t-nelsontats: It seems like some dependency is still the old OS version's and forcing the entire dependency graph for vlc to that version.00:01
sleighti'm running a server00:02
sleightim just trying to get a local xterm running00:02
t-nelsonsleight: Soudns like an oxymoron.00:03
t-nelsonServers generally aren't running X.00:03
t-nelsonYou just want a console or what?00:03
tatsBashing-om, how can i ppa-purge 10.5.9-2ubuntu1~vivid1?00:04
t-nelsontats, you must still have some PPA enabled.00:06
tatst-nelson, is there a way to list all my ppas?00:06
Bashing-om!ppa-purge | tats00:07
ubottutats: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html00:07
t-nelsontats: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list00:07
tatsoh my. yes i have tons of them...00:09
sleighthere's what i actually mean- I'd like to have a minimal ubuntu install with dwm as a window manager00:09
sleighthow do a get to there from a ubuntu-server install00:10
tatsok let me purge them00:10
t-nelsonsleight: Did you try apt-get installing it?00:11
sleighteverything i've read says that's the wrong thing00:11
t-nelsonDWM is available on my 14.04 server install00:11
sleightalternatively, i'll be happy with just being able to run xterm or st00:12
Gui1111Ubuntu is saying I have to have a CD, why can't i do it on my external HDD?00:12
sleighti know00:12
Gui1111(I don't have a CD/DVD nor can I find my CD drive anyway.00:12
wileeeGui1111, context?00:12
t-nelsonsleight: So you've read stuff that says what not to do, yet doesn't tell you the right way?00:12
Gui1111Mounted the ISO, want to install Ubuntu, unable to do it without a CD. @Wileee00:12
wileeeGui1111, why and where mounting?00:13
Gui1111Right click ISO >Mount [windows 8]. Rub wubi.exe.00:13
wileee!wubi | Gui111100:13
ubottuGui1111: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.00:13
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:13
Gui1111Thanks :)00:13
wileeeGui1111, Not supported and a bad idea from the start.00:14
k1lGui1111: boot the usb as you boot a cd. then install from the usb00:14
wileeewubi that is00:14
ObrienDaveNO NOT WUBI00:14
Gui1111How do I get the files onto the HDD?00:14
Gui1111just copy the ISO contents over?00:14
wileeeGui1111, end goal?00:15
ObrienDaveburn ISO to DVD or USB stick, reboot, install00:15
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UbuntuNewbHello everybody. I got ssmtp working earlier on my server, but how do I tell ubuntu to use that as my default mail server? I also have exim installed, and the system appears to be using that.00:15
Gui1111Can I burn it to a 1tb External HDD?00:15
Gui1111Using something like ISOTOUSB?00:15
UbuntuNewbTrying to set my server up so that all outgoing mail is automatically relayed through google apps00:15
wileeeGui1111, not a safe or always working method.00:16
Gui1111How would I do it?00:16
ObrienDaveburn ISO to DVD or USB stick, reboot, install00:17
wileeeGui1111, You could use a virtual machine with just the iso00:17
wileeefor install00:17
maybejojo333xterm -u800:18
Gui1111ObrienDave: What do I use to Burn the ISO to USB?00:18
ObrienDaveunetbootin, yumi, dd. your choice00:18
sleightwhat do you know, apt-get install just worked00:19
wileeeGui1111, Besides those, here is a website with multiple usb loaders running in windows,  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/00:19
ObrienDave*keeps forgetting that one*00:20
wileeemultisystems in linux here00:20
Gui1111Thanks for the help :)00:20
Gui1111Wil ltry now.00:20
wileeehope they know of err UEFI00:21
ObrienDavethey'll be baaaaaaack ;OP00:21
opObrienDave, yes Sir ?! :p00:22
wileeetime to wager, I got 5 on just can't boot ;)00:22
UbuntuNewbhmm it looks like ssmtp isn't working, either. Okay, is there somebody that can help me get my mail server to successfully relay all mail through google apps please? Been working on it forever and have gotten nowhere.00:22
surgyso does unetbootin make a persistant installation onto the usb drive? and now ubuntu thinks the usb drive is an hdd?00:23
ObrienDavegeez louise, a nick of op??? the gods weep ;P00:23
opObrienDave, Son! Do you want the OP power?00:24
t-nelsonUbuntuNewb: You've read https://support.google.com/a/answer/2956491?hl=en ?00:24
wileeesurgy, unetbootin can, it creates a file for saving, computer sees it as a media device, booted technically a HD sorta.00:24
UbuntuNewbt-nelson: Yes, that's related to setting google apps up to allow relaying. I am trying to set my local mail server up to relay to google apps00:25
tatst-nelson, Bashing-om ok so i did some ppa-purging. now " ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list | xargs cat" now reveals that all ppas are actually disabled (all lines commented out).00:25
tatsthen ran apt-get update; apt-get remove vlc* vlc.*; apt-get install vlc00:25
wileeesurgy, You have to watch external boots, the may come up as sda00:25
tatsstill the same issue00:25
surgywileee, can i use the drive as a live install disk and install to the computer using this drive?00:25
ThpmpAnyone know how to connect to my vpn withough a gui?00:26
wileeesurgy, Can you explain exactly what that means, and your end goal.00:26
kadirofor multiboot usb have fun in: http://www.rmprepusb.com/00:26
tatst-nelson, Bashing-om ie.: "Depends: libgles1-mesa (>= 7.8.1) but it is not going to be installed or libgles1"00:27
wileeesurgy, That drive, means nothing, be exact00:27
t-nelsontats: You need to figure out where all of those "ubuntu1~vivid1" alternatives are coming from.00:27
Bashing-omtats: Pastebin please the outputs of ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' So I see all in context .00:28
surgywileee, i want a usb pen drive with a persistant os that can be used anywhere and also double as an installer.00:28
surgywileee, can unetbootin do this?00:28
wileeesurgy, A live on a usb with saved info via persistence and only makes the basic install, none of the work on there transfers.00:28
UbuntuNewbhmm, looks like I found a pretty good guide, except I don't have a inetd.conf ?00:28
ikoniainetd is dead00:29
surgywileee, basicly00:29
ikoniaso I suspect that is a very old guide00:29
surgywileee, so i can play with the install and demo lubuntu to friends and if they like it i can install all from the same usb00:29
wileeesurgy, A live ubuntu anything is for installing or just using.00:29
wileeesurgy, Sure, however any extra beside the iso you loaded is not used on the install.00:30
kadirothe link i puted is very helpfull just puting isos ( one or many ) into pen drive and it work like a charm00:30
ubuntu872I put the ubuntu ISO on an external hard drive, how do I make it bootable?00:30
ubuntu872I used http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/00:30
wileeeubuntu872, Not a god idea really.00:31
wileeeubuntu872, THe best tool you can have is a dvd, or usb loaded.00:31
ubuntu872USB loaded?00:32
wileeeubuntu872, Really, the iso installed by DD or an app.00:32
ObrienDaveburn ISO to DVD or USB stick, reboot, install00:32
UbuntuNewbikonia- It's looked for by exim400:32
ikoniawhat ?00:32
ubuntu872So using external HDD is bad idea?00:32
wileeeubuntu872, Yes for a number of reasons, first being you need a fat32 partition, and you could mess up and wipe the HD.00:33
UbuntuNewbikonia: The inetd.conf error is coming from exim-config using dpkg-reconfigure00:33
ubuntu872It's an external HDD i don't care about.00:33
wileeeruns slow, may not boot00:34
wileeeif you value your time and ours do it correctly00:34
ikoniaUbuntuNewb: that seems unlikley that exim would depend on inetd.conf, more so when it doesn't depend on the inet package00:34
* ObrienDave has never gotten an external USB drive to work that way00:34
tatsBashing-om, t-nelson : http://pastebin.com/wPPauSb500:34
UbuntuNewbikonia: If that is the case, than why is the very first error I get when i run dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config is that it can't find /etc/inted.conf ?00:35
ikoniaUbuntuNewb: no idea, the exim that ships with ubuntu should not depend on inetd00:35
UbuntuNewbWhat version comes 'shipped' with ubuntu?00:35
UbuntuNewbI had to apt-get install exim00:35
ikoniaso you swapped out postfix for exim ?00:36
UbuntuNewbikonia: Neither came installed, I had to install postfix first and it didn't work, so I uninstalled it and installed exim00:36
UbuntuNewband that doesn't appear to work, either,.00:36
ikoniaUbuntuNewb: what version of ubuntu did you install ?00:36
ikoniathat comes with postfix00:37
UbuntuNewbReally? Cause I had to apt-get install it00:37
Bashing-omtats: look'm at your http://pastebin.com/wPPauSb5 .00:37
ikoniaahhh it's not installed by default, it's just the default choice00:37
ikoniajust checked the docs00:37
UbuntuNewbyeah, all I am trying to do, is setup send-only relaying on my mail server to google docs00:38
UbuntuNewbgoogle apps*00:38
ikoniaso any MTA will do tht00:38
UbuntuNewband can't find any help on doing it.00:38
UbuntuNewbThe one that I found that was specifically for google apps, apparently is outdated, because it uses exim4, and the ubuntu version for some reason is looking for inetd.00:38
ikoniaUbuntuNewb: is it  warning or an error ?00:39
ikoniathe inetd errror00:39
UbuntuNewbduring exim4-config00:39
ikoniaok, ignore it00:39
UbuntuNewberror, sorry00:39
ikoniamust be a legacy00:39
UbuntuNewbit shuts down the configuration00:39
ikoniathat seems very odd, inetd has been gone for a long long time00:39
UbuntuNewbThat's what I thought, too, but apparently the apt version still requires it00:40
UbuntuNewbOr is looking for the config file for it00:40
ikoniaUbuntuNewb: hang on a second00:40
UbuntuNewbIt's doing it when I select 'send-mail remotely; no local mail';00:40
daftykinsUbuntuNewb: relays are a bad idea, you'll get shutdown for spam potential very quickly :)00:41
ikoniaUbuntuNewb: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/exim4 there is no info in there to suggest any depend on inetd00:41
UbuntuNewbdaftykins: We use it exclusively at work, have for over four years. As long as your records are in your dns for google, it doesn't flag it as spam.00:41
daftykinswhy do it at all?00:42
UbuntuNewbhmm, it didnt look for it that time.00:42
ikoniaUbuntuNewb: you can make it go away with the inet-superserver package00:42
daftykinsif google is your MX records then what do you need a mail server for o000:42
UbuntuNewbdaftykins: because all of my mail is done on google apps, and I need to be able to send mail from my server?00:43
Bashing-omsurgy: Multo-boot usb see : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2259682&highlight=usb ; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1958073&highlight=usb .00:43
daftykinswhy run a server at all o000:43
UbuntuNewbbecause mail needs to be able to be sent from the server?00:43
UbuntuNewbWithout setting up a custom configuration for each website/service that needs to send mail?00:43
daftykinshmm web host huh00:44
UbuntuNewbNot really, but there are websites on the server.00:44
UbuntuNewbAs well as potentially other things that may need to send mail.00:45
ObrienDavemail spam??? O.o00:46
UbuntuNewbPoint being, the server needs to be able to send mail out of it, through google apps, where my mail is setup through. I am trying to configure the local mail-server to send through google apps, and it's not working.00:46
ikoniaUbuntuNewb: you just want an MTA locked down to localhost with a smarthost/relayhost configured to google00:47
UbuntuNewbikonia: yes, that is exactly what I want, and I can't find any documentation that allows me to do that.00:47
Bashing-omtats: so far so good, let's check the package management system, pastebin ' sudo apt-get -f install ; sudo dpkg -C ' and then we see about VLC .00:47
UbuntuNewbThe one I found for exim relied on inetd.conf apparently, although after uninstalling and reinstalling exim, it doesn't appear to be looking for it00:47
stubblefieldany recommendations on program to make screen capture videos in ubuntu ?00:47
ikoniaUbuntuNewb: ok- so inetd is just for spawning exim, however the current version runs as a daemon, so it won't cause you a problem00:48
UbuntuNewbikonia: - I figured, but when I first configured it, it crashed the configuration cause it was looking for it. I uninstalled and reinstalled exim and now it appears to have configured correctly, I *think*00:49
tatsBashing-om, http://pastebin.com/GwcZGMmq00:52
Bashing-omtats: :Look'n at http://pastebin.com/GwcZGMmq .00:53
kl0rth0Hi. I have a console blanking issue which removes screen  after 10 minutes. I assume there might be a poweroff=7200 problem as well.00:56
UbuntuNewbgrr this is annoying me.. doing everything these damn guides says and still it won't work00:57
Bashing-omtats: Yuk; You need to follow the pacjage manager's advise " they need to be reinstalled: " But -> "Package created with checkinstall 1.6.2" puts it out of my experience range .00:58
tatsBashing-om, i uninstalled them, now "sudo apt-get -f install ; sudo dpkg -C" yields "http://pastebin.com/i0RQjJnt"01:02
syntroPihmm i finally managed get the latest w_scan from source to generale a proper channels.conf: just to notice sound is broken with vlc on ubuntu on dvb-c: are there other timeshifting alternatives to vlc?01:05
rockstar_How do I make Gamepad work in Ubuntu?01:07
Bashing-omtats: Look'm at your http://pastebin.com/i0RQjJnt .01:07
batcommander_12.04 to 14.04 upgrade bad results: when logging in, drops login and refreshes to another login screen...#help please01:09
daftykinsbatcommander_: test guest session01:09
wileeerockstar_, run lsusb and identify the gamepads hardware info to include in this inquiry to the channel.01:10
batcommander_daftykins, does the same thing, although once when i tried it before, guest session /wanted/ to log in...but failed01:10
daftykinsbatcommander_: suggests you've got bigger issues then, what graphics hardware do you have?01:10
t-nelsonbatcommander_: ctl+alt+f101:11
t-nelsonCan you login there?01:12
batcommander_daftykins, not sure right off. on an intel core i5 lenovo laptop t41001:12
rockstar_did someone here responded to do lsusb?01:12
daftykinsrockstar_: yeah just above... look up01:12
wileeewileee> rockstar_, run lsusb and identify the gamepads hardware info to include in this inquiry to the channel.01:12
daftykinsbatcommander_: "lspci" when logged in01:12
rockstar_wileee: Bus 003 Device 003: ID 046d:c016 Logitech, Inc. Optical Wheel Mouse Bus 003 Device 006: ID 046d:c21d Logitech, Inc. F310 Gamepad [XInput Mode]01:12
wileeerockstar_, to the channel. not me.01:13
batcommander_t-nelson, it says starting ACPI daemon...01:13
rockstar_Bus 003 Device 003: ID 046d:c016 Logitech, Inc. Optical Wheel Mouse Bus 003 Device 006: ID 046d:c21d Logitech, Inc. F310 Gamepad [XInput Mode]01:13
t-nelsonbatcommander_: F2 then?01:14
wileeerockstar_, Here is the google search, lots of info, https://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu++Logitech,+Inc.+F310+Gamepad&hl=en&site=webhp&gbv=1&sei=YEzJVa_KLYzJogTt9Im4Ag01:14
batcommander_integrated graphics card01:15
wileeerockstar_, YOU might change the search to your exact ubuntu release, say 12.04  or 14.04..etc01:15
t-nelsonbatcommander_: Sorry, try ctl+alt+f201:15
daftykinsbatcommander_: so intel CPU only huh?01:16
batcommander_t-nelson, daftykins i am logged in.01:17
daftykinsto the TTY though right...01:17
batcommander_daftykins, correct. it seems like i can01:17
daftykinsi think you should confirm your upgrade went ok01:17
batcommander_daftykins, how do i do that?01:17
t-nelsonbatcommander_: Take root, move your ~ to ~.bak and recreate your home dir.01:18
rockstar_ok awesome, now I can use jstest. Is there any game in Ubuntu that I can try with?01:18
t-nelsonThen ctl+alt+f7 and try to login lightdm again.01:18
daftykinsbatcommander_: well first up lets see what your system thinks it is, "lsb_release -d"01:18
daftykinst-nelson: since you're new, let me humbly request that when i start on a support query already - it's not polite nor helpful to join in and cause 'too many cooks'01:19
rodrigobrrjboa noite gente01:19
rodrigobrrjalgum br aí?01:19
daftykinsenglish only.01:20
t-nelsondaftykins: New, right.  Didn't notice you making any progress before so figured I'd pitch in.01:20
daftykinsthat's because i was waiting on a reply...01:20
Bashing-omtats: Now what does ' sudo dpkg -C ' tell us ?01:21
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batcommander_daftykins, working...didn't see your last01:22
daftykinswhat is working? didn't see my last what?01:22
tatsBashing-om, empty01:22
batcommander_ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS01:22
daftykinsalright, sounds ok01:22
=== al2o3-cr1 is now known as al2o3-cr
daftykinsbatcommander_: are you online via a wired connection or do you use wifi on this machine?01:23
bbigrasIs there a way to connect to an l2tp/ipsec vpn with the network-manager on vivid?01:23
Bashing-omtats: So now install vlc ? Is that where we are at ?01:23
batcommander_daftykins, i was working! no, using a wireless connection to the machine i am working on01:23
tatsBashing-om, yes i tried that. yield the same error.01:24
daftykinsbatcommander_: ok so presumably you can't get it online right now. use "ls -al ~/" as your user and check no files inside your home directory are owned by root01:24
Bashing-omtats: My attention is split a lot of ways . show me please what the error is in context . ' sudo apt-get install -- reinstall vlc ' ??01:25
batcommander_daftykins, nothing in there01:25
daftykinsbatcommander_: are you sure you're username@host right now?01:25
daftykinsor is it because you followed t-nelson's suggestion...01:26
batcommander_daftykins, yes, i can see that as the shell prompt01:26
batcommander_daftykins, i followed t-nelson01:26
daftykinswell look in the backup instead and check whether it had any files owned by root :P01:27
tatsBashing-om, here: http://pastebin.com/hNrSUmNY01:27
Bashing-omtats: Thanks, look'n at your http://pastebin.com/hNrSUmNY .01:28
Bashing-om!info libgles1-mesa01:29
ubottulibgles1-mesa (source: mesa): free implementation of the OpenGL|ES 1.x API -- runtime. In component main, is optional. Version 10.5.2-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 9 kB, installed size 114 kB01:29
batcommanderdaftykins, /bin/ is owned by root01:29
daftykinsbatcommander: no, i'm saying to look in your /home/username which you moved to be a backup, i.e. /home/username.bak or something :P01:31
batcommanderdaftykins, sorry, that's ~/usr/bin01:33
daftykinsstill not relevant01:33
daftykinswe're talking about your ~ here before you moved it :P01:34
Bashing-omtats: Yokes. that one scares me, and I am afraid of nothing .. If ya do ' apt-cache depends libgles1-mesa ; apt-cache rdepends libgles1-mesa ' you will get an idea why . We can try to install and see what results : ' sudo apt-get install libgles1-mesa ' .01:34
batcommanderdaftykins, it's inside the .bak i created01:34
daftykinsbatcommander: yes so now "ls -al" that path and check the files in there for ownership =|01:35
usermeanyone know why my inux when first got was fast now slow as s@@@01:36
batcommanderdaftykins, yeah, i did that. one of them is named bin01:36
daftykinsa bin in your home folder o001:37
wileee!details | userme,01:37
ubottuuserme,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)01:37
daftykinsbatcommander: ok well this approach is going nowhere fast. did you recreate /home/username and try logging in again?01:37
usermeits going very slow01:37
tatsBashing-om, http://pastebin.com/pF8ZEvBW01:38
usermeseems like lagging i opened a page and still trying01:38
batcommanderdaftykins, yeah, it's because I modified my .bashrc to run a todo_comletion from there...running todo.sh on the command line led me to put that there01:39
daftykinsi have no idea what you're on about right now :)01:39
batcommanderdaftykins, i don't know what you mean by "recreate home directory"01:40
daftykinsoh the home bin, yeah moved on.01:40
daftykinswell does /home/username exist or not now? since you moved /home/username to /home/username.bak as per instructions01:40
batcommanderdaftykins, yes, that explains why i have a bin in ~. no, usrname.bak does not exist; i mv'd it back to usrname.01:42
daftykinswell why did you do that o001:42
batcommanderdaftykins, so we'd be back at square one. i realized that you and t-nelson didn't coordinate and i followed some of both instructions. moving along...01:43
daftykinsso nothing else in /home/username/ is owned by root?01:43
daftykinsyou should probably share what you do in future ;)01:44
usermewhy my linux xubuntu lagging badly01:44
usermenever was like this before01:45
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daftykinsdefine lag.01:45
daftykinsat what?01:45
=== Jcink is now known as ThomasB
daftykinsdoing the taxes? training the swimteam?01:45
usermevery slow.  i try to open a tab on firefox and takes fe seconds and then webpage takes ages01:46
daftykinsuserme: test the guest session01:46
whoeverhi all,  is there a rull of thoumb for compose key on how to generating chars with it, ie does it 'uy01:46
batcommanderdaftykins, nothing i can see...i can't seem to page through the results but none i see are owned by root01:46
daftykinsbatcommander: "ls -al /path/username | less"01:46
whoeverit work for askii chars ie shapes  or just letters with accent marks01:47
usermesorry daft what  matete?01:47
daftykinslog into the *guest* session to test01:47
usermegot ya01:47
batcommanderok it says root owns .. and bin01:48
daftykinsbut nothing else?01:48
batcommanderdaftykins, nothing else01:49
whoeverhttp://fsymbols.com/keyboard/linux/compose/  ie is there a corrilation from the ASCII to copose key code01:50
daftykinsmmmk, well since the guest session didn't work i don't think this is going to be of any help, but "mv ~/.config ~/.configold" then "sudo service lightdm restart" and try logging in again at TTY701:50
batcommanderdaftykins, ok...don't know how to "log in again at TTY7" means yet, proceeding with the rest01:51
daftykinspress Alt+F701:51
syntroPiis there any tv watching program which supports timeshifting except the broken vlc?01:54
ObrienDavevlc broken? the gods weep01:55
batcommanderdaftykins, alt+f7 didn't work...01:55
daftykinsbatcommander: it should get you back to the login screen.01:55
daftykinsit may even have auto switched from restarting lightdm01:55
al2o3-crsyntroPi: mpv/mplayer2?01:56
batcommanderdaftykins, i was brought back to GUI login screen before alt+f7...and hitting those two keys didn't get a cli login01:56
syntroPial2o3-cr, are those two supporting timeshifting (eg. pause in livetv)?01:57
daftykinsbatcommander: they're not meant to, try logging in now.01:57
al2o3-crsyntroPi: Yes.01:57
batcommandersame as before...it drops the login and reverts to gui login01:57
t-nelsonsyntroPi: HAve you tried searching?  There are a ton of options  for live tv on linux.01:58
al2o3-crsyntroPi: Only if you dvb receiver supports such feature though.01:58
Idle845818t-nelson, when you say live tv you mean pick up signal from a pc running linux?01:58
Idle845818like digital signal01:59
t-nelsonIdle845818: With an appropriate tuner, yes.01:59
ObrienDavelike DVR software?01:59
t-nelsonOr cable box, satellite01:59
Idle845818so does the tuner connect to a port on the pc?01:59
t-nelsonWhy are two people responding who aren't the guy with the question? :)02:00
daftykinsbatcommander: mmm, well i think it's reinstall time.02:00
daftykinsbatcommander: i'm sure you could bury through logs and so on and mess around, maybe reinstall unity - something like that, but yeah. shortest approach.02:00
syntroPial2o3-cr, hmm what you mean by that? its an usb stick which can tune into channels, its cant store anything02:00
* ObrienDave bows out of t-nelson's way ;P02:01
batcommanderdaftykins, thanks for the help02:01
t-nelsonsyntroPi: The best solutions use a backend for all of the tuner related stuff, then stream to a client02:01
t-nelsonCheckout something like tvheadend.02:01
al2o3-crsyntroPi: I mean, you can only pause live TV, if the dvb reciever supports pausing live TV02:01
t-nelsonal2o3-cr: That's not the tuners job02:02
syntroPial2o3-cr, what does mean supporting that?02:02
Bashing-omtats: Sorry, minor emergency intervened - Lawn mower is now history - . Lemme get caught up and I be back with you .02:03
Bashing-om!info libglapi-mesa02:03
ubottulibglapi-mesa (source: mesa): free implementation of the GL API -- shared library. In component main, is optional. Version 10.5.2-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 21 kB, installed size 191 kB02:03
al2o3-crt-nelson: who's job is it?02:03
t-nelsonal2o3-cr: Software02:03
t-nelsonOr the driver if the vendor is completely Chinese.02:04
al2o3-crt-nelson: on what the dvb or mplayer?02:04
syntroPial2o3-cr, what i mean by timeshifting is tune into a channel, watch a bit, then press pause but have it cached to /tmp in background, when i resume (deactivate pause) it will play from cache while still recording to that chached content in background02:04
ObrienDave*sighs* DVR software02:04
t-nelsonsyntroPi: 20:01:41 < t-nelson> Checkout something like tvheadend.02:05
syntroPial2o3-cr, i dont understand what that has to do with the tuner02:05
t-nelsonsyntroPi: al2o3-cr doesn't know what they're on about02:05
t-nelsonsyntroPi: Go get tvheadend02:06
