keeps having Xorg crash on wily11:49
ogra_use Mir11:50
didrockswillcooke: I guess Robert is looking regularly at crash reports on whoopsie, right?11:50
didrocksogra_: sure, give me an unity7 Mir desktop :p11:50
didrocksas you are using I guess?11:50
ogra_nah, i dont use wily on any important devices :)11:50
seb128didrocks, is that https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/27941445d596fb71be692b9008c0847d2ce6c428 ?11:51
ogra_doko is gone wild ...11:51
didrocksseb128: one sec, looking11:51
didrocksseb128: doesn't seem so11:52
didrocksI would love though if whoopsie was able to give me a link of the stack I reported11:53
seb128didrocks, you have the list in system settings -> security & privacy11:54
seb128or the link at least11:54
didrocksseb128: in the diagnostics?11:54
didrocksoh, right11:54
didrocksdidn't know that one, great :)11:55
seb128the web ui is not great11:55
* didrocks has lost track since this switch to whoopsie11:55
seb128it's like a dump of uids11:55
didrockswell, it's not list anyway…11:55
seb128but at least it's there11:55
didrocksmaybe I have to wait enough for it being retraced first11:55
seb128could be, at least for it to match a set/report11:56
seb128you are on intel?11:56
didrockshum, .upload and .uploaded11:57
seb128the 1st one is the one that doesn't seem to be your11:57
seb1282/3 are similar and the reported bug is against nvidia11:57
seb128everything else is low/old11:58
seb128so it's likely your issue is specific and that Robert isn't working on it11:58
seb128no issue here, just as another piece of info11:58
seb128when did your issues start?11:58
didrockswhen I started to upgrade to wily11:58
seb128do you use mir as a system compositor from old times?11:58
didrocksno I removed it a long time ago11:59
seb128k, dunno then11:59
seb128did you get a backtrace?11:59
didrocksI'm trying to unpack it11:59
didrocksValueError: ['UserGroups', 'xserver.errors', '.tmp.unity.support.test.0', 'ProcEnviron'] has no binary content11:59
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
didrocksand coreDump seems corruped, sigh12:02
didrocksahah, I have an OsAbort call12:03
didrocksin one of the thread12:03
didrockslittle bit different up stacktrace12:03
didrocksbut it could be the same issue than the top crasher12:04
didrocksso, if Robert is looking at those top crashers, let's wait for this12:05
seb128unsure if he's looking at those though12:06
seb128willcooke, did robert_ancell step up as xorg maintainer? or is the doing xmir and just helping to get the xorg stack updated on the way?12:06
seb128didrocks, btw, I got the u-c-c work from larsu working, there were some packaging tweaks to do and it's not ideal (like it installs a shared lib that should rather be static or private) but it seems to work ;-)12:08
seb128btw the transitions ppa should be testable for unity users12:08
seb128if some others want to opt in12:08
seb128I'm going to email u-d@ today12:09
didrocksseb128: ah nice! I will see in my bluetooth situation is a little bit better with the whole stack! :)12:09
seb128if it's not at least if we work on issue that's not on outdated components12:10
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
* didrocks goes for a run13:11
pittididrocks: bon cours !13:11
pitti... "bonne course", non?13:11
didrockspitti: merci, j'essaie de faire une bonne course :)13:11
didrockspitti: oui, la deuxième !13:12
seb128didrocks, évite le soleil !13:12
pittididrocks: je suis allé courier encore dans le matin13:12
didrocksseb128: vu le ciel, ça va être difficile :p13:12
didrockspitti: tu as raison de partir courir le matin13:12
didrocksje suis juste pas assez motivé ;)13:12
pittioui, trop chaud après midi13:13
seb128didrocks, pitti se lève à 5h aussi, donc l'après-midi pour lui c'est à 10h :p13:13
didrocksseb128: pas faux !13:13
pittioui, je ne peux plus dormir :(13:13
pittije ne "pouvais" plus ... ?13:14
* pitti doit apprendre les verbs auxiliares13:15
didrocksoui :)13:15
didrocksok, j'y vais vraiment, pour ne pas être en retard au meeting13:15
willcookeseb128, argh, sorry totally missed the mention.  the second one.  tjaalton has kindly taken on maint of X org assistance provided by Robert if required13:17
seb128didrocks, ^13:19
seb128willcooke, no worry, thanks13:19
seb128tjaalton, hey, is there a know issue with xserver/intel? didrocks mentioned things are not stable for him since he upgraded to wily13:20
seb128pitti, xserver/intel?14:03
pittiseb128: yes14:03
seb128yeah, wfm as well on my 2 machines14:03
pittihaven't had a crash in ages14:03
seb128yeah, I don't remember last time I had xserver closing on me14:04
