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dholbachgood morning07:10
sturmflut2dholbach: Morning!07:20
zzarrogra_: is there a place where one can suggest features?07:43
dholbachhey sturmflut207:46
morphisogra_: are you fine with this minor change on bluetooth-touch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12054089/ ?07:52
robin-heroHey. I just saw Display is supported now under Linux, Is any chance that Ubuntu Phone will support is in the near future? So I will be able to connect my bq to an external screen.08:05
popeyrobin-hero: i dont think the bq supports mhl08:08
robin-heropopey: If I am right DisplayLink works with on USB port, not on MHL.08:09
popeywell, i don't think the bq supports video out over the usb port, but I may be wrong08:10
sturmflut2popey: bq sells an MHL cable for the Aquaris line, but explicitely states that it's not compatible with vegetahd, so it's most likely also not compatible with krillin.08:14
popeymakes sense08:14
nhaineswillcooke: good morning!08:16
willcookehi nhaines08:16
ogra_morphis, totally08:36
ogra_zzarr, depends, if it is just a small enhancement, file a bu against the component and mark it wishlist ... if it is a bigger feature spanning across multiple components, drop a mail to the ML for discussion08:38
ogra_*file a bug08:38
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zzarrit's just a feature, not a bug, I wish to be able to schedule when the phone can make sounds or not (except the alarm which always should make a sound)08:41
zzarrone thing I have noticed is that the zipcode don't match home nor at my workplace08:44
zzarr(on the nearby scope)08:44
zzarrit could be a map-data problem08:45
ogra_zzarr, did you try to pull-refresh it ?09:05
ogra_it usually boots with the wrong place for me and updates to the proper location after the first refresh09:06
zzarrit's the correct address, but the zipcode is wrong09:07
ogra_(FSVO proper, i live in house #5 ... depending if i am in the office or the livin room it shows house #2 or #7 :P )09:07
ogra_well, file a bu then09:07
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Ingersoll Day! 😃09:07
zzarryes, but the zipcodes are bigger then that, I will look in to it before filing anything09:08
ogra_btw, i think scheduled "silent mode" was one of the very first discussions i saw on the ML ... way before we even had a proper image ... that discussion didnt have any followup though09:08
zzarrogra_: so it's on the todo list?09:09
ogra_someone said "this would be nice to have once you guys have a phone image" ... and many people did agree ... and thats it :)09:10
zzarrI had that feature on my last phone, it was nice09:10
ogra_we simply didnt have even an OS back then and nobody brought up the topic later09:10
zzarrnow I did ;)09:10
ogra_probably makes sense to dig trough the ML archive and refer to that discussion when you re-vive the topic ;)09:11
zzarrI will, I will09:11
zzarrwhile at it, of course it should be location based as well ;)09:12
zzarrregulating the volume depending on where you are is a nice feature :)09:13
zzarrwell... food :D09:13
ProstheticShey guys, whens the next OTA?10:34
popey due next week / week after10:37
ogra_and then in 6 weeks again ...10:39
ogra_and again10:39
ogra_tiring :P10:39
ProstheticSi imagine it would be, i think its pretty great to see it as regularly as it is tbh , as a user i mean10:40
ProstheticSex android here, it should be good, oh btw, have you ever had system-settings chew about 25% cpu (im on a meizu, so i guess 1 core) forever untill you kill it, ive had it a few times now, i guess i should put a bug through or search and see if there is one already first i mean10:41
ProstheticSthough, i guess i should reset my system to defaults before i report it, as i have fuse installed at the moment (sshfs on a phone is f*in win.)10:42
ProstheticSbut yea, it really hampers my battery, i had thought of writing a script to check for it and putting it in cron to see if its doing it and kill it, just to save on battery for now until its fixed or i find what ive done thats caused it :p10:44
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mcphailProstheticS: I sem to remember some very detailed bug reports measuring battery drain with the system settings screen. May have been sturmflut2 who posted it11:58
ogra_john-mcaleely, dejavu :) !! ... bug 148342712:01
ubot5bug 1483427 in indicator-power (Ubuntu) "Possible to manually set display brightness to 0 on Ubuntu Touch on Aquaris E5" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148342712:01
