ubottuLaunchpad bug 1483440 in linux (Ubuntu) "odd behavior with /proc/net/route reading via sh 'read'" [Undecided,New]00:00
smoserinfinity, is your /proc/net/route exactly 512 bytes like mine is01:02
smoserdid i just really luck into the fencepost ?01:02
infinitysmoser: No, mine is 768.  Though, still a curiously round number in binary land, so I assume the lines are a padded length.01:05
infinityAnd, indeed, they are.01:05
sarnoldheh, mine's 77 * 128 bytes long01:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1483440 in linux (Ubuntu) "odd behavior with /proc/net/route reading via sh 'read'" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:07
sarnoldthis reminds me so much of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1381005 -- but that looks to be tty specific01:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1381005 in linux (Ubuntu Vivid) "Long stdin from terminal can result in code execution" [High,In progress]01:08
smoserwalking through powers of two for byte size, i get error right at 512, which is exactly mine.01:08
pittiGood morning03:01
pittislangasek: I heard you want to force gcc-5 into wily-release, so that at least some of the transitions can land?03:02
sarnoldhey pitti, this seems especially early..03:02
pittithat would at least help a bit to untangle the mess03:02
pittisarnold: yeah, can't sleep any more :/03:02
sarnoldoh :( sorry03:02
tjaaltonseems to be the trend..03:12
pittitjaalton: morning :)03:24
pittiThe early bird can bite me03:25
tjaaltonyeah or the cat, woke me up 1+ hrs ago03:26
mwhudsoni can't install packages in the wily chroot on the ppc64el porter box04:25
mwhudsonSystemError: E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.04:25
mwhudsonhow can this be unpicked?04:25
mwhudsoni don't know how to use rapt very well04:25
pittimwhudson: if apt-get -f install doesn't help, then you need an RT I'm afraid04:26
pittiunfortunately the schroots on our porter boxes are quite useless04:26
mwhudsonERROR: only install/update/upgrade/dist-upgrade supported as argument04:26
mwhudsonrt time!04:26
mwhudsonalso eod time so that's ok i guess04:26
pittimwhudson: perhaps while you are at it you can ask for re-setting them up properly04:26
pittii. e. with session overlays instead of "everyone uses and breaks one single schroot"04:27
mwhudsonpitti: heh uh, i don't think putting that literal text into the rt would be productive04:27
pittiI thought I did that years ago already04:27
pittibut it seems nobody got around to it yet04:27
pittimwhudson: asking for session overlays? but that's the right thing to do, and constructive?04:27
pittinobody except IS should ever be able to access the "real" (source) schroot04:28
pittione should be able to start a session, hack in that, end it, and it's all gone04:28
mwhudsoni can see how that would be useful04:28
mwhudsonbut i'm not sure i'm going to fight that fight today04:28
pittiwhat makes me wonder is how IS set this up in the first place, given that sessions are schroot's default mode of operation04:29
pittiyou actually have to go through great lenghts of effort to set them up the way they are right now :)04:29
slangasekpitti: if by "force" you mean "review the remaining autopkgtest blockers and make judicious decisions about whether to override them", yes05:50
pittislangasek: oh, please don't force-badtest those; all the KDE failures also appear in more proper excuses where they *should* hold back stuff until the transitions get completed05:52
pittislangasek: I thought you were going to force-skiptest gcc-5 itself only?05:52
slangasekpitti: I was not suggesting a force-badtest at all05:52
pitti(after reviewing the remaining failures, yes)05:52
slangasekpitti: there should be some information on the pad; I know robru confirmed that some of the regressions started only after gcc-defaults landed so are not related, but I think there are some remaining failures that need looked at05:53
robrupitti: yeah i put those at the very bottom of the pad05:54
pittibut that's misleading05:54
pittiwell, it can be argued that gcc-5 broke all those, but shouldn't they rather be tacked to the kde lib renames instead of gcc-5 itself?05:55
robrupitti: how can that be argued? There's a handful of cases where tests passed after gcc5 was uploaded.05:56
pittieither way, for gcc itself it doesn't matter much whether it promotes; we effectively can't "hold back" gcc, as we build everything from -proposed05:56
pittiI thought we wanted to do this to unblock some unrelated transitions05:56
slangasekI wouldn't say unrelated05:57
pittie. g. scim, snappy, schroot, etc.05:57
slangasekso, unrelated to kde but not unrelated to gcc, sure06:00
slangasekpitti: fyi gr-* failed because gnuradio has a wrong dependency on libuhd06:27
pittislangasek: yeah, just looked at it06:27
pittislangasek: want me to fix, or are you on it?06:27
pitti(yay for not using proper shlibs..)06:28
slangasekpitti: I'm just letting you know since you triggered the builds; I'm off to bed now06:28
pittislangasek: right, the previous FTBFS was due to non-current gnuradio, so it looked worth a retry06:28
pittislangasek: ack, will fix06:28
pittislangasek: are you the blue editor on the pad?06:31
pitti(I don't see any names except robru's and mine)06:31
slangasekpitti: yep06:32
pittiah, thanks06:32
slangasekand going to bed for real now ;)06:32
pittislangasek: sleep well!06:33