seb128but not this cycle for pretty sure14:04
tjaaltonseb128: most likely due to the kernel14:05
seb128could be, I guess the xorg/intel stack didn't change much14:05
tjaaltonuserspace hasn't changed much14:05
seb128tjaalton, is there an known issue you can think about?14:05
tjaaltondepends on the generation14:06
tjaaltonbut not offhand14:06
seb128tjaalton, thanks14:07
ricotzseb128, 4.2.0-3.3 seems problematic in that regard (while using a blob), but I guess you are on 4.1.0-x.x14:08
tjaaltonoh, mesa got updated today, but it should be stable and has been in sid for a few weeks14:09
seb128tjaalton, didrocks had the issue before today he said iirc14:09
seb128ricotz, yeah, wily is 4.114:09
ricotztjaalton, oh 10.6.x?14:09
ricotzi assume 10.6.4 will there soon14:11
tjaaltonupstream release manager seems to be on vacation, but the plan was to push a snapshot to exåerimental and then 11.0rc to wily post-ff14:11
tjaaltonerr, s/å/p/14:12
tjaaltonthis kbd is tiny14:12
ricotzseb128, i see, unfortunately that 4.1.0-x.x is still 4.1.3 and missing some updates (4.1.5) too which includes quite some drm/i915 fixes14:14
ricotztjaalton, ok, going for 11.0rc seems interesting but better in conjunction with kernel 4.2 and skl14:18
tjaaltonricotz: it's more for amdgpu14:32
ricotztjaalton, right, I didnt want to mangle with drm with its new libdrm-amdgpu.so.114:52
didrockstjaalton: I'm on 10.5.9-2ubuntu115:00
didrockstjaalton: I see that 10.6.3-1ubuntu1 is in proposed, is it supposed to fix that top crash in xorg?15:01
seb128Laney, mvo, pitti, do you know if packagekit is supposed to work/was working in ubuntu to install archive debs? robert_ancell sent me an email saying that he tried to "pkcong install <things>" and is getting issues and he's wondering if that ever worked/is supposed to work, or is known as "need work"15:05
mvoseb128: what kind of error does he get?15:06
pittiseb128: it used to work, but that was with the python apt backend15:07
pittiI've never tried the aptcc backend (this definitively broke some things like langpack integration)15:07
mvoseb128: debs or packages?15:07
mvoiirc there is code in PK that uses gdebi for the resolving of the debs15:07
LaneySeems 'pkcon install konsole' doesn't work for me15:07
mvohowever with the apt in experimental there will be native .deb install support15:07
LaneyI don't know very much about packagekit though I'm afraid15:08
mvo(which is in experimental *way* too long sadly)15:08
seb128mvo, he did say, but trying to e.g "pkcon install gconf-editor" doesn't work for me15:08
seb128it says the package is not available15:08
mvoon 15.04 I get:15:09
mvoseb128: com15:09
seb128mvo, Laney, pitti, thanks, I think I'm just going to tell him that pkcon is untested/not really supported at the moment15:09
mvoseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12055998/15:09
pittiseb128: that's very true15:10
tjaaltondidrocks: I don't know, doubt it.. try mainline kernels to see where it broke, or if 4.2 fixes it15:12
seb128mvo, the experimental version requires pkgkit 1 which drops support for plugins which is used by click though?15:12
mvoseb128: correct, we need  lp:~mvo/click/native-dbus  first, then we can drop the click plugin15:13
mvoseb128: for pk15:13
seb128mvo, is that likely to land for this cycle?15:13
LaneyI think that's needed if we want to look at gnome software btw15:14
Laneyso would be helpful15:14
didrockstjaalton: well, I'll try booting on older kernels first, but having it failing every couple of hours don't help being productive15:14
tjaaltondidrocks: anything in dmesg=15:15
tjaaltonand what's failing15:15
seb128Laney, indeed, though that would need to move this cycle, I doubt we can start and be done with that transition in the lts cycle15:15
Laneywhat transition?15:15
mvoseb128: its almost ready, if someone can get it prioritized I think so, but for now its unfrotunately low on my priorities :/15:16
seb128Laney,  s-c -< gnome-software15:16
seb128if we want to switch15:16
seb128I don't like switching important component in the lts cycle15:16
seb128it gives little room for feedback and interations15:16
seb128mvo, we could also break click in wily15:17
seb128ogra_ wouldn't mind15:17
didrockstjaalton: nothing interesting in dmesg (or that seems to), the stacktrace seems to be the top Xorg crasher in whoopsie: //errors.ubuntu.com/problem/27941445d596fb71be692b9008c0847d2ce6c42815:17
seb128as he said, it wouldn't be the first thing that stops working on ubuntu touch wily ;-)15:17
ogra_make is snap already !15:17
ogra_seb128, hmm, thouh we install some clicks at image build time, we'd have to rip that bit out temporary to still have images15:18
