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shankeyi need 2 ask question14:48
dholbachhey hey14:48
dholbachcool, we'll start in about 10 minutes :)14:49
shankeyok ill wait14:49
dholbachfeel free to ask questions already, just make sure you prefix them with QUESTION:14:49
dholbachso we can more easily pick them up and distinguish them from the general chat later on :)14:49
shankeyActually i am eager for ubuntu phone..and i really love the efforts of developers they are the real hero...all i want is ubuntu phone should arrive in india14:51
svijshankey: it'll be ready in two weeks in india14:51
dholbachI'll make sure to mention this conversation in a bit :)14:52
vitimitiI can't wait for convergencce, I'm kind of hyped14:52
shankeywhat!!!..... :) : ) Oh man!! amazing thankyou...As soon as ubuntu phone in my hands i will throw d android out of window14:53
shankeyCanonical is making good progress...14:54
svijshankey: https://plus.google.com/+RosaGuill%C3%A9n/posts/eXxpdFNUQzy14:55
shankeywoooh!!!...i cant wait anymore...i will try 2 look online stores...14:57
svijI think heres somebody really excited ;)14:57
shankeyand i am the one14:58
dholbachhey hey hey :)14:58
dragonbite[Question] One Ubuntu Phone is supposed to be getting shipped worldwide (including the USA?) but has limited bandwidth to choose from. How is this going to play out in USA with the effective duopoly of carriers (AT&T and Verizon)?14:59
balloonshey hye everyone!15:00
balloonsI see you!15:01
balloonsjoin the club guys! I <3 summer15:02
dragonbite[QUESTION] Is the Ubuntu phone still no track for a full convergence one that will hook up into the keyboard, video and mouse (KVM)?15:02
shankeyand what about Meizu mx4...will it launch in india??15:02
aquariusis hot in Birmingham too!15:02
aquariusQUESTION: if I buy David an ice cream will I get the content hub documentation sooner? :-)15:03
redjouirsnappy ubuntu hype!15:03
shankeywill meizu mx4 launch in india??15:04
vitimitishankey, try starting your questions with "QUESTION"15:04
shankey"and what about Meizu mx4...will it launch in india?"15:04
vitimitiNo, I mean with the word15:05
vitimitiI have a question, I'll show you15:05
vitimitiQUESTION: when is Ubuntu "personal" expected to come out?15:05
balloonsaquarius, i think davidcalle would rather have a cookie :-)15:06
ubuntu_userQUESTION: What is Canonical's plan to monetise Ubuntu for the desktop?15:06
shankeyQUESTION: When we'll able to see meizu mx4 ubuntu in india15:06
redjouirQuestion: With the way Ubuntu Snappy separates system and applications is something like Tripwire still important for filesystem integrity?15:07
divyesshwill the stay of meizu be depending on its sales ?15:07
divyesshin india15:07
davidcalleaquarius, that's not fair, I'm right out of paternity leave, litterally yesterday15:07
shankeyQUESTION:   Meizu mx Ubuntu...will it launch in india?15:10
svijdholbach: haha, my name was just fine :D15:10
shankeyQUESTION:  plese answer my previous question15:11
vitimitishankey, be patient, they will get to it eventually15:12
aquariusdavidcalle, I'm certainly not pushing for it -- you're busy, and that's no problem :)15:12
aquariusdavidcalle, just teasing to see if I can bribe you ;) Congratulations, btw15:12
davidcalleaquarius, ;-)15:12
shankeyvitimiti, how much time will they take to start?15:13
svijdholbach: 18 September not october!15:13
UbuntuBieneFrom when it is a stable version of Ubuntu with Unity give 8 ? with ubuntu 15:10 or until 16:04 , or at least until later ?15:13
dholbachsvij, oop, sorry15:14
dholbachgoing to correct myself in a bit15:14
divyesshrecently microsoft has launched a prensation app called sway, which has almost killed powerpoint will linux developers bring a alternative for the same in linux i would really love to see a MUCH BETTER alternative of sway in linux15:14
svijdholbach: :)15:14
svijlink for ubucontest: http://ubucon.de/2015/contest15:14
Zi123When will WhatsApp be available on Ubuntu touch? Is there work with WhatsApp?15:15
divyesshi would rather prefer a official ubuntu touch messenger on its smartphone rather than whatsapp15:16
svijdholbach: next time you need to pronounce my family name too… *scnr*15:17
aquariusZi123, you need to put "QUESTION:" at the beginning of your questions, so that David and Daniel see them15:17
vitimitiI'd prefer an official one, too, but many people use WhatsApp, including family members15:17
sergiusensdholbach: this can help in verifying if your device will work http://www.willmyphonework.net/ (it has the mx4 and both bq's listed there)15:21
