wileeewhen I see rockstar_ Tim Curry singing in the Rocky Horror Picture Show start playing in the background of my consciousness01:17
wileeemeh pop culture nics argh01:20
daftykinst-nelson *facepalm*01:21
daftykinsthat's a great Bjork track, Army of One!02:07
ObrienDavedang, t-whatever is all alone now. grrrr02:08
daftykinshe's a bit of a nob02:09
ObrienDavea BIT????02:09
ObrienDaveoh, noob. i thought you meant knob ;P02:16
daftykinsyeah i meant nob :)02:16
daftykinshe clearly knows something, just... not channel policy! :D02:17
ObrienDavei'm not so sure of either. afaik, software does the caching, not the tuner card ROFL02:17
daftykinsah i wasn't paying attention to that stuff :>02:18
ObrienDavei'm sure some have RAM for buffering02:18
daftykinsi'd rather obtain TV episodes than watch such an outmoded method of delivery as broadcast02:18
ObrienDavei'd rather use handbrake ;P02:18
ObrienDaveor MakeMKV02:19
daftykinshmm takes too long to transcode blurays to sane sizes02:19
daftykinsi did look at it for a client who i have a diskless setup for02:19
daftykinsdiscless rather02:19
daftykins~1000 DVD films all on a RAID volume, playable from HTPCs running Kodi atop Linux02:20
daftykinsover the network02:20
ObrienDavei have time. i'll rip a $2 blu-ray and wait 12 hours for a 4G .mp402:20
ObrienDaverental, that is02:21
daftykinswhy make it so small o002:21
ObrienDavei cut rez by 50%, still watchable at 25% size :)02:21
daftykinserk i could never do that02:22
daftykinsi like my 10Mb+ H.264 transcodes with a minimum of DTS02:22
daftykinsat full res02:22
ObrienDavelappy does not complain ;P02:22
* wileee practices eye rolling06:57
TJ-always the casw when a user believes they've discovered some bug that no-one ever saw before. I suspect there's some custom settings inherited from previous releases, after reading the bug report I found complaining about the opposite behaviour07:04
wileeemost likely yes, it seems there are just frustrated and externalizing the blame, failure does not warn itself.07:13
wileeeexcellent research TJ-07:24
lordievaderGood morning.07:50
EriC^^TJ-: win10 seems to have fixed itself, booted today and it was at around 70'c most of the time12:53
OerHekscarefull with that new win10 DNS leak, EriC^^ :-D13:57
lordievaderThat DNS leak is soo bad... Who thought that was a good idea?14:15
OerHekslordievader, China & USA14:52
daftykinsDNS leak?16:59
OerHeksyes, you visited xkcd and imgur .. no?17:03
lordievaderdaftykins: Windows 10 queries all interfaces for DNS, the fastest response is taken. If that is a rogue dns or not, if it is quick it is followed.17:13
daftykinsah, you'd have to be using DHCP then still?17:17
lordievaderNot necessarily.17:19
tintedwindowsdubba dubba dubba heyyyyyy19:24
daftykinsnice entrance19:25
tintedwindowshas anyone heard if the ifconig command is going to be obsolete soon?19:26
daftykinsno timing but definitely murmurings that ifconfig will move to the 'ip' set19:30
daftykinsi play with it occasionally but don't really like how it presents information19:31
tintedwindowsyea i normally use ip addr19:32
tintedwindowsbut i was messing around in Kali and read that in a forum and was like,,,  whhaaaaaatttt19:33
daftykinsthen i can increase your efficiency, because "ip a" does just that19:33
lordievadertintedwindows: That is about time, ifconfig is crap.20:02
tintedwindowswhat is that?20:03
lordievadertintedwindows: Read it ;)20:04
tintedwindowsnice this is amazing20:07
lordievaderUhu, ifconfig needs to die ;)20:07
tintedwindowsthats what ive been reading in Kali forums at least20:08
lordievaderOh, they'll agree with me for sure ;)20:09
tintedwindowsdo you have any info or good sites like that- that talk about amping up network security?20:09
tintedwindowsOMG do you play quake, quak2 or open arena?!20:10
lordievaderErr, not really. I'm still just a beginner with pentesting, etc.20:11
tintedwindowsonly cause i saw maps for DOOM on that site wasnt sure if you were into it20:11
tintedwindowsyea me too20:11
lordievaderSetting up proper firewall rules is a good start I suppose.20:12
lordievaderhttps://www.reddit.com/user/andyrey/m/security is interesting.20:14
daftykinsyou folks caught this one? though it's Windows only as-is, it doesn't prevent the idea that the EFI on Lenovo systems could start doing something to Linux hosts too at some point20:16
EriC^^well that sucks20:20
lordievaderIf it's [1] it would be very interesting. [1] https://www.defcon.org/images/defcon-22/dc-22-presentations/Kallenberg/DEFCON-22-Corey-Kallenberg-Extreme-Privilage-Escalation.pdf20:20
* daftykins clicks20:22
=== g4mby is now known as PaulW2U
wileeemastering anything is a time factor, bout 10,000 hours for music, you gotta be obsessed, or a good time manager, IT may have more or less the same time.23:41
OerHeksI have 13.767 tracks, 37 days 10:53:23 hrs ~ just 898 hours23:49
JanCI don't think that's what wileee was referring to  :)23:50
OerHeksI just needed to see the perspective, JanC23:51
OerHeks10,000 hrs is more than one year23:51
wileeeOerHeks, hexdecimalagain comments23:51
wileeemastering a craft etc23:51
OerHeksoh oke23:52
wileeeIt is a tough one, there are so many areas to be good in, music is as well, I can play jazz proficiently however ethnic musics out side that are difficult to just pick up.23:53
JanCQuod Libet says I have over 128 days of music  :P23:54
JanCwhich is really crazy23:54
wileeeJanC, playing or practicing?23:54
wileeeerr listening23:54
JanCit's a music player23:54
wileeemaking songs?23:54
JanCso I could be listening to different albums for 128 days23:55
JanC<JanC> which is really crazy23:55
OerHeksBut i do have all the cds ... or just the cover .. or just the scratched cd ..23:56
wileeeAh, do what you enjoy, heh.23:56
JanCwileee: some of my friends make music though23:56
JanCso I know a bit what's involved etc.23:56
wileeeIf your into it, it is a blissful expression no matter the level your at, hopefully for all.23:57

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