tjaaltondidrocks: nvidia?15:19
seb128ogra_, yeah, I was rather jocking there though ;-) mvo has a click branch that should make it work without using packagekit's plugins15:19
seb128so we could just land that15:19
ogra_well, not sure what that is worth, iven clicks wont be able to run anyway15:20
ogra_but yeah, fixes are always good :)15:20
didrockstjaalton: no, intel15:22
tjaaltonso it crashes all of a sudden?15:23
tjaaltonmost of these seem to be from trusty though15:23
didrockstjaalton: yep, I'm getting a similar stacktrace on wily, and so then lightdm restarts15:23
tjaaltonwell, could perhaps update the snapshot15:24
tjaaltonof intel ddx15:25
didrockstjaalton: tell me if you have anything that I could test15:25
tjaaltonbuild git version of x-x-v-intel15:25
tjaaltonor hang on15:25
didrocks(I had no issue on the same machine on vivid, it really started when I updated to wily)15:25
ricotztjaalton, xorg-edgers ;)15:25
tjaaltonricotz: well ok, but need to be careful with that15:26
ricotztjaalton, Sarvatt pushed one yesterday15:26
ricotzjust download the deb and install it manually15:26
tjaaltondidrocks: do that ^ :)15:26
didrockstjaalton: so adding the ppa and dist-upgrade or just some .debs to install?15:26
tjaaltonjust the one deb or you get everything else too15:26
didrocks"the one" being? :)15:27
ricotzwily, right?15:27
didrocksxserver-xorg-video-intel  I guess15:27
didrocksricotz: yep, thanks!15:27
willcookeseb128, back15:28
didrocksdone, let's see how it goes, I'll reboot after the meeting15:28
didrocksor if I crash first :p15:28
* willcooke rushes to get the roll call list15:28
seb128willcooke, just on time!15:29
* desrt get a tingly feeling in the fingers15:29
Laneygoing to be a short list from me this week15:30
Laneycould do it in one word :P15:30
didrocksLaney: 3 letters + one number, right?15:30
willcooke#startmeeting Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2015-08-1115:30
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Aug 11 15:30:40 2015 UTC.  The chair is willcooke. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.15:30
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick15:30
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willcookeHello everyone!15:30
willcookeRoll call: andyrock, attente, desrt,  dgadomski, didrocks, fjkong (travel), happyaron (travel), hikiko, laney, larsu (hols), qengho (hols), seb128, sweet5hark (hols), themuso (out), tkamppeter, trevino (hols), robert_ancell (out)15:30
desrtnew people!!15:31
hikikohello :)15:31
desrthi hikiko :D15:31
hikikoI'm sorry I have to go... :)15:31
hikikohi desrt !15:32
willcookehikiko, do you want to go first?  Have you got time?15:32
hikikoyes :)15:32
willcooke#topic hikiko15:32
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willcookehikiko, GO GO GO!15:32
hikikoI worked on the ezoom plugin fixed the icons preprocessing (unity-launcher) to scale properly (modelview matrix modification) and did some progress with the bug no #1480863 but didn't fix it :)15:33
willcookethanks hikiko15:34
willcooke#topic andyrock15:34
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hikikogoodbye everyone :)15:34
seb128hikiko, bye15:34
willcookecya hikiko15:34
andyrockbasically i've been working on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1449654 last week15:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1449654 in unity (Ubuntu) "windows can be resized from wrong workspace" [Medium,In progress]15:34
andyrockthere is already an approved MP15:34
andyrockand this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/145727615:35
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1457276 in unity (Ubuntu) "Drop-down sound menu has no delay" [High,In progress]15:35
andyrockit's almost done15:35
andyrocki'm not going to use a delay but math to improve the situation15:35
andyrockbasically this: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/qXGkfaSw/triangle.png15:35
willcookegood stuff, thanks andyrock.  There will be some happy users to see those fixes in.15:35
andyrockyeah atm it's pretty buggy15:35
* Laney remembers a unity bug to file/search for15:36
andyrockmaybe i'll do a MP by the end of the day15:36
seb128andyrock, nice one ;-)15:36
andyrocknot sure what is going to be my next bug15:36
andyrockwe cannot make thing perfects but it should improve the current situation15:37
andyrockto make things better we should introduce a delay15:37
andyrockbut we don't like delays15:37
willcookeoki, we can discuss the specifics later on and we can look at other bugs too.15:37