ObrienDavethe SOFTWARE does the caching02:06
* t-nelson caches ObrienDave 02:06
al2o3-crt-nelson: Ok, whatever02:06
* al2o3-cr sheesh02:06
ObrienDaveobviously an army of one ;P02:07
* ObrienDave bows out of t-nelson's way ;P02:07
tatsBashing-om, rip lawnmower. thanks, still here.02:08
syntroPit-nelson, i think i tried tvheadend long time ago and afaik zapping was kinda unconvenient02:08
Bashing-omtats: Let's see if we can find out why the elevated "libglapi-mesa 10.5.9-2ubuntu1~vivid1" package is installed. What returns ' apt-cache policy libglapi-mesa ' ?02:09
t-nelsonsyntroPi: Luckily it's been heavily developed in that long time.02:09
t-nelsonBashing-om: Probably vivid-updates being enabled?02:10
Bashing-omt-nelson: Maybe .. but I do suspect we have PPA leftovers ??02:10
tatsBashing-om, http://pastebin.com/JgFXBpqK02:11
Bashing-omtats: Look'n at http://pastebin.com/JgFXBpqK .02:11
tatst-nelson, Bashing-om : yes, my vivid-updates are enabled. here's a pastebin of my source.list: http://pastebin.com/LjPiNyLj02:12
t-nelsonBashing-om: There's certainly some source still around.02:12
abb0how does ubuntu dertimine which version is going to be the LTS.02:14
t-nelsonabb0: Every other .04 release02:15
abb0b/c ive seen that theres a 14.04 LTS and 14.10 and 15 even. lol made me wonder02:15
daftykinsabb0: it's the .04 release every 2 years02:15
abb0ok the .04s are the ones02:15
daftykinsno, not every02:15
daftykins15.04 is not02:15
t-nelsonabb0: No 15.04 isn't one02:15
abb0oooo ok02:15
t-nelson16.04 will be02:15
daftykins10.04... 12.04... 14.04... 16.04...02:15
abb0every 2 yrs02:15
abb0but makes me wonder02:16
abb0why even make the other versions02:16
abb014,10 and 15.0402:16
t-nelsonabb0: Real-world testing02:16
abb0just trial and error for 16.04? lol02:16
abb0ahhh yeah thats what i thought02:16
abb0makes sense02:16
t-nelsonNo half-sane developer would be comfortable doing blind releases of an OS every two years.02:17
=== IdleOne is now known as Guest41897
syntroPiooh my dvb is a real mess02:21
abb0sooooooo what can i do if i cant view my secondary hdd, like the computer sees  it bc its on my unity launcher but i cant mount it02:21
abb0or access it02:21
daftykinssyntroPi: i think this topic would make a lot more sense over in tvheadend's channel or elsewhere.02:21
abb0now ihavent tried since comin from windows02:21
daftykinsabb0: still the d-bus error?02:21
usermestill slow02:23
daftykinsuserme: ok, what graphics hardware?02:23
usermenot gd 1 gig ram was on vista b402:23
usermesoz noy vista xp02:24
daftykinsno, what is the graphics card?02:24
daftykinsif you have 1GB RAM then no wonder things aren't great.02:24
usermewas on xp and was ok and i had ubuntu and got xbuntu as used lot lower requiremnets02:25
Bashing-omtats: t-nelson Sourcelist looks OK. I -"think"- this is safe : ' sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt-get autoclean ; sudo apt-get autoremove ' to get rid of the old packages in the cache. The biggy: ' sudo apt-get purge libglapi-mesa ; sudo apt-get install libglapi-mesa ' . See if now 10.5.2-0ubuntu1 will install .02:25
syntroPi(gnome) mplayer completely freezes on trying to zap i had to kill -KILL it02:25
Fudgedoes nautilus still have the hover feature for playing songs02:25
daftykinsuserme: can you answer the question then? if you don't know what card you have, run "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "lspci | pastebinit" in the terminal02:25
usermexbuntu was ok great on here and its only recently02:26
usermeits sis02:26
daftykinsSiS? oy vey.02:26
t-nelsonBashing-om: You're sure that's the last package with reqs?02:26
bazhangsis video card?02:26
daftykinsuserme: can you run the above commands anyway?02:26
daftykinsbazhang: blast from the past :)02:26
bazhangdaftykins, thats going to be slow no matter the OS02:27
daftykinsyeah i know. i'd like to see proof first though02:27
usermecan it be virus02:28
t-nelsonDid you piss off the NSA?02:28
bazhanguserme , if its sis, its not well supported nor fast02:28
t-nelsonNo one else is owning a fresh Linux install.02:28
daftykinst-nelson: inappropriate.02:28
bazhangt-nelson, thats not helpful cut it out02:29
usermeyeah its defo sis 671 card02:29
daftykinsok, i don't think you can do anything about that02:30
daftykinsi wouldn't make my worst enemies run a system of that age02:30
tatsBashing-om, trying that02:30
usermeVGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 771/671 PCIE VGA Display Adapter (rev 10)02:30
Bashing-omt-nelson: tats :: Not at all 100% positive what the result is going to be .02:30
t-nelsonBashing-om: That's what backups are for :)02:31
usermewhy was ok when first install xbuntu now slower why same lappy02:32
tatsBashing-om, purge yields: https://paste.ee/p/rSkZs02:32
Bashing-omuserme: Sis is not well supported, and the 671 series has it's own set of problems . for starters see: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2215422 .02:33
usermeyeah i know mate had a hell of time getting a driver for resolution02:33
usermethats why went xbuntu or got recommned lubuntu as there light over unbuntu02:34
daftykinsuserme: because times change. the kernel changes, the drivers change...02:35
daftykins(or get abandoned)02:35
daftykinsyes light, but not for museum piece hardware02:35
usermemusuem lol02:35
Bashing-omuserme: You have done your homework !02:35
usermeonly 7 yr old02:36
usermethe lappy not me02:36
daftykinsSiS were rubbish on release.02:36
usermewould it have virus02:37
usermeor unlikely02:37
daftykinsi already said no.02:37
usermedid ya sorry didnt see it02:37
bazhanguserme try lubuntu perhaps02:37
usermeoh yea sox draft just scrolled up02:38
bazhanguserme nothing is going to make a slow old system like that fast02:38
daftykinsi bet a quick pastebin of /var/log/Xorg.0.log would show something like vesa is in use - and that won't change easily.02:38
usermevesa the adriver02:39
usermeis vesa a driver02:39
surgyin chrome does pepperflash offer better performance than flashplugin ?02:39
daftykinsuserme: "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log" and share the link02:39
daftykinssurgy: don't think flash it usable with it anymore, pepper is the only choice02:40
usermei know can make a old dog fast but from install of xbuntu to now its got slower02:40
khssda pottaaaa02:40
surgydaftykins, oh then it must install by default?02:40
daftykinsuserme: upgrade time.02:40
Bashing-omtats: look'n at https://paste.ee/p/rSkZs .02:40
wileeesurgy, sometimes yes sometimes no, you have to make the call.02:40
daftykinssurgy: don't know, chrome isn't provided by ubuntu.02:40
usermegot pc running windows 1002:40
khsspinne enta parupadi02:41
daftykinsuserme: this channel isn't for story time, either share the log file above as suggested or it's game over / upgrade time02:41
usermeand ps4, ps3, wii u. vitas, smartphones enough for net02:41
daftykinskhss: english only.02:41
daftykinsRSS feeds yep, nice02:41
khssyuva morcha02:41
Bashing-om!info libgles202:42
ubottuPackage libgles2 does not exist in vivid02:42
daftykinsbazhang: i think our guest needs escorting off the premises02:42
daftykinskhss: you are from L.A. yes?02:43
bazhanglibgles2-mesa, libgles2-mesa-dbg, libgles2-mesa-dev Bashing-om02:43
bazhangkhss, got an ubuntu support question?02:43
khsswho r u02:44
bazhangBashing-om, when in doubt /msg ubottu find package02:44
usermeffs st02:44
bazhangkhss this is ubuntu support ONLY , please take chat elsewhere02:45
Bashing-ombazhang: Thanks, things not adding up . "package serach results" say non-existent !02:45
bazhangBashing-om, the bot can often suss it out if you PM find with it02:45
daftykinsyeah info only works on an exact match02:46
abb0daftykins: yes i have a d-bus error02:49
abb0sorry didnt see when you said something earlier i was busy02:49
abb0been tryin to search how ubuntu is02:49
daftykinssearch how it is?02:49
abb0sent that accident02:50
abb0ignore the been tryin to search line02:50
abb0i get a d-bus error, all i can think of is it was formatted on a windows pc02:50
daftykinsso show us what it thinks your disk is by installing 'pastebinit' then running "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"02:50
abb0perhaps linux cant read that or w/e02:50
daftykinsno that's not something that would cause errors.02:50
syntroPit-nelson: from which source/repo would you recomment installing tvheadend on vivid x64?02:51
abb0k ill install that and brb im still novice so might take a sec02:51
Bashing-omtats: As around and around we go. What returns ' apt-cache policy libgles2-mesa ' .02:51
daftykinssyntroPi: take it to the tvheadend channel. their site has ubuntu packages.02:51
syntroPidaftykins, on freenode? there are two ppl idling there02:52
tatsBashing-om, by mistake i did a purge libgles2-mesa. now apt-cache policy returns: https://paste.ee/p/5wyZt02:53
abb0here you go ----> http://paste.ubuntu.com/12053067/02:53
daftykinssyntroPi: in #hts ?02:53
abb0damn what is the shortcut to paste, i keep hitting control v02:53
daftykinswhere are you pasting?02:54
abb0i was trying to paste that link02:54
Bashing-omtats: look'n at https://paste.ee/p/5wyZt .02:54
daftykins*where* are you pasting? what program?02:55
abb0daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12053067/02:55
abb0bro i just mean in general02:55
abb0windows uses ctrl+v02:55
daftykinsyeah that's the same paste as before02:55
daftykinsdon't say bro, this isn't the street.02:55
abb0figured that linux has a version02:55
daftykinsyeah and so does Linux02:55
daftykinsbut some *programs* use ctrl+shift+v02:55
Bashing-omtats: Yeah ! looks doable to me .. What about ' sudo apt-get install libgles2-mesa ' ?02:55
abb0did you feel bro was disrespectful02:56
abb0if so i apologize02:56
syntroPidaftykins, ooh thanks i didnt know that it was named like that02:56
daftykinsno it's just street talk.02:56
abb0what exactly is street talk02:56
daftykinssyntroPi: ok well it was on the front page of their website, so - rub a few brain cells together next time ;)02:56
wileeealso culturally linked02:56
abb0your helping ppl ill leave you alone lol02:56
rockstar_I wanted to upload file from html and php in /var/www. It gave me error earlier. But after using sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www. It worked. Can anybody explain what was going on?02:56
daftykinsabb0: off topic for this channel, that's what :)02:56
daftykinsabb0: so you want to mount the 1TB WD that's internal, or the 1TB WD my book external?02:57
tatsBashing-om, https://paste.ee/p/Fh1Rc02:57
abb0the mybook is 8tb02:57
abb0the internal is 1tb02:57
abb0and i just want the 1tb to work02:58
ObrienDavemybook, 8tb? what?02:58
abb0yes 8tb mybook duo lol02:58
daftykinsObrienDave: looks like two disks in RAID, 'my book duo'02:58
daftykinsabb0: eh, irrelevant - which do you want is the point02:58
abb0i said the 1tb02:58
daftykinsabb0: if that's set to RAID0 you'll lose everything when one dies :P02:59
daftykinsthat's gonna be a day full of tears02:59
abb0right i realize that and im in the process of building a NAS atm lol02:59
=== white is now known as white-cn
daftykinsabb0: so now "mount | pastebinit"02:59
arooni-mobilehey everyone.  i have a question.  i have a lenovo t420 laptop that was running ubuntu 14.10 on a regular hard drive.  today i installed a samsung 850 500GB ssd and installed ubuntu 14.10 on it.  i was going to copy over /home from my old hard drive to the ssd; but i realize i realize /home on the old hard drive is encrypted.  is there a way to decrypt this? when i login to ubuntu lts on the SSD i can't access the old hard03:00
arooni-mobile drive's /home.  what to do?03:00
abb0daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12053101/03:00
cfhowlettarooni-mobile, first things first: 14.10?  END OF LIFE AND UNSUPPORTED!03:00
daftykinsarooni-mobile: booting and copying would be easier.03:00
syntroPidaftykins, hmm its five in the morning here already too late for any coffee, maybe i should continue another day... seems like quite a complex setup03:01
Bashing-omtats: Where in the world does the elevated package come from . The PPAs have been removed from the equation ? show ' tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* ' and lets make sure !03:01
daftykinssyntroPi: i don't care :)03:01
daftykinsabb0: alright so lets see that error again. "sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 /mnt" - then show whether that spits out any errors.03:02
arooni-mobiledaftykins, ok after i ocpy it all over03:02
arooni-mobiledaftykins, what should i use to copy over?03:02
wileeearooni-mobile, Why a eol install03:03
daftykinsarooni-mobile: cp... rsync... knock yourself out :)03:03
daftykinswileee: that's the old install, arooni-mobile is gonna install 14.04 on the new SSD03:03
arooni-mobilei'm sorry i meant to say i installed 14.04 on the SSD03:03
arooni-mobilei got that wrong03:03
arooni-mobilebut 14.04 lts is already running on the SSD03:03
tatsBashing-om, https://paste.ee/p/cXxJF03:04
arooni-mobileso once i finish copying over the /home directory ; what should i do with the existing stuff in /home03:05
arooni-mobiledelete the drive and reformat it?03:05
=== cartucho is now known as Guest47825
daftykinsdepends what you want to use it for...03:05
daftykinsdoes your system take two at once?03:05
arooni-mobiletheres no way to disable the /home encryption without reformatting the partition?03:05
arooni-mobiledaftykins, yes i can run both simultaneously03:06
daftykinsso you could use it as a backup drive03:06
daftykinsor mount it for media storage, whatever goes really03:06
Bashing-omtats: look'n at https://paste.ee/p/cXxJF .03:06
arooni-mobileso how do i get all the software i installed over to the new one?  make a list of packages and then install that on the SSD?03:06
tatsBashing-om, there's nothing in the .list that is not commented out but there's a few in the other extensions files03:06
Bashing-omtats: Look'n, you for sure want this ione gone " deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/gezakovacs/pdfocr/ubuntu quantal main " as that repo does not exist . Still looking it over .03:08
daftykinsarooni-mobile: yeah but i think you should just install things as you need them, reduce the cruft.03:08
cfhowlettarooni-mobile, this is one method but daftykins has advised you well:    http://www.upubuntu.com/2012/11/how-to-backuprestore-your-installed.html03:09
arooni-mobilebefore i willy nilly copy over the entire /home directory whats that program i can use to visualize where the majority of storage i've used ?03:10
arooni-mobileid like to delete any crap that i dont need to copy over to the new drive first03:10
daftykinsarooni-mobile: you have a knack for turning a small task into a week long affair03:11
Bashing-omtats: ^^ and " deb [arch=amd64,i386] http://repo.steampowered.com/steam/ precise steam " you arte on vivid. Is steam not supported in vived ?03:11
arooni-mobilejust want to get this right;  not trying to be complicated03:11
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.03:11
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daftykinsarooni-mobile: getting it wrong is how you learn :)03:12
=== mike is now known as Guest59154
arooni-mobileso to understand correctly theres no way to undo the encryption on the /home directory;  i just need to copy what i want over then reformat to one big ext4 backup drive03:13
cfhowlettehhh, FIXING what you did wrong is how you learn (?)03:13
daftykinshehe, ok doing it wrong is step #1 to learning ;D03:14
daftykinsarooni-mobile: might be a way to decrypt but that'll take forever, just get it done :)03:14
cfhowlettdaftykins, agree2agree03:14
tatsBashing-om, wait, this seems to be linked somehow with gstreamer at qt5; there's a software i'm developing; i'm not the one doing the packaging though. it's the "mapmap" ppa. i disabled it but the package is still installed. if i do sudo apt-cache depends mapmap: https://paste.ee/p/BvpkR03:15
tats * i meant " with gstreamer *and* qt5"03:15
tatsi will try uninstalling mapmap03:16
Bashing-omtats: Will look at that last . Not directly related but there is a limit on how many keys the system will sustain. What returns ' ls /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d | wc -l ' ?03:17
tatsBashing-om, 3803:17
daftykinsabb0: so uh... did you run it yet or not?03:20
Bashing-omtats: You are but 2 under the limit ... Keep that in mind or get rid of all you do not need . As to " Depends: libqt5core5a " I do not know how we are going to get around your developemnt in qt5. But yeah that do seem to be the bottle neck . Set up some kind of a container to work in ???03:21
tatsBashing-om, I don't mind blowing up qt5 for now.03:22
tatsBashing-om, so apt-get remove libqt5core5a ? this will remove a lot of packages03:26
=== IdleOne is now known as Guest61528
tatsBashing-om, hmmm it will also remove ubuntu-desktop ... maybe not a great idea?03:28
B4r4t4How to use this IRC ?03:29
cfhowlettB4r4t4, you're using it now.  what's your ubuntu problem?03:29
Bashing-omtats: Not at all sure how to approach this .. nd yeah proceed with caution ( more so than I have exercised !) .. what one can do is 'look' with the -s flag to "simulate" what will happen .03:30
B4r4t4Sorry... I new in Linux... and I am learning to use this IRC03:31
daftykinssupport chat only03:32
cfhowlettB4r4t4, go to #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat03:32
Bashing-omtats: To ever remove a system library is not something I an ever comfortable doing. I am pondeeing on a way to proceed.03:32
B4r4t4I will try another room. Excuse me03:33
tatsBashing-om, here's a summary of where i'm at: https://paste.ee/p/zq9w203:35
tatsBashing-om, seems i cannot reinstall libglapi-mesa because "it cannot be downloaded". trying to remove it instead yields "qml-module-qtfeedback : Depends: libqt5feedback5 but it is not going to be installed"03:36
Bashing-omtats: There is a term for this condition -> dependency hell . No relation to the package manager it is apt -ly termed. Lemme look at the latest .03:38
Bashing-omtats: We can FORCE a package installation, But But no telling what else we will break . still pondering what to do, OH what to do .03:41
Bashing-omtats: Honestly, all I know to do is to save your development work, and purge 'mapmap' see then if we can get the dependencies straight .03:45
tatsBashing-om, i already done a apt-get remove mapmap03:45
Bashing-omtats: Status of the package menager now ' sudo apt-get -f install ; sudo dpkg -C ' ? See what we can address presently .03:47
tatsBashing-om, not much. "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded."03:50
nicekiwiis it safe to run apt-get auto-remove to remove old kernels?03:52
nicekiwionce again by /boot is full >_>03:53
cfhowlettgenerally yes nicekiwi03:53
daftykinsor just manually remove all but the newest two03:53
Bashing-omtats: Let's see if we gat any help ' apt-get install libglapi-mesa --reinstall ' .03:53
nicekiwi1.6GB of space freed up :D03:53
cfhowletthow many kernels did you have!?  nicekiwi03:54
tatsBashing-om, yes it says "Reinstallation of libglapi-mesa is not possible, it cannot be downloaded."03:54
nicekiwicfhowlett, uhh maybe 1303:55
Bashing-omtats: It is there, wonder what we have done that the system is upset so about . think'n .03:55
nicekiwisudo reboot03:55
* daftykins sharpens a penguin for nicekiwi 03:55
nicekiwigot two keyboards infront of me :P03:55
cfhowlettmighty slap enabled03:55
* nicekiwi cowers behind the FSF's might horns03:56
TravisTheNaviIs it possible to run Unity3D on Ubuntu LTS?03:56
TravisTheNaviBy the way, hello daftykins! You helped me the other day with my CS:GO audio problem.03:57
daftykinsdid it do anything?03:57
tatsBashing-om, if it cannot be downloaded, isn't it because it was part of a ppa that has been purged?03:57
TravisTheNaviIt fixed the problem, though I have noticed a glitch occurring once or twice within the past 10 hours or so of playing, where the audio stops altogether. I just restart Steam and CS, and it is good to go.03:58
daftykinswell, there are always other games.03:59
wafflejockTravisTheNavi: perhaps it's a sign to not play for 10hrs straight :) I've heard counterstrike works pretty well on linux never got into it though, sounds like a bug in the game though rather than a system problem given restarting the game itself fixes the problem04:00
Bashing-omtats: Quite possible .. as it is an "optional" package in the main repo. But do we not have to have it to install VLC ?04:01
daftykinsplus some of us were playing CS over 15 years ago *cough*04:01
wafflejockTravisTheNavi: regarding Unity looks like not yet http://blogs.unity3d.com/2015/07/01/the-state-of-unity-on-linux/04:03
cfhowlett*56k* for the win!04:03
wafflejockoh that's for the editor04:03
Bashing-omtats: I have lost track of my references. Going to clear my slate if it is alright with you and we start all over ??04:03
skazanyone good with transmissions permissions?04:04
TravisTheNavidaftykins, Yeah, and the game is still popular to this day! It is pure (g)old!04:04
wafflejockcfhowlett: I was pretty excited for 56k for sure, could get those real player video streams 10fps of potato04:04
daftykinsTravisTheNavi: newp :P04:04
idle84818-if a linux os is already installed on a pc(eg ubuntu) is it too late to setup dm crypt with luks?04:04
cfhowlettidle84818, no you can do  post install encryption04:05
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory04:05
tatsBashing-om, sure, no problem04:06
wafflejockTravisTheNavi: internet says Unity in wine can work http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/Running_Unity_on_Linux_through_Wine there's also a YouTube vid if you prefer that format04:08
TravisTheNaviwafflejock, Thank you.04:09
Bashing-omtats: OK, from square one, one more time .. ' sudo apt-get install vlc ' and lets see what we have to do .04:10
arooni-mobilecan i delete the .Private directory with stuff like : .ecryptfs/david/.Private/ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FWbHt04:14
=== IdleOne is now known as Guest55878
tatsBashing-om, https://paste.ee/p/oHNaY04:20
Bashing-omtats: K; I be look'n . See where we go from there .04:22
idle84818if a operating system is running in virtualbox does it use the loopback network interface to network?04:23
idle84818that is a ubuntu based linux distro ofc04:23
cfhowlettidle84818, if that's how you set it up, yes.  #vbox for more04:23
idle84818whats the difference?04:24
cfhowlettidle84818, ask #vbox for support and details04:24
TravisTheNavidaftykins, Since you were so helpful with my last problem, I have another one for you if you wouldn't mind.04:24
daftykinsi'm going to bed, i'm sure someone else can help.04:25
TravisTheNaviI have obtained a Windows 7 All-In-One .iso and want to set up my laptop to dual boot both Windows 7 and Linux.04:25
Bashing-omtats: One more time ( with feeling) ' apt-cache policy libgles2-mesa ' .04:26
TravisTheNaviCan someone please help me? Right now I just need to write the iso to my usb.04:26
* nicekiwi smells piracy.. 04:26
wileeeTravisTheNavi, Doing this in ubuntu?04:27
daftykinsi agree with nicekiwi04:27
daftykinssounds like a shifty copy to me.04:27
TravisTheNaviwileee, Yes sir.04:28
nicekiwihad a brush with the East-India Trading Company did we TravisTheNavi ?04:28
wileeethere all shifty it's MS, that was a joke04:28
TravisTheNaviWow, nicekiwi is smart!04:29
cfhowlett!dualboot | TravisTheNavi04:29
ubottuTravisTheNavi: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot04:29
TravisTheNaviBut no, it wasn't piracy, at least to my knowledge.04:29
wileeeTravisTheNavi, Go to playonlinux, and there are a number of usb loader for linux that will okay the W7.04:29
TravisTheNaviI was given the file, by a friend.04:30
* nicekiwi girgles 04:30
nicekiwiarrrrr, he has a crew!04:30
tatsBashing-om, https://paste.ee/p/nSrBW04:30
wileeenicekiwi, Do you have a valid point, provable?04:30
Bashing-omtats: https://paste.ee/p/nSrBW .04:30
idle84818if a pc has windows7 installed + ubuntu and another os is going to be installed will it automatically add to grub(assuming grub is current bootloader)?04:31
cfhowlettTravisTheNavi, LOL.  sorry, m8.  we're not about to help you pirate.04:31
cfhowlettidle84818, another OS will rewrite it's own bootloader.  better perhaps to NOT install a new boot loader.  update grub after you install.04:31
nicekiwiwileee, could be innocent. could also say the same of Ubuntu including MP3 codecs without paying for them.. cant prove it.. but I can look irksome04:32
idle84818so install new OS, completly leave current bootloader and just use update-grub on the partition in which main linux os is instaleld?04:32
wileeeTravisTheNavi, All in one meaning 32 64 bit or with a key, I think is the point here.04:32
idle84818installed*, and that will place the option to boot the new os in grub?04:32
Bashing-omtats: Try and install ' sudo apt-get install libgles2-mesa ' . let's see where we go from here .04:32
TravisTheNaviWith a key.04:33
wileeenicekiwi, cept the mp3 developer does not care, you are trolling.04:33
cfhowlettidle84818, correct04:33
TravisTheNaviI believe. I don't know. Honestly, I pirated the .iso. I won't lie.04:33
idle84818thanks for that :)04:33
wileeeTravisTheNavi, If a legit key it's legeal one can build one, if not I would not use it is all.04:33