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mterryralsina, hello!  I see that once upon the time, you set ubuntu-push to not show a notification when the greeter is up.  Why is that?  Feels weirdly out-of-sorts with how we treat SMS12:35
ralsinamterry: I don't recall the specifics, to be honest12:35
ralsinamterry: security reasons IIRC, because you could see data with the screen locked12:36
mterryralsina, more sensitive than SMS?  Hmm...  maybe12:36
ralsinamterry: telegram, other random stuff12:36
mterryralsina, it would be nice if the app could specify if it were security sensitive.  I'd imagine telegram to be treated the same as SMS.  And maybe a CheatOnYourSpouse app to not show up12:37
ralsinamterry: I am not working on push client anymore :-(12:38
ralsinamterry: you should contact pat AFAIK12:39
mterryralsina, OK.  Mind if I file a bug to get clarity from design/pat then?12:39
ralsinaif it trickles back down to me, happy to do it :-)12:39
ralsinamterry: not at all, go ahead12:39
mterryralsina, bug 1483697 -- thanks for the pointers12:51
ubot5bug 1483697 in ubuntu-push (Ubuntu) "Should still show notifications when phone is locked" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148369712:51
ralsinamterry: yw12:51
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Elleobfiller: am I right in thinking we'll want the browser to act as a content-hub source as well as an exporter? It'd seem to make sense to me, but I just noticed that isn't actually explicitly mentioned in the design13:07
Elleobfiller: i.e. so that apps can request data from the browser's downloads (in addition to the browser being able to send files to other apps)13:07
jarknerkhi every one13:14
jarknerkwho can tell me port ubuntu for mtk13:14
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jarknerk i have read port guild13:14
jarknerkwho can provide a guild to port UT13:15
k1l_jarknerk: Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting13:17
k1l_jarknerk: but that is not a beginners task13:17
jarknerkwhere's start point13:18
jarknerk i downloaded 15gb....phablet13:18
jarknerkdo it want android device tree cm1113:20
k1l_jarknerk: that should be all said in the porting guide. an iirc ubuntu switched to AOSP some time ago13:23
jarknerkill try mysefl13:26
guest42345HI, ਮੈਨੂੰ ਮੇਰੇ ਫੋਨ ਦੀ ਨਾਲ ਕੁਝ ਮਦਦ ਦੀ ਲੋੜ ਹੈ13:28
jarknerkhey guest13:28
guest42345jarknerk, ਕੀ ਤੁਸੀ ਮੇਰੀ ਮਦਦ ਕਰ ਸੱਕਦੇ ਹੋ? ਮੇਰੇ ਫੋਨ ਨੂੰ ਬੂਟ ਕਰਦਾ ਹੈ13:29
jarknerkcan type EN13:30
k1l_guest42345: you get better chances for help if you type in english13:30
ogra_but the font llooks good :)13:30
guest42345punjabi or something :>13:30
jarknerki know i die now with this font13:30
guest42345idish קענען איר העלפן מיר? מיין טעלעפאָנירן טוט ניט שטיוול13:30
* guest42345 mmmm beer13:31
jarknerkcan i take file from system.img to port ubuntu touch,cant i?13:32
jarknerkandroid system.img13:32
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ogra_jarknerk, you need to build system.img, boot.img and recobervy.img from the modified tree after you added your device branch to it13:35
bfillerElleo: would make sense13:36
davmor2ogra_: oh but I want a  recobervy it sounds way more exciting13:36
ogra_cp recovery.img davmors-pleasure.img13:37
alinis the android base for ubuntu meizu available anywhere?13:37
jarknerkthe modfified tree? how to make it! is it same android device tree13:37
Elleobfiller: okay, cool13:38
ogra_jarknerk, you take the phablet tree, then add the AOSP tree for your device to it, rip out anything thats not needed (anything thats not actually driving the HW) and then you build ...13:39
jarknerkhey ogra is that aosp tree! is it full https://github.com/patraanjan23/android_device_micromax_a106 ! my device micromax a10613:42
ogra_jarknerk, well, that looks like a CM11 one13:42
jarknerkogra! do i add that aosp tree? https://github.com/patraanjan23/android_device_micromax_a106 !is it full men?13:42
ogra_you can try to add it, but i guess you will have to make some adjustments for it to actually work/build13:43
ogra_(no idea which or if any ... perhaps talk to the oowner of that branch)13:43
jarknerkoh,i know that cm11! i cant file aosp tree for my device! are u have way to make my aosp tree?13:44
jarknerkthanks ogra! im noob!but ill try13:48
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Elleomandel: ping?14:11
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kadirohow to install touch in android phone and that cause loosing my data in it?14:55
kadiroany body here?14:58
davmor2kadiro: lots of people here14:59
kadirohi man14:59
kadirocan you help me?14:59
davmor2kadiro: you can't install touch on an android phone and keep your data it is a complete wipe14:59
kadiroomg thk's davmor215:00
davmor2kadiro: also depending on the phone you would have to build an image for your device normally15:00