dragonbite_KVM is just "Keyboard, Video and Mouse" abbreviated15:21
sergiusenspotential device15:21
Boppy-popsQUESTION: Why was there no "Welcome Video" by Mark Shuttleworth for UbuConLA this month, like usual ? #VeryDisappointed not to hear from him.15:21
sergiusensdragonbite_: depends on the context, it's also kernel-based virtual machine15:21
Boppy-popsAquarius is @sil, right ?15:23
aquariusdavidcalle, 🍦 :-)15:23
aquariusI am indeed, Boppy-pops15:23
Boppy-popsAquarius, Did you get those details of the WD media center over to the WDLive subreddit , yet ?15:24
aquariusQUESTION: if I only need to supply an ice cream to get the content hub documentation, what do I need to buy to get scopes in JavaScript officially supported? :)15:24
aquariusBoppy-pops, I did, and a WD tech support person was very helpful!15:24
Boppy-popsHappy I found that subreddit. Some of them are trickey to search for.15:25
divyesshQUESTION: Will Ubuntu Touch Os Be Available To install On NonUbuntu Smartphones Like - Android & Windows?15:25
divyessh6.QUESTION: Will Ubuntu Touch Os Be Available To install On NonUbuntu Smartphones Like - Android & Windows In Future ?15:25
vitimitiThanks for the answer guys15:26
Boppy-popsThese responses are taking to long, though.15:27
Boppy-popsaquarius: Is open-hatch the best site we have for learning to code , or are there others that I haven't considered ? i.e. Can you give me a good website that  can get me going better in coding ?15:30
aquariusBoppy-pops, have you done any programming at all? Or are you looking to learn a specific language?15:30
dholbachkeep the questions coming15:30
dholbachplease just make sure you prefix them with QUESTION:15:30
Boppy-popsI'm learning python (learn Python the hard way book.) ... but I need something more interactive. Trying to master SDL, eventually for games etc.15:31
vitimitiI'm working on some SDL2 tutorials, Boppy-pops, but you should check lazyfoo.net15:32
Boppy-popsopening lazyfoo.net ...15:32
aquariusQUESTION (a more serious one now): there was recently a chap who was very unhappy that his published for-sale apps in Ubuntu Software Centre were not made available for 14.10 and 15.04 releases, and that his emails asking about this were ignored for months. He is not the first to complain about this. We've been told that click (or now snappy) will be the solution here, but snappy isn't ready yet and the deb-base15:33
aquariusd USC will be in 16.04 and supported for five years. If someone wants to sell software on Ubuntu desktop, what should they do until snappy is ready, some years from now?15:33
aquariusBoppy-pops, I don't know much about guides to learning programming, I'm afraid. I believe Khan Academy is meant to be good, and Pluralsight have lots of tutorial videos and so on15:33
Boppy-popsaquarius: Ok, no prob.s - I'll keep hacking away . cheers for the comradery, anywayz...15:34
svijit's bq launching in india, not meizu (yet)15:35
Boppy-popsThey don't know.15:35
svijdholbach: look heeere :P15:36
Boppy-popsQUESTION: Why do I have to keep moving the dialogue window down to the most current message on the 'Ubuntu on air' chat window ? Surely it should just keep up to date, instead of me just moving the scroll bar every so often ? #Annoying.15:37
Boppy-popsthis is taking way too long.15:38
Boppy-pops'he was busy' .. is that how complicated this gets ? Jeeze.15:39
dholbachreally nice questions everyone! :-)15:39
dholbachsvij, thanks!15:40
dholbachBoppy-pops, easy easy15:40
aquariuscheers davidcalle for the JS scopes answer :)15:41
Boppy-popsdholbach: Ok, I shall ber. But this is getting biennial.15:41
vitimitiQUESTION: Will the snappy packages allow developers to upgrade just determined parts of the package (like say just a library or the executable) when needed, or will the user have to download the whole package again?15:42
Boppy-popsRight, I mean when Jono did them - there was no delay, or english pronouncation issues. These guys just seem to ;muse' the problems in the most generic way.15:43
vitimitiNot everybody is a native English speaker or can speak like one, that's rude15:43
dholbachman, Ubuntu is made up from people from all around the world15:43
Boppy-popsI telling Jono.15:44
Boppy-popsQUESTION: Why would the presenters work/ or give  on bounties ? i.e. #bountysource .15:47
ShankeyQUESTION:  recently microsoft has launched a presentation app called sway, which has almost killed powerpoint will linux developers bring a alternative for the same in linux i would really love to see a MUCH BETTER alternative of sway in linux15:47