tatsBashing-om, says "The following packages have unmet dependencies: libgles2-mesa : Depends: libglapi-mesa (= 10.5.2-0ubuntu1) but 10.5.9-2ubuntu1~vivid1 is to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."04:33
cfhowlett!piracy | traviscline04:33
ubottutraviscline: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o04:33
nicekiwiwileee, :P HBO dosent care either, but John Snpow still knows nothing..04:33
TravisTheNaviHow can I tell?04:33
TravisTheNaviIf the key is legit?04:34
nicekiwigenerally if you didnt buy it yourself or if theres no holographic licence, its not legit04:34
cfhowlettTravisTheNavi, it's not.04:34
TravisTheNaviCan I purchase Windows 7, and how much would it cost?04:34
cfhowletttraviscline, ask ##windows04:34
nicekiwiyou might find it around the internet, but I dont think MS sell it anymore.04:35
idle84818could setting up iptables manually conflict with a frontend to iptables/ufw?04:35
nicekiwiidle84818, shouldent do.04:35
TravisTheNaviI don't have a disk drive.04:36
TravisTheNaviSo I need an online download.04:36
cfhowlettTravisTheNavi, again: this is NOT an ubuntu issue.  go to microsoft for your MS needs.  you're completely off-topic here.  and we don't support piracty04:36
Bashing-omtats: Well that jogs my memory, back where we were a couple of hours aga, the versions of libglapi-mesa and libgles2-mesa must match and they presently do not. The correct version for vivid is " 10.5.2-0ubuntu1 (vivid) "04:38
Bashing-omtats: so the question is how do we get rid of libglapi-mesa 10.5.9-2ubuntu1~ . ' apt-cache policy libglapi-mesa ' . See if we can find the source .04:39
idle84818are all system executeables in linux in the format of ELF?04:43
idle84818i mean all04:43
tatsBashing-om, https://paste.ee/p/FGMYh04:44
Bashing-omtats: https://paste.ee/p/FGMYh04:47
nobungagood evening all04:53
nobungai am having a b!tch of a time getting tor to run04:54
nobungator browser that is04:54
nobungait keeps ccrashing04:54
nobungaanyone know of a stable versin?04:55
Bashing-omtats: Kinda scared to mess with libglapi-mesa ; as the reverse depends is the Xserver it's self . Try'n to think what we can do .04:56
SolarNRGhow do I disable the stupid screensaver that keeps locking me out of my own machine every 5 seconds?04:59
Bashing-omtats: Got a thought ! Anything strange comes up ' dpkg -L libglapi-mesa ' ? Maybe point us to what installed that elevated version ??05:05
TravisTheNaviI downloaded an executable file from this website: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/create-reset-refresh-media05:05
TravisTheNaviHow do I run it?05:05
TravisTheNaviI'm trying to get Windows 8.1 back on my computer without having to buy Windows 10, since 8.1 came by default on my laptop (I erased it from my HDD altogether)05:06
tatsBashing-om, dpkg-query: package 'libglapi-mes' is not installed05:07
=== eipi-1_ is now known as eipi1
eipi1anyone have an idea of a "good looking"  file manager?05:10
nicekiwieipi1, dolphin or pantheon-files05:11
eipi1ya know, one for tards and not geeks.05:11
wafflejockeipi1: that's going to be very subjective, how do you expect it to look good?05:11
wafflejockeipi1: what are you using now what don't you like about it or what are you wanting to see?05:11
nicekiwinautilus looks pretty good too :P but not on Ubuntu05:12
wafflejockTravisTheNavi: good ol' chicken and egg05:12
eipi1yeah, like dolphin.....but dolphin wants 120mb05:12
wafflejockI'm not too picky  on the file explorers I like em all that I've really used so far, nautilus, nemo, dolphin all good, haven't used thunar05:13
eipi1something simple, waffle...that looks good to me.  I see there a bunch of dual-pane managers, but I think they are for ppl like you guys.05:13
wafflejockhah yeah I do like nemo for that :)05:13
eipi1pantheon, huh?05:13
nicekiwiyeah, though beter to move entirely to elementaryOS if you have this kinda mindset :P05:14
Bashing-omtats: Huh .. Stranger and stranger as we know " sudo apt-cache policy libglapi-mesa >> Installed: 10.5.9-2ubuntu1~vivid1 " . I may have to pull off this . I have been on this keyboard for 12 hours and I am getting a burn out . Pick this up again after a nights sleep on it ??05:16
Bashing-omtats: Make sure that your last was not a typo .05:17
eipi1yeah, elementary OS file manager looks great.  thanks a lot.05:18
haxor_can any1 hear me ?05:18
eipi1just nod if you can hear me05:18
eipi1is there anyone home05:18
nicekiwihaxor_, hurro05:19
haxor_hi nicekiwi05:19
tatsBashing-om, no shit it *was* a typo. here's the real thing after  dpkg -L libglapi-mesa: https://paste.ee/p/UcdHD05:19
haxor_from where u belong05:19
haxor_i need sm help05:20
nicekiwihaxor_, ask away05:20
Bashing-omtats: Look'n at https://paste.ee/p/UcdHD .05:20
haxor_i change my hostname of system..i want to get it back...any option?05:21
nicekiwihaxor_, try this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/9540/how-do-i-change-the-computer-name05:22
Bashing-omtats: Well, no hints there either, looks standard to a default system install . I am stuck presently on a way to move forward with this. back to pondering .05:23
haxor_thnx nicekiwi..i wl look it05:24
tatsBashing-om, sure, thanks a lot. i'll sleep on this. worst case scenario I will reinstall ubuntu from scratch.05:25
=== Blaster is now known as Guest74919
Bashing-omtats: That is the nuclear solution, entails a lot of work to rebuild what you now have . There must be a beter way . It is just some libraries we need to replace with the correct version.05:29
Bashing-omtats: Nothing else is coming to me . I am calling it a night and see ya tomorrow . See what comes in our sleep .05:38
tatsBashing-om, all right. thanks again :)05:40
SolarNRGsorry dudes but firefox sux donkey ballz how do i get iceweasel on this thing?05:41
SolarNRGi tried apt-get remove firefox then apt-get install iceweasel but that didnt work05:41
RedriaIs this the correct channel to be in if one needs help with05:41
RedriaMySQL and Ubuntu?05:41
SolarNRGfirefox comes as standard with ubuntu05:41
wileeeSolarNRG, worldwide family channel, can we curb the colorful descriptions05:41
SolarNRGbut it's goes chuggy on youtube and it wont let u copy paste after u close it down and its got known security vulnerabilities05:42
SolarNRGso i want it off my system and i want iceweasel instead how do i do that?05:42
somsipRedria: just ask the question. If it's too specialised, #mysql may be better. depends.05:42
wileeeSolarisBoy, relax, we see your needs, a customer free volunteer will be with you soon.05:43
Redriasomsip: The just of it is that I had a Minecraft server dumped in my lap. The terminal said updates were available, so I got them, installed them, but MySQL now fails to start. I think the installed version is 5.0 but the update is 5.5. I am unsure how to repair it / upgrade it without blowing everything up =D05:43
somsipRedria: what version of ubuntu, and what version of mysql (run mysql -V)05:44
Redriasomsip:  one moment let me login.05:45
Redriasomsip: mysql  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.44, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 6.305:47
somsipRedria: so that's 5.5 and that ships with ubuntu 14.04 so it looks like you're running a current version05:47
somsipRedria: there was a security update for mysql a couple of weeks ago, so maybe it's just offering that05:47
Redriasomsip: Is there a command to get it's running status or if it is currently running?05:47
somsipRedria: sudo service mysql status05:48
Redriasomsip: mysql stop/waiting05:49
somsipRedria: so 'sudo service mysql start' should get it going, or will give errors in /var/log/mysql/error.log05:49
Redriasomsip: start: Job failed to start05:50
somsipRedria: so check the error log referred to above05:50
Redriasomsip: Just navigate to the directory and then pull the log?05:50
somsipRedria: yeah, or 'tail -f /var/log/mysql/error.log' and do the service...start thing in a different terminal. Or use less or edit it...whatever05:51
Redriasomsip: I am truly clueless, So cd \var\log05:53
Redriasomsip: I am truly clueless, So cd \var\log\mysql\05:53
somsipRedria: ok, cd /var/log/mysql. 'less error.log' and look for somethig obvious in the last few lines. If short, paste here. If long use....05:54
somsip!paste | Redria05:54
ubottuRedria: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:54
npranavthere is a uImage file which contains the kernel which boots the system. how do i modify a file inside this uImage file?05:54
somsipnpranav: something like this? http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/113827/how-to-extract-files-from-uimage05:55
Redriasomsip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12053675/05:55
somsipRedria: InnoDB: Error: space header page consists of zero bytes in data file ./ibdata105:56
somsipRedria: it gets messy now. Have a look in /etc/mysql/my.cnf and check for where datadir points to. Usually /var/lib/mysql05:57
Redriasomsip: Am I to run the command /ibdata105:57
somsipRedria: no, it's a data file that looks like it's missing, corrupt or empty05:57
Redriasomsip: so 'less my.cnf' ?05:59
somsipRedria: yes, looking for 'datadir = /var/lib/mysql'05:59
npranavsomsip: i found it, but did not understand.. thanks time for understanding now.. :)05:59
WardLHello. I am having problems with my Broadcom wifi (What a surprise...). I have tried various tutorials, accepted answers on askubuntu, ... - Nothing helps. I am now reading through http://askubuntu.com/questions/459654/drivers-for-broadcom-bcm43142-on-ubuntu-14-04-trusty-tahr .05:59
WardLI have problems understanding the accpeted answer, especially the 2nd step.06:00
WardLIt says that he "cross checked the files there with my hard disk installation's version of the same folder. "06:00
Redriasomsip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12053693/ I see it up there.06:00
WardLDoes he mean he checked the files on his hard drive against the files on a live cd?06:00
WardLIf yes: is what he does safe, i.e. removing files that are not present on the live cd?06:01
somsipRedria: okay, so you now need to do some data recovery so this is getting more mysql than ubuntu. If you search for "InnoDB: Error: space header page consists of zero bytes in data file./ibdata1" you'll get some pointers like http://is.gd/KJIs1J that may help, but I can't walk you through this any further. So #mysql may be able to help more06:01
Redriasomsip: Thank you very very much for the help =D06:02
somsipRedria: no problem. That one offers a solution, but best to read around the other search results to get an idea of what may be involved. Good luck06:02
nobungacan i get some help installing a tor broweser06:03
wileeenobunga, Install from tor.06:05
nobungai did but it wont launch06:05
wileeenobunga, Not really a supported issue, but unpack and hit the tor icon06:06
nobungajust says "Tor unexpectedly exited06:06
nobungai keep getting a startup screen that says restart tor06:06
nobungayour right. i should bug ppl in the tor channel06:07
=== Blaster is now known as Guest27583
atralheaven_Hi, I don't want a client who is connected to server with openvpn be able to send spam emails from my vps useing their vpn connection, but I need server to be able to send emails "only to my email" (for some reports about logs etc) what can I do for it?06:20
Hiigaransomsip: Redria here, name was taken and had to change. MySQL guys aren't active :(06:22
TravisTheNaviI need a usb writing tool. Any suggestions?06:23
wafflejockTravisTheNavi: dd :)06:23
somsipHiigaran: well, it's pretty much like in that link I sent you. You may be able to recover the tables, you may not. And the steps to try that are explained in the link/06:23
wafflejockTravisTheNavi:  it's command line but works well for making a bootable USB or otherwise transferring blocks of data from one place to another06:24
TravisTheNaviI've used dd before, but I forgot how. Last time I had someone walk me through it06:24
TravisTheNaviI need to make a bootable USB06:24
TJ-atralheaven_: You'd have to restrict the user from running any process that connects to a remote TCP port 25 (SMTP) or 587 (ESMTPS)06:24
wafflejockTravisTheNavi: basics are it has if=input.iso of=/dev/sdX where X is your particular partition you want to move it to then it has bs=4M to tell it to use 4M cache before writing out to disk06:25
TravisTheNaviso "dd if=input.iso of=/dev/sd1 bs=4M"?06:26
wafflejockTravisTheNavi: can use lsblk to see your partitions06:26
TJ-TravisTheNavi: typically I'd do "sudo dd if=/path/to/image.iso of=/dev/sdZ bs=100M oflag=direct,dsync iflag=fullblock conv=fdatasync,fsync"06:26
Hiigaransomsip: You had sent me a link? I did not see it, would you mind resending?06:26
wafflejockTravisTheNavi: typically sda or sdb or something not sure about sd106:26
TravisTheNaviyeah sda my bad lol06:26
TravisTheNaviTJ-, Thanks, I'll try that06:26
wafflejockTravisTheNavi: yeah be absolutely sure you have the right drive though06:26
wafflejockor you're gonna have a bad time06:27
somsipHiigaran: http://webdevelopmentscripts.com/23-solved-innodb-error-space-header-page-consists-of-zero-bytes-xampp06:27
TravisTheNaviI have a live usb of Ubuntu on hand anyway06:27
TravisTheNaviJust in case things go sour, I can reinstall.06:27
TJ-TravisTheNavi: all those extra flags make sure the input and output stay in sync (data doesn't just pile up in memory cache) and is flushed to the device correctly06:27
wafflejockatralheaven_: I'm not familiar with the details on this but can maybe configure iptables to only allow outgoing to your mail server on SMTP and restrict your mail server so it doesn't allow any outbound anonymous SMTP (probably already configured)06:28
TJ-TravisTheNavi: Id you want a progress meter as well then "cat /path/to/image.iso | pv | sudo dd of=/dev/sdZ bs=100M oflag=direct,dsync iflag=fullblock conv=fdatasync,fsync"06:28
shine_I found a major bug in ubuntu ...06:28
shine_what do I do?06:28
TJ-!bugs | shine06:29
ubottushine: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.06:29
shine_And it does effect every single computer06:29
wafflejockshine_: have you explained the issue in ubuntu forums or elsewhere?06:29
shine_well the package is ubuntu itself - dunno what you call it except a "bug". Maybe "seriously undesirable behavior"? But that is a bug by very definition isn't it?06:30
shine_When the power button is pressed (not held down, simply pressed and released) a small window containing tiles appears (to shut down, restart or suspend). If this is allowed to time out the computer will shut down - in other words, the action chosen for after the time out is to shut down (as opposed to any other action). If programs are running they will be shut down as a result; and, as a result of this, it is possible that data may be06:31
shine_lost (at the very least, state is lost). Therefore, it is a "bug". The appropriate (or, desirable) action upon timeout would be for the shutdown to be canceled - thus returning the user to an unaffected state and eliminating the possiblity of data loss.06:31
shine_That's what I got06:31
wafflejockshine_: not necessarily what you want isn't what everyone wants06:31
TJ-shine_: Doesn't affect me ... sounds like something specific to the desktop environment, probably Unity for default installs06:31
wafflejockshine_: bugs aren't feature requests or improvements or suggestions typically though they do often get filed in the same systme06:32
muppisI can boot 14.04 to recovery console, but if I continue there it hangs to Starting system logging daemon and it starts print nonsense to console like corrupted (caused by a power failure) init script. Which package I need reinstall to rule that out?06:32
Hiigaransomsip: Question, is it safe to assume that since MySQL is not currently running that services that are still running do not use MySQL?06:32
wafflejockshine_: bugs are the system advertises it does XYZ if I give it valid input but it doesn't do it06:32
wafflejockshine_: or really the original "bug" was a moth in the machine messing up the works06:32
Hiigaransomsip: And if that is the case, perhaps it would be easier to simply purge it and rebuild it from scratch?06:32
somsipHiigaran: no, they will only report an error and software that plays nice should catch that and log it, not crash06:33
shine_so is it "safer" for everyone to default to the original, unchanged state before the power button was pressed - or to go ahead and shut down?06:33
somsipHiigaran: I would usually say a rebuild is a last resort if all else fails. Try to recover first06:33
wafflejockshine_: worth searching launchpad or using that link above about how to submit issues to see if someone has already posted this and you can add your voice or if it's a new feature request  or change in behavior you believe would benefit all desktop users06:34
wafflejocker at least a big group06:34
TJ-shine_: data loss is certainly a bug - if it is the default Ubuntu then report the bug against the "unity" package initially... bug triage will assign it to a more specific if required06:34
wileeeshine_, You have a subjective opinion, like all are, no real data of proof, and really weak rhetoric, nothing supporting it.06:34
rsmarshallhey all, i cleared up loads of files but the disk says it's still full06:35
rsmarshallhow do i free the space?06:35
wafflejockTJ-: well it's potential data loss in the case you shut down your system in some particular way it sounds like, still worth noting somewhere if it's not already addressed but doesn't sound like a straight bug perse to me06:35
shine_I suppose I'm looking at it from a "safety" standpoint. There could be the situation where the person hit the button by accident as well as fails to catch the thing before it times out. In those, rare, cases, it would be safer to no do anything than to proceed with a shutdown. Besides, the guy who really wants to shut down is not harmed by having to push the power button a second time. The guy who didn't want to lose hours worth of work06:36
wileeersmarshall, Do you have a boot partition?06:36
somsipshine_: which is reasonable to a point. So report it, as suggested.06:36
TJ-wafflejock: if processes are KILLed if they don't respond to TERM and therefore lose data, that is 100% a bug, if the user hasn't confirmed the shutdown action06:36
wileeeshine_, YOU can assign the button to do nothing.06:36
rsmarshallwileee erm i guess so, it's a standard ubuntu 14.04 install. A magento site was creating tons of sessions06:37
rsmarshallI cleared them out and df -h still shows /dev/vda1 full06:37
wileeersmarshall, Check how full it is.06:37
rsmarshallit shows /dev/vda1 is 100% even though i cleared all the sessions out06:38
TJ-rsmarshall: some process still has file descriptors open to those files, so they have been unlinked but not deleted06:38
wileeersmarshall, the boot partition is not sessions, persay, it is the boot and kernels06:38
shine_Yeah, I'll put it out there. I feel pretty strong about it bc it just happened to me. I lost days worth of internet research (opened in tabs, that, no I didn't want to save just yet) as well as a vidoe which place I lost (ie: where in the ounter the vid was). Thank goodness I didn't have libre writer open with work in it (like I did earlier today).06:38
nobungawhat would i type to install the tor browser in terminal?06:39
somsipshine_: fine, but now you're just clogging the channel up with opinions. Just report it06:39
wileee!tor | nobunga06:39
ubottunobunga: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl06:39
rsmarshallTJ- so reboot?06:39
muppisI can boot 14.04 to recovery console, but if I continue there it hangs to Starting system logging daemon and it starts print nonsense to console like corrupted (caused by a power failure) init script. Which package I need reinstall to rule that out?06:40
TJ-rsmarshall: no... identify the process and close / restart it06:40
rsmarshallwileee yeah but in this case I've cleared a load of magento session files so they must be kept somewhere or the system thinks they are there06:40
rsmarshallTJ- any idea how i find which one it is?06:40
TJ-rsmarshall: "sudo ls -l /proc/[1-9]*/fd/ | grep '(deleted)' | grep SOME_FILENAME_YOU_KNOW_HERE"06:41
rsmarshallit would be sess* for filename i guess06:41
rsmarshallbut it's not finding anything06:41
rsmarshallls -la06:42
rsmarshalloops ;) lol06:42
muppisrsmarshall, don't put the asterisk at the end if you define partial filename for grep.06:43
TJ-rsmarshall: try search for part of the path leading to the file(s)06:43
rsmarshallnothing in either06:44
wileeersmarshall, I know nothing about magneto, about 99% of these full HD scenarios are a full boot partition, is why I asked, you have better help than I on this as of now.06:44
rsmarshallok thanks wileee06:44
TJ-rsmarshall: Stop and restart the controlling process is going to release unlinked files.06:45
rsmarshallTJ- Yeah, it's just finding that.06:45
TJ-rsmarshall: if you can do that, then re-check with 'df' see if that's helped to begin with. Also, are you sure the files deleted were not zero-length ?06:45
rsmarshallTJ- not sure, why?06:45
TJ-rsmarshall: well, if they were they would only use up inodes not space, and therefore deleting them wouldn't free space... which means you'd need to look elsewhere for the culprit06:46
shine_Where is the actual, concrete, place to report a bug for "ubuntu" - in particular? Not the how to page, not the main page of the bug reprt site, the actual place where you're gonna start writing one? The don't make it easy - that's for sure.06:47
rsmarshallI rebooted ;)06:47
rsmarshallit cleared them lol06:47
rsmarshallI think the site is getting crawled a lot06:47
rsmarshallso will have to check access logs06:47
TJ-shine_: From the PC: "ubuntu-bug <package-name>"06:49
shine_TJ-: There is no internet site? Cause this does not involve any specific package. It has to do with the o/s06:50
wafflejockshine_ in the reporting page they have a section Filing a general bug against no particular package06:50
wafflejockjust leave off the package name06:50
TJ-shine_: Alternative, the "Report a Bug" link at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/  (top-right of page)06:50
wafflejockyou should get some prompts to fill in06:50
shine_So are we talking about issuing this in a terminal?06:51
TJ-shine_: I've already told you, if you're using default Ubuntu it is the "unity" package. It oes *not* affect the entire operating system06:51
shine_TJ-: perfect. ty06:51
TJ-shine_: it doesn't affect my PCs with KDE, it doesn't affect any of my servers06:52
rsmarshallso how would i have the inodes cleared up when files are deleted?06:52
rsmarshallas there is a deletion cron that runs to clear old sessions, but if some are 0 byte files, that must be the issue06:52
TJ-rsmarshall: Linux doesn't delete space or inodes allocated to files until the last process with a file descriptor to the file closes.06:53
shine_TJ-: and that brings me to the "how to report a bug" howto wich is the reason I asked the question here (so I could do this and get it over wtih).06:53
rsmarshallTJ- ah ok, i'll have to look into what process that is06:53
shine_it's ok man. just tired. I can figure it out. just didn't expect to go through hurdles over it06:53
shine_(not you "hurdles" the system in place "hurdles")06:54
TJ-shine_: That page has the section "Reporting non-crash hardware and desktop application bugs" which clearly shows using "ubuntu-bug".. it also has a section "Filing a general bug against no particular package"06:55
wafflejockshine yeah just running ubuntu-bug seems the easiest way, since it is localized to unity you could point it at unity package as well, you'll have to register on launchpad to actually submit but they don't want to have a flurry of anonymous reports I'm sure06:56
wafflejockshine_: after using ubuntu_bug and signing in it has a few extra questions to describe the scenario06:56
shine_wafflejock: in a terminal?06:56
wafflejockshine_: yeah that works06:57
TJ-shine_: what version of Ubuntu are you using? Because I've just found a bug reporting the exact *opposite* of what you're complaining about06:58
TJ-bug #125670306:58
ubottubug 1256703 in Unity "Shutdown dialog doesn't shutdown automatically after given time" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125670306:58
shine_Says I need to specify a package then closes. There is not package (not that I have the ability, time, or patience to understand) that's involved here06:59
TJ-shine_: How many times do I have to tell you!? The package is "unity"06:59
shine_It's when I select "other" that this happens <--- that's another "bug" and in the but reporting system (ironic)07:00
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=== flain__ is now known as flain_
Dfg_Hi I am trying to install Ubuntu 15.04 desktop from USB. But stuck with login screen. After entering username as ubuntu and password as blank it comes back to the login screen.07:02
Dfg_Pls anybody help. Stuck with live USB login screen loop.07:04
shine_what a mess: ubuntu-bug unity ... launches apport, which does some "collecting" (irrelevant in my case) then asks a question about graphics, I say "no" then it configs some predetermined stuff to "send", I "send" and it launches a blank browser window that never goes anywhere.07:04