kadirodavmor2: this work need an advenced user? yes?15:00
davmor2kadiro: on the whole yes15:01
kadirodavmor2: thk's again, i will read more to do that15:01
* ogra_ grins about seb128's mail ... if only broken BT would be the only wily issue :D15:01
dobey!devices | kadiro15:02
ubot5kadiro: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices15:02
seb128ogra_, lol, yeah, I said wily was not recommended for production :p15:02
davmor2dobey: thanks that's the thing I was looking for :)15:02
kadirothank you dobey15:02
ogra_seb128, you little diplomat you :)15:02
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john-mcaleelysil2100, so there's a device tarball I can push somewhere :-)15:25
john-mcaleelywhere should I look to see this?15:25
john-mcaleelyoh, wrong channel15:25
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awe_ogra_, yo... question for you.  Do you know how/why NM DBus traffic is being forwarded from the system bus to the session bus?15:43
ogra_awe_, i dont, but perhaps because the indicator only listens to the session bus (wild guess) ?15:44
awe_ogra_, nah... just asked pete-woods and he told me the indicator listens on both buses15:45
awe_I took a look at the system upstart jobs and didn't see anything obvious15:46
ogra_yeah, there is no reason to forward the messages i think15:46
awe_but something is bridging the NM signals onto the session bus15:46
pete-woodscan we not record the session with bustle?15:46
pete-woodsdoesn't that show where dbus messages originate from15:47
awe_they originate from upstart itself15:47
pete-woodsted: do you know if upstart bridges stuff from the system bus onto the session bus?15:48
pete-woodswe're trying to wrap our heads around the pastebin above15:48
tedpete-woods, Yeah, if someone is watching for it.15:49
awe_ted, can you explain further?15:49
pete-woodswhat does "watching for it" involve?15:49
tedpete-woods, The dbus event router for Upstart isn't very specific.15:49
tedSo you can do a "start on dbus" and if you specify the system bus then it'll setup a bridge from dbus system bus to upstart events.15:50
pete-woodsdoes that mean that there's some session job that changes things on dbus events?15:50
tedI believe there are a few.15:50
pete-woodsokay, that's good to know, thanks15:51
awe_so this'd be a "start on dbus" in a session job?15:51
awe_where do the session upstart jobs live again?15:51
ogra_beuno, hmm, i fear you have to unignore me ... seems we tracked our issue back to the click packages coming from the store (with tyhicks' and sil2100's help)15:51
tedHmm, I can't seem to find an example now that I'm looking...15:51
ogra_beuno, when exactly was the store updated ?15:52
tedawe_, /usr/share/upstart/session15:52
beunoogra_, what what?15:52
beunowe deployed maybe 30 minutes ago?15:52
tedawe_, You can have a job that uses dbus events to activate it.15:52
sil2100Ah, hm15:52
ogra_beuno, the store was updated recently15:52
ogra_beuno, no i mean the deployment before :) (i noticed a new UI on monday)15:52
awe_ted, upstart-dbus-system-bridge.conf?15:52
pete-woodsof course we don't know for sure if these duplicated events are causing the trouble15:53
pete-woodsis it unity8 that freezes?15:53
ogra_pete-woods, they are in any case useless noise15:53
pete-woodsor apps15:53
awe_pete-woods, that's true... but it seems broken to duplicate all of the system DBus signals onto the session bus15:53
pete-woodsI agree with that15:53
awe_ogra_, +115:53
beunoogra_, can you reach out to nessita please?15:53
pete-woodsnot saying it isn't bad15:53
awe_I will15:54
pete-woodsbut it's also not definitely our problem15:54
ogra_beuno, hmm, she doesnt seem to be in any of the public channels15:54
pete-woodsif it's unity8, can we run the qml profiler on it, to see what's causing the stutter?15:54
pete-woods / vice versa with the app in the foreground15:54
tedawe_, That's the process that bridges the events, but a job would have to request it, so that it gets started. Otherwise it'll be dormant.15:54
pete-woodsmight be worth asking a unity8 team member or someone like greyback to assist with that?15:55
awe_ted, start on started dbus15:55
pete-woodsas we might be able to see what's grabbing the UI thread15:55
tedawe_, That's different, that's when dbus itself starts.15:55
awe_sure, but that starts the job when dbus starts, no?15:56
beunoogra_, no, private channels15:56
tedawe_, Yes, but there's also something like "start on dbus BUS=system SIGNAL="FooBar""15:57
awe_so you're saying the bridge doesn't automatically propogate signals unless somehow requested by another process?15:58
* ogra_ sighs15:58
