cmaloneyYay hospital13:34
cmaloneyYeah, no worries.13:34
cmaloneyFIL was having some issues this morning13:34
cscheibjrwren , aisrael: do either of you mess with juju on osx at all?  appears to not work on 10.1120:00
cscheibthe command line tool, that is20:00
jrwrencscheib: i used to. i've not used it in a while. What are you trying to do?20:29
jrwrencscheib: 1.22.1-yosemite-amd64 installed here.20:29
cscheibjrwren: I was going to mess aroudn with juju, as I haven't actually yet20:43
jrwrencscheib: oh! you are running the beta of macosx? Yes, I'd not be surprised if juju doesn't support that :(20:44
jrwrencscheib: what is 10.11 called? ElCapitan?20:44
cscheibI'm guessing it's just a hard coded OS check, was pondering hard coding 10.11 in20:46
jrwrencscheib: do you get: panic: osVersion reported an error20:46
cscheibI'll probably just mess around with it on my other OSX laptop20:46
jrwrencscheib: file a bug, or tell me to.20:47
cscheibfile a bug, yo!20:47
cscheibor tell me where to, I don't care20:47
jrwrencscheib: can you paste me output of uname -a20:47
cscheibDarwin arctistor.lan 15.0.0 Darwin Kernel Version 15.0.0: Sun Jul 26 19:48:55 PDT 2015; root:xnu-3247.1.78~15/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_6420:47
jrwrencscheib: https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/master/version/osversion.go#L128  no 15: "elcapitan" in that map20:48
cscheiboh man, this is a binary now?  I figured it'd be python20:49
jrwrencscheib: its go20:50
jrwrencscheib: juju hasn't been python for a few years now20:50
jrwrencscheib: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1483889  mark it has affects you20:52
greg-gheh, the same team member who had the curl | sh rickroll also still uses a .plan: https://github.com/thcipriani/dotfiles/blob/master/plan21:16
jrwrengreg-g: can i finger him?21:17
greg-gnot sure :)21:18
greg-gjrwren: unrelatedly, don't get your hopes up about lessig :)21:18
jrwrengreg-g: its too late. They are already up.21:24
jrwrengreg-g: HOPE21:24
greg-gkeep 'em up them21:26
jrwrengreg-g: https://medium.com/@bucchere/lessig-2016-a-generation-s-defining-moment-643176837439  such excite!21:42
cmaloneyMy hopes for Lessig / Sanders are way up22:06
cmaloneyBut I'm bracing for Hillary / Donald22:06
cmaloneyClinton / Trump22:06
greg-glessig vs sanders?22:06
* greg-g is confuzored22:06
cmaloneyI'm hoping Lessig or Sanders win22:07
cmaloneythe Democratic nomination22:07
cmaloneythough I'm fearing the final contest will be Clinton v. Trump22:07
greg-ggotcha, different things22:08
greg-gnot a a:b::c:d22:08
cmaloneyYeah, sorry22:08
cmaloneyFuck no22:08
greg-gthough, Trump be Clinton's VP would be the best thing ever22:08
cmaloneyI just wish Trump would just buy a circus and be off22:08
cmaloneybe with his people22:08
cmaloney(actually, I don't think I hate clowns that much)22:09
cmaloneyUnrelated: Plugging foreign shit into your car's computer is not a brilliant plan22:11
cmaloneywho knew?22:11
gamerchick02so, uhm, mugorg... is the online meeting working or am i just super early?22:37
cmaloneyNot sure22:54
cmaloneyI'm not present either22:54
cmaloneyJoining online22:54
gamerchick02so it seems like we're on the call but there's no video22:54
cmaloneyNot yet.22:54
gamerchick02apparently 6:30 is the time people are supposed to arrive. :-P22:55
cmaloneyThey're likely doing MUG business at the moment22:55
gamerchick02sorry, i'm in too many meetings at work that start late or go over22:55
cmaloneyYeah, I might make the start time later22:56
gamerchick02that's ok22:56
cmaloneybut it's hard to gauge when the meeting itself will start22:56
gamerchick02i was the one late today. my meeting at 9 went til 10:1522:56
gamerchick02and i had a 10. so yeah22:57
cmaloneyThey might be having trouble as well. They're playing with library wifi22:57
gamerchick02oh ugh22:58
cmaloneyFor the time being23:01
cmaloneyApparnetly the person running the camera isn't joined in using hte MUG account23:01
cmaloneyYeah, that's the link for the video for now23:04
gamerchick02there we go23:04
gamerchick02i had to shut off my camera real quick. hahahaha23:04
gamerchick02also thank you, i appreciate it23:05
cmaloneygamerchick02: Please mute. :)23:07
gamerchick02shit i'm sorry23:08
gamerchick02probably from my typing. :(23:09
gamerchick02i type heavily. whoops23:09
gamerchick02AND it doesn't help that i have my dehumidifier going either23:09
gamerchick02has there always been an online meeting for MUG?23:13
cmaloneyWe've had about 6 or so23:14
gamerchick02wow nice23:14
gamerchick02usually i can't attend because of Nile23:14
cmaloneyWe record them also23:15
cmaloneyThat's via our Youtube channel23:15
gamerchick02oooh nice23:17

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