wafflejockDfg_: pretty sure you need to have a password you can choose automatic login though, personally I don't do that since I just leave my keyring without a password and use my regular password to unlock the system07:04
wafflejockshine_: works here when it launches the browser brought me to launchpad to get the rest of the details07:05
shine_I'm on launchpad and logged in but can not identify a link to "report" a bug07:05
TJ-Dfg_: are you talking about whilst using the Desktop Live ISO and "Try Ubuntu", or after the installed system boots?07:05
wafflejockshine_: also not having any idea about your system hardware or software configuration makes reproducing most issues very difficult so the scan first makes sense for 99% of people using this tool, less for them to do themselves07:05
Dfg_@wafflejock this is live USB.07:05
shine_maybe it doesn't like chrome. Idk. I got replaced firefox w/ chrom when flash stopped working and became a security issue. Chasing my tail here.07:06
wafflejockDfg_: ah okay I misunderstood07:06
Dfg_@wafflejock why shud we need password for live USB??07:06
TJ-Dfg_: "Try Ubuntu' should never give a log-in screen, it logs in automatically as the "ubuntu" user07:06
wafflejockDfg_:  using chrome as my primary here too07:06
Dfg_@TJ try ubuntu07:06
shine_wafflejock: Oh, I get it. Just is a different sitch for me. That stuff would truly be irrelevant for what I'm delaing with.07:06
TJ-Dfg_: Sounds like possible corruption on the USB... did you check the hash to ensure the image isn't corrupted?07:07
shine_however they have the server set up its : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu07:08
Dfg_@TJ-  I chose try Ubuntu option07:08
shine_back to the stinkin howto - grrrrrr!07:08
theJianIs there any good IRC client worth trying?07:08
wafflejockshine_: yup, with regard to after you're in I think they must have disabled launchpads regular ability to just submit bugs since they probably get a lot that don't include system details if they don't force people through the ubuntu-bug program, not sure what the issue is when it launches the blank window though that's a huge bummer07:08
TJ-shine_: the information collected locally is very important, since the behaviour you describe is *not* the default and therefore is probably induced by some other packages or custom configuration. Without collecting additional information the bug won't have enough information to act on07:08
shine_well, stuff like this forces good people to not do the right thing (report the bug) when it becomes too much of a burden. Then other's may be effected longer.07:10
TJ-Dfg_: When the USB image boot's there is usually an option to "check image" ( or CD?) - I'd suggest doing that to be sure the image on the USB appears to be valid07:10
Dfg_Ubuntu live USB login loop. Any help??07:10
ikoniarepeating the same thing over doesn't help07:10
ikoniaso please stop07:10
shine_What's the developer channel? maybe they can advise me base on my particular case. Otherwise it's post on ask ubuntu or in the forum which I don't feel would be right or effective.07:11
shine_I'm not asking a question here - I'm making a statement. "Here's what happense in a particular situation and it ought not to be"07:12
ikoniathe developer channel is not for support07:13
ikonialogging the bug is the correct way to communicate the problem to the development teams07:13
theJianWhich irc clients you guys use? I need recommanded. thx.07:13
wafflejockshine_: well phrased as a question I do A, B, C I expect my system to do Y but it does Z, why would this be? or is there a way to fix this behavior? is this the default behavior and if so why?07:13
wafflejocktheJian: no polling in here try #ubuntu-offtopic for non-support conversation (on a sidenote hexchat or pidgin work well)07:15
TJ-shine_: which release of Ubuntu are you using?07:15
theJianwafflejock: Thx07:16
TJ-Comment #3 in this thread suggests the timed-out shutdown behaviour was the default in 12.04 Precise, but subsequently that default was changed for 13.04 onwards from what I've read. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2020630.  A system upgraded from 12.04 to later versions may inherit the setting in the user's configuration07:19
=== wpkeg is now known as kegster
TJ-Hmmm, I knew I had a question this morning! Xorg server - how to execute a command when the X server starts (already got it working via /etc/X11/Xsession.d/ but that only runs when a user logs in. I need the process to run as soon as the X server starts, when the greeter is up, but *not* require a specific DM (as in, not specific to lightdm)07:32
SporterHello, after I install Ubuntu I get the black screen problem. I googled and was able to boot after editing something in the grub menu but the resolution is low and stretched. What else do I need to edit so that the resolution will be right? thx07:38
MathisenSporter what graphic card do you have ?07:39
Sporterradio hd 6480g07:39
=== OCEAN is now known as Guest5445
Guest5445have anybody in here07:40
gott3rfunk3n83have somebody07:40
MathisenSporter maybe this works 1. sudo apt-get purge 'fglrx*  2. sudo update-alternatives --remove-all x86_64-linux-gnu_gl_conf   3. sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-glx07:41
asteriskATmarmuDI'm looking for a service to list the contents of a directory at least with mtime (size would be nice) - any hints, I'd like to safe some time and not start from scratch07:42
asteriskATmarmuDgott3rfunk3n83: I need a service listening for connections, perhaps on a local socket. need to trigger that via a webservice (shich has not the sufficient rights to ll anything)07:44
SporterI'll try that and will come back07:44
akikoh snap. shine_ left07:45
akiki maybe found a solution to his problem: /etc/acpi/events/powerbtn07:46
TJ-akik: it's more sophisticated that that; there's user config values that control behaviour of the dialog, but it depends on Ubuntu release, which that user wouldn't share with us07:47
gott3rfunk3n83Something on a remote pc?07:47
gott3rfunk3n83Ubuntu desktop sharing07:48
TJ-asteriskATmarmuD: isn't that what apache's mod_autoindex does?07:49
rethusIn which package is opensnoop ?07:53
TJ-rethus: That's an OS X application07:56
wileeerethus, THe name and ubuntu on the web has info07:57
TJ-rethus: On Linux you could use inotify or "strace -e trace=file"07:59
SporterI'm back, who was the one who told me to reinstall libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-glx ??08:00
rethusTJ: thank you08:01
TJ-rethus: for command-line, there's tools like inotfywatch and inotifywait08:01
SporterHis name started with M but I don't remember who it was08:01
Alina-malinai dont understand guys who login to IRC with 2 nicknames from same ip address at the same time? This guy of bomberman logs in under bomberman and bomberman_ nicknames and abusing me from time to time, some crazy russian, beware.08:02
wileeeAlina-malina, having at least two has you still logged in on a saved name, not a generic08:03
wileeeanyone can be blocked, and your pm as well08:04
Alina-malinawileee, yes, but when the one is abusing like under diff. nicknames like this bomberman, bomberman_, bomberman2,...... this is annoying08:05
SporterMathisen, that command warns be 55 pkgs will be removed. Is it safe to continue? (I haven't pressed enter yet)08:06
Sporter*warns me08:06
wileeeAlina-malina, Sure, I'm sorry to see this happen, but it is the net and irc, and you have tools.08:06
MathisenSporter it should be safe yes08:07
Alina-malinawileee, yes i already report abuse on his ip address08:07
Alina-malinawileee, well i am telling this here, becase he is resident of this channel08:07
wileeenever seen them, there are 1679 people idling08:08
wileeeany way best of luck it's sounds like a bummer08:08
SporterMathisen, in case this doesn't work, I'll still be able to boot using nomodeset option, RIGHT?08:09
MathisenSporter you should be able to boot yes, but if something goes realy wrong you will need to reinstall drivers08:12
MathisenSporter you can folow this > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD08:12
SporterMathisen, that works, but brings about other problems like not being able to adjust brightness, ramdom brightness changes and so on, which I think are worse because I use the computer in a dark room. That's why I'm trying to fix this without installing the amd drivers08:13
MathisenSporter System Settings->Brightness and Lock08:15
Mathisenif you are in a gui that it is08:15
SporterI'll restart now08:15
=== stereoit is now known as stereoit_
Sporterok, I didn't work. I got the same blackscreen. I'm again in nomodeset option but this time I have another problem. I Can't Move the Mouse.08:20
Sporter*it didn't08:20
=== iman is now known as Guest94873
SporterI'm using hexchat. How do I scroll up/down to see previous messages without using the mouse?08:22
wileeeSporter, You might do a reboot, may just be a fluke.08:22
al2o3-crSporter: page up/page down08:22
SporterI just rebooted wileee08:22
Sporteral2o3-cr, doesn't work08:23
wileeeSporter, Twice?08:23
Sporterwileee, ok let's restart again...08:23
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
SporterRebooted and I still can't move the mouse08:25
SporterMathisen, is there anyway to revert what we did so that I can at least move the mouse again?08:31
MathisenSporter sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates fglrx-amdcccle-updates08:32
Sporterthat will install the ati ddriver, but will it restore my mouse?08:32
MathisenSporter to be honest i dont understand why your mouse stoped working :(08:33
Sporterok I'll install the driver and reboot08:34
georgiI'm create very good encrypt software.Where I sell it?08:39
SporterI was able to boot normally and screen res is ok, but still can't move the mouse. Any ideas?08:40
zaggynlI'm getting these odd ata messages in dmesg, is my SSD dying? http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=f7B3tJVG08:47
=== mrmist is now known as mist
TJ-zaggynl: possibly. "ata4.00: configured for PIO4" suggests the controller can't select UDMA mode ... check cables, check SMART report08:50
zaggynlthanks TJ-08:50
zaggynlMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED08:52
zaggynlcabling hasn't changed08:52
zaggynlmight be a bit dusty08:52
TJ-zaggynl: has anything changed recently on that PC, hardware-wise? Has it been knocked/dropped/kicked ?08:52
zaggynlTJ-: not that I'm aware of08:53
TJ-zaggynl: always worth blowing out the dust and reseating connectors when this kind of thing happens... could be condensation/dust on some contacts... reseating will usually create better contact again08:53
zaggynlI'll leave a post at crucial forum thread of this SSD08:53
zaggynland a good cleaning never hurts08:54
x4w3zaggynl:  change your sata port in motherboard08:54
x4w3your sdd is using ata like slow hardrive, maybe you need to change your udev rules08:56
TJ-zaggynl:  I've seen this kind of issue when the motherboard's firmware/BIOS settings get reset/changed by glitches, and adopt random/default values.. check the controller is enabled for AHCI for example (('d assume all SSDs use AHCI now)08:56
x4w3and restart initfs08:56
zaggynlthanks, will put it on my todo list when I get home08:56
x4w3and check bios for ur sata :P08:56
x4w3todo list? :P08:57
zaggynlim at work, remoted to home pc08:57
x4w3are u spanish¿?08:57
zaggynlno im dutch08:58
=== mystic is now known as srini
oalI bought a 3TB disk and partitioned 1TB for Windows and 2TB ntfs for file storage. Now that I try to open the 2TB partition in the file manger in Ubuntu, I get this error: http://i.imgur.com/BpAioaa.png09:04
oalI did a normal shutdown from Windows. No hibernation or anything09:04
zaggynloal: try a chkdsk from windows, shutdown and then try opening in ubuntu file manager again09:06
TJ-oal: If Windows is set to fastboot, then it only hibernates when its shutdown, which causes problems since the file-system wasn't left in a consistent state.09:07
monkwitdafunkubuntu 14.04.2 is not compatable with my 2008 amibios hardware09:09
monkwitdafunkprecise was such a joy to have09:09
zaggynlwhat about ubuntu 14.04.3?09:09
monkwitdafunkwhere is the ubuntu hardware recommendations?09:10
DDRHello, all. I recently hosed my grub installation (rhymes with "wren"), and after reinstallation I am having trouble entering the passphrase for cryptswap1.09:11
DDRin /etc/default/grub, when GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash", I get a graphical prompt during boot - but I can't enter any text in it! The keyboard is still responsive, since I can ctrl-alt-f1 and such.09:12
TJ-DDR: there is no passphrase for cryptswap, it is generated at random each start09:13
DDRSo, I set GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet", but now it doesn't ask me for a passphrase - it just stops with a message along the lines of 'starting crypto service...'09:13
DDRThe blue dots keep moving on the loading screen, but it never starts the service and never boots.09:13
DDRBooting into recovery mode bypasses the prompt alltogether, and seems to work fine, but it's such a hacky solution.09:14
TJ-DDR: "/etc/crypttab" usually contains something similar to this, pointing to the device being used for swap: "cryptswap1 /dev/sda4 /dev/urandom swap,cipher=aes-cbc-essiv:sha256"09:14
DDRIndeed, TJ-, it does.09:15
TJ-DDR:  You'll get a lot more detail if you boot the regular desktop entry with "text debug" and remove "quiet splash" - you'll get a text-mode start (no GUI) as a regular user, with all the kernel/startup messages displayed.09:15
DDRI'll give it a shot. brb09:16
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oalzaggynl, TJ-, I'll try that. Thank you!09:19
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zaggynlI have win10 on dual boot and only noticed this when I didn't do a normal shut down, not sure about win809:20
abb0anyone around at this hour?09:21
zaggynlabb0: this hour? it's morning here09:22
abb0The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).09:22
abb0Metadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount.09:22
abb0Failed to mount '/dev/sdb1': Operation not permitted09:22
abb0The NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown09:22
baizon!ask | abb009:22
ubottuabb0: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:22
abb0Windows fully (no hibernation or fast restarting), or mount the volume09:22
abb0read-only with the 'ro' mount option.09:22
zaggynlhey we just had someone ask that too09:23
zaggynlWhat windows version are you on abb0 ?09:23
=== Guest11337 is now known as max12345
k1lturn off the windows "spped up reboot" option to make it unmount the ntfs partitions properly09:23
abb0sorry didnt realize it'd not paste on one line09:23
abb0but im not on windows anymore atm09:24
abb0but i had switched like few weeks ago09:24
abb0thats a secondary hdd my ssd is my main hdd09:24
k1labb0: zaggynl see this first answer: http://askubuntu.com/questions/145902/unable-to-mount-windows-ntfs-filesystem-due-to-hibernation09:24
abb0i just couldnt get my hdd mounted and was being helped earlier but got it to spit out that error09:24
abb0okie i will ty09:25
k1labb0: you can force the mount but it is possible data loss and will be the same issue again after you booted to windows. so turn off the windows fast reboot thing for that disk inside windows09:25
DDRTJ-: Verbose text didn't work, although it was very verbose. Here is the output.
abb0so ill have to install windows to fix it seems like eh09:30
DDRhttp:// might be easier loaded.09:31
k1labb0: no, you can fix that like said in the answer. its just that windows would undo the fix if it would get booted again09:31
TJ-DDR: I was about to say!09:31
zaggynlthanks k1l09:31
TJ-DDR: depending on where the boot fails, it may have saved to /var/log/boot.log and /var/log/dmesg respectively - needs a writeable rootfs mount for that09:32
TJ-DDR: I see you have systemd there... so binary logs, so you'll need to use the systemd tooling to re-textify them09:33
DDRAll I have is "Starting Cryptography Setup for cryptswap1..." and then a bunch of seemingly-unrelated stuff after that which goes away if I tap the arrow keys twice.09:34
sufiyaananybody here09:35
DDROK. It's getting late, so I'll have to do that next week.09:35
TJ-DDR: the last message is networking.service ... could the network be stuck waiting?09:35
sufiyaanneed little help.. any experts09:36
DDRIt's possible, but unlikely. I think it's an out-of-sync message.09:36
k1l!details | sufiyaan09:36
ubottusufiyaan: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)09:36
DDRIt goes away if I toggle between that and the loader with my arrow keys.09:36
DDRUh, between 'text' and 'splash screen' loader with my arrow keys.09:36
k1lsufiyaan: keep it in here please09:37
sufiyaani am kinda new so09:37
sufiyaanwhats pastebin09:38
k1l!paste | sufiyaan09:38
ubottusufiyaan: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:38
misho_how can i change charset to 1251 Cyrillic here in hexchat09:38
oalTJ-, thank you, disabling fast boot in Windows worked. Now I can access my 2TB partition from Ubuntu!09:39
abb0k1l: what would YOU do if in my shoes, install windows to disable the feature or just use ntfsfix lolz, i respect that it will be your personal opinion and not advice. :)09:40
abb0im sitting here mad i didnt dual boot from the start just to ensure i had zer0 issues09:40
k1labb0: use the fix without the need to reinstall windows09:40
DDRabb0: If it's any consolation, I installed windows 10 and broke grub.09:43
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IceBot3000Might want to think twice before using Windows 10, it doesn't respect privacy in regards to searching etc. A lot of changes are designed to capture user data.09:45
DDRI know. I'm only using it to run a few games I can't emulate on linux.09:45
DDRI also disabled a lot of the capture on 10, but I expect "not all".09:46
IceBot3000It's been found to send traffic to Microsoft even with privacy options switched on09:47
DDRYeah. I don't trust it.09:47
IceBot3000See: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1003775309:47
ikonianot really interesting in your microsoft discussion in this channel please09:48
ikonia##windows would probably be better for that discussion09:48
IceBot3000It's the way Operating Systems are going, the consumer is the product :(09:48
IceBot3000ikonia: Thanks for your input...09:48
sufiyaanguys i need help here http://paste.ubuntu.com/12054552/09:49
wiredfoolI'm running xubuntu 14.04lts on a laptop, using setxkbmap to remap control to caps. Everytime I plugin or remove a usb hid device, like an external keyboard or yubikey, the keyboard loses my control mapping. I'm trying to use the udev system to run the command on any ID_KEYBOARD event, but it looks like it's running in the root context, not in the xserver user's context09:52
EriC^^maybe have it run a script as your user09:53
EriC^^that checks if x is running and then runs setxkbmap09:54
k1lsufiyaan: use "gparted", its a gui program. then choose the sdb(the usb hdd) in the right handside and then start with making a new partitiontable.09:54
kes0sufiyaan: Have you remove all partitions on the tisk?09:54
kes0Yea start there =P09:55
sufiyaani there is no partition it says09:55
wiredfoolEriC^^: how can I find if my user is on the console?09:55
sufiyaanwhen i try to create partition i get input output error09:56
wiredfoolor maybe just set the DISPLAY to :0.0 and if it works it works09:56
EriC^^you could do if pgrep X; then <command> fi09:57
EriC^^DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/setxkbmap -option -option 'ctrl:nocaps' -option 'altwin:left_meta_win'09:57
minimecsufiyaan: k1l has the firght idea: Choose the harddisk in gparted and ">Device>Create Partition Table..." in the menu. You'll get a new empty partition table. then start to create new partitions.09:57
EriC^^wiredfool: try to run it as the user, su <user> - DISPLAY=:0 .....09:59
wiredfoolmaybe set XAUTHORITY too09:59
sufiyaan_sorry got disconnected..10:01
abb0ikonia: idc.10:01
minimecsufiyaan: k1l has the firght idea: Choose the harddisk in gparted and ">Device>Create Partition Table..." in the menu. You'll get a new empty partition table. then start to create new partitions.10:02
wiredfoolthanks EriC^^. working now10:03
ikoniaabb0: ?10:04
wiredfoolok, maybe rejoiced too fast10:07
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LordDragonhey all. any way to change scrolling speed? i am reading up on xinput, but none of the parameters im changing have any effect10:29
EriC^^LordDragon: type xinput list-props 1410:31
EriC^^and paste in paste.ubuntu.com10:31
EriC^^14 or whatever name your touchpad has10:31
=== blaman2 is now known as blaman
LordDragonEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12054733/10:33
EriC^^LordDragon: on mine changing the scrolling distance changes it10:33
LordDragonhmm ok. why are there 3 values? which do i change?10:34
EriC^^i dont know, this is mine Synaptics Scrolling Distance (277):121, 12110:34
EriC^^try changing all 3 to 100,100,10010:35
EriC^^see what happens10:35
EriC^^did you try changing this? Evdev Wheel Emulation Inertia (293):1010:36
LordDragonyes. no effect10:37
LordDragonits very odd10:40
LordDragonwhen i change that scrolling distance parameter, it gets worse10:40
LordDragonas the numbers go up, the scrolling goes slower and slower until it doesnt move at all10:40
LordDragonthe default is 1, 1, 110:40
EriC^^LordDragon: try negative numbers maybe10:43
LordDragonthat switches scrolling direction10:43
EriC^^does it take a decimal number? worth a shot10:44
LordDragonnope. it doesnt10:46
BotchlaBI'm using the following strftime string in Lubuntu 14.04 LTS's panel for the clock, "%a, %e %b %Y, %H:%M:%S %p", however, the AM/PM isn't showing at the end. I thought that is what %p did?10:49
LordDragonEriC^^: thanks for your help. ill mess with this more later10:54
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=== Niku is now known as Kaneki
EriC^^LordDragon: ok, no problem10:56
Sunny_Hello. Installed fresh ububtu 15.04. Stuck with login loop. Tried authority, new user etc . Any help would be appreciate.11:00
kwak1hi all, looking for some help with networking with ubuntu. I have a wifi access point linked to a router via ethernet powerline adapters, need to find the IP of the access point so I can edit its settings. Running 14 LTS but I doubt terminal commands have changed for networking.11:01
EriC^^Sunny_: type cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999911:02
BotchlaBIn Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Lubuntu flavor) is there a system-wide setting for AM/PM time format? No matter what I do to the panel, it still keeps showing 13:00 instead of 1:00 PM.11:03
Sunny_@Eric^^ I got a big file11:03
EriC^^did you get a link?11:04
Sunny_@Eric^^ what link??11:05
Sunny_@EriC^^ are you there??11:05
MonkeyDustBotchlaB  open dconf-editor, use ctrl-f to find the setting you need11:06
EriC^^Sunny_: did you type the whole command? with | nc termbin.com 9999 ?11:06
BotchlaBMonkeyDust, let me try.11:06
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Sunny_@EriC^^ http://termbin.com/tqry11:08
MonkeyDustBotchlaB  maybe lubuntu gconf-editor11:08
MonkeyDustBotchlaB  maybe lubuntu uses gconf-editor*11:08
BotchlaBMonkeyDust: Heh, I see. I had to apt-get install the other one, I'll just remove it.11:08
BotchlaBGreat, now I have to find the clock settings.11:09
Sunny_@EriC^^ did u get it??11:10
EriC^^Sunny_: type lspci | grep VGA | nc termbin.com 999911:10
Sunny_@EriC^^  hrrp://termbin.com/r6z111:12
EriC^^Sunny_: what do you get when you type sudo ubuntu-drivers devices11:12
Sunny_@EriC^^ http:// termbin.com/r6z111:13
EriC^^try sudo ubuntu-drivers devices | nc termbin.com 999911:13
duttHi, we're going through some hardware and a server running openssl is running 1.0.1f, which is heartbleed-affected right? but isn't there a newer package for LTS? http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/openssl11:14
k1ldutt: ubuntu doesnt increase the version number but it patches the "old" versions with the security patches11:14
Sunny_@EriC^^ driver:amd64-microcode - distro non free11:15
k1ldutt: so be sure to have all the proper updates installed that come from the official ubuntu repos11:15
Kanpirila_Does anyone here set their cursor size bigger than normal? does changing the size work for you?11:16
duttk1l, aha. thanks11:16
k1ldutt: see http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2014/CVE-2014-0160.html11:16
ubottuThe (1) TLS and (2) DTLS implementations in OpenSSL 1.0.1 before 1.0.1g do not properly handle Heartbeat Extension packets, which allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive information from process memory via crafted packets that trigger a buffer over-read, as demonstrated by reading private keys, related to d1_both.c and t1_lib.c, aka the Heartbleed bug. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-0160)11:16
Sunny_@EriC^^ did u get it11:18
EriC^^Sunny_: try sudo ubuntu-drivers devices | nc termbin.com 999911:20
mrtakdenizhey there11:20
duttk1l, ah, thanks. do they backport the security fixes to 1.0.1f or just call 1.0.1g 1.0.1f?11:20
mrtakdenizi just want to ask11:20
mrtakdenizi'm using webserver on my localhost, (nginx)11:20
mrtakdenizi need to set my permission 777 to run my web script, because it needs file permissions11:21
