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svijballoons: irqbalance keeps crashing in the vm inside the cloud instance when I try to run the tests, even on utopic13:15
balloonsthat's no good13:16
svijthat might be the issue because I'm booting the iso with qemu without kvm inside a xen/kvm instance, tested on ec2 and digitalocean, no idea why it worked before13:16
balloonsso we may be back to square one on this heh13:16
svijso having proper hardware *might* be the better solution13:17
svijmaybe DanChapman knows something, atleast he said also said something regarding the irqbalance crash13:17
balloonsright, I remmeber13:17
balloonsand you tried on DO and ec2?13:17
svijmaybe I could try a VM with higher specs…13:18
svijbut i doubt that would help, that were already dual-cores with 4gb ram13:18
balloonsright. Seems clear this is pointing back to wanting real hw again13:21
gQuigsdid I mess something up in my testdrive or does the latest (20150811) ubuntu desktop image push you to a lock screen13:47
balloonsa lock screen? what do you mean?13:57
balloonsthe greeter?13:57
balloonswxl, you about?13:57
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gQuigsballoons: yup, the greeter comes up and I can't login (live cd test)14:17
balloonsahh.. heh, so the session crashes on load14:45
balloonsif you can, nab some logs. We've had similar bugs in the past14:46
gQuigshmm. I can't find any relevant logs15:34
flocculantballoons: well I am pleased that Ubuntu is now getting that boot to login on the livesession - yesterday it seemed to be just xubuntu15:40
balloonsflocculant, I know you have experience with this, lol15:44
balloonsany existing bug to point at?15:44
* balloons didn't look15:44
flocculantcouldn't find one15:54
flocculantobviously I looked back a while15:55
balloonsflocculant, do you remember what logs where relevant last time?15:56
balloonsperhaps Xorg.log?15:56
flocculantI did look in lightdm log last night - but we were waiting on an upload, so I stopped looking in order to wait15:57
flocculantwill go back over xubuntu bug blueprint first15:59
flocculantor second, tea first15:59
flocculantballoons: not finding anything, nothing jumping out at me from logs either16:16
balloonsWe should file a bug regardless if there isn't one. Did you file something gQuigs?16:19
flocculanttried to find in tracker defects16:19
balloonswe can add logs later if needed16:19
flocculantballoons: bug 1445206 appears close16:23
ubot5bug 1445206 in user-setup (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 15.04 live cd prompting for username and password" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144520616:23
flocculantballoons: yesterday one of my testers found it on hardware, so at least it's not just vm16:27
balloonsknome, ping16:28
balloonsflocculant, ahh.. so it's not just a vbox thing. that's good to confirm16:28
flocculantindeed :)16:28
knomeballoons, pong16:29
balloonsknome, so I see http://tracker.xubuntu.org exists now.16:30
balloonsdid you get everything you needed for that?16:30
knomein what sense?16:30
balloonsknome, I wondered if you got all the data you need, etc. I was going to ask before if you planned on hosting it or not, but I see it's on xubuntu now16:31
knomewell, it's still in development16:32
knomeno data is pulled from the QA trackers (yet)16:32
wxlballoons: am now16:38
balloonswxl, o/. I was curious about the pending merges on ubuntu-manual-tests project16:38
wxlballoons: hey. yeah, i saw the email but haven't got back to it. yes, all that stuff should still be valid.16:39
balloonswxl, ok. Guess we had a busy spring and didn't get those updated in time for vivid. We can get them all merged now. I was curious if you still wanted to drag everything under LXDE that was related16:39
wxlballoons: yeah i kind of copied how xubuntu was doing things. i also think it's nice because it helps visually prioritize package testing.16:40
gQuigsballoons: I haven't filed anything yet..16:42
gQuigsflocculant: did that user report a bug?16:42
flocculantgQuigs: no - as I said we were waiting to make sure it wasn't just an issue with upload we needed16:46
flocculantgQuigs: cyphermox is having a look - maybe hangfire on reporting bug till we know more about what to report against17:40
cyphermoxwhat kind of graphics card?17:44
flocculantnot sure about *my* other tester, but was hardware, for me it'd be whatever vbox uses, not sure about gQuigs17:44
flocculantif you need - I can do a usb and boot here to hardware, that'll be nvidia17:46
cyphermoxit's not important just yet17:46
cyphermoxjust making sure because one log mentions dri17:47
gQuigscyphermox: I was using TestDrive17:47
gQuigswith KVM17:47
* cyphermox is zsync'ing the images17:47
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flocculantcyphermox: those logs all came from my machine via vbox18:08
cyphermoxah, I think I see18:27
cyphermoxcould we have just started to build images with systemd as a user session manager thingy?18:27
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cyphermoxnah, it's probably not that18:32
cyphermoxflocculant: this is lightdm, I'm looking into a fix19:01
cyphermoxyep, got it, I think19:03
flocculantcyphermox: I did think it was probably lightdm19:20
cyphermoxlightdm now expects an actual meaningful value instead of what we're handing it for autologin-session=19:21
cyphermoxI'll "fix" that in a second19:21
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