awe_here's the job file: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12056258/15:59
awe_you ok ogra_?15:59
awe_note, this looks like a default part of upstart, as the same job is installed on my desktop15:59
pete-woodsted: does that config file awe_ posted not instruct upstart to start the router immediately?16:00
tedpete-woods, Yes, it does. But what it does is look at the upstart config, and it only routes events if someone is asking for them.16:00
ogra_awe_, yeah :) that was about beuno'S comment that we have people not using the public channels for public stuff :)16:01
* greyback available is needed16:01
pete-woodsokay, fair emough16:01
beunoogra_, no, I'm here16:01
beunoI'm just on the phone16:01
beunoso please just escalate to someone else that isn't the usual contact point16:01
ogra_beuno, yes, will do16:02
tedpete-woods, awe_, you can just stop the bridge and see if the behavior still happens.16:02
pete-woodsthat's a good idea to rule it out as the offender16:02
awe_ted, sure... we still don't have a reproducible test case for the problem, but I'll suggest in the bug16:02
awe_ted, pete-woods, it looks like this is just the standard upstart config as a convenience to session jobs16:05
awe_not sure what'll break if we stop it though16:05
tedYou'll never know unless you try ;-)16:05
tedBREAK IT! BREAK IT! ;-)16:06
awe_but again, if we get a reproducible scenario, it might help in debugging the problem16:06
ogra_john-mcaleely, do we have a bug open for arale not keeping its MAC address since the first OTA ? it is massively annoying having to look up the IP every time before i ssh16:39
john-mcaleelyogra_, not that I'm aware of16:39
john-mcaleely(I don't use arale)16:39
rocknhello how can I delete all contact from an adressebook, I want to delete all contact from google-contact16:53
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oSoMoNkgunn, if/when you have a minute, could you please advise on what packages to mark affected for bug #1483840 to get the right people involved in investigating the issue?17:55
ubot5bug 1483840 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "webapp_container tests started failing reliably with rc-proposed image #92" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148384017:55
tshirtmanhey, kivy dev here, doing quick testing of running kivy from adb shell, built with sdl2, but i get a "failed to connect to the Mir server" error, i tried exorting DISPLAY=:0.0 (or other values), but that doesn't help18:14
davmor2rockn: remove your google account and it will give you the option to remove them18:19
popeytshirtman: heya18:20
tshirtmanhey popey :)18:20
popeytshirtman: was it built against sdl2 with mir support enabled?18:21
tshirtmanfinally giving another shot at this18:21
tshirtmanhm, i apt-get installed libsdl2-dev (and friends), didn't do anything about mir18:22
popeyah thats why i suspect18:22
tshirtmanmaybe i should get sdl myself and build it with the flag18:22
popeyyes, mcphail has a guide to building18:22
tshirtmannice, will look it up18:22
mcphailtshirtman: don't think you can (easily) run sdl apps from the shell. I think it requires some bizarre dbus incantation18:23
popeyor just take https://github.com/mcphail/ubuntu-touch-sdl-template/tree/newsdl/lib/armhf18:23
tshirtmanoh, nice18:23
popeyah here he is, I'll leave you with mcphail, who knows more than me18:23
tshirtmanmcphail: i'm just doing python main.py18:23
popeyyeah, you might need a desktop file18:23
tshirtmanit's not a real ubuntu-touch app yet, just command line things18:23
mcphailtshirtman: yes, bundle it in a click. It is the least painful way18:24
tshirtmanwell, even if i don't know anything about these yet? ^^18:24
mcphailtshirtman: tis simple!18:24
tshirtmani'm glad, i like simple things :)18:24
tshirtmanbest thing to read to get started?18:25
popeyhttps://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-sdk/installing-the-sdk/ i guess18:26
tshirtmananyway, i'll start by getting these and use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to add them when running the app18:26
mcphailtshirtman: ooh - don't know if I have a link. You just need a directory containing a manifest.json, a .desktop file, an icon, an .apparmor file and the script. When you have the building blocks it becomes easy to adapt18:26
tshirtmanand i need the sdk to generate that i guess?18:27
mcphailtshirtman: have a look at my syncthing app for a very trivial example18:27
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mcphailtshirtman: installing the sdk will ensure you can build clicks. I don't think you actually _need_ everything the SDK brings, however18:28
tshirtmanhttps://uappexplorer.com/app/syncthing.njmcphail ? i see your github, but seems the syncthing's things are for other platforms18:29