mrtakdenizif i set ownership of file www-data, works good11:21
mrtakdenizbut if i set ownership www-data, i can't edit files11:21
k1ldutt: it gets backported to the version that is actualy used11:21
mrtakdenizand if i set ownership to my username, i can edit, but script can't11:21
mrtakdenizwhat is the correct way to do it?11:21
mrtakdenizcreate a new usergroup ?11:22
IceBot3000mrtakdeniz: Either add your username to the www-data group, or add a new group with both users in11:22
duttk1l, alright. thanks a lot for the help11:22
mrtakdenizIceBot3000, if I add my username to www-data , anything broke?11:22
k1ldutt: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/o/openssl/openssl_1.0.1f-1ubuntu2.15/changelog11:22
mrtakdenizI mean is it ok to change my user group?11:22
IceBot3000Your user can be in multiple groups11:22
mrtakdenizIceBot3000, usermod?11:23
mrtakdenizsudo usermod -a -G group username ok?11:23
IceBot3000No idea, I just use the GUI11:24
mrtakdenizoh, ok :) thanks IceBot300011:24
mrtakdenizand another question11:25
mrtakdenizwhat should i do? chown -R :usergroup or chown -R www-data:usergroup?11:25
Sunny_@EricC^^ I am unable get the link for this cmd11:26
Sunny_@EriC^^ I get this on my terminal driver: amd64-microcode - distro non-free11:26
Sunny_@EriC^^ is it OK??11:27
NetworkingProhm everyone11:28
NetworkingProerr, did it the non linux way11:29
Sunny_:EriC^^ are you there??11:29
* NetworkingPro feels pleased with himself.11:30
EriC^^Sunny_: ok11:33
EriC^^Sunny_: does it mention anything about fglrx or fglrx-updates?11:33
Sunny_:EriC^^ No11:34
KaiGoogle is dead11:34
KaiLong live Alphabet11:35
k1lKai: that better suits into #ubuntu-offtopic or ##chat11:35
Kaikk k1l11:35
BluesKajHey folks11:36
Kaihey BluesKaj11:36
BluesKajHey Kai11:37
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Sunny_@EriC^^ still there??11:40
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EriC^^Sunny_: try sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates11:42
* RaffOutRoud wonders how much these international texts are costing him.11:42
chrisss123456hi! i'm trying to run calendar-app on 15.04 but it seems to come up with the following errors: http://pastebin.com/5dv6aD6x and this is just on running it to begin with. no one else seems to have this problem, as far as i know. any help?11:45
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Sunny_:EriC^^ still the same problem. Installed fglrx updates.11:51
EriC^^Sunny_: did you try to restart?11:52
chrisss123456anyone use calendar-app? i'm trying to run it on 15.04 but it seems to come up with the following errors: http://pastebin.com/5dv6aD6x and this is just on running it to begin with. no one else seems to have this problem, as far as i know. any help?11:53
Sunny_:EriC^^ yes of course11:53
EriC^^Sunny_: ok, type sudo apt-get purge fglrx*11:54
Sunny_:EriC^^ yes dine.11:56
Sunny_:EriC^^ still same problem11:59
EriC^^Sunny_: try sudo apt-get install fglrx , maybe12:01
Sunny_:EriC^^ tired already12:02
EriC^^try sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-ati12:02
Sunny_:EriC^^ sorry tried12:03
Sunny_:EriC^^ any other suggestions??12:04
Sunny_;EriC^^ it is already installed12:06
EriC^^try sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-{ati,radeon}12:06
Sunny_:EriC^^ did that. Still does not work12:10
Sunny_:EriC^^ still there??12:15
EriC^^Sunny_: yeah12:17
EriC^^Sunny_: try cat ~/.xsession-errors | nc termbin.com 99912:18
EriC^^Sunny_: try cat ~/.xsession-errors | nc termbin.com 999912:18
TenFingersOfBangnein nein nein12:19
Sunny_:EriC^^ cat what??12:25
MonkeyDustSunny_  simply copy/paste that line in a terminal12:26
jacobzladdrubuntu won't boot into grub?12:28
jacobzladdri tried holding shift on boot12:28
EriC^^Sunny_: cat ~/.xsession-errors | nc termbin.com 999912:29
jacobzladdrihave an asus12:29
EriC^^try esc maybe, if you're using grub112:29
MonkeyDustjacobzladdr  try holing esc, if shift doesnt work12:29
jacobzladdri put eufi into legacy mode12:29
MonkeyDustEriC^^  was faster12:29
chrisss123456anyone use calendar-app? i'm trying to run it on 15.04 but it seems to come up with the following errors: http://pastebin.com/5dv6aD6x and this is just on running it to begin with. no one else seems to have this problem, as far as i know. any help?12:29
jacobzladdrwhne do i press escape12:30
MonkeyDustjacobzladdr  when the screen says 'no signal' or so12:30
jacobzladdron the bios screen12:30
jacobzladdrah ok12:30
jacobzladdrno signal12:30
jacobzladdrill be right back12:31
MCSHI have a weird problem, I can't ssh into my vps with the correct login12:33
gotchahey MonkeyDust, im still having problems trying to install a package from ubuntu 15 in ubuntu 14.0412:33
gotchais it worth upgrading from 14.04 to 15?12:33
MCSHI'm sure the login is correct because if I use vnc to connect to it, I can log in using the credentials I have, however ssh won't12:33
MCSHany ideas?12:33
MonkeyDustgotcha  remind me, what was the issue?12:35
gotchaMonkeyDust, Redmine from ubuntu 14.04 packages is old, version 2.5.x, ubuntu 15 has the latest Redmine package 3.x12:35
MonkeyDustgotcha  yes, i remember the backports... if redmine is important enough for you to upgrade ubuntu, then go ahead...12:37
k1l_MCSH: are you sure to give the right ssh command?12:37
MCSHk1l_: yes, It worked perfectly fine last week12:38
k1l_gotcha: if you leave the 14.04 LTS you need to upgrade every 6 months.12:38
gotchaMonkeyDust, well, if there is another way you know of that doesnt require to upgrade the OS and lets us install the package from ubuntu 15, then i'd like to do that12:38
k1l_MCSH: then see the auth log on the server12:39
MCSHit says failed password for root from .... port...12:39
k1l_MCSH: so try a user then intead of root12:39
gotchak1l_, do you know how to install a package from ubuntu 15 in ubuntu 14.04 ?12:39
k1l_MCSH: and root login is a bad idea anyways12:39
MCSHk1l_:I changed password using passwd command, the new password won't work too12:39
k1l_gotcha: see if there is a PPA to offer a later version12:40
k1l_gotcha: dont mix the 14.04 and 15.04 packages. that will result in drama12:40
MonkeyDustgotcha  what k1l_ says, i had the same idea12:40
gotchathat sucks12:40
gotchaone last thing, is it possible to upgrade a package installed through apt-get using the source instead?12:41
k1l_you can compile your own stuff. but you are loosing the packagesystem service then for that package. like updates etc12:42
MCSHk1l_: Thanks for the tip but that doesn't solve my current problem12:43
gotchak1l_, thats the thing, there is no more updates except in the next version of ubuntu for that package12:43
gotchawhat im asking is, do i have to remove the package i installed using apt-get frist and then install from source, or the package can be upgraded using the source program12:44
k1l_gotcha: you dont get updates while using the LTS. new versions can change  things so the system looses stability or software doesnt work anymore.12:44
OerHeksgotcha, remove the package, then build12:44
k1l_gotcha: see if there is a PPA for trusty. that is the easiest way for you12:44
k1l_MCSH: make sure the password is correct?12:45
MCSHk1l_: yes, however I should mention I changed my id_rsa recently, but that shouldn't be a problem since the server prompts me with password12:46
TJ-gotcha: the (Ruby) dependencies have changed quite substantially between 14.04 and 15.04 so expect some pain if trying to build/install12:46
gotchaTJ-, that sucks12:47
gotchayou running redmine by any chance?12:47
TJ-gotcha: no.12:47
k1l_gotcha: the 3.xx redmine version got totally different depencies.12:47
TenFingersOfBangdude, roots a great idea. I always change my root password to "password1" then forget about it.12:48
* OerHeks smells a troll12:49
* cfhowlett fully agrees with OerHeks 12:49
MonkeyDustcfhowlett  invoke your /ignore list12:50
cfhowlettMonkeyDust, I'm still in the observation stage.  he's been in channel for about 15 minutes but this is his first trollish statement.  curious to see where he goes next.12:51
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zzarrthe Ubuntu One file server is open source :D13:01
MonkeyDust!ubuntuone | zzarr13:02
ubottuzzarr: The Ubuntu One file and music service is being discontinued. The service will be unavailable starting 1 June 2014, and content available until 31 July, 2014. For more, see #ubuntuone13:02
zzarryes MonkeyDust but the file server source is being released13:03
PCatineanIs there any way to install Ubuntu Server on a remote phisical server with no phisical access to it?13:04
cfhowlettzzarr, better discussed in #ubuntu-offtopic.  this channel is for tech support13:04
PCatineanMaybe it even has ssh access and a different ubuntu installation now, not sure13:04
MonkeyDustPCatinean  try tasksel (tzsk select)13:04
PCatineanI got ftp access but I doubt that helps me13:04
OerHekszzarr, good news yeah13:04
MonkeyDustPCatinean  try tasksel (task select)*13:04
cfhowlett!server | PCatinean ask the other channel??13:04
ubottuPCatinean ask the other channel??: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server13:04
PCatineanMonkeyDust, doesn't that work only in Ubuntu?13:04
zzarrokey, I just wanted to express my happiness ;)13:04
MonkeyDustPCatinean  yes this is ubuntu support13:05
Et0hIf anyone can help with the support query at https://github.com/Syncplay/syncplay/issues/70 then that would be greatly appreciated. A user installed PySide for Python 2.7 but still gets a "No module named PySide" error and it is suspected to be some sort of Ubuntu path issue.13:05
PCatineanAnd you say it's possible to re-install a whole new operating system from within ubuntu intself?13:06
MonkeyDustPCatinean  no, tasksel adds php, apache, file server... whatever you select/choose13:07
Oggyi need a bigger hard drive for ubuntu server13:08
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate13:08
cfhowlett!ask | ubuntunewb13:09
ubottuubuntunewb: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:09
ubuntunewbIn the setup process if I select "erase all" instead of choosing to install ubuntu alongside windows, will it wipe all partitions or just the one with windows on it?13:15
k1l_ubuntunewb: it will wipe the whole drive13:16
k1l_actually it will make a new partitiontable which is the same result13:16
MonkeyDustubuntunewb  make a backup, before you continue, so you're safe13:16
ubuntunewbIt's quite a lot of data around 250GB13:17
ubuntunewbI only want to install ubuntu one partition which is about 70GB13:17
k1l_ubuntunewb: than choose manual partitioning13:17
ubuntunewbthe 70GB partition is mentioned as sda113:18
ubuntunewbshould I format it as ext4?13:18
k1l_ubuntunewb: yes.13:19
ubuntunewband what should i select for the mount point for that partition?13:19
ubuntunewband device for bootloader should be /dev/sda1 ?13:19
ubuntunewbOkay, continuing with the installation now, will be back if I get stuck13:21
ubuntunewbThank you13:21
DirkosI have a server with nginx and i want to create a webhook. The problem is that the traffic is coming in via www-data (nginx user) and that i need to run a command as "pim" user13:24
Dirkoshow can i do that13:24
DirkosIf i do a "su www-data" as root i receive the message that the user13:24
Dirkos"This account is currently not available."13:24
DirkosSo i cannot emulate it by loging in as www-data user13:24
EriC^^Dirkos: su www-data -s /bin/bash13:25
EriC^^not sure about what you're trying to achieve but you can run that to get a shell with that user13:26
DirkosEriC^^: well how can i run a script as a different user?13:26
EriC^^well i don't know about the nginx way of doing it13:26
tewardDirkos: you can't.13:27
N1K0L4iwhat is better AMD or Nvidia graphic card for Ubuntu and wine ?13:27
Dirkoswell its not really nginx related but the script is executed as www-data user13:27
tewardDirkos: perhaps with nginx+Lua, but nginx on its own can't execute scripts in a typical setup as other users13:27
tewardDirkos: typically you'll have a backend application that can run as a different user and then run said script(s)13:27
Dirkosteward: it will run the script, the script will execute shell command13:27
Dirkossudo -u pim -i /var/www/packagist.pim.eu/bin/satis build /var/www/packagist.pim.eu/satis.json /var/www/packagist.pim.eu/public13:27
DirkosBut it promps for a password when i try it13:27
tewardDirkos: then you need to read the sudoers manpage13:27
DirkosIm now on the shell as www-data user and execute that script13:28
tewardDirkos: the problem is that you should NEVER let www-data run sudo13:28
tewardFOR ANY REASON13:28
tewardunless you are ABSOLUTELY SURE you know what you're doing13:28
frieskrandom noob question (hopefully not really an apache question) -- is there a way set apache back to defaults?  I manually deleted conf files for two virtual hosts and now i'm getting permission errors at localhost (not even sure if deletion-without-use-of-a2dissite is the issue) -- good news is the apache restart does not report a fail13:28
pbxi was gonna say. if www-data on your machine has sufficient privileges for this then something is wrong13:28
DirkosI know what im doing, else i need to setup a ssh key for www-data user13:28
MathisenN1K0L4i NVIDIA seem to give better support..13:28
DirkosAnd i dont think that is smart right?13:28
tewardDirkos: the ONLY time you should permit `sudo` is if you give it NOPASSWD for ONE SINGLE COMMAND13:28
tewardDirkos: neither is smart, and `www-data` shouldn't be logged into anyways13:28
tewardDirkos: and even then, I don't recommend it for security purposes13:29
tewardDirkos: i've been in similar situations, but the backend applications always ran as separate nonprivileged users.13:29
Dirkosteward: the issue is that i only have an http hook13:30
DirkosSo the only trigger i have is a HTTP call to nginx13:30
eluxim trying to install `texlive-latext-base` and getting this error from apt: E: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/ghostscript/libgs9-common_9.10~dfsg-0ubuntu10.3_all.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]13:30
eluxany suggestions?13:30
EriC^^elux: try sudo apt-get update13:30
k1l_elux: "lsb_release -d" gives you what?13:31
tewardDirkos: web hooks are simple as sin with other applications, a simple daemon listening on a higher port under the nonprivileged user can accept proxy_pass'd traffic and then process said hook and run said script and return data back13:31
tewardDirkos: but you *really* need to consider that if the hook cannot be run as www-data it's time to reexamine the application and the setup of said applicati0on13:32
Dirkoswell it needs to trigger a command on the shell, thats the thing13:32
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eluxthanks that helped.. it was in a docker container, so i have to do a no-cache to get the apt-update in13:32
tewardDirkos: irrelevant - it's a command and you need the output, you don't need a shell script to do that, there's a billion scripting languages that work that way13:32
Dirkosteward: it can run as www-data but the issue is that i need to setup a SSH key for that. Since it needs to communicate with github etc13:33
tewardDirkos: for the record this conversation is going in circles.  For security purposes you DO NOT give www-data sudo access.  For security purposes, you DO NOT run other-user-privileged webhooks as www-data as part of nginx, you usually have another nonprivileged user that can run it when something is called, so either a scripting backend or such OTHER than the shell.13:34
tewardDirkos: I also don't accept PMs so you can stop that13:34
tewardDirkos: the moment you have to have a web application interface with GitHub, and `git` commands on terminal, you are no longer in a web applicatuion, or web hook.13:35
DJonesKvitka: Stop13:36
Philipp__hi guys how can I do an apt-get upgrade without touching the kernel/grub?13:42
Dhevhi every one13:42
Dhevhow to join a ubuntu machine in domain13:42
OerHeksPhilipp__, if there is a Kernel in your updates, you cannot avoid that. maybe you can check the updates and unselect the kernel, but that could result in a broken update13:43
OerHeksPhilipp__, so why do you ask?13:44
Philipp__I run machine on aws and on first boot I normally do an apt-get upgrade which just broke due to subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 25513:45
TJ-Philipp__: you mean wuthout triggering the kernel/grub/initramfs-tools hooks?13:45
jpdsPhilipp__: Don't think that you can13:45
TJ-Philipp__: grub should only be updated if initrd.img or kernel changes.13:47
jjavaholicI can't get hardware acceleration ubuntu and VDPAU to work13:49
HoNgOuRuI can't login with my account with gdm, but with the terminal there is no problem13:51
EriC^^Philipp__: apt-get upgrade doesn't touch the kernels, or grub, unless it updates grub itself13:51
TJ-Philipp__: you could use dpkg-divert to make /usr/sbin/update-grub point to /bin/true ... same for other triggers13:51
EriC^^Philipp__: dist-upgrade upgrades the kernels13:51
Philipp__hmm I think I will disable the initial apt-get upgrade13:52
MonkeyDustHoNgOuRu  i'm sure you mean lightdm, not gdm... what's the output of   cat /etc/issue13:52
Philipp__and just use the latest base image provided by ubuntu which is normally only a few days old13:52
HoNgOuRulet me check13:52
yecril71plI cannot unlock User accounts.13:52
HoNgOuRuelementary OS Freya \n \1 but now Im logged as a regular user with no root privileges13:53
yecril71plWhen I hover over the lock, I get a tool tip: ‘ System policy prevents changes; contact your system administrator.‘’13:53
yecril71plI am the system administrator; it turns out I should contact myself =-O13:54
MonkeyDustHoNgOuRu  that's what i thought... elementary is not supported here13:54
OerHeksElementary has its own issues, HoNgOuRu , join the elementary channel for support13:54
HoNgOuRuok, but its nothing related to elementary13:54
HoNgOuRuI tried to install vncserver13:55
HoNgOuRuand that made the error13:55
HoNgOuRuI touched rc.local13:55
HoNgOuRuand vncserver at /etc/init.d/vncserver13:55
MonkeyDustHoNgOuRu  we don't know in what way elementary differs from ubuntu, therefore we cannot help13:55
kadiroHoNgOuRu: all things out of ubuntu is not supported here no choice man13:56
HoNgOuRuMonkeyDust, ok, Ill go there, anyways I think its not related... but thanks for your time13:56
kadiroany one know about viewing encrypted channels with vdr ?13:59
kadiromay be my question is out of rule i think14:00
kryo_hi, i have 2 interfaces in my virtual machine for WLAN and LAN respectively; they're both working but when i unplug the host's ethernet cord the internet completely stops working unless i run "ifdown eth0"14:01
ashwini_Hi.. I'm trying to install vlc on 15.0414:02
ashwini_I am getting an error libgles2-mesa : Depends: libglapi-mesa (= 10.5.2-0ubuntu1) but 10.6.3+git20150809+10.6.736f6e16-0ubuntu0ricotz~vivid is to be installed14:02
ashwini_any clue why ?14:02
kadirokryo_: what about ifup wlan0 ... n14:03
kadiro!info libgles2-mesa14:03
ubottulibgles2-mesa (source: mesa): free implementation of the OpenGL|ES 2.x API -- runtime. In component main, is optional. Version 10.5.2-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 12 kB, installed size 127 kB14:03
kryo_kadiro: it's eth0 and eth1, "ifup eth1" says it's already configured14:03
ashwini_kadiro, i dont have any other ppa's installed. I dont know form where the 10.6 + git version is coming.14:04
OerHeksashwini_, run updates before installing. else is there any ppa involved?14:04
kadirokryo_: your wlan is eth1 ?14:04
ashwini_OerHeks, only other ppa is for tlp. I have all updates and upgrades done14:04
kryo_yeah it's a virtual machine14:04
ashwini_apt-get -f install also  doesnt do anything14:05
kadiroashwini_: yes the ppa have some depenencies with libgles214:05
MonkeyDustashwini_  remove tlp and use thermald from the repos14:05
ashwini_MonkeyDust, okay lemme try that14:06
kadiroashwini_: may be you must use apt-get -f install and autoremove14:06
minimecashwini_: Looks like  that 'git' version belongs to the 'xorg-edgers' ppa. Do you still have that enabled? see here... http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/xorg-edgers/vivid/main/base/libglapi-mesa14:06
MonkeyDustashwini_  in a terminal, type this to see what it does   apt-cache show thermald14:06
kryo_kadiro: someone told me i should use ifplugd but it doesn't seem to work (i'm guessing because it's a virtual machine)14:06
kadiroyes true kryo_ i guess too14:07
ashwini_minimec, I added edgers ppa, and removed it.. but for some reason it seems that is not removed completely. How to do some "reset" ?14:07
minimecashwini_: 'ppa-purge' probably14:08
kadiroashwini_: apt-get purge APPLICATION14:08
ashwini_okay lemme try those14:08
minimecashwini_: If you removed that ppa, do an 'sudo apt-gt update' first and check again.14:09
ashwini_minimec, okay14:09
ashwini_MonkeyDust, http://pastebin.com/REkn2H4914:10
kryo_kadiro: i restarted and it works now :S14:12
kadirocongratulation kryo_14:12
kadiroMonkeyDust: I'm interested about thermald, how to use it ?14:17
kadiro!info thermald14:18
ubottuthermald (source: thermald): Thermal monitoring and controlling daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3-9 (vivid), package size 176 kB, installed size 619 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)14:18
kadiro!how thermald14:18
Delta706Is there any package to do noise filtering of microphone sound?14:18
kadiroyes Delta706 but i forget the name14:19
Delta706It is a feature of Audacity but I want it on-the-fly14:20
frieskfound the right thing to change back --- super phew14:20
kadiroDelta706: may be you want this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/18958/realtime-noise-removal-with-pulseaudio14:20
kadiroyes Delta706 audacity14:20
MonkeyDustkadiro  install it, then do nothing, it runs as a daemon... my old frankenstein-laptop never overheats anymore... i also use indicator-cpufreq http://www.ubuntugeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/indicator-cpufreq.png14:21
DirkosWhy does this prompt for password? sudoers14:21
Dirkospim ALL=(satis) NOPASSWD: /bin/bash14:21
kadiroMonkeyDust: thank you very much i used before fancontrol but not work but you solved my pc man14:21
MonkeyDustkadiro  glad i could help14:23
EriC^^Dirkos: that'll let user pim run sudo bash14:23
ashwiniStill no luck.. :( ppa purge says it cant find the xorg-edgers ppa. Then I manually deleted the ppa files14:24
gustianim newbie friends14:24
ashwinican somebody please tell me how to get all the packages index to a pristine state?14:24
ashwinithere must be some cache which when cleared would get rid of all ppa related stuff right14:25
kadiroashwini: try apt-get clean, apt-get autoclean and apt-get autoremove and after apt-get update14:26
minimecashwini: well.. 'sudo apt-get update' should do that job (clear cache).14:26
ashwiniokay let me try again14:27
Delta706kadiro: I do not think that audacity can do it on the fly. I see that askubuntu question has a second answer. Do you think that answer is worth a try?14:29
ashwinikadiro, minimec the problem still persists... I did it in the order kadiro told14:29
ashwinianything left to do14:29
Oggyis it ok to install ubuntu desktop in ubuntu server14:29
kadirotry it Delta70614:30
kadiroashwini: the same error?14:31
ashwinikadiro,  yes14:32
ashwini vlc : Depends: libgles1-mesa (>= 7.8.1) but it is not going to be installed or14:32
ashwini                libgles114:32
ashwini       Depends: libgles2-mesa (>= 7.8.1) but it is not going to be installed or14:32
ashwini                libgles214:32
minimecashwini: Ok. So let's try to add the 'xorg-edgers' ppa again, do 'sudo apt-get update', then sudo 'ppa-purg xorg-edgers', then 'sudo apt-get update'14:32
ashwiniminimec, :( okay14:32
kadiroppa-purge xorg-edgers " e in purg "14:32
minimec^^ ;)14:33
Delta706this is why I avoid ppa's these days14:33
kadirothk's minimec i learn a lot from you :) about ppa-purge never heard that14:33
minimeckadiro: I hardly use it, as I also try to avoid ppa's...14:34
kadiroyou right minimec a many ppas do a very strong problem14:34
Delta706if I need something non-standard, I build it myself14:34
=== BOHverkill_ is now known as BOHverkill
Oggywhat is the proper syntax for installing unbuntu desktop on a server install14:40
Oggyor its graphical interface14:40
jpdsOggy: Why would you do that?14:40
somsip!info ubuntu-desktop | Oggy14:40
ubottuOggy: ubuntu-desktop (source: ubuntu-meta): The Ubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.334 (vivid), package size 3 kB, installed size 60 kB14:40
compdocOggy, I use Mate because I need a remote desktop14:40
jpdsOggy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerGUI14:41
Oggyyes i use teamvier myself14:41
Oggyjust need to install it14:41
* jpds uses SSH14:41
compdocteamviewer might work with Unity14:41
ashwiniphew..! ppa-purge to the rescue! Thank you very much kadiro minimec :* :*14:42
jpdsNot a *single* server I help manage has a desktop on it14:42
kadiroyou welcome ashwini all thank's to minimec14:42
compdoc*All* the servers I build have a desktop on them14:42
Oggywant to use teamviewer with unbuntu desktop14:42
minimecashwini: no problem14:43