pittiLogan: hmm, aqsis still fails, did that work locally for you for some weird reason?06:36
darkxstjdstrand, can you look again at bug 1466290?, remaining core GNOME is blocked on that06:40
ubottubug 1466290 in gnome-online-accounts (Ubuntu) "Update to 3.16" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146629006:40
dholbachgood morning07:10
shine_I have a situation that I feel is a but in the ubuntu o/s (unity?) and I'm having a hell of a time finding a way to just submit a bug in my own words. Been to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu ... click "report a bug" and get a howto document (not a place to submit a bug). In my particular case, there is no system information that would be useful. it will effect every 14.04 system (no matter the hardware) because it's a design07:15
shine_choice I'm pointing out.07:15
ikoniathis isn't really a "bug" channel07:15
shine_Been on #ubuntu and not getting anywhere in an economic amount of time. What can I do?07:15
ikonia(check the topic)07:15
shine_well perhaps the requirement is too much to ask (time wise) for something as simple as this. Shame if suffering result because the failure to report somethgin important07:16
shine_Suppse, at this point, ubuntu doesn't want you to report bugs07:17
ikoniayou know it does want you to report bugs, this was explained in #ubuntu07:18
ikoniaso hitting other channels and repeating won't help07:18
ikoniagetting the bug logged, will, which if you rejoin #ubuntu people will work through with you07:18
shine_I just don't feel it's fair to require someone to do research before they can report what seems like a problem to them. Person should be able to spend 5 or 10 minutes total, make a couple clicks, write in some text, click "submit" and be done with it.07:20
ikoniathis isn't the channel for this discussion07:20
shine_Suppse, at this point, ubuntu doesn't want you to report bugs07:21
shine_but hey - who cares - right?07:21
ikoniathis self pity stuff doesn't help07:21
pittidoko: bug 1483400> why is dropping -Werror not an option? IMHO -Werror is just plain wrong in "production" builds (specific errors are okay and good of course)07:44
ubottubug 1483400 in mongodb (Ubuntu) "mongodb ftbfs with GCC 5 and boost 1.58" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148340007:44
pitti-Werror is only ever a thing for local developer builds07:45
infinitypitti: I used to think that way too, but I've come to love gcc warnings more and more over the years.07:46
pittisure, they are good07:46
infinitypitti: And a lot of them really, really do point to real bugs that will affect runtime.07:46
pittiinfinity: not in my experience then07:46
pittiI used to see tons of FTBFS due to deprecation warnings wiht e. g. new glib which turned into FTBFS07:46
infinityOh, well, that's glib. :P07:46
infinityI'm talking gcc warnings, not people abusing #warning.07:47
pittiand building a package with a new compiler which has new warnings doesn't suddenly break your software07:47
infinityNo, it means it was already broken, often.07:47
pittithe developer of that software should build with it, but never packages07:47
infinityI still kinda want to know.07:47
pittiyes, but no-change rebuilds are the wrong place for that07:47
infinitySee, I still disagree.07:48
infinity"It was always broken" is no excuse for not fixing it.07:48
infinityAnd when we discover it is a good time to fix it.07:48
pittiwell, I was mostly interested in why doko said "not an option" -- just out of general principle, or whether he reviewed the warnings and they are actual errors07:48
infinityI have a slight bias here after putting in years to get glibc to build warning-free. :P07:48
infinityBut the number of real bugs we found in the process was pretty shocking.07:48
pittiinfinity: yes, and that's the very "developer build" use case07:49
infinitypitti: We build it with -Werror in Debian and Ubuntu too!07:49
infinity(And Fedora and Gentoo, and...)07:49
pittiI'm not going to fix all the warnings in juju-mongodb07:49
pittiand while I do agree that warnings are important, they are not *more* important to me as a random "do this transition" packager than to upstream07:50
pitti(or the package maintainer)07:50
infinitypitti: So, the answer for things you don't care about fixing is to see what *new* warning are affecting it, decide they don't matter, and build with -Wno-error=$warning07:50
pittiand I yet have to see a C++ package rebuild that doesn't have warnings :)07:50
infinityCause a new warning might be a nasty bug.  But maybe the warning of the day isn't.07:50
pittiinfinity: right, that was kind of the point of my question to doko07:50
infinityEffectively, when you drop -Werror entirely, you're making a future decision that you can't support because you have limited info (you don't know if future warnings will catch awesome bugs or code style issues or cows in your comment blocks)07:51
RAOFIn my experience with Mir, we've had a bunch of new warnings appear as compilers advance. These have *all* been stylistic.07:53
dokopitti, at least -Werror is not good enough to fix the ftbfs07:54
pittiwell, it's a question of who can and will do something about it07:54
RAOFBut we're doing more fun things than the average package, and are aggressive with enabling warnings, and CI requires the build to succeed with -Wall -Werror before it lands, so...07:54
pittiupstream and a package's maintainer should07:54
