darkxstricotz, does mutter need a soname bump to go along with mozjs bump?06:33
ricotzdarkxst, no, it doesnt depend on mozjs in anyway06:36
ricotzafaics pitti pushed the needed rebuilds of gjs and gnome-shell06:37
darkxstyeh just saw that06:37
ricotzso this wily-proposed mess should get be sorted soon hopefully :)06:38
ricotz(at least for the most common subset of packages)06:39
darkxstricotz, have you test theed mutter gl sync patches? I don't have an affected card here06:48
ricotzdarkxst, sorry, no06:50
ricotzI mean I havent tested them, but I have a affected system06:51
ricotzdarkxst, let's see how this goes https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/ubuntu/testing/+sourcepub/5292782/+listing-archive-extra06:58
ricotzdarkxst, the nvidia fixes in mutter seems to work :)14:53

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