aquariusdid I miss my more serious question about selling software getting answered, dholbach?15:47
balloonsaquarius, that's a good question15:48
aquariusballoons, I thought so, certainly :)15:48
dholbachaquarius, sorry15:48
dholbachmissed it15:48
aquariusdholbach, no problem! I thought maybe I'd missed the answer :)15:48
vitimitiThat's nice15:48
balloonsaquarius, I won't steal there thunder in answering heh15:49
Shankeyhey Is there any news for third party apps development in ubuntu phone such as skype or dropbox15:50
vitimitiPut QUESTION in front of your question for them to see it, Shankey15:51
Shankeyvitimiti. ok...i have already put QUESTION for developers actually i was asking from you all about third party apps15:52
vitimitiOh, I don't know about that15:53
bastptShankey, there is a initial version for Skype https://uappexplorer.com/app/skype.peter-bittner15:53
aquariusdholbach, davidcalle, the g+ discussion is at https://plus.google.com/u/0/104302332254763494070/posts/GE7Dzo69ywR. But that's just an example, not the thing I'm asking about -- my question is, what do I do if I want to sell software on Ubuntu desktop? I am fine if the answer is "Ubuntu does not help you at the moment"!15:53
aquariusCool -- so the best approach at the moment is to do third-party distribution; sell through itch.io or the Humble Store or similar. That's fine -- thank you dholbach for the answer!15:54
balloonsaquarius, imho, it was probably an unrealistic expectation to have someone else package your software and maintain that package forever15:55
Shankeybastpt, vitmiti, you guys know everything....i was in a confusion about third party apps..and that means there are apps for ubuntu touch15:55
aquariusballoons, perhaps, but at least some people uploaded their own debs. The next question is: since the paid software bit of USC basically doesn't work because it's not sensibly possible to publish software in it, isn't it quite misleading for USC to pretend that it's a paid software store?15:57
vitimitiI... don't know everything...15:58
aquariusballoons, but that's not got a good answer.15:58
aquariusShankey, there is a Dropbox app already (not from Dropbox themselves) for Ubuntu phones -- it's called uDropCabin, I think15:58
balloonsaquarius, right I think we agree having a platform for someone else to publish there own packages is best. In addition, the work done to ensure sandboxing and provide security helps fix the ongoing review issues15:58
aquariusShankey, https://uappexplorer.com/app/com.ubuntu.developer.bobo1993324.udropcabin15:59
dholbachthanks again guys!15:59
balloonsaquarius, as far as USC goes, there's already some discussions starting on the mailing list about it. I think it's a good discussion to have15:59
vitimitiLove your Q&As, dholbach, davidcalle15:59
dragonbite_Thanks guys!  And thanks for being accessible!15:59
aquariusthank you davidcalle dholbach!15:59
vitimitiNice, dragonbite_16:00
davidcalleThank you all :)16:00
dholbachBoppy-pops, see we got through all of the questions in an hour16:00
balloonsaquarius, it makes sense to think about what USC brings for paid apps now16:00
aquariusballoons, I certainly agree that the move to click fixes a lot of problems; I just think that there's a big gap before that stuff arrives on the desktop, and nobody seems prepared to say out loud "we basically do not have a solution to that". It was great to hear dholbach acknowledge that16:00
dragonbite_*wave* ;)16:00
dholbachaquarius, ok... I'll pass that on16:00
balloonsaquarius, right. There is no magical fix sadly16:00
Shankeyaquaris, Now for me ubuntu phone is worth it to buy.. : )16:00
vitimitiI want one16:01
vitimitiAnd can't wait to have a tablet, too16:01
Shankeyeverthing i need its on ubuntu phone whereas whatsapp it doesnt create any impact on my choice16:01
aquariusShankey, excellent!16:02
marlboroit's not a bug.16:02
marlboroif it were moving all the time you woudn't be able to read the messages without them scrolling out of view.16:03
Shankeyaquaris, thanks :) ...and dat uappexplorer.com OMG it has lots of apps...16:04
Boppy-popsdholbach: Yeah, you did well.16:13
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ShankeyQUESTION : Microsoft Swap alternative in Linux ?? is there will be Swap alternative in Linux I love to see that16:21
RobGHow are you guys doing16:45
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