infinitypitti: Anyhow, mongo may well be a lost cause, and maybe the answer is to turn off -Werror, and purists like doko and I should shut up.07:58
infinitypitti: I definitely get where you're coming from too.07:58
infinitypitti: But if it's just a few warnings on repeat, -Wno makes more sense.07:58
pittiinfinity: yes, agreed07:58
dokopitti, if you work on this, please update to the current upstream of the 2.6 series ...07:59
pitticurrently working on luabind and libcrypto++ FTBFSes (I spotted the above when reviewing the list)08:00
pittidoko: noted08:00
pittiinfinity: "[-Werror=unused-variable]" -> that definitively sounds like a case of -Wno-error :)08:09
infinitypitti: Yeah, unused-variable probably should be in extra, not all.08:09
infinity(or is mongo building with -Wextra?)08:09
pittiI'll look at mongodb/juju-mongodb, and update the former to 2.6.1008:10
infinityunused-variable is in -Wall.  That seems perhaps wrong.08:10
Mirvhmh, why does apt continuously give me hash mismatch on http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/wily-proposed/main/i18n/Translation-en08:24
Mirvgood to complain, the continuity stopped08:25
darkxstMirv, I get that often, but usually on mirrors08:33
darkxstusually clears up after 5mins or so08:33
Mirvdarkxst: this was on main. I do tend to see that every now and then, but usually it's immediately that the next apt update works. this was maybe that 5min or such08:41
zygadoko: looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/checkbox-support/+bug/1483410 -- when I test-build the package from debain in a wily sbuild I get python 3.4 and it builds okay, what am I missing?08:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1483410 in checkbox-support (Ubuntu) "checkbox-support FTBFS in wily" [High,In progress]08:43
zygadoko: is that built using something (proposed?) that has 3.5 as default?08:43
dokozyga,  come out of your comfort zone and enable -proposed as the buildds?08:44
zygadoko: ack, thanks08:44
zygaI'm getting hash sum mismatch on wily-proposed, is that something common/expected?08:56
zygaodd, now it works08:57
pittithat's the case fairly often indeed08:58
pittisil2100: did you have a chance to review http://pad.ubuntu.com/drop-obsolete-phone-packages already?09:04
sil2100pitti: no, on it right now, I had a few firefights yesterday :)09:07
pittisil2100: cool, thanks; not that urgent, I was just wondering09:07
sil2100pitti: ok, had a look at those09:33
sil2100pitti: so libdbusmenu-qt is required and can't be removed, but I'm not sure about libcolumbus09:33
sil2100pitti: the rest looks fine to get rid of09:34
sil2100I remember hud was using libcolumbus on the desktop as well some time ago, so I suppose it's still using it09:34
sil2100And since we have hud still in unity7 desktops, I wouldn't remove it09:34
zygadoko: fixed, should I just request a new version in Debian (which might take a while, I cannot upload yet) or do you want to get the patch in ubuntu faster?09:51
dokozyga, ubuntu then. and pretty please watch these packages, if you sync them, and they ftbfs09:54
zygadoko: I just realized this is not in my inbox, how can I ensure we are subscribed?09:55
zygadoko: I didn't explicitly sync them they just got auto synced09:55
zygadoko: I'm watching debian bugs carefuly now but bugs on source packages in ubuntu still seme not to be subscribed09:56
rbasakdoko: in bug 1483400, you say "just building without -Werror is not an option". Why?09:58
ubottubug 1483400 in mongodb (Ubuntu) "mongodb ftbfs with GCC 5 and boost 1.58" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148340009:58
tseliotpitti: hi. Did you get any more reports of that symbols problem with fglrx? I'm asking as my 15.04 installation works well here09:59
dokorbasak, because it fails later on boost1.58 (please talk with pitti)09:59
pittitseliot: yes, the u-d-c test still fails10:10
pittirbasak: I'm currently test-building a potential fix for both10:10
pittiargh, one failed with more followup errors, the other with "out of space"10:11
tseliotpitti: can you point me to the link again, please?10:11
rbasakpitti: thanks! Please let me know if you need anything.10:11
pittitseliot: https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-wily/wily/amd64/u/ubuntu-drivers-common/20150804_151050@/log.gz10:11
pittitseliot: from http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/u/ubuntu-drivers-common/wily/amd64/10:11
pittisil2100: cheers! I'll go through them with reverse-depends again and clean up10:16
sil2100pitti: thanks a lot :)10:16
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tseliotpitti: I'm not sure if you saw my last few messages. I was saying that it seems to me that you're testing fglrx instead of fglrx-core (which is what builds the module)10:20
pittitseliot: yes, it installs fglrx indeed10:21
pittitseliot: ah, did the module recently move from fglrx to fglrx-core?10:21
pittitseliot: then I suppose we just need to adjust the test?10:21
tseliotpitti: yes, that's what I was trying to say10:21
pittitseliot: how is it called for fglrx-updates? there's no f-core-updates10:22
pittiah, fglrx-updates-core10:22
pittitseliot: I'll try that once my computer becomes usable again (building two mongodbs ATM)10:22
pittitseliot: thanks!10:23
tseliotpitti: thanks to you10:23
zygadoko: how do you want me to send the patch (I never uploaded directly to ubuntu before), a debdiff attached to the bug?10:27
dokozyga, do you have upload rights?10:28