willcookeandyrock, anything else you want to report?15:38
andyrockthat's all for me15:38
willcookecool, thanks a lot!15:38
willcooke#topic attente15:38
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willcookehey attente15:38
seb128andyrock, btw that's bug #552920 which has pointers and nice comments from mpt15:38
ubot5bug 552920 in unity (Ubuntu) "Moving diagonally from narrow menu title often opens adjacent menu" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55292015:38
attentegetting up to speed with libertine, debugged some small issues15:38
attentefirst stab at building a click package containing a libertine container15:38
seb128andyrock, see https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=710388 as well15:39
ubot5Gnome bug 710388 in Widget: GtkMenu "Menu navigation triangle doesn't work anymore" [Normal,New]15:39
seb128attente, what is libertine?15:39
andyrockseb128: thanks!15:39
seb128andyrock, yw!15:40
attenteseb128: it's a project that should make it easier to create containers (lxc/chroot) for legacy x apps15:40
seb128k, interesting15:41
attenteseb128: https://github.com/ubuntu-libertine/libertine15:41
willcookethanks attente15:41
willcooke#topic desrt15:41
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willcookedesrt, welcome back from hols!15:42
desrtthanks :D15:42
desrtbasically spent the last day getting out from under my pile of emails15:42
desrtstarting to dig into bugs next...15:42
desrtanything anyone needed while i was gone?15:42
Laneymclasen was after you15:43
desrtcool.  i'll ping.15:43
desrtlooks like BoFs are still on at guadec15:43
willcookethanks desrt15:44
willcooke#topic dgadomski15:44
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willcookeHey dgadomski - how's OEM looking?15:44
dgadomskiactually I'm not OEM, I'm sustaining engineering inside cloud ops15:44
willcookewait what15:45
willcookeyou lie15:45
dgadomskiI never lie :)15:45
willcookeI need to stop huffing glue15:45
willcookesorry dgadomski15:45
dgadomskino worries15:45
dgadomski* prepared a debdiff to fix bug #1464645 for trusty15:46
ubot5bug 1464645 in gvfs (Ubuntu) "Samba shares over gvfs do not respect ACL rules" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146464515:46
dgadomski* still working towards fixing bug #112425015:46
ubot5bug 1124250 in linux (Ubuntu Utopic) "Partially incorrect uid mapping with nfs4/idmapd/ldap-auth" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112425015:46
willcookeThat SMB bug will be a nice fix to see15:46
willcookethanks dgadomski15:46
willcooke#topic didrocks15:46
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didrocks /!\ long report (to compensate the incoming 4 characters one from Laney)15:46
didrocks* Ubuntu Make:15:47
didrocks- reviewed and merged scala support by ivuk. Will be in next release.15:47
didrocks- reviewed and merged some fixes for progress bar out of range exception from a new contributor, asked to add some tests for it.15:47
didrocks- multiple reviews and comments on eclipse mars + other eclipse derivatives support as well as some tests refactoring by the same new contributor. Still in progress.15:47
didrocks* Ubuntu developer program:15:47
didrocksContinue developping the example app. This week was:15:47
didrocks- add i18n support and encountered issues with our default qmake template with i18n15:47
didrocks- found a singleton best practice and implement global app settings this way (as well as settings page with some expand item toolkit issues)15:47
didrocks- add a DateTime picker handling both Date and Time (not supported upstream) and provide best practice/workaround u1db issues on dates.15:47
didrocks- add comments and binary attachement through using the contenthub and provides/creates best practices around it (and on testing on desktop) for importing and handling images (to finish). Provide some more workaround for model and u1db issues.15:47
didrocks- some small global polishing (error handling, no results, first opening, rewording) and refactoring to avoid duplicating properties15:47
didrocks- opened more than 20 toolkit-related bugs due to various issues encountered above (and which I had to workaround) + discuss with upstream on each of those. Let's hope they got them fix soon! At least, we have documented workarounds and best practices now :)15:47
didrocks* Misc:15:47
didrocks- advice to some of our upstream team on how to keep one branch with different package names (soname changes) due to gcc5 transition15:47
willcookemerci didrocks15:48
willcooke#topic Laney15:48
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didrocksde rien :)15:48
