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Kilosmorning all and sundry06:15
Kilosoh and inetpro 06:16
barrydkMorning everyone06:24
Kiloshi barrydk 06:24
ThatGraemeGuywhat he said ^^06:45
mazalHow goes ThatGraemeGuy06:46
Kiloshi mazal ThatGraemeGuy 06:46
ThatGraemeGuygood thanks, you?06:46
mazalMore oom06:46
mazalOk thanx06:46
mazalSomebody wants me to learn slackwave , anybody here knows it ?06:46
Kilosohi superfly 06:46
mazalSomething like that yes06:49
mazalSounds difficult though06:49
ThatGraemeGuynot gonna lie, it isn't easy06:49
ThatGraemeGuyand really outside of a hobbyist context I can't imagine it has much relevance in this day and age06:50
mazalI told a guy I use Ubuntu , then he said I am not a real linux user :(06:50
ThatGraemeGuyhe's an elitise knob, ignore people like that06:50
mazalFelt quite bad that somebody is so nasty to my beloved ubuntu06:51
ThatGraemeGuyscrew him06:51
ThatGraemeGuyhe's like the idiot who runs around with a DSLR chiding people for not taking photos in full manual mode06:51
ThatGraemeGuyits daft, and there's no place for it in 99% of casual use06:51
mazalHe described that thing to me and I though " sheees , this doesn't sound like a normal desktop OS to me "06:54
ThatGraemeGuyslackware is the oldest distro that is still being maintained06:54
ThatGraemeGuylast time i used it, the packaging system didn't even feature automatic dependency resolution06:55
mazalThink I will pass06:56
ThatGraemeGuyyeah, don't pay attention to people like that, they're not worth your time and energy06:56
barrydkIsh youre a nasty bunch this morning, was the weekend to long? Poor guy thought he do something good06:58
mazalThe poor guy insulted my ubuntu06:59
ThatGraemeGuymocking someone for not being a real linux user because they happen to use a specific distro?06:59
ThatGraemeGuythat's not trying to do something good, that's just being a douchebag06:59
mazaloom Kilos07:00
Kilosya seun07:00
mazalGot a plan c yet for me ?07:01
barrydkShame at least he is in part of the linux family, must count a point or two07:01
mazalthe notifier thing07:01
Kilosplan c for what07:01
Kilosoh my07:10
inetprogood mornings07:16
inetprooh and thanks oom Kilos as well07:16
* inetpro at least is not sundry07:16
Kiloshi TinuvaMac 07:16
TinuvaMacmorning Kilos07:16
pieter2627morning all08:15
Kiloshi pieter2627 Cryterion 08:16
pieter2627shoe channel list is soo lank, het oom nie eers gesien nie08:17
Kilosoh yes cyrilb is here too08:17
Kilosand me twice08:17
Kiloshi MaNI 08:18
magespawngood morning09:54
magespawnokay have to go out on the road chat later10:07
Kiloshi mag10:57
mazal_Bye everyone12:47
grembleGood afternoon13:40
cyrilbjust landed in Joburg13:49
ThatGraemeGuyshame you poor thing14:13
ThatGraemeGuymy sympathies14:13
gremble I'm glad I don't have to drive in JHB now D:14:14
MaNIonly 1 more night till I can get out of jhb and back to civilisation14:22
magespawngood evening16:49
CryterionEvening everyone16:58
magespawnhi Cryterion 16:59
grembleGood evening magespawn and Cryterion 17:36
magespawnhi gremble 17:39
grembleHow're you doing?17:40
Kiloshi magespawn Cryterion gremble and other peeps too17:40
grembleHey Kilos 17:42
magespawnhi Kilos 17:44
inetprogood evening18:06
Kiloshi inetpro 18:24
Kilosi was coming to say night but i have time if you wanna chat about something18:25
Kilosohi superfly 18:25
* inetpro too tired to chat18:32
Kilosok then . ill be here later tomorrow nmost likely, gonna get bank account18:33
Kilossleep well everyone18:33
inetprogood night18:34
magespawnbed time, good night all19:20

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