zygadoko: no10:28
zygadoko: (though I'd like to work on gettin that)10:28
zygaafter all those years ...10:28
dokoapply for it10:28
zygaper package upload or UD?10:28
dokodholbach, ^^^ here's your next victim10:28
zygadholbach: with pleasure :)10:28
dokozyga, send me the patch, or file a bug report10:29
zygadholbach: and please tell me what to do to apply for upload rights10:29
zygadoko: sent10:44
zygadoko: looking, I just built it like 12s of times10:54
zygaoh, I see... somehow the python3-gi dependency is not in the debdiff, sorry, my bad10:55
dokothat's all?10:55
zygadoko: yes10:55
zygadoko: it's in debian, I must have d'd it by accident before running debdiff10:56
zygadoko: it's a build-dependency10:56
zygadoko: sorry :/10:56
zygadoko: I just checked that it's not in the debdiff10:56
zygadoko: do you want -1ubuntu2 or will you do that yourself?10:56
pittirbasak: juju-mongodb now fails in that "smoke" test during build: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12054846/11:00
pittirbasak: any idea what's wrong with the pymongo module?11:01
zygadoko: thank you11:01
pittirbasak: AFAICS there is no "Connection" in dir(pymongo)11:01
rbasakpitti: I know no more than you on this, sorry. If the server team needs to take this on I can add it to our list.11:02
* pitti retries mongodb, take IV11:03
zygadoko: built fine! I'll subscribe to all the source package bugs not to miss that next time11:04
pittirbasak: I'm adding my preliminary patch with the above output to bug 148340011:06
ubottubug 1483400 in mongodb (Ubuntu) "mongodb ftbfs with GCC 5 and boost 1.58" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148340011:06
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rbasakpitti: are you still working on the bug or are you handing it over to us?11:10
pittirbasak: I'm trying something11:10
rbasakOK, np11:10
pittiI found http://api.mongodb.org/python/current/tutorial.html, I hope it's just a simple renaming11:11
pittiI see the test suite now, looking good11:11
pittidpkg-deb: building package 'juju-mongodb' in '../juju-mongodb_2.4.10-0ubuntu4_amd64.deb'.11:19
pittirbasak: ^11:19
rbasakThank you!11:24
dholbachzyga, sure... which packages do you want to upload? which did you upload in the past?11:24
zygadholbach: I never uploaded packages directly to ubuntu before, it would be fantastic if we could (the checkbox development team in general but probably me in particular for now), upload plainbox, checkbox-ng, checkbox-support, plainbox-provider-checkbox, plainbox-provider-resource-generic and perhaps one or two misc packages that I also maintain in debian, python-guacamole, python-morris, python-padme11:25
zygadholbach: we also want to land a whole new checkbox to wily and that will include two new packages (not in debian), checkbox-converged and qchartjs (a qml module)11:27
dholbachnice, that should be possible11:27
zygadholbach: excellent, what do I need to do?11:27
dholbachzyga, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/ApplicationProcess explains the application process11:30
zygadholbach: allright11:30
dholbachzyga, it's a lot like the membership process - so set up a wiki page, explain what you're after, get a few endorsements and attend a meeting11:30
zygadholbach: one question, should I apply for per-package uploader or for something more generic?11:31
dholbachzyga, as you like it... for something more generic, you might have to demonstrate a more diverse interest or prior work on other packages11:32
zygadholbach: ok, let me read the precise difference between them and see what to do next11:33
dholbachzyga, the process is very much the same11:33
dholbachzyga, you might have to explain what your interests are and what you worked on in the past11:34
pittiMirv, sil2100, seb128: I processed most of http://pad.ubuntu.com/drop-obsolete-phone-packages but qml-friends and friends (and thus libfriends) are still seeded on ubuntu-touch adn ubuntu-desktop-next; should these be dropped?11:37
pittisee "reverse-depends src:libfriends"11:37
pittiand "reverse-depends src:friends"11:37
pitti* ubuntu-desktop-next [amd64 armhf i386]  (for friends-twitter)11:37
pitti* ubuntu-desktop-next [amd64 armhf i386]  (for friends-facebook)11:37
pitti* ubuntu-touch [amd64 armhf i386]  (for friends-facebook)11:37
pitti* ubuntu-touch [amd64 armhf i386]  (for friends-twitter)11:37
pitti* unity-lens-friends            (for friends)11:37
zygadholbach: for what we are after (creation of ubuntu-specific new packages) core dev might be better as it includes "specify, develop and deploy new features for the default installation of Ubuntu" but I lack the required "hitory of substantial direct contributions to the distribution"11:38
dholbachzyga, maybe start with a checkbox package set first?11:39
dholbachget it created for you, and team mates can apply for that later on as well11:39
zygadholbach: yes, I think that is appropriate11:39
dholbachlet me know if I can help with anything11:39
zygadholbach: so package sets are only briefly mentioned there11:39
zygadholbach: how does one create a new set?11:39
zygadholbach: is that the delegated team concept?11:40
dholbachjust mention which packages you need upload rights for11:40
dholbachand mention that A, B and C should be made a package set11:40
dholbachlater on you can still go and get packages added and removed11:40
zygamakes sense, thanks!11:40
dholbachcool :)11:41
Mirvpitti: wow, that's true11:43
