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nottrobinMike: waaaay!09:15
nottrobinGuest96037: https://xkcd.com/936/09:16
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nottrobinMikeRobbo: are you a fan of XKCD? https://xkcd.com/936/09:17
MikeRobboYeah. By the way, I have no idea how to use IRC properly....09:20
MikeRobboSo Rafflecopter. Is there anyway to use it without their javascript widget thing? Has anyone used it before?09:21
antdillonMikeRobbo, nope09:21
antdillonMikeRobbo, it would be good to just post data to them09:21
MikeRobboSo I just set that password for everything and it's safe? That's so easy to remember!09:22
antdillonMikeRobbo, thats what they keep telling me09:23
antdillonMikeRobbo, is there widget styleable?09:23
antdillonMikeRobbo, might be the easiest way to avoid keys and stuff09:23
antdillonMikeRobbo, is it iframed?09:24
MikeRobboit's an iframe made by some javascript.... If I'm making a non javascript version it might not be an option09:24
MikeRobboantdillon: For now I'm just going to create & style the form as per the design doc so it's in my layout. We should have a propper chat about back end things later.09:52
MikeRobboantdillon: It looks unlikely Rafflecopter will be able to fit the designs though09:53
antdillonMikeRobbo, cool, lets make a meeting10:08
antdillonMikeRobbo, done, should have a meeting10:11
antdillonin an email *10:11
MikeRobboantdillon: I thought you were just really quick and I didn't notice the meeting happening.10:12
MikeRobboantdillon: The copy I have for the thankyou page says "You will recieve an email shortly to confirm your entry into the prize draw"13:42
antdillonMikeRobbo, sounds ok, pop it in and someone will review13:52

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