tjaaltondidrocks: no need to reboot, next crash or logout is enough :)15:48
LaneyI added some more characters15:48
Laneybut you can really just read g++5 if you want15:48
Laney• short week: hols Thursday and Friday15:48
Laney• g++5 hell - what did we do to deserve this?15:48
Laney∘ many package renames15:48
Laney∘ many no-change rebuilds15:48
Laney∘ such breakage, build fixes, NMUs and stuff15:48
Laney∘ wow15:48
Laney• Some transition tracker maintenance to avoid false negatives15:48
Laney• Next: moar g++5, dbus 1.10 (rc), e-d-s 3.16.5, debconf15:48
Laney• Anyone know how to fix https://plus.google.com/+IainLane/posts/asJo19AJShN so I can expand my unicode repertoire?15:48
willcookethank you Laney, your diligence in the fight with GCC5 is very much appreciated15:49
willcookeLaney, oh - and....15:49
willcookebut another day15:49
willcooke#topic seb12815:49
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seb128• spent over a day fighting with phone images/os-es to restore a formatted imei :-(15:49
seb128• landed u-c-c wily update (sound panel fix + logo update)15:49
seb128• worked a bit on the gcc5 transition15:49
seb128• refreshed the bluez5 transition packages, fought a bit with u-c-c to get it working, the ppa should be mostly working, extra testers&feedback would be welcome15:49
seb128• reviewed/tested/sponsored some bluez4 fixes for touch (and wily)15:49
seb128• bugs triage (desktop & touch)15:49
willcookemerci seb12815:50
seb128de rien !15:50
willcooke#topic TheMuso15:50
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willcooke* Continued planning for new accessibility profile implementatino for 16.04, hoping to allow support for all GTK/GNOME based flavours.15:50
willcooke* COntinued work on Speech Dispatcher, mostly upstream.15:50
willcooke#topic robert_ancell15:50
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willcooke- Released lightdm 1.15.1, 1.15.215:50
willcooke- XMir bug investigation15:50
willcooke- Added detection of scanners without drivers to Simple Scan.15:50
willcooke- Fixed XCB -dev package names15:50
willcooke- Update depends in packages to stop using transitional package names15:50
willcookeooops, missed out...15:51
willcooke#topic Trevinho15:51
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willcooke* Some vacation time :) -> Spent some time on the pile of backlog15:51
willcooke* Started refactoring unity switcher model to be dynamic (content should15:51
willcookeupdate when switcher showing)15:51
willcooke* Implementing Alt+Tab+$key_next_to_tab to close active app/win in15:51
willcookeswitcher (bug #1468820)15:51
willcooke* Some experiments for implementing GNOME-like overlay scrollbars in15:51
ubot5bug 1468820 in Unity "close windows from switcher [wishlist]" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146882015:51
willcookeunity dash15:51
willcooke* Got flights and prepared documents to go to China15:51
willcooke* Reviewed some unity branches15:51
willcooke* Got CI-Train keys and studied the landing process15:51
willcooke#topic Any Other Business15:51
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Laneya China trip that I don't get to go on? :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(:( :( :( :(:(:(:(:(:(15:52
willcookeYeah, hikiko and Trevinho get to visit this time15:52
seb128Laney was looking forward chinese spies try to hack his laptop again15:52
Laneyyeah I got a new one since then15:52
willcookeThey've already done that15:52
Laneyalthough, guess where it shipped from15:52
willcookeI've suggested that they visit The Great Wall, same place we went15:53
* didrocks wants a Japan trip15:53
Laneyis it the same kind of thing?15:53
willcooke+1 for Japan15:53
willcookeLaney, yeah, same deal15:53
willcookeWe have an SRU request from OEM, need to speak to ara about it some more tomorrow15:53
willcookeA few interesting threads on the -desktop mailing list right now, worth checking if you haven;t already15:54
* willcooke is planning to reply to them all, but just in a holding pattern 15:54
willcookeoh, Laney there is *another* font release coming.  \o/15:55
willcookeDesign have asked dpm to find some help for testing, so maybe we can pass the release work over too15:55
Laneywhat for?15:55
willcookeLaney,  a new thin version15:55
Laneydoes that mean we should skip this one?15:56
willcookeI see the email subject, haven't opened it yet.  Plausible deniability15:56
* dpm confirms Design got in touch and we're looking at how we can help15:56
Laneygood strategy15:56
didrocksahah, "managers read emails" -> subject :)15:56
willcookecould do, since there is not real point in making two releases15:56