bob3247ubuntu 14.10 - laptop touchpad buggy, partially works, look online and try some suggestions ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingTouchpadDetection  ) but no joy, then i do a suggested evtest /dev/input/event7 (which outputs verbose touchpad data  to term) and just doing this seems to have fixed the problem - there should be a better way than having this run all the time though i would have thought - any suggestions?14:45
Qantouriscanyone can tell me if I screwed up my ubunut: do you still have the file /dev/initctl ?14:46
kadiroI have one question, we can install ubuntu to android phone? ( sorry if i'm out of information, never use a latest technologies )14:47
somsip!touch | kadiro14:47
ubottukadiro: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch14:47
kadirothank you somsip i will read this link14:48
QantouriscIf you don't feel like an expert just run ls /dev/initctl to help :D14:48
badbodhi want to touch kadiro too14:48
kadirololl hi badbodh14:48
bob3247$ ls /dev/initctl14:49
bob3247ls: cannot access /dev/initctl: No such file or directory14:49
badbodhbob3247, if you ran those commands, there will be three files created in your home directory: evtest, dmesg, Xorg.0.log14:50
badbodhcheck your home folder, paste those file contents on different pastebins14:50
badbodhshare url here14:50
kadiro!info initctl14:50
ubottuPackage initctl does not exist in vivid14:50
edutilos666where i am?14:50
badbodhinitctl = systemd/sysvinit compatibility stuff ?14:51
kadiroin earth edutilos66614:51
edutilos666help part14:51
MonkeyDustedutilos666  ask your ubuntu question here14:52
kadirohow to install touch in android phone and that cause loosing my data in it?14:53
somsipkadiro: you've already been directed to #ubuntu-touch14:54
kadirooh sorry sompsip i will check that thk's again14:55
nicofsHi there! When trying to remove "firefox" via apt-get, "thunderbird" is automatically installed and vice versa (why?). I want neither, how do I achieve this?14:55
MonkeyDustnicofs  use synaptic to remove both14:56
nicofsMonkeyDust, sry, cli only...14:57
MonkeyDustnicofs  what does this do   sudo apt-get purge firefox* thunderbird*14:58
nicofsMonkeyDust, it does the trick! thanks!14:59
=== stereoit is now known as stereoit_
Qantouriscbob3247: thank you15:01
Kvitkaalguem joga strdoll????15:02
Pici!pt | Kvitka15:03
ubottuKvitka: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.15:03
Kvitkanng fala no ubuntu-pt fodes15:03
OerHekslikely you are banned there, Kvitka15:05
OerHeksgoogle translate shows dirty language15:05
joel135Hi, I am trying to write Ukrainian letters. I am using IBus and ibus-table-translit-ua. A second ago I didn't know how to write й but I figured out by trial and error. Now I can't find Я. How can I be systematic about finding the keys? I did find a database /usr/share/ibus-table/tables/translit-ua.db which may contain the mapping but I'm not familiar with SQL.15:09
joel135My physical keyboard is Swedish so it's pretty similar to a US one.15:09
joel135I found the я now. You write "ja". But I'm still interested in a general answer.15:12
kadirojoel135: sorry i have no idea about that15:12
graft_hey all, my touchpad won't wake up after lid open (i.e. xev shows no events) - anyone know how i can wake it up? with udev maybe?15:13
kadirograft_: i think your answer is here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/528293/is-there-a-way-to-restart-the-touchpad-driver15:14
minimecgraft_: I would go in this direction... You add a little script to your suspend procedure, like here... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2250002&s=f288d3b1781f8dfa88479794ede4b891&p=13218677#post1321867715:17
=== db_ is now known as Guest18426
TriviumHey. Thinkpad E540 running Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, on suspend to ram (using s2ram or closing lid) can not be woken. Where ought I look to fix this?15:20
=== gnu is now known as Guest9679
Guest18426use vim how to save when Insufficient permissions15:22
TriviumSudo up15:23
TriviumThere are plugins for that, actually.15:23
Guest18426:Sudo up15:24
Guest18426like this15:24
Guest18426i have write something in it15:25
minimecTrivium: There is a 'dirty' workaround... Looks like disabeling USB3.0 in the BIOS settings does the trick. Afterwards you can dig further... http://askubuntu.com/questions/489912/thinkpad-does-not-wake-from-sleep-14-0415:26
jjj_what do you guys use for package management?15:26
minimecjjj_: apt, synaptic15:27
ex0rI have a server, which suddenly stopped accepting connections. Is there something I can check to see why?15:27
Guest18426i see they are plugins15:28
ex0rStopped accepting connections on it's hostname, sorry. If I connect to it's internal lan ip I can connect still15:29
Triviumminimec: That seems like an acceptable solution for now.15:29
ActionParsnipex0r: lights on the NIC15:31
ActionParsnipex0r: pings to default gateway from server15:31
ActionParsnipex0r: check DNS15:31
ex0rhmm weird it appears to be working now15:31
ex0rmaybe the dns server had a brain fart for a second15:31
ActionParsnipex0r: probably DNS15:31
Stalkr_Hi, how do I get a later version of git? The latest seems to be 1.9.2 even though 2.5.0 is out15:33
Stalkr_sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install git -> git v1.9.215:33
Stalkr_I am on Ubuntu Trusty LTS15:34
OerHeksVivid uses 2.1.4, wily 2.50 > https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/git15:35
Stalkr_OerHeks: Is Vivid/Wily a version name like Trusty?15:35
Stalkr_I'm new to Ubuntu, using it with Vagrant15:35
OerHeksStalkr_, yes, vivid 15.04/wily 15.10 ( in beta )15:36
Stalkr_OerHeks: How do I get git 2.5.0 to Trusty? Do I have to do: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:git-core/ppa?15:37
Stalkr_Looks like it :-)15:38
OerHeksStalkr_, that is one way yes, but carefull with PPAs15:38
Stalkr_OerHeks: How come?15:38
OerHeksPPAs are not officially supported, so if there is a bug, you will need to adress the ppa owner.15:39
ActionParsnipStalkr_: what is in the 2.5.0 version that you need so badly?15:39
Stalkr_ActionParsnip: Not sure if anything, I'm just curious15:39
OerHeks2.50 is just out, 14 days15:39
Stalkr_I'm just used to Homebrew15:39
minimecStalkr_: The question is... Do you really a new version of git? If your answer is 'probably not', I would not go for the ppa...15:39
ActionParsnipStalkr_: Unless there is a good reason to upgrade a package, the package will stay. Significant bug and security fixes are prime reasons for upgrades15:40
minimecStalkr_: +need ;)15:40
Stalkr_Alrighty, how do I remove the repository and 'git' the old version back?15:40
ActionParsnipStalkr_: Ubuntu is not a rolling release distribution and packages may get left behind. Try looking at functionality of the package version available rather than the version numbers15:40
Stalkr_Oh, it was easy enough15:42
Stalkr_I'll stay on 1.9.1 then15:42
lucusi run kxstudio/kubuntu-based and kernel 3.13.0-61 on AMD.  i've always used cpu governor ondemand and it was working ok before. now CPU stays at highest speed.  how to fix this?15:42
MonkeyDustlucus  install indicator-cpufreq from the repos http://www.ubuntugeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/indicator-cpufreq.png15:44
lucusMonkeyDust: it is already installed (v0.2.2)15:45
lucusMonkeyDust: cpupower frequency-info says i'm using ondemand and speed is 3.8 GHz (the max)15:46
MonkeyDustlucus  and you cannot set it to powersave?15:49
Oggyteamviewr not installing15:50
Oggywhat is going on15:51
ActionParsnipOggy: what do you plan to do n the remote PC? there may be a sleeker solution15:51
Oggyinstalled it before15:51
Oggyim swapping freebsd and ubuntu server15:51
Oggypreviously had it installed on unbuntu server15:52
Oggywhy cant i install it now15:52
lucusMonkeyDust: yes i can change to powersave but cpu freq still at 3.8 GHz (stdout: current CPU frequency is 3.80 GHz (asserted by call to hardware).15:52
MonkeyDustlucus  that's odd... is your cpu overheating?15:52
ActionParsnipOggy: but what are you going to use Teamviewer to do n the remote PC?15:53
sleeziohello, does anyone know of an app/utility that will put a 'hotspot' in the bottom right corner of windows to give you an area to click/drag to resize windows? it's currently set to where you have to be on the exact spot(pixel) to get the dual arrow for resizing15:53
Oggyoh wait i see whats going on15:53
Oggyam 64 package15:54
MonkeyDustsleezio  wrong channel, this ubuntu support, type / ##windows15:54
MonkeyDustsleezio  wrong channel, this ubuntu support, type /j ##windows15:54
lucusMonkeyDust: no. sensors gives me good temp readings but since CPU is always max, the fan is always on at full speed...15:54
sleezioMonkeyDust, MS owns ubuntu now?15:54
lucusMonkeyDust: not a good thing for audio works...15:54
MonkeyDustsleezio  i misread15:54
ActionParsnipOggy: you'll probably find a lighter solution that Teamviewer to do most things15:54
Oggywhich solution would that be15:55
ActionParsnipOggy: well...what do you want to do on the remmote systems you connect to ?15:55
Oggythe machine is next to me and I dont want to add a kvm switch15:56
Oggyteamviewer is free15:56
ActionParsnipOggy: does it have its own monitor?15:56
Oggyand does work on ubuntu i would assume because I already had it setup15:56
ActionParsnipOggy: does it have its own monitor?15:57
Oggyyes the machine has its own monitor15:57
ActionParsnipOggy: then why not use synergy15:57
ActionParsnipOggy: one mouse on one system, you move the mouse off one side and it appears on the other system15:57
KlausedSourcesince #thunderbird on irc.mozilla.org isn't answering me, may I ask my question here?15:58
Oggyeh thats ok ,15:58
ActionParsnipOggy: on the other screen15:58
Oggyim good with teamviwer thats for the suggestion15:58
ActionParsnipOggy: so like a kvm but over LAN15:58
KlausedSourcerecently my Thunderbird doesn't update imap folders automatically. It updates them when i click on another folder and then return to the previously selected one.15:58
KlausedSourceI have this same situation on 2 independent machines15:58
Oggycan you help me with this though , " Dependency is not satisfiable: lib32asound215:58
Oggygetting that error15:59
ZombyradOggy, running a 64 bit Ubuntu version?16:00
Oggyyes Zombyrad Ubuntu Server16:01
ZombyradYou might need to install the 32bit compatibility libraries/packages16:01
Oggyah ok16:01
ActionParsnipOggy: I always ask because people install teamviewer for all sorts of stupid crap. Like one guy who was unsing team viewer to then open a terminal and run updates.16:02
MonkeyDustlucus  scroll down, here's one happy user   http://embraceubuntu.com/2005/11/04/enabling-cpu-frequency-scaling/16:02
OerHeksKlausedSource, known issue for years > " Thunderbird refreshes the folder list when it connects to the server, in particular, at startup. You can force a refresh of the folder list any time by collapsing and re-expanding it."16:02
ZombyradOggy, or try with sudo apt-get install libasound2:i38616:02
ActionParsnipOggy: basically, users dont think much and I like to offer sleek alternatives that run great16:02
Oggyfresh install i dont even have a terminal16:03
Oggywhere is teh terminal on here16:03
Oggyfound it16:03
ActionParsnipOggy: the default install has a terminal. Press CTRL + ALT + T and one will pop up16:03
ActionParsnipOggy: to be GNU compliant a distribution HAS to ship with xter,. even MacOS has xterm and vi by default16:04
KlausedSourceOerHeks, well actually it used to work before16:07
CyberTailsHello There, For some reason, my system now boots into Emergency Mode and I have to type in "systemctl default" to continu, is there a way to just boot into the desktop again?16:09
backboxhi all16:09
MonkeyDustCyberTails  hold shift during boot, to get the grub menu16:10
CyberTailsThe menu still shows up though and I when I select the normal startup, after a little bit, it stops at Emergency Mode16:11
Cyb3rn3tit is funny that Ubuntu 15.04 has the problem with the volume scroll bar :D16:11
Cyb3rn3tthey don't want to fix it ?16:12
backboxany body here professional at backbox versions16:12
MonkeyDustCyb3rn3t  what brings you here16:12
MonkeyDustbackbox  backbox is not supported here16:12
backboxso where can it be supported16:12
backboxwhat about kali linlux16:12
MonkeyDustbackbox  also not supported here16:13
Cyb3rn3tMonkeyDust: ?16:14
ioriaCyb3rn3t, journalctl -xb ?16:14
Oggywhy can this be happening now16:14
backboxany one how know how to use toolkit16:15
Cyb3rn3tioria: it is working, no problem with the volume, but If I holt my mouse button while I move the bar, and leave the box with the cursor and relase the button, when I go back to the volume box with the cursor, the volume bar follow my mouse...16:16
bryan___Hello everybody16:16
Cyb3rn3tioria: same happening in 14.0416:16
bryan___i need help to know details of keyboard layout support in linux16:17
Cyb3rn3tbryan___: go ahead16:17
ioriaCyb3rn3t,  can you open a terminal ?16:17
bryan___i meant different language keyboard layout16:18
parabI have this OneNote file I really need to open... I've searched the web, but so far I've been unable to find software running on Ubuntu that can open MS OneNote files. Any ideas ?16:20
=== parab is now known as parabool
asperwhere can i find the default recipe as when i choose "d-i partman/default_filesystem string btrfs"?16:21
Cyb3rn3tioria: sure :)16:21
bryan___where are the language packages installed?16:21
ioriaCyb3rn3t,  check /etc/fstab if there are suspicious  entries .... did you upgrade from 14 to 15 ?16:22
Cyb3rn3tbryan___: default you have one layout installed, what you selected when you installed it.16:23
Cyb3rn3tbryan___: you can add more layouts, and you can easy change between them..16:23
RadkosI did something bad with my hdd trying to recover the information in it. Using testdisk utility I changed head from 16 to 255 without noticing that the HDD's default state is 16 heads and now the bios can't recognize it, it's still spinning - did that change affected HDD's firmware and is it resettable?16:24
OerHeksasper, not sure where, just looking @ https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/example-preseed.txt16:25
Cyb3rn3tbryan___: System settings, Text Entry16:25
Radkosanyone has a clue?16:25
Cyb3rn3tioria: I have a fresh install16:25
Cyb3rn3tioria: and I have 14 as well16:25
bryan___<Cyb3rn3t> - actually i want to know if i install german layout on ubuntu, what and where relevant binaries/libs/fonts are getting copied/installed in the ubuntu system16:25
OerHeksRadkos, that command should not touch firmware, why do you think it is?16:26
OerHeksjust restart testdisk, i guess16:26
redneckteka recent update seems to have broken my nvidia setup. after getting the drivers back working in X, glx is broken. Any ideas how to fix are appreciated.16:26
Radkoswell after that change I've made the bios can't recognize the disk16:26
RadkosI restarted the system itself16:26
Oggyok teamviewer is set on unbuntu server that machine is finished16:27
Oggynow i have to do freebsd16:27
OerHeksRadkos, change that bios setting back, ... how hard can that be?16:27
Radkosand now have COMRESET errno=-16 message16:27
RadkosI didn't change it thru the bios but thru the testdisk16:27
RadkosI basicly changed the hdd's geometry16:28
bryan___I used System settings/Language support, text entry............but i am not aware which binary/libaries/fonts are installed on the system...16:29
Radkoswhat that errno=-16 means16:29
bryan___if you can help me to get this information,,that will be great help16:29
fellayaboyim having problems with my dhcp-server in linux mate for raspberry pi 2.... dhcp doesnt give out an ip addresses16:29
Radkosis it trying to read hdd using 16 heads size?16:29
fellayaboythis is baically how i have my dhcp set up http://www.server-world.info/en/note?os=Ubuntu_15.04&p=dhcp16:30
OerHeksRadkos, so change it back in testdisk and start again ??16:30
Oggycan i get recommendations for software on a fresh install of ubuntu server16:30
jpdsOggy: What do you need?16:31
RadkosI can't... after a while the kernel gives up trying to COMRESET it whatever this is16:31
Oggyalready have unbuntu desktop installed16:31
Radkosand there is no hdd in /dev/sd* shown anymore16:31
OerHeksRadkos, i cannot help you there, you messed up big time :-(16:31
Cyb3rn3tioria: o-o16:31
Cyb3rn3tioria: I appologize, the 15.04 is good16:32
Radkosok, tnx16:32
Cyb3rn3tioria: I comfused by the versions, sorry :D, so just 14 has this bug16:32
ioriaCyb3rn3t,  have you checked /etc/fstab  ?16:33
bryan___@<Cyb3rn3t>, I used System settings/Language support, text entry............but i am not aware which binary/libaries/fonts are installed on the system...16:34
bryan___<Cyb3rn3t>, if you can help me in this16:34
jpdsOggy: #ubuntu-server16:34
bryan___i am aware of following : /usr/share/fonts/16:35
Mandeep_SinghHi all, I want to extract specific values (text) from a file and then apply some command on it.16:37
jeffswHelp!  I've got a headless Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS machine here at home, and a Windows box with Cygwin.  I have been using XDMCP successfully up until today, when it "suddenly stopped working."  I had been getting some errors related to pulseaudio in syslog (about unable to create already-existing directories in /run/user) and no greeter screen when I connect using XDMCP16:38
MonkeyDustMandeep_Singh  i guess you can do that with awk and | xargs [command] ... but i'm not sure about the exact syntax... maybe in the #bash channel16:38
jpdsMandeep_Singh: grep value file16:39
Mandeep_SinghOr to make it easy to understand: I want to get specific values from a text file (data file) and use it in another file(input file)16:39
Mandeep_Singhto get output16:39
jpdsMandeep_Singh: Use grep to look for those values?16:40
Mandeep_Singhjpds, I think it may not be useful in case if I don't know the values.16:41
jeffswShould I maybe try #ubuntu-x with my XDMCP problem?  I am lost without my desktop today16:41
Mandeep_Singh  Think it like key: value pair... I know the 'key' but not 'value' then what can I do?16:41
jpdsMandeep_Singh: grep key file16:41
QantouriscRunning kill -sSIGTERM 1 results in "[90826.163300] init: Re-executing /sbin/init"16:41
Qantouriscand not in a shutdown, any ideas ?16:42
Mandeep_SinghMonkeyDust, okay16:42
Qantouriscman init seems to indicate this should start a shutdown16:42
Mandeep_Singhjpds, can I then extract 'value' corresponding to that 'key'?16:42
jpdsMandeep_Singh: Yes16:42
jpdsQantourisc: Better upgrade to kill dash nine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fow7iUaKrq416:43
Qantouriscjpds: can't, i'm not sending the SIGTERM command16:43
Mandeep_Singhjpds, any hint regarding that? what may be used for that? grep or something16:43
jpdsMandeep_Singh: echo "key: value" | tee example.txt16:44
Fohlenhey guys. I specifically want to create a user to install stuff via python-virtualenv and run a service with it, which location and settings would you recommend for that user?16:44
Fohlendisabled login and password?16:44
jpdsMandeep_Singh: grep key file | awk '{print $2}'16:44
Fohlenshould I use /home/ or /usr ?16:44
jpdsMandeep_Singh: grep key example.txt | awk '{print $2}'16:45
jpdsMandeep_Singh: That is16:45
Mandeep_Singhjpds, thanks that will be more than enough :)16:46
=== Blaster is now known as Guest10981
linociscois ubuntu community active?17:03
linociscoabove link work?17:03
yecril71plWhy is Thunderbird in 14.04 LTS at 31.8?17:04
yecril71plVersion 38 is current upstream.17:04
Qantouriscanyone willing to run kill -sSIGTERM 1 for me ?17:05
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.17:05
Qantouriscthis will request a shutdown btw17:05
OerHeksQantourisc, nobody will, why do you ask?17:05
Qantourisc  not working in lxc17:05
OerHeksQantourisc, you might want to re-ask in #ubuntu-server17:06
Qantourisc OerHeks thx for th tip17:06
OerHeksyecril71pl, vivid 15.04 still uses 31.8.0 too, with bugfixes.17:07
linociscohttps://insights.ubuntu.com/category/e-books?topic=server is not working17:07
OerHekslinocisco, here too, that url does not exist ( anymore)17:08
linociscoOerHeks, oh. why?17:08
minimeclinocisco: I agree...404: page not found. It's a dead link. 'topic' was deleted or moved?17:08
OerHekslinocisco, where did you get that old url ? not sure that url ever existed ..17:08
linociscoall sub items under https://insights.ubuntu.com/category/e-books are not working17:08
linociscoOerHeks, if it is ok, what is new URL or working URL to see updated ubuntu books?17:09
linociscoOerHeks, if it is old, what is new URL or working URL to see updated ubuntu books?17:09
OerHekslinocisco, you can search yourself, i didn't find any17:10
OerHekslinocisco, google learns me that that url https://insights.ubuntu.com/category/e-books never existed ??17:11
OerHeksso where did you get that url ?17:12
linociscoOerHeks, I have no idea. just google search showed17:12
linociscoOerHeks, sorry. I just browsed to www.ubuntu.com and typed in "book" inside search box17:13
linociscoOerHeks, and followed resulted links17:13
RoosterJuicehi there, my web server seems to have been exploited and my IP is being blocked for performing brute force login attacks... How can I fix this and remove any script that is causing this to happen?17:14
minimeclinocisco: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/serverguide.pdf17:15
minimeclinocisco: well... no ebook ...17:15
OerHekslinocisco, odd, tru ubuntu.com it indeed shows some items that are removed. maybe we should ask the webmaster to fix or remove these.17:16
=== dscamp_ is now known as dscamp
OerHeksminimec +1 maybe those old books are now the serverguide17:17
trijntjeRoosterJuice: blocked how?17:18
VillageHello Guys, i want ask do i can turn off MySQL not removed it?17:19
trijntjeRoosterJuice: You should probably ask in #ubuntu-server, I don't have experience with that17:20
Knight80Hello everyone!17:22
Knight80How can I search a package that contains the files I specify?17:22
Knight80I mean, from the command line.17:23
minimecVillage: manually: 'sudo service mysql stop' Permanently: open 'sudo service mysql' and put a '#' at the beginning of the line "start on ...". see 2nd answer here http://askubuntu.com/questions/57381/how-to-stop-mysql-from-running-at-boot-time17:23
minimecVillage: NEver did that, but it looks good.17:23
minimecVillage: 'sudo nano /etc/init/mysql.conf', sorry.17:24
Knight80I'm new in Ubuntu and I can't make a python script work, will you please help me out?17:24
Villageminimec, i will try, tank you man17:24
Villagethank you*17:25
Knight80This is what I get by typing: python -m oscar -----> /usr/bin/python: No module named liblo; 'oscar' is a package and cannot be directly executed17:25
minimecVillage: welcome.17:25
ali_i wanna install telegram sli17:26
ali_but i have an error17:26
Villageminimec, and maybe you know how about phpmyadmin ?17:26
ali_configure: error: No openssl found17:27
ali_i install openssl17:27
minimecVillage: I use it sometimes, but would not consider me 'knowing' it.17:27
ali_and apt-get says its installed17:27
ali_what should i do?17:27
Villagemaybe i just remove it and when i need it i will install it17:28
ioria!info libssl-dev17:32
ubottulibssl-dev (source: openssl): Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - development files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.1f-1ubuntu11.4 (vivid), package size 1048 kB, installed size 5091 kB17:32
RejsenDanHello! I'm planning on installing ubuntu on a macbook pro... Has anyone experience with that and tell me if there are issues I should be careful about?17:33
RejsenDanI found this tutorial which looks quite nice and complete https://medium.com/@PhilPlckthun/ubuntu-14-10-running-on-my-macbook-18991a697ae017:34
daftykins!mac | RejsenDan17:35
ubottuRejsenDan: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages17:35
daftykinsRejsenDan: well obviously 14.10 is dead already so don't install that :)17:36
daftykinsand feel free to update the above wiki with results17:36
RejsenDanDead already ? What do you mean ? :)17:36
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Just recognised something about ubuntu 15.0417:37
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1I just recognised the name17:37
sammygjust stopping by to say hi... so hi! :-)17:37
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1And I never knew17:37
xangua!14.10  | RejsenDan17:38
ubottuRejsenDan: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic17:38
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1He has not upgraded yet17:38
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1That is just17:38
Knight80I need help with a python script17:39
kokutBARTECHNOLOGY-S1: can u pick a nickname a lil bit more annoying?17:39
kokutKnight80: try #python?17:39
Knight80kokut Thank you17:39
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1What is wrong17:40
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1I can help17:40
sammyghey when is ubuntu 15.10 coming out? and what are the news, i mean what else is knew beyond mir display server?17:40
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1I didnt know anything about 15.1017:40
xangua!15.10 | sammyg17:40
ubottusammyg: Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) will be the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Discussion in #ubuntu+117:40