mcphailtshirtman: I'll create a .tar so you can see the structure18:29
tshirtmanthanks a lot18:29
mcphailtshirtman: 2 minutes - my rice is ready!18:31
tshirtmanmcphail: scandaleous!18:31
mcphailtshirtman: http://themcphails.uk/stc.tar.bz2 should get it18:34
tshirtmanmcphail: thanks :)18:36
mcphailtshirtman: a simple "click build directoryname" then does the job. If you need anything else, we should probably take this to #ubuntu-app-devel18:39
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tshirtmanmcphail: ah great, that was my next question18:45
ahayzenHi, anyone seen an issue on rc-proposed where when moving between locations the wifi list and connection doesn't update, or takes a *very* long time to update?20:48
kenvandineahayzen, yes, but that's been a long standing problem20:50
kenvandinei think there is work being done on that20:50
ahayzenlong standing as in it was working pre-vivid :-) and possibly on vivid for a bit a least20:50
kenvandinei think much longer than vivid20:51
kenvandineit's always annoyed me :)20:51
ahayzenwell the original rtm used to work20:51
ahayzeni now i have to flick the wifi on/off every time i enter/leave the house :-/20:51
kenvandineinteresting, i never really used rtm as a daily driver20:51
ahayzenthis was like back in april though :-)20:51
kenvandinei've been in the habit of doing that for a long time20:52
kenvandineactually, not coming home20:52
kenvandineit tends to auto connect quickly20:52
ahayzeni assume data connection doing the same is the same/similar issue?20:52
ahayzenit *sometimes* works...and sometimes doesn't20:52
kenvandinebut the list of available networks can take several minutes to update20:52
kenvandineso i find myself toggling wifi when i go somewhere that has wifi that i want to use20:53
ahayzenalso the laggyness introduced when it is scanning/connecting is bad as well but I heard that had work ongoing as well20:53
ahayzen(that was also find on the original rtm)20:53
kenvandinei think scanning is the issue20:53
kenvandineit doesn't scan to update the list in the indicator often enough20:53
kenvandineit's something crazy like 5 or 10 minutes20:53
* kenvandine could be wrong20:54
kenvandinebut... my arale almost always connects to my home wifi before i can walk from the car to my door :)20:54
ahayzenIIRC one bug suggested it should be every 30s ish20:54
kenvandineit sees it to connect, just the list doesn't get updated like it should20:54
ahayzenmako has probably been cast aside again :-) i can be sitting on data for ages when i get home20:55
kenvandinethere are issues with mako right now20:55
kenvandinerelated to mobile data and wifi20:55
kenvandinebeing worked on, last i heard20:55
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mcphailNow the Ubuntu One is being open sourced, are there plans to use it for contacts and data syncing to free us from Google?21:01
mcphail(I know contacts sync isn't open yet)21:02
mcphailI would gladly donate my spare liver to get this working21:03
tshirtmanhm, there are already open clients/servers/protocols for contacts syncing, no?21:07
tshirtmanduh, no, that's calendar21:08
tshirtmanwhat was it already…21:08
mcphailtshirtman: when it was running, Ubuntu One was the best sync app I've used21:08
tshirtmancould save to cozy cloud for ex21:09
tshirtmandidn't use it much, didn't have much data back then21:09
mcphailtshirtman: nothing was quite as convenient or flexible21:09
mcphailtshirtman: shame it died before the phone appeared because they would have been happy bedfellows21:10
tshirtmanmaybe if there is a demand now, cannonical can just respawn servers21:10
mcphailtshirtman: no, it is dead. But we were promised an open source release and that is coming true21:10
tshirtmanyeah, i saw that, but people actually using it now it's open source, may make them think again21:11
mcphailtshirtman: I can't see it becoming any more financially viable, unfortunately21:12
mcphailtshirtman: but home hosting would fill the gap21:12
tshirtmanwell, maybe a docker image, or equivalent21:12
mcphailtshirtman: good idea. Or a .snap!21:13
tshirtmannot everybody want to host, and i guess if google offer to pay for hosting of data, there must be people paying for it21:13
tshirtmanthough maybe they are just trying to get some bonus money21:13
rocknthanks davmor2, i was looking for a way (even with command line) without having to remove the google account, but i can do it like that22:23
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KnightmareDoes anyone know if Vulkan support is coming to Ubuntu Touch?23:41

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