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daftykinsloooooool - user needs ejecting for repeatedly asking about an inappropriate topic19:06
k1l_#ubuntu ?19:06
k1l_ah he changed names before. i will have an eye on it. thanks daftykins19:08
daftykinsheh now the topic has changed to win7, trolltastic :)19:09
daftykinsno problemo \o19:09
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:25
Jordan_U!winusb is <reply> WinUSB is a tool for preparing bootable Windows Instalation USBs. Please see http://en.congelli.eu/prog_info_winusb.html for instructions on installation and use. #ubuntu does *not* provide support for this tool, so please do not ask for help here if it doesn't work for you.22:32
ubottuI'll remember that, Jordan_U22:32

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