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sil2100pitti: I'm pretty sure we don't use that anymore11:46
sil2100But hm11:46
sil2100Let's double-confirm with robru11:46
Mirvsil2100: yeah, and in general even though we don't use the Friends anymore on the images, robru can weigh in if it'd be nice to keep it in archives still11:47
Mirvsil2100: anyway, created https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.wily_remove_friends/+merge/26764811:48
Mirvit is/was a nice program from user point of view11:48
Mirvbut maybe it could rather live on as a click package rather than in archives, if somewhere11:49
seb128pitti, unsure about friends, to be checked with kenvandine11:50
sil2100Mirv: thanks!11:51
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pittitseliot: that's not it -- fglrx Depends: fglrx-core12:44
pittitseliot: it actually fails to build in -proposed; I'll file a bug with the details12:44
pittimake[1]: gcc-4.9: Command not found12:45
pittiheh, that would do it :)12:45
pittitseliot: filed as bug 148369512:48
ubottubug 1483695 in fglrx-installer-updates (Ubuntu Wily) "fails to build module in wily-proposed: gcc-4.9: Command not found" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148369512:48
pittitseliot: what I'm not sure about is where the gcc-4.9 comes from -- I can't find anything in fglrx about it12:52
pittithen again, nvidia* build fine, and I don't see it in dkms itself either12:52
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mterrybdmurray, FYI team mapping update: ~checkbox-dev has agreed to look after xlsxwriter in main13:07
tseliotpitti: maybe something's pulled in as a result of the depending on these: lib32gcc1 [amd64], libc6-i386 [amd64], dkms, make, linux-libc-dev13:23
pittitseliot: I didn't find anything that would set CC -- do you know where that gcc-4.9 might come from?13:23
TJ-pitti: I believe the gcc-4.9 comes from the kernel due to parsing /proc/version in lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/make.sh13:24
pittiah, so it tries to invoke the same compiler that the kernel was built with?13:24
pittithat would explain it indeed (and why it doesn't affect nvidia or other DKMS mods)13:25
tseliotpitti, TJ-: yes, the set_GCC_version function in make.sh http://paste.ubuntu.com/12055486/13:28
pittitseliot: ah, that's it; so we either need to patch that out (preferred), or add a gcc-4.9 dep?13:29
tseliotpitti: yes, a patch would be easier13:31
pittiI mean "better" -> so that users don't end up with a second compiler just for this13:31
pittihm, LP keeps timing out on me, I wanted to add that info to the bug13:32
tseliotpitti: I agree, I don't want to hardcode the gcc-$ver dependency13:33
mterrysarnold, on bug 1455644, is it ACK to be approved *now* or did you want a release with the fixes you've discussed in wily first?13:35
ubottubug 1455644 in ippusbxd (Ubuntu) "[MIR] ippusbxd" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145564413:35
mterrybdmurray, FYI team mapping update: ~ubuntu-printing has agreed to look after ippusbxd in main13:36
ricotzdoko, hi, maybe you are able to confirm this? this is running aptitude from wily-proposed -- http://people.ubuntu.com/~ricotz/ubuntu/aptitude-gcc5.png13:36
pittiRiddell: as per http://pad.ubuntu.com/gcc-5-transition there are several KDE libs that need to be renamed to v5 and rdepends rebuilt: okular, libkdegames, marble, okteta13:40
pittiRiddell: for coordination: do you plan to upload them anytime soon? is there a new upstream version for those for 5.13 which changes SONAME anyway?13:41
pittiRiddell: if not, want me to upload renames?13:41
pitti(and rebuilds)13:41
pittidoko: ^ (FYI)13:41
Riddellpitti: we're onto it13:42
pittiRiddell: cool, thanks (FYI, just uploaded cantor, but that was just a no-change rebuild)13:43
Riddellpitti: it's KDE Applications 15.07.90 (the third large release from KDE along with Frameworks and Plasma)13:43
Riddellpitti: it'll take us a couple more days because it's got stuff ported to frameworks5/qt5 as well as the gcc transitions but I can start uploading stuff sooner13:43
pittiRiddell: that's ok, I just don't want to step on your feet, thus asking who's on what13:44
Riddellpitti: along with doko we're still poking the frameworks and plasma packages to compiling happyness13:44
pittithese four don't block gcc-5 any more, just the konsole FTBFS13:44
pitti"undefined reference to `Konsole::HistoryScroll::hasScroll()'"13:44
pittidoko: oh, you didn't rename the openvdb libs? because no rdepends?13:46
Riddellpitti: ok I'll look at the new version of konsole13:47
dokopitti, no cxx11 symbols13:47
dokoricotz, I don't use aptitude13:48
ricotzdoko, hmm, ok13:51
tdaitxpitti, doko, infinity, slangasek: notmuch is now FTBFS on ppc64le, how can I get a ppa that has ppc64le? I need to add one debug flag to the build to see what is going on. I created LP: #148376014:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1483760 in notmuch (Ubuntu) "notmuch FTBFS on PPC64LE" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148376014:18
pittitdaitx: we have porter boxes (with incredibly brittle schroots)14:19
pittitdaitx: porter-ppc64el.canonical.com14:19
pittitdaitx: however, note that this isn't a blocker -- notmuch never built on ppc64el, so britney won't block it on that14:19
tdaitxright, anyway, those are the only failures, that test runs gdb, I bet it is related to it14:20