Laneythat would make me happy15:56
willcookedidrocks, I haven't got time to *read* the things.  I've got slides to work on15:56
didrockswillcooke: and spreadsheets to file in!15:57
Laney(tequila to drink)15:57
willcookeLaney, I'll get up to speed and fill you in later15:57
Laneyno... rush...15:57
willcookeoh, also... I asked Trevinho to look at making the dash OSB look like the new Gnome ones - should be doable.15:58
seb128tequila filling for Laney?!15:58
Laneyhe said that in his status15:58
seb128Laney, that's better than a China trip ;-)15:58
Laneyseb128: heidelberg tequila party15:58
willcookeah, yeah it's that reading emails thing15:58
* Laney needs to get some C&W15:59
Laneycan't turn up to debconf empty handed15:59
willcookeah yes - have fun at the weekend folks15:59
willcookeany more topics?15:59
seb128not from me15:59
willcookein 5.....16:00
didrockskeine topic :)16:00
seb128I already mentioned it in my weekly summary, but bluez5 should be ready in the ppa and testing would be welcome16:00
seb128I emailed devel/phone lists about it as well16:00
willcookeawesome, thanks seb12816:00
willcooke3,2,1, #endmeeting16:00
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meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Aug 11 16:01:02 2015 UTC.16:01
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-desktop/2015/ubuntu-desktop.2015-08-11-15.30.moin.txt16:01
willcookethank you everyone16:01
Laneyxnox: you coming debconf?16:01
Laneywe could do something about gnupg216:01
andyrockseb128: btw we are not using gtk for the indicators16:01
andyrockwe actually draw them using nux16:02
andyrockjust the dropdown menus are handled by gtk16:02
seb128andyrock, k, well technically the same triangle solution applies16:02
* didrocks remembers the space handling """fun""" for indicators in nux16:02
andyrockbut I can have a look at gtk code to try to fix it too16:02
andyrockseems like the code is already there, it's just broken16:02
seb128that would be nice ;-)16:03
xnoxLaney: i don't think so.16:03
* Laney weeps16:04
didrocksno China, no xnox, bad week for Laney16:05
* didrocks hugs Laney16:05
Laneyit's not going to be the same16:05
Laneyyeah :(16:05
didrocksdon't worry, I'm sure we'll go to Japan, it all depends on willcooke :)16:05
* Laney hugs didrocks 16:05
didrocks(no pressure)16:05
Laneyat least I've got you16:05
didrocksattente: the libertine github project should join the ubuntu group btw, I can get it added if you want16:09
Laneysurely it should come back to LP now we have git16:09
attentedidrocks: best to ask bregma about that since he started it16:10
didrocksbregma: ^16:10
xnoxLaney: you can always join the big blue ;-)16:14
Laneysounds like becoming a surfer16:14
LaneyI could be down with that16:14
bregmawe put libertine up on github because the git support in Launchpad was broken at the time16:19
bregmawe need to move it into bazaar eventually so it will work with the ci-train when the time comes16:20
didrocksbregma: ok, if you have long term plan to keep in github, we can move the project easily under the ubuntu namespace16:20
didrocks(that doesn't change anything for you, it's just that it's centrally managed)16:21
bregmadidrocks, our long-term plans weren't to use github but it wouldn;t hurt to move it under ubuntu no matter what16:21
didrocksbregma: ok, I'll have a look tommorrow and keep you posted (I did the same for Ubuntu Make a year ago)16:23
didrockssee you tomorrow guys!16:23
bregmaalso, because people keep asking, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/dashboard.html#?q=compiz has been in -proposed for a while and will block other Unity 7 stack landings until the GCC-5 thing passes16:24
bregmafinal Unity 7 landing before the 7.3.3 release is https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/?req=13816:25
bregmathen I'm done16:26
seb128bregma, I don't understand that statement16:32
seb128bregma, you could keep doing landing in proposed even if the previous one didn't migrate16:32
seb128you can merge&clean without having it migrate, there is a jenkins box to check for that16:33
seb128you can also refresh you silo and do another landing without the m&c16:33
bregmaI get spanked when I do that16:33
seb128by who?16:33
seb128I keep doing it...16:33
seb128and no, it's not because I like spanking ;-)16:34
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seb128Laney, have a good evening!17:09
Laneyyou too!17:10
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jcastromamarley: welcome!23:05
mamarleyHi :)23:05

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