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, I have no idea about python and I need to make a script work17:40
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Im on one of my linux servers17:40
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) will be the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Discussion in #ubuntu+117:41
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1I will get all my privilages removed from my account if I mess around17:41
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, This is what I get when I type "python -m oscar": /usr/bin/python: No module named liblo; 'oscar' is a package and cannot be directly executed17:41
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Just give me 5 minutes17:41
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1I will brb17:41
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, Ok, thank you17:41
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1GIve me a second17:43
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, Ok17:43
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1One of our severs just crashed because of some malware and trojans17:43
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Never happened17:43
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, Sorry to hear that17:43
pitastrudlim reinstalling ubuntu on my laptop which is dualbooted with windows 7. when i select the ubuntu partition and press install now, it says no root system is defined please correctr this from the partition menu. Do i have to select something in the menu that i open by double clicking on the selected partition17:44
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Probably another rootkit so I need to sort that out. Its quite common weirdly.17:44
trijntjepitastrudl: you have to tell the installer you want to use that partition as root ('/')17:44
pitastrudli assume its like this http://i.imgur.com/UDHhoWy.jpg17:47
pitastrudlit wont touch the windows partitions?17:47
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1I am back17:49
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, Did you fix it?17:49
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Knight80 can you send me your script?17:50
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1 I downloaded it from ------> https://github.com/meznom/oscar17:50
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Ill check it out now17:51
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, Thank you very much indeed17:51
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, I have no idea about python, and I did "sudo python setup.py install"17:52
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Go to your terminal17:52
Knight80Ok, I'm there17:52
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Whatever you prefer17:52
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1and copy this17:52
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1sudo apt-get install python-pip python-cwiid python-bluez bluez17:52
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1After getting those packages try to run it agani17:53
Knight80Ok, thanks again :)17:53
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Im going to try on my computer and if I get the error I will check the scripts17:53
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Did it work17:54
Knight80No, I haven't tried it yet17:54
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, /usr/bin/python: No module named liblo; 'oscar' is a package and cannot be directly executed17:55
PiciKnight80: you really should avoid installing python packages system wide like that. They can step on system packages, and vise versa.  Either install in a virtualenv or in your user's path.17:55
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1If it doesnt I will attempt to fix the script and then I will post it to github (dont forget to fork if I do17:55
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1i will look @ the script17:55
PiciBARTECHNOLOGY-S1: yes?17:55
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Ive done that to all my machines17:55
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Never had a problem17:55
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Any coding language17:55
PiciBARTECHNOLOGY-S1: Just because it can work doesn't mean that you should do it.17:56
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Should be dont17:56
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1I need a new keyboard to plug into these servers17:56
ioriaKnight80, i have no idea of what are you doing... but you can check if you have these packages liblo-dev   or python-liblo17:56
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Anyway knight80 im running the script now17:56
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, How did you do it?17:57
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Knight 8017:57
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Doesnt matter17:57
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1ioria has all ready said17:58
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1I was going to say do you have the python-liblo package17:58
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, I'm going to check it out17:58
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, I didn't have it17:59
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Thats why17:59
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Credits to ioria too17:59
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Ran fine for me18:00
Knight80It works!18:00
=== tcpman is now known as Guest9813
Knight80Thank you both!18:00
Knight80Thank you very much18:00
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1What is oscar anyway?18:00
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Doesnt matter18:00
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1I can see here18:00
Knight80It's a script to control a DAW with an iPad app18:01
Knight80Or Android18:01
bitcoinassassinForgive please a senior moment question: To create a "text box" in a pastebin (such as typing Code: followed by the code used/run which appears in a text box, of sorts). I used to know this but.... forgot. Thanks.18:01
Picibitcoinassassin: in what context? Are you asking about html?18:02
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Out of interest18:02
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1What audio workstation software are you using on your iPad?18:02
PiciBARTECHNOLOGY-S1: Could you avoid using enter so often, it makes the channel rather hard to read.  commas are free.18:03
Knight80Ardour and TouchOSC18:03
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Good luck with what your doing, hope you complete it!18:03
Knight80I'm actually trying to control Ardour with TouchOSC18:03
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, Thanks :)18:03
bitcoinassassinPici: Wow, I assume html. Just in a pastebin post - or in some forum threads - it involved "begin" and "end" but I cannot remember the exact formatting.18:03
AnthonyUKI am learning to set up a FTP through openssh-server, I can connect fine from one PC to another with filezilla, my trouble is I don't like users seeeing all sorts of files outside the home directory that I don't even know what they do. can I run "sudo chmod -R o-rwx /" or will that just screw up a load of programs and the entire system18:04
AnthonyUKin short I want to totally lock down my system especially for "others" lol18:04
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1AnthonyUK are you doing it locally on a network18:04
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1If you are doing it on 2 networks18:04
Picibitcoinassassin: I'm not really sure what you're asking, but maybe #html would be a better place to ask.18:04
bitcoinassassinPici: ok18:04
PiciAnthonyUK: Do not run that, you will destroy your install.18:05
AnthonyUKat the moment yes, once I have it set up right there I will then have some friends test over the net, then change the ssh port from default and add ufw to restrict connection attempts18:05
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Doesnt matter18:05
AnthonyUKI won't Pici18:05
daftykinsAnthonyUK: you want to chroot users ideally. pin them in their home path18:05
AnthonyUKthanks daftykins I'll look into chroot,18:06
daftykinssomething like scponly as a shell might work, i think there are others18:06
daftykinsthough the first query that comes to mind - is why give file access at all ;)18:07
PiciI think scponly is deprecated, iirc there is a parameter in the sshd_config that does this now.18:07
AnthonyUKI just want them to see their home folder, then I have a few folders in drives that are auto mounted in /mnt that I want them to be able to download from18:07
daftykinsPici: sounds good18:08
AnthonyUKEverything else I don't want them to see, read, execute even smell lol18:08
MonkeyDustAnthonyUK  i havent followed, but it looks like lxc containers may be what you need18:09
BARTECHNOLOGY-S1Just interested in your little project with oscar and just to let you know that it actually also works with linux oscar as-well-as android and iOS I just tried it.18:09
AnthonyUKchroot is a jail lol, so I just have openssh run limited to only directory paths I choose?18:09
AnthonyUKthanks Monkeydust I'll look into lxc containers too18:09
AnthonyUKI'll take all your suggestions for limiting other, access, but now I've got an evil idea in my head I'll run sudo chmod -R o-rwx / just for a laugh. it's only a test system on a old PC18:12
AnthonyUKjust wanna see what happens ! I'd never do this on my homeserver18:13
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, How?18:14
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, It doesn't work for me18:14
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, I mean, the script runs right18:15
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, But when I turn the volume up or down with the faders of TouchOSC, ardour doesn't recognise the movement.18:15
MonkeyDustBARTECHNOLOGY-S1  could you please change your nickname to lowercase18:16
KlausedSource_when I ssh into my Ubuntu machine there are no colors (using gnome-terminal). How and where can I change this?18:16
KlausedSource_I tried several things but nothing seems to work, whats the "ubuntu way" of doing this?18:17
EriC^^KlausedSource_: colors you mean when you run ls for instance?18:17
KlausedSource_EriC^^, in shell output and promt, yes. there are none at all.18:18
EriC^^KlausedSource_: that depends on your shell, and it's .rc file etc.18:19
Knight80BARTECHNOLOGY-S1, So, did it work for you?18:19
KlausedSource_EriC^^, well I use out of the box Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS with bash18:20
MonkeyDustKlausedSource_  is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/194039/no-terminal-colors-in-ubuntu-server-12-04#19405318:20
EriC^^KlausedSource_: type ls --color=auto do you get colors?18:21
KlausedSource_MonkeyDust, well ls --color does work18:21
KlausedSource_so it's all about .bashrc i guess18:21
EriC^^it's set in .bashrc i think18:21
EriC^^(the alias)18:21
EriC^^type cp /etc/skel/.bashrc > ~18:21
EriC^^if you haven't modified your own18:22
EriC^^or copy the whole skel dir too if you want18:22
KlausedSource_what I don't understand is that on another machine the .bashrc is non existant and colours work anyways and I also have colored prompt (username and wd)18:23
KlausedSource_that's without ssh tho18:23
EriC^^cause you're using a different shell i guess18:24
EriC^^colored prompts sounds like tcsh18:24
AnthonyUKThanks for all your suggestions and quick responses everyone I'll go off and read into them now :), while my test machine reformats LOL18:25
VillageGuys, how i can install tcl at ubuntu 14.18:30
VillageGuys, how i can install tcl at ubuntu 14.04 ?18:30
OerHeksVillage, sudo apt-get install <package>18:30
MonkeyDust!find tcl18:31
ubottuFound: libqtassistantclient-dev, libqtassistantclient4, libtcl8.5, libtcl8.5-dbg, libtcl8.6, libtcl8.6-dbg, python-dictclient, python-heatclient, python-swiftclient, rrdtool-tcl (and 121 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=tcl&searchon=names&suite=vivid&section=all18:31
KlausedSource_EriC^^, http://c.1339.cf/pkovdpx.png18:31
auronandace!info tcl trusty18:31
ubottutcl (source: tcltk-defaults): Tool Command Language (default version) - shell. In component main, is optional. Version 8.6.0+6ubuntu3 (trusty), package size 4 kB, installed size 51 kB18:31
VillageBut something wrong says taha i need install manualy or somethink.. - "tcl set to manually installed." or maybe it's installed with 14.0418:32
KlausedSource_EriC^^, this is the machine I am sitting at18:32
VillageWhen i install eggdrop if it will needed then i write you18:33
EriC^^KlausedSource_: that doesn't look ubuntu..18:33
OerHeksVillage, use paste.ubuntu.com for the whole output please18:33
MonkeyDustVillage  try apt -cache policy tcl ... does it say "installed"?18:33
MonkeyDustVillage  try apt-cache policy tcl ... does it say "installed"?18:33
VillageOerHeks, i don't think so or it's now important, let me try it when i try install eggdrop18:33
VillageMonkeyDust, yes installed, thanks, now i need i think so tcl-dev18:34
XenoHave a problem with installing nvidia driver on Ubuntu 14.04 Every installing results in blackscreen, and I have to purge the driver in the recovery mode. Any ideas? Thanks for every idea.18:34
daftykinsXeno: what card?18:35
EriC^^KlausedSource_: it must be using .bash_profile18:35
OerHeksXeno, for what nvidiacard? lspci | grep VGA18:35
daftykinsXeno: share a pastebin on http://paste.ubuntu.com of "lspci"18:35
Xenonvidia geforce 8600 gts. An older one, let's face it.18:35
daftykinsoh wow that relic18:35
willingtonHey, I just implemented normal maps (so beautiful: http://i.imgur.com/1MnYU5y.png ), but I just now notice how ugly everything gets in the distance. There's a lot of noise in the background, both by the textures as by the specular lighting it seems, but up close it looks fine. Any suggestions?18:35
daftykinsXeno: tried nvidia-304 ?18:35
OerHeksXeno,  i have an ancient GeForce 8400, works fine with 30418:36
daftykinswillington: OS support in here not dev support18:36
MonkeyDustwillington  what is that? sure you're in the right channel?18:36
OerHeksXeno, sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall # should install recommended drivers18:36
KlausedSource_EriC^^, .bash_profile is also only having something in it that looks like default. comments say it starts .bashrc18:37
misho_Actually i used to have the same problem with a new nvidia card18:37
XenoI have posted the result of lspci -nnk | grep "VGA\|'Kern'\|3D\|Display" -A2 with pastebin as recommende.18:37
misho_but not any more18:37
daftykinsXeno: you need to link it.18:38
EriC^^KlausedSource_: yeah, could be /etc/bash.bashrc or /etc/profile18:38
XenoI have tested 304 too. Same result (blackscreen, cursor only remains after reboot)18:38
XenoOh sorry, moment...18:38
KlausedSource_EriC^^, actually /etc/profile looks promising18:38
EriC^^KlausedSource_: which distro is that?18:39
Xenosudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall I did not test till now. Thanks for the hint.18:39
misho_Xeno, in Linux you can choose from several drivers from one graphical app18:40
KlausedSource_EriC^^, gentoo18:40
EriC^^oh ok18:40
misho_By default it is open-source driver18:40
KlausedSource_EriC^^, ah found some nice section in /etc/bash/bashrc maybe you want to use it too...https://bpaste.net/show/dc8b3a50971b18:41
XenoYes I know default is the nouveau driver, the only one working till now18:41
willingtonmonkeydust: oops! I normally chill on ##opengl, but xchat automatically opens #ubuntu as well. I was already curious about all the linux talk hahaha :)18:42
misho_you can risk with something other from the list18:42
daftykinsXeno: ensure you have no traces of packages named "bumblebee" on and purge all traces of nvidia packages before trying again. so "sudo apt-get purge nvidia* bumbleb* " followed by "sudo apt-get clean"18:42
Xethwat you guys talking about?18:42
willingtonAnd it was also slightly about display drivers... so I didn't even consider I was on the wrong channel.18:42
OerHeksXeth, see the topic18:43
manuel__alguien de México18:43
XenoYes I did test the 340 and 304, both installed by the nvidia GUI of Ubuntu ("additional drivers", and manually sudo apt-get install nvidia-340. Both did not work.18:43
OerHeks!nomodeset | Xeno i didnt have to use it, maybe it solves yours ..18:44
ubottuXeno i didnt have to use it, maybe it solves yours ..: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:44
XenoI never had bumblebee, it's a new installtion18:44
Xeth@OerHeks i see the topic as ubuntu, am i wrong? i meant what you talking about ubuntu?18:44
XenoI always cleaned all for a ne try, mwns sudo apt-get purge nvidia*18:44
daftykinsXeno: well that's good, but it certainly doesn't hurt to check.18:44
OerHeksXeth, yes, ubuntu support.18:44
XenoAfter that the nouveau driver automatically was there.18:44
Xethah ooops my bad :p18:45
XenoI did the purge order, there were nothing o uninstall, as I assumed.18:48
cain-polhey, my friend recently hit me offline is their anychance i could hit him offline18:48
Xenonomodeset schould not been needed with an inten i3 cpu I think. it's a desktop system, not a notebook or like that.18:49
daftykinscain-pol: inappropriate chat for here, please go elsewhere.18:49
daftykinscain-pol: more than likely you just got fooled into believing :)18:49
OerHeksXeno, how about your bios, any IRQ setting mishap?18:49
cain-polwhere would tha somewhere else be?18:49
daftykinscain-pol: anywhere but here.18:49
Xenoit's a bios from 2011. No idea what irq could be?18:50
Dorfgot a question.  i'm dual booting ubuntu and windows 10 but the grub menu entry for windows sends me to a repair screen18:50
OerHeksXeno, don't know either, it is worth a look, checking options in your bios18:50
Dorfhowever, when i change the bios to the window boot it works fine18:50
Dorfany ideas what might be causing this?18:50
Xenooky, irq should be disabled or enbaled if existing?18:50
wolfieoramahi guys, I am getting an error anytime i try to run the 'make' command on my ubuntu 14.04 64 bit -- "[modules] Error 2" kindly assist18:51
ioriaXeno did you run nvidia-xconfig  ?  sometimes X it's not configured to use nvidia18:51
OerHeksXeno, if it is an older mobo, irq set to auto should be fine, also check graphics onloard/adapter18:51
XenoI never used nvidia-xconfig on thy system, is that installed even without driver?18:52
daftykinsyou wouldn't need it without the driver on18:52
ioriaXeno no, after  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia18:52
ioriaXeno see troubleshooting18:53
bob3247ubuntu 14.04 - i want to install an older kernel 3.13.0-44-generic to test something - q to anyone - how do i do this please?18:53
daftykinsbob3247: sudo apt-get install linux-image-3.13.0-44-generic18:53
cain-polmy friend recently hit me offline is their anychance i could hit him offline18:54
EriC^^hit you offline?18:54
XenoYes I see thanks.18:54
EriC^^oh, sent you a msg to your nick?18:54
EriC^^just scrolled back18:54
daftykinscain-pol: i already told you to take that elsewhere. LEAVE.18:55
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wolfieoramahelp guys errors on make command version 14.0418:56
bob3247daftykins, doint it now thx, odd that google gave me other more complex suggestions, i was sure there had to be some one liner like you posted, lets hope it does the trick18:56
OerHekswolfieorama, errors give a clue, use paste.ubuntu.com to post that error18:58
daftykinsbob3247: well as long as the packages are available it should be fine. use "apt-cache search linux-image-3.13.0" to hunt for those available18:58
bpsizemorehi all, I'm trying to make a custom splash screen for my own custom distro of ubuntu to run on a livecd. I have my image in a .png format but I don't know how to modify the syslinux.txt and syslinux.cfg to show the splash18:58
OerHekswolfieorama, and give some info about what you are building please18:58
=== cain-pol is now known as loooooool
loooooooli've recently been  hit me offline is their anychance i could hit him offline19:00
wolfieoramaOerHeks, i am trying to install an edimax wifi adapter19:00
OerHeksloooooool, wrong channel, this is ubuntu support19:00
bob3247daftykins, cheers, its downloading now so i expect it will be fine, seeing if rolling back kernel fixes a touchpad bug that worked for someone19:00
looooooolOerHerks, any other channel i can i join?19:01
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*19:01
boldfilter1ping IdleOne19:02
rocklobsterSomebody please help!? I can not seem to change the brightness on my screen. HP Pavilion g6 running xubuntu 14.04.19:06
OneM_IndustriesAnyone know of a good SMART reporting tool that gives detailed info?19:07
OerHeksS.M.A.R.T. is standard utility in disks AFAIK19:08
OneM_IndustriesThank you!19:08
wolfieoramaOerHeks, is that sufficient info ?19:08
looooooolis their anyway i  cant reinstall/download windows 7?19:08
OneM_IndustriesNo, I need to be able to look at the disk.19:09
OerHekswolfieorama, i didn't see the error log19:09
OerHeksloooooool, sure, ask in ##windows19:09
wolfieoramaOerHeks, there you go  make: *** /lib/modules/3.16.0-031600-lowlatency/build: No such file or directory.  Stop.19:09
wolfieoramamake: *** [LINUX] Error 219:09
looooooolokay thanks.19:09
k1l_loooooool: this channel is about technical ubuntu support only. if you need to find other channels and need help ask in #freenode .19:10
frostiewhat has happen with the wine ppa? there seem to be no new wine versions there anymore? i have to run wine-staging ppa to get new wine versions for now19:10
OneM_IndustriesI have a drive that is making funny noises and is acting oddly.19:10
potato_farmerrocklobster, try adding acpi_backlight=vendor for GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub19:10
OerHekswolfieorama, what guide are you following?19:10
daftykinsOneM_Industries: sudo apt-get install smartmontools pastebinit && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit19:10
daftykinsOneM_Industries: assuming /dev/sda is the one you want to check.19:10
wolfieoramaOerHeks, i am following this link http://askubuntu.com/questions/509498/is-there-a-standard-wifi-driver-for-the-edimax-ew-7811un19:11
pitastrudlfreshly installed ubuntu19:11
rocklobsterpotato_farmer, I'm kind of a noob. Is that a text file?19:12
MeatPopsicalhow do I open a .sh script in terminal? tried chmod -x /file then running it but it didnt work19:12
boldfilter1wow, ubuntu isn't top room anymore19:12
OneM_IndustriesUh oh.19:12
k1l_boldfilter1: please stick to technical ubuntu support only in here. (you know the guidelines)19:12
SoundAxisMeatPopsical did you /file or ./file19:12
OneM_IndustriesI looked at the smart data for my main HDD, noticed some rather odd things.19:12
csmuleAny admins have the headache of mtu problems? CUrious why if my client is set for 9001 mtu and my server is 1500 I get hanging, but changing the server to 1300 and it works fine.19:13
OneM_Industries5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct   0x0033   200   200   140    Pre-fail  Always       -       019:13
daftykinsOneM_Industries: run the commands i suggested and paste the link.19:13
OneM_IndustriesOk, going.19:13
MeatPopsicalSoundAxis / file19:13
mcphailMeatPopsical: chmod -x will _remove_ execute permissions. You need chmod +x19:14
OneM_IndustriesI am worried about values 1, 2, and 5.19:14
rocklobsterpotato_farmer can you PM me?19:15
OneM_IndustriesPre_Fail sounds bad.19:15
daftykinsOneM_Industries: there is no 2, and those fields have 0 - so nothing is wrong.19:15
mustmodifyAm I correct in understanding that I can copy hashes in /etc/shadow from one machine to another, but that for the same username and password combination there may be more than one possible hash?19:15
frostiebut wine-staging works fine, but no one seem to maintain the regular wine ppa for ubuntu?19:15
OneM_IndustriesWell, misread that then.19:15
daftykinsOneM_Industries: run "dmesg" and see if you have any errors relating to reading/writing to/from that disk.19:15
wolfieoramaOerHeks, picked up anything from the error ?19:16
designbybeckI'd like to set a few windows to "Always on Visible Workspace" each time I open them, how might I do that?19:16
OerHekswolfieorama, this guide has a green sign, so worth to try http://askubuntu.com/questions/551522/netis-wf2120-wifi-adapter-drops-signal-within-seconds/551648#55164819:16
OerHeksmaybe you have no 'headers' installed, not sure about that19:17
OneM_IndustriesNot really seeing anything.19:17
OneM_IndustriesWas worried for a sec, my entire life is on that drive basically.19:17
daftykinsOneM_Industries: then let this be your scare into setting up a proper backup. hard disks are NOT reliable :)19:18
daftykinsbuy another one _today_19:18
wolfieoramaOerHeks, checking19:18
OneM_IndustriesSadly, not in charge of that, and my parents will complain "But...but...money...."19:18
daftykinsOneM_Industries: time to get a job then.19:19
=== dash__ is now known as ulation