tdaitxpitti, err... what am I supposed to do with porter-ppc64el.canonical.com? is it offline? I can ping it, but there is no response for either http or ssh14:23
pittitdaitx: hm, I can ssh to it; maybe you aren't on the company VPN?14:23
tdaitxindeed, vpn is down14:24
hallynpitti: hey, i have some systemd ignorance i'm hopng you can help with15:03
hallynwhen you have a minute15:03
pittihey hallyn -- better just ask, mostly left for the day already15:07
hallynpitti: trying to write systemd jobs for libvirt.  i've got the libvirt-bin one working, trying to write the one which would shut down vms cleanly before machined kills them at shutdown15:11
hallynbut i've not been able to get it to run in time.15:11
hallyni'm trying to figure out what it is that does tha tkilling.  is it machined.service?  having my job run before or after that doesn't seem to work15:12
hallyndebian uses a job from upstream that is supposed to suspend vms at shutdown adn restart them at startup, but that doesn't seem to be working either15:13
hallynwell i guess let me take another stab at that one15:14
slangasekpitti: it seems http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html hasn't updated for 10 hours15:14
pittislangasek: right, just noticed 10 mins ago (sorry), I'm at it15:14
pittislangasek: I went over the gcc-5 test regressions today and cleared out some things, pad updated15:20
pittisome test fixes, some FTBFS fixes etc.15:20
pittibritney should be back in the next run15:20
pittihallyn: machined doesn't really cause any peer service to get shut down; I assume you are talking about libvirt on the host, not in the guest?15:27
pittihallyn: shutting down will cause all services to get stopped; if they specify an ExecStop= then by running that, otherwise by TERM and eventually KILL15:28
pittihallyn: and with Before=/After= you can influence the shutdown order (note that it has an inverse meaning on shutdown)15:28
pittihallyn: e. g. After=network.target will ensure that a service gets stopped before anything which brings the network down, like stopping ifupdown, NM, or networkd15:28
hallynpitti: in one attempt, my service was WantedBy shutdown.target and Before=shutdown.target.  but it didn't run until later15:31
hallynin another, it is simply wantedby=multi-level.target and after=libvirt-bin.service, with execstart=/bin/true and remainafterexit=true,15:32
hallynbut then the execstop seems to run as soon as /bin/true exits15:32
hallynideally th eformer would work,15:33
hallyni.e. like a 'stop scrip' in upstart15:33
pittihallyn: with ExecStart=/bin/true it needs to be Type=oneshot, is it?15:34
hallynyes it is15:34
hallynpitti: here's the one i was really hping toulw work: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12056134/15:36
pittihallyn: looks good at first sight; so this is running too early or too late, or what goes wrong?15:39
hallynpitti: too late.  lemme get that one installed again and show the log output,15:42
hallynpitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12056205/ and /var/log/libvirt/shutdownlog.log .15:50
hallynmaybe if i add After=libvirt-bin...15:51
pittihallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12056205/ is very short, and doesn't contain "libvirt" at all -- wrong log?15:52
hallynpitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12056205/ is syslog output, from where i 'virsh start cdboot' until after some things have shutdown due to shutdown15:54
hallynthe other is the /var/log/libvirt/shutdownlog which is written to by the script called at ExecStop15:54
hallynis there a way to get 'journalctl' to show me the last boot's journal?15:55
* hallyn sees --list-boots15:55
pittihallyn: yes -- enable persistant journal (/usr/share/doc/systemd/README.Debian15:55
pittihallyn: then sudo journalctl -b -115:56
hallynhow come that's not auto-enabled? :)15:56
hallynthanks, that's very helpful15:58
pittihallyn: because we install rsyslog by default, and I don't want every log be written to disk twice15:58
pitti/var/log/syslog should also contain most things15:59
hallynpitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12056255/  full boot log showing the ordering15:59
hallynpitti: sadly no syslog misses a lot of systemd ordering info15:59
* pitti really needs to run now, o/16:02
hallynpitti: thanks \o16:04
dokojibel, please could you have a look at the autopilot autopkg test failure? somehow urgent16:09
jibeldoko, sure16:09
flexiondotorgI'm migrating some Ubuntu MATE application to python3 because I see that is an objective for 16.04.16:14
flexiondotorgShould I reference python3 in the shebang or just rely on the packaging to install the correct versions?16:14
flexiondotorgJust interested to know what others are doing in this regard.16:15
flexiondotorgThe code will run on Python 2.6+ and Python3.3+ now.16:15
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dokobarry, ^^^16:17
jibeldoko, it's an unreliable test apparently and nothing to do with gcc. Can you force it? I'll ask veebers to fix it.16:24
dokoslangasek, ^^^ can't do this myself16:26
slangasekdoko: context? what test?16:26
slangasekdoko: if you can document it on the pad, that's the best way to track at the moment16:27
slangasek(I guess autopilot-gtk)16:27
dokoslangasek, done16:31
dokobarry, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pytables/3.1.1-3build216:34
jibeldoko, slangasek filed a bug and added details to the pad.16:35
juliankdoko: We're trying to get current APT git building on travis-ci.org again, for continuous integration. But it  keeps failing with internal compiler errors in most cases, with both gcc 4.9 and 5.1 from https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/ubuntu/test - idea?17:04
juliankdobey: travis-ci runs precise, BTW.17:04
dokojuliank, check wily-proposed, not interested in anything else17:04
dobeyuhm, ok17:04
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dokoseb128, Laney: norwegian is dep-wait, please file a MIR or drop the additional requirements17:30
jdstranddarkxst: I responded in the bug (sorry, I was on vacation last week)17:40
dokoseb128, Laney: gnome-online-accounts is dep-wait, please file a MIR or drop the additional requirements (just one more webkit copy)17:40
seb128doko, there is a mir for webkit2gtk17:41
dokoseb128, without dropping anything? I can assure you that jdstrand will reject that17:41
seb128doko, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-online-accounts/+bug/146629017:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1466290 in gnome-online-accounts (Ubuntu) "Update to 3.16" [Medium,New]17:41
seb128which jdstrand was just mentioning17:41
jdstrandthat was actually what I just responded to, above17:42
dokosmoser, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpica-unix/+bug/148383617:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1483836 in acpica-unix (Ubuntu) "acpica-unix ftbfs on powerpc" [High,Confirmed]17:48
hallynpitti: ok, i think i've figured out my problem.  slice dependencies were messing with me17:54
dragosguys i have an cool idea18:16
dragosfor ubuntu18:16
dokoseb128, Laney: ibus-chewing is dep-wait, please file a MIR or drop the additional requirements (cmake-fedora)18:55
boldfilter1Ping IdleOne19:16
dokomterry, welcome to the gcc 5 madness20:19
mterrydoko, :)20:19
mterrydoko, figured I'd help out20:19
dokois clementine your next one?20:19
dokolooks similar20:19
mterrydoko, oh is it?  where are you seeing that?  I can take it20:19
dokoahh, no, already fixed20:20
ari-tczewdoes anybody know a workaround for long taking time pbuilder while "I: Obtaining the cached apt archive contents" ?20:31
ari-tczewI think more than 15 minutes is not a normal20:32
dokozyga, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plainbox/0.22.2-1/+build/773874120:38
slangasekmterry: are you working on the freecad build failure?  this should be the same fix as for other qt4+boost1.58 bugs20:59
slangasekmterry: oh, Debian bug says you have :)20:59
mterryslangasek, yeah I was, and uploaded a patch20:59
mterryslangasek, but now I'm hitting something unexpected and am looking into it20:59
ochosihey everyone, anybody else apart from Sweet5hark taking care of libreoffice packaging?21:30
hallynsigh.  is it too late to delete https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvirt/1.2.16-2ubuntu6 ?21:52
hallynit's still Pending, so i'm kinda hoping not21:52
hallynmaybe my testing is bogus anyway.21:55
infinityhallyn: I can delete it.22:01
infinityhallyn: But ask quickly.22:01
infinityhallyn: You could also add the "block-proposed" tag to your bug there, so it never migrates.22:02
* infinity does that for you.22:02
hallyninfinity: i dunno, i had one vm where upgrading upset systemd.  but a new one is fine.  my worry is - I'm switching from the syvsinit job to a systemd job.  but the first vm mustve had something else funky i think22:04
hallynthere's not supposed to be anything for me to do manually in preinst-postinst right?  dh_installinit + dh_systemd should do it for me...22:04
hallynyeah upgrade went fine here.  what the hell happened in the other place22:05
infinityhallyn: That's the general theory.  That said, a new systemd service that didn't exist before and autostarts in postinst might exhibit curious behaviour if the daemon is already running.22:05
hallynhowever that job is --restart-after-upgrade, so it must get stopped from sysvinit and then started from systemd right?22:07
infinityhallyn: Anyhow, you missed your chance to delete before it's published, it's on disk now.  But that bug has block-proposed on it still, so when you're happy with things, remove that.22:07
hallynotherwise it would get very screwed :)22:07
hallyninfinity: thanks22:07
infinityhallyn: restart-after does the restart all in postinst, so there'd be no way of knowing to stop the sysv job, unless the systemd unit is smart enough to find the orphaned not-a-systemd-service version of the daemon and eat it first.22:08
infinityhallyn: There's also a stop on prerm, start on postinst semantic, but you can't go back in time and make the old package do that. :)22:09
infinityhallyn: Why did you write libvirt-stop-guests twice? :P22:13
infinityhallyn: Surely, the init script can call it instead of embedding a copy.22:13
hallynso the q is whether i need to add a stop to pre-inst22:13
hallyninfinity: ?22:13
hallyninit script can call what?22:14
hallynoh.  yeah.22:14
infinityDitto if there's a copy of the same logic already in the upstart job.22:14
hallyni'd done the inline version first before i realized there was no way to do it from sysvinit22:14
infinity"No way to do it from sysv" seems fatalistic.22:15
infinityAnd probably not true...22:15
hallynyeah will clean that up if i have to push a new version22:15
hallynno - libvirt defines VMs with systemd-machined, which then hard-kills them at shutdown.  you can't get a sysvinit job to block that hard-kill22:16
infinityUgh, another systemd-rules-the-world thing?22:16
infinityWhen did that happen?22:16
hallyntook me two days to find where tha twas done - the systemd service name you have to define is hardcoced in libvirt22:17
infinityStill, there must be a way to order that differently.22:17
hallynyears ago actually, but when we used upstart we could ignore it22:17
hallyn"it's opt-in"22:17
hallynwell we could compile libirt to nto use systemd-machined22:17
infinityI mean ordering of the shutdown.22:18
hallynthe other code is still there as a backup if systemd isn't running22:18
infinityOr is it because services are all acted on before sysv, because sysv is a second class citizen?22:18
infinityExcept, no.  It should be the inverse on shutdown.22:18
infinitysysv first, then systemd services.22:18
infinitySo, one should be able to stop things gracefully from sysv before systemd goes nutty on it.22:18
infinityIf it's not inverted on shutdown, that's a bug in our systemd sysv emulation, IMO.22:19
hallyni don't think so.  libvirt tells systemd "create this slice for the vm, and it is Before=libvirt-guests which will shut it down orsuspend it"22:20
hallynnot sure about before, but at least in parallel22:20
infinityhallyn: Also, minor nitpick, that "Suggests: systemd" is pointless.  It's pretty much a no-op.22:22
hallyni don't know the systemd code enough to know how systemd-machined-defined slices relate22:22
hallynok i'm removing the duplicate libvirt-sotp-guests from libvirt-bin.init, but removing it from the upstart job worries me bc users may be depending on changes they made to variables in /etc/defualt/libvirt-bin22:23
hallyninfinity: ok, yeah, systemd doesn't know what to do with libvirt afte rthe upgrade.  so i guess in pre-inst from older versions i'll stop libvirtd by hand22:28
infinityhallyn: If the upstart version uses bits sourced from /etc/defualt/libvirt-bin, then the new script should source it too, no?22:28
bluesabrehi doko, ochosi tells me that you might be able to help with a libreoffice packaging request22:29
bluesabrebug 148391422:29
ubottubug 1483914 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "libreoffice-style-elementary as alternate to libreoffice-style-human" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148391422:29
hallyninfinity: i dunno.  sounds reasonable....  i was just going by the "systemd jobs don't like /etc/default" mantra22:29
infinityhallyn: Pfft.22:29
bluesabreThe Xubuntu team is shipping libreoffice, libreoffice-gtk, and libreoffice-style-elementary this cycle22:30
infinityhallyn: If it was tunable before, upgrading shouldn't break that.22:30
hallynso yeah i'll do that and yank it from hte upstart job22:30
infinityhallyn: So, /usr/lib/thing should be a cargo-cult of the upstart logic, including sourcing the defaults file, then tear it out of upstart/systemd/sysv and replace with refernce to script.22:30
infinityhallyn: The upshot of that sort of thing is that it makes maintaining all three inits super simple too, which is nice.22:31
infinityhallyn: You get to be a fence-sitting commitment-free developer with near zero effort.22:31
hallyninfinity: one bugaboo being that upstart wanted libvirtd -d, systemd does not.  so /etc/default/libvirt could cause problems.  but it shouldn't in the libvirt-stop-guests script22:31
infinityhallyn: What's "-d"?  Daemonize?22:32
infinityhallyn: If so, you were using upstart wrong.22:32
infinityhallyn: Using "-d" and then "expect daemon" is just obtuse.  upstart's default mode, without the "expect" is to want foreground processes, same as systemd.22:32
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infinityhallyn: (sysv, OTOH, probably wants "-d" to be sane)22:33
hallynluckily i can point to the author field and say i didn't do it :)22:34
ochosidoko: just fyi, i'm the maintainer of that icon theme. as mentioned in the bugreport, we're trying to get this upstream too, but that might take a bit and we'd like to ship it by default in xubuntu 15.1022:34
infinityhallyn: Well, no point changing that bit now, if it works, it works.22:34
infinityhallyn: But if we had a time machine, I'd tell past Dustin he was wrong. :P22:35
sarnoldochosi: btw, it's nice to prefix every line with the other person's nickname, so they can read it all with /lastlog -hilight -- otherwise picking out the bits of conversation ten hours later is difficult22:35
hallynok those changes are made, but i still need to test the pre-inst bit.22:36
ochosisarnold: i thought that was what i did?22:36
hallyninfinity: any harm in my waiting for morning to upload the new version?22:36
ochosisarnold: oh, i guess you're referring to bluesabre not doing that before22:36
sarnoldochosi: ah, I'm sorry, I didn't notice the different nick between bluesabre and ochosi. /me hangs his head in shame.22:36
ochosiheh, no worries ;)22:36
infinityhallyn: Not unless your users run wily-proposed.22:37
infinityhallyn: Which no one should.22:37
bluesabredoko: bug 148391422:38
ubottubug 1483914 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "libreoffice-style-elementary as alternate to libreoffice-style-human" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148391422:38
bluesabredoko: The Xubuntu team is shipping libreoffice, libreoffice-gtk, and libreoffice-style-elementary this cycle22:38
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