OneM_IndustriesNo, I have money saved up, they just don't like spending on computer parts.19:19
daftykinsright but you do it, not them...19:19
vrkansagaramy shift key work As shift And spacebar why ?19:19
daftykinsanyway your domestic finances are off topic :)19:20
=== ulation is now known as dash__
mustmodifyAm I correct in understanding that I can copy hashes in /etc/shadow from one machine to another, but that for the same username and password combination there may be more than one possible hash?19:21
OneM_IndustriesYeah, they are. Any recommendations on HDD manufacturers to stay away from/go to?19:21
unloadingHi , im trying to change my keyboard-layout on ubuntu server. Tried dkpg-reconfigure thing / loadkeys be  , and in /etc/default/keyboard my layout seems to be right. But still i'm having the wrong layout in console.19:21
vrkansagaraunloading:  having issue with keybord19:22
unloadingvrkansagara: is it possible , that this is the fault of webbased vps console ?19:23
vrkansagaramy shift and spacebar work same  (xmapmode code is 65 space 62 Shift_R)19:23
daftykinsOneM_Industries: not really relevant to an OS support channel. Seagate are definitely the worst, i go WD for warranty.19:24
vrkansagaraunloading: i am using laptopn So i dont think so19:24
* OerHeks thinks Seagate is fine, low fallout19:25
unloadingvrkansagara: oh you are having problems with your keyboard or what ? Im confused now ...19:25
vrkansagaraunloading: having prob with keyboard19:25
wolfieorama_OerHeks, no success either19:26
vrkansagaraunloading: have any Solution for Me19:26
unloadingvrkansagara: Whats the problem ? Wrong layout , is it broken :p or ???19:27
OerHekswolfieorama_, sorry to hear that, seems to be a lot of issues with that edimax chip19:27
wolfieorama_OerHeks, edimax and lenovo G series19:28
vrkansagaraunloading: layout is ok And Key map is also ok but can find that why my two switches working same code on It like once i press spacebar it also work as right shift+spacebar and vis-versa19:28
wolfieorama_OerHeks, feeling very frustrated, what other solutions is available for realtek driver :(19:28
OerHekswolfieorama_, that url was the best shot i could find19:29
vrkansagara65 space19:31
vrkansagara62 Shift_R any idea about these two key?19:31
wolfieorama_OerHeks, see the error i am getting now Error! DKMS tree already contains: 8192cu-1.1019:31
wolfieorama_You cannot add the same module/version combo more than once.19:31
unloadingvrkansagara: sorry man , i dont think i can help you with that. Gonna figure out my problem first :p19:31
vrkansagaraunloading: what your problem !19:32
wolfieorama_OerHeks, see my new error up the chat19:35
unloadingvrkansagara: My layout is wrong and i cant fix it19:35
N0bleLooks pretty dead at the moment19:37
ntaxidhello, I was just wondering if there are ways to view the logs that were created after apt-get actions?19:38
daftykinsapt has a history.log19:38
tgm4883ntaxid: /var/log/apt/19:38
tgm4883ntaxid: logs files in that directory19:38
ioria2_wolfieorama_ with this i have no problem in compiling ... https://github.com/pvaret/rtl8192cu-fixes19:39
saddutch people on board ?19:39
ntaxidtgm4883: Thanks. I will look it up.19:39
DJonessad: #ubuntu-nl is the main channel for support in dutch language19:39
DJonesProbably find plenty of people there19:40
sadi cant find answer there19:40
MeatPopsicalanyone have a requested torrent not authorized with this tracker error on transmission?19:40
vrkansagaraunloading: why?19:40
daftykinssad: so ask a question19:40
ntaxidtgm4883: Ok, nice. :) Thanks again.19:40
sada publiec key by of for synaptic19:40
daftykinsMeatPopsical: sounds like you have multiple trackers and need to remove one - oh and to possibly not get shifty content ;)19:41
MeatPopsicaldaftykins they are ubuntu torrents for LTS lol19:41
MeatPopsicalfor some reason some work and some dont idk -____-19:42
tgm4883MeatPopsical: where did you get the torrent file?19:42
MeatPopsicaltgm4483 from the ubuntu torrent lists, the past releases and other flavors part19:43
=== michelle is now known as michelle------
gl3amPlease help me, and fund the campaign: http://igg.me/at/safe-social-network/x/1085426319:44
tgm4883gl3am: don't post that crap here19:44
MeatPopsicalsafe social media.... not really possible since the point of it is putting info out there19:46
chrisn_so I added a user to a group with   usermod -G sftpusers administrator (adding the administrator user to the sftpusers group) -- and when i went to log back into the server it said the user was no longer part of the sudoers group19:46
chrisn_would appending a group cause a user to get removed from sudoers?19:47
Gallomimiachrisn_: sounds like you might have used the wrong command for that and done just so19:47
tgm4883chrisn_: yea, that's the wrong command19:48
zykotick9chrisn_: BUT, did you use -a for append?  if not, they they are only in one group now!  i'd suggest against using usermod... YMMV19:48
tgm4883chrisn_: you missed the -a19:48
zykotick9s/they they/then they/19:48
Gallomimiaummm. so how to get access to admin commands again so as to re-add to sudoers group?19:50
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode19:50
tgm4883Gallomimia: boot into recovery mode and fix it19:50
chrisn_has usermod -G *never* appended the group?  i seem to remember it did when i was working with servers regularly a few years ago19:51
chrisn_maybe it was aliased somehow though19:52
tgm4883chrisn_: I'm going to say probably not, but I'm not looking through years of source code to verify19:52
daftykinseipi10: hi, do you have a support question?19:52
eipi10uhh, yeah19:52
daftykinseipi10: well tip #1 is press enter less please.19:53
eipi10oh, sorry!19:53
eipi10I was doin this nickserve thingy19:53
pitastrudlany idea which package of skype to install here http://i.imgur.com/qhfmQiN.png for ubuntu 14:04 64bit19:53
daftykinseipi10: ok so that's not #ubuntu support but freenode support, ask in #freenode19:53
k1l_pitastrudl: multiarch.19:54
pitastrudlok thanks19:54
eipi10oh, I was trying to register my name19:54
daftykinseipi10: yeah so ask them - that's off topic here :)19:54
eipi10do you have an opinion of a safe, light browser?19:55
lertMy computer isn't booting from my bootable usb. The usb is 32-bit 14.04.02, and it works fine on my other computer. I've tried using the boot menu and switching around the boot order so that removable drives boot first. Is there anything I'm doing wrong, or does this computer just refuse to boot to anything but windows vista?19:55
eipi10or do I have to go to a browser channel to get 2 cents?19:56
eipi10in ebonics, that would be equivalent to 2 scrent19:56
eipi10I didn't mean to piss y'all off earlier.  I am totally new to IRC.19:58
eipi10so, adios19:58
nopfso how to edit pdfs in "current" ubuntu versions (drawing boxes and such)? alternatives to pdfedit, which is no more in the repositories?20:00
lertNobody's going to answer my question, are they?20:03
MikeAndIkeHow do i get the pipelight plugin in firefox to stop crashing when on xat?20:04
=== Eggs is now known as Guest86650
Dorfis there anything built to make the keyboard on ubuntu function more like a mac?20:11
k1l_Dorf: can you explain what you mean?20:11
bekksDorf: What would make a keyboard function "more like a mac"?20:11
Dorfthe shortcuts honestly20:11
Dorfmy biggest complaint is not being able to paste into terminal with a keyboard shortcyt20:12
k1l_Dorf: hold the "super" key to get the list of shortcuts20:12
k1l_Dorf: pasting is "shift+ctrl+v"20:12
EriC^^Dorf: shift+ctrl+v to paste20:12
Dorfwell that's good to know20:12
Dorfthank you20:12
EriC^^or middle mouse if you highlighted it only20:12
carpediembabyHello. I am on 14.04 and the wifi was getting disconnected. I tried resetting the wifi by: ifconfig wlan0 down / up but it fails saying "error whole getting interface flags: no such device"20:13
Dorftrying not to leave the keyboard20:13
carpediembabyA restart didn't help either...20:13
EriC^^shift+insert then20:13
carpediembabyAny ideas?20:13
ikoniacarpediembaby: have you looked if there is an interface called wlan0 ?20:13
carpediembabyikonia: how do I look for that?20:14
ikoniaif you don't know the device name, why are you trying to down it20:15
ikoniayou shouldn't just be doing random things,20:15
ikoniatalk to someone in here and ask the channel to help work through your problem rather than blindly typing commands20:15
carpediembabyikonia: I knew rahe device name from the output of ifconfig. I was able to down it. But now ifconfig up doesn't work.20:15
MikeAndIkeIs Gnash a good alt to flash player?20:16
ikoniacarpediembaby: I doubt you're able to down it if the device doesn't exist20:16
ikoniaMikeAndIke: no20:16
k1l_MikeAndIke: not really. flash needs to die, really20:16
MikeAndIkek1l_ and ikonia i really need flash player though.. For games like Adventure quest, xat chats online, and other games i play :)20:17
daftykinscarpediembaby: what does "ifconfig -a" report? or preferably, "ip a" ?20:18
carpediembabyikonia: what do you mean it doesn't exist. It was there in ifconfig. Then the connection dropped and I tried to drop/up the interface . It failed on the up command so I restarted the computer.20:18
MeatPopsicaldo you guys use 14.04 or 15.04? also why?20:18
ikoniacarpediembaby: you just said you got the error "no such device"20:18
k1l_MikeAndIke: see pepperflashplugin-nonfree  or adobe-flashplugin20:19
k1l_MeatPopsical: its your choice. do you want to upgrade every 6 months?20:19
carpediembabydaftykins: now, it only reports loopback as the output. I'm unable to paste the output since the device doesn't have Internet anymore.  (I'm on a phone)20:19
ikoniahence "no such device"20:20
daftykinscarpediembaby: yeah so have you inadvertently flicked a wireless on/off switch?20:20
daftykinscarpediembaby: if it's an internal card, does lspci still show it?20:20
daftykins(the wireless device)20:21
carpediembabyikonia: I also said that I restarted after I was unable to fix it with ifconfig down/up. Restarting fixes the problem but apparently now it's not getting fixed.20:21
carpediembabydaftykins: lspci shows a network controller Intel 7260 (Rev 6b) and there is no physical switch on this laptop20:22
daftykinscarpediembaby: "sudo modprobe iwlwifi" then repeat "ifconfig -a" and see if an interface returned20:25
carpediembabyikonia: daftykins: before the restart, for ifconfig wlan0 up, I got an error something like connection timed out and some message related to setting gflags which I don't recall20:25
carpediembabydaftykins: yes the interface returned!20:27
daftykinsso it almost sounds like your interface down command somehow unloaded iwlwifi20:27
carpediembabyThough it still doesn't connect to the network20:27
daftykinsit won't until you restart network-manager20:27
MikeAndIkedaftykins after i installed Ubuntu i don't get the freeze up at all that i was having20:27
MikeAndIkeEverything is like 2x as fast as it was on usb and bootup takes no time at all :D20:28
daftykinsMikeAndIke: i don't recall this situation at all, sorry20:28
daftykinsrefresh my memory?20:28
k1l_MikeAndIke: that is no wonder.20:28
MikeAndIkedaftykins you don't remember talking to me the other day here when i was uisng "helpmeubuntu" nick lol20:29
daftykinsi help a lot of people, the nicks turn into a blur20:29
carpediembabydaftykins: I already tried that. I've been looking for a solution for this and was trying ifconfig thing for this too. Once the connection drops, it never reconnects unless I restart the computer20:29
MikeAndIkeI'm on the freenode webchat atm but which would you guys recommend for IRC client out of xChat and Hexchat?20:29
daftykinscarpediembaby: version of ubuntu? desktop?20:29
k1l_MikeAndIke: start with hexchat20:29
daftykinsMikeAndIke: hexchat should be fine20:29
carpediembabydaftykins: Ubuntu 14.04 and the computer is lenovo yoga pro 2 if that's what you mean by desktop20:30
daftykinscarpediembaby: no desktop environment, so presumably unity standard there20:30
daftykinscarpediembaby: are you fully up to date? which kernel?20:31
carpediembabydaftykins: ah, yes. Unity.20:31
carpediembabyI should be up to date or maybe a few days old20:31
daftykins"uname -r" for current kernel20:31
carpediembabydaftykins: kernel is 3.16 0-45-generic20:32
daftykinscarpediembaby: ok, so you might consider upgrading to the vivid HWE (hardware enablement stack) which uses the 3.19 kernel - i think that'll provide a newer intel driver which might play ball better, tough to say20:35
daftykinsotherwise maybe do a quick hunt for intel wireless bugs for your model card20:35
huschkehello to all...can somebody help me ?  i have installed lubuntu and in my login screen  i can choose between lubuntu desktop version and lubuntu notebook version...how can i completly remove lubuntu notebook desktop enviroment ???20:35
k1l_huschke: what ubuntu version is that?20:36
huschkeits lubuntu 15.0420:36
huschkei cant find lubuntu irc chat20:37
huschke<k1l_> its lubuntu 15.0420:37
carpediembaby_daftykins: Is this a good? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds?action=show&redirect=KernelMainlineBuilds#Installing_upstream_kernels20:37
huschkek1l_ : i dont like multiple login screens.. i only want to remove the lubuntu notebook desktop enviroment20:38
bprompthuschke:     I assume the lubuntu-notebook or such, would be a package in the package manager, Synaptics, or software center, that you could remove20:39
daftykinscarpediembaby_: no you don't install mainline kernels - look up how to get the vivid HWE enabled on your system20:40
k1l_huschke: do you mean the "netbook" session?20:40
huschkebprompt: thx man..20:40
daftykins!info linux-image-generic-lts-vivid | carpediembaby_20:41
ubottucarpediembaby_: Package linux-image-generic-lts-vivid does not exist in vivid20:41
k1l_huschke: is that a netbook?20:41
bprompthuschke:    you could give a whirl to ->  dpkg -l | grep lubuntu | grep note  <--- to check for any20:41
huschkek1l_ : yes20:41
daftykinsugh fail20:41
daftykins!info linux-image-generic-lts-vivid trusty | carpediembaby_20:41
ubottucarpediembaby_: linux-image-generic-lts-vivid (source: linux-meta-lts-vivid): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 27 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; powerpc)20:41
huschkebprompt: cool..thx ..i will ttake a look..sorry iam newbie20:42
huschkesome otgher question. lubuntu shows me 1 bad sektor from hdd but badblocks didnt found anything bad ..whats that ???20:42
carpediembaby_daftykins: so i should just install this package and give it a go?20:43
daftykinshuschke: sudo apt-get install pastebinit smartmontools && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit20:43
daftykinshuschke: run the above and paste the link it produces20:43
daftykinshuschke: don't run badblocks :)20:43
daftykinscarpediembaby_: yeah, i think to get the proper HWE you need to install with dependencies though20:44
carpediembaby_daftykins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack maybe?20:44
daftykinscarpediembaby_: yep that's the one20:45
k1l_huschke: seems that sessions come with the lubuntu-default-session package. you could try to remove the entries in /usr/share/xsessions/ if you dont like them beeing in that menu20:45
huschkek1l_: ok i will take a look in that folder20:46
huschkedaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12057842/20:46
mustmodifyAm I correct in understanding that I can copy hashes in /etc/shadow from one machine to another, but that for the same username and password combination there may be more than one possible hash?20:47
daftykinshuschke: yep, it's not necessarily a risk yet - but i personally would replace that drive :)20:47
daftykinshuschke: write that command down, "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda" because things could get worse. there may be more bad sectors that your drive hasn't found yet, if you encounter freezes you'll probably be hitting them20:48
carpediembaby_daftykins: great, thanks! Ill try if this works any better20:48
huschkedaftykins: my english is not so good..i forgot many vocabular..i am from germany20:49
huschkewhat you mean with encounter20:49
daftykinshuschke: oh actually look at line 67, hardware ECC errors are high - i think bad times are coming20:50
huschkedid my hdd have a bad sector ?? i didnt understand the textfile20:50
Xeno@huschke: here it means: erleben, erfahren20:50
daftykinshuschke: yes, look at lines 55 and 68 - 1 bad sector got remapped20:50
k1l_basically the check says: your disk is starting to fail.20:50
daftykinshuschke: i'd backup and replace that disk immediately20:50
huschkedaftykins: i have wotrked with gparted last days20:51
daftykinshuschke: and?20:51
nopfso how to edit pdfs in "current" ubuntu versions (drawing boxes and such)? alternatives to pdfedit, which is no more in the repositories?20:51
huschkecan it be error because of wrong partitioning20:51
daftykinshuschke: no, it is physically failing - it is a dying disk20:51
huschkelast month i had windwos installed and after formatting drive the error was gone20:52
Ioyriedid you check if your drive is smaller after reformatting?20:53
Jordan_UIoyrie: Drives don't change their reported size.20:54
daftykinsIoyrie: that's not how it works :)20:54
huschke<Ioyrie> ...no20:54
eipi10so is Pigeon a chat client like chatzilla?20:59
eipi10is this the same #ubuntu that's on freenode?20:59
MonkeyDusteipi10  doesnt exist in trusty or vivid20:59
SpeccyManno but pidgin is21:00
k1l_eipi10: this is #ubuntu on freenode21:00
Jordan_Uhuschke: Often writing to a "bad block" can fix it, either by overwriting the same physical block (if the hardware wasn't damaged, but maybe a power failure caused a partial write), or by causing that sector to be remapped so that data for that logical block will be stored elsewhere (in the pool of extra sectors that drives keep for this purpose), and the physically unusable sector will simply no longer be used by the drive.21:00
Villagei got "package require tls" so what i need install?21:06
k1l_!info tcl-tls21:10
ubottutcl-tls (source: tcltls): TLS OpenSSL extension to Tcl. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6+dfsg-3 (vivid), package size 51 kB, installed size 151 kB21:10
pitastrudldoes anyone know of a good unity dark theme for ubuntu 14.0421:11
pitastrudlprefferably flat styled21:11
MonkeyDust!themes | pitastrudl start here21:11
ubottupitastrudl start here: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy21:11
pitastrudlnice ty21:11
t7hello all21:12
t7i would like to roll back firefox to 3921:12
t7is it possible?21:12
finetundra__hey guys, I'd like to move programs to my ti 84 plus silver edition but I've heard that there may be issues. So, how should I go about this?21:12
k1l_t7: why that? there are no security backports so that is not the best idea21:13
Villagework k1l_, thanks21:13
t7k1l_: a vital addon21:13
t7that now isnt working21:13
t7it should be fixed in a few days21:13
k1l_t7: best is to tell the addon maker21:13
t7then i can upgrade21:13
t7k1l_: so not possible?21:13
tgm4883a vital addon?21:13
t7popup dictionary21:14
t7im studying very hard21:14
tgm4883that's.... no vital21:14
Jordan_Ut7: There is a known serious vulnerability in Firefox that could allow any site to steal any of your files.21:14
t7yeah but i had 39.03 or whatever before21:14
t7so it was patched21:14
MonkeyDusttgm4883  your parents got their grades without that addon21:15
Mike9863Whenever I plug my Android device into my laptop via USB, Nautilus opens a bunch of windows and I get dozens of MTP error messages. How can I disable this device from trying to mount because it's clear the laptop can't handle it correctly.21:16
MonkeyDustt7  ^^^21:16
t7thankyou for pointing out errors in my grammar21:16
t7this has been a very helpful experience21:17
k1l_t7: you can install a version with apt  if that version is still on the servers21:17
k1l_t7: but this is, like we already said several times now, not the best option since there is no security patch backports on that firefox package.21:18
tony_I need help. My ubuntu 15.04 has stopped appearing after I try to log on. All I get is a white screen.21:19
t7k1l_: thanks21:19
=== wook is now known as Guest28491
vonStraussif i am burning an iso to usb for a live usb,21:26
vonStrausscan i use the restore disk image tool21:26
vonStrausswill that do that for me21:27
BARTECHNOLOGYSRVGuys remember me21:27
vonStraussi van't get unetbootin up21:27
BARTECHNOLOGYSRVWut u need about unetbootin21:27
k1l_vonStrauss: what OS are you on now?21:27
BARTECHNOLOGYSRVWhat's up with unet?21:27
vonStraussk1l_, ubuntu21:28
k1l_BARTECHNOLOGYSRV: calm down please.21:28
k1l_vonStrauss: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu21:28
vonStraussthnks k1l_21:28
vonStraussbut will the restore disk image tool also work21:28
BARTECHNOLOGYSRVim not angry21:28
vonStrausssince i'm already on that window :P21:28
BARTECHNOLOGYSRVI just got access to server 221:28
k1l_vonStrauss: i dont know what that tool is21:28
r0000tAnyone have experience with getting the game RIFT to run on Wine/Ubuntu 14.04?21:29
vonStraussokay. well i'll try it and if it doesn'twork , i'll just wipe and do what you said21:29
Johnny_Linuxdo you really need that big if a nick ?21:29
vonStraussthsnk you anyway k1l_21:30
k1l_r0000t: for questions about wine better ask the wine specialists:21:30
k1l_!wine | r0000t21:30
ubottur0000t: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu21:30
r0000tkll_:  that was my next stop21:30
BARTECHNOLOGYSRVHey why did I get disconnected?21:31
k1l_BARTECHNOLOGYSRV: because you closes the client. but please keep this channel clear for real ubuntu support.21:31
BARTECHNOLOGYSRVI didnt close the client21:31
k1l_BARTECHNOLOGYSRV: you might want to join ##chat for your talking21:32
* genii slides k1l_ some tasty cookies21:33
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finetundra__genii: can I have cookies too?21:35
marushello, i want to make a bootable windows7.iso in usb under ubuntu, but i don't have success with usb disk creator and sudo dd bs=4M if=windows7.iso of=/dev/sdb121:42
marusany effective way to make this bootable usb?21:42
EriC^^marus: that won't work21:42
k1l_marus: i dont think that works with windows isos. ask the windows guys how to get a working one21:42
Jordan_Umarus: WinUSB is a tool for this purpose, but if it doesn't work we can't help you beyond that here.21:42
marusJordan_U: so ubuntu doesn't have a tool to do that?21:43
marusunetboot also..?21:43
edupt_Hello! I am using ubuntu 12.04 in Zedboard (with Arm). The Zedboard has a OLED, I would like to change the text in OLED, someone know how can I do that? Thanks in advance for every support.21:43
EriC^^marus: uefi/21:43
OerHeksmarus, pendrive says it could http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/21:44
Jordan_Umarus: Correct, there is no tool in the Ubuntu repositories for accomplishing this.21:44
Jordan_Umarus: http://en.congelli.eu/prog_info_winusb.html21:44
pitastrudlhello, im trying to install this, any idea on how to make it work http://sysads.co.uk/2014/06/install-system-load-indicator-0-4-in-ubuntu-14-04/21:45
pitastrudlcant find any settings to toggle it on21:45
pitastrudland i forgot how i enabled it the last time21:45
OerHeks!info indicator-multiload21:47
ubottuindicator-multiload (source: indicator-multiload): Graphical system load indicator for CPU, ram, etc.. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.4-0ubuntu3 (vivid), package size 91 kB, installed size 461 kB21:47
OerHekspitastrudl, indicator-multiload is in the repos21:47
marusOerHeks: pendrivelinux is very good, i've tested it, but you can't install it in ubuntu21:47
bytefireHi all21:47
pitastrudli see21:47
pitastrudli had to open the app21:47
Meh32hey guys, i have a question, anyone know how to give permission to my User to be able to edit files in /var/www ?21:49
Meh32i dont want to sudo everytime i want to edit something in my local webserver21:49
pitastrudl!info indicator-sysmonitor21:49
ubottuPackage indicator-sysmonitor does not exist in vivid21:49
daftykinsmarus: regardless your example command was wrong since you chose sdb1 not sdb ;)21:49
marusdaftykins: it work for me, i've tested both21:50
daftykinsmarus: EFI boot? that's different then, legacy boot you can't just dd to a partition.21:51
edupt_Hello! I am using ubuntu 12.04 in Zedboard (with Arm). The Zedboard has a OLED, I would like to change the text in OLED, someone know how can I do that? Thanks in advance for every support.21:51
daftykins!repeat | edupt_21:51
ubottuedupt_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/21:51
marusdamage, there isn't any tool for linux like pendrivelinux21:52
daftykinsedupt_: you should maybe find channels relevant to that device, i don't think this channel will be of much use for ARM toys21:52
edupt_ok. Sorry21:52
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.21:52
OerHeksmarus, then go for winusb , see the url from Jordan_U21:52
marusJordan_U say there no tool21:53
Jordan_Umarus: There are many supported tools for preparing GNU/Linux LiveUSBs in Ubuntu. There are no supported tools for preparing Windows install USBs in Ubuntu, and it is a completely different process. I have pointed you toward WinUSB once already, here is the link again: http://en.congelli.eu/prog_info_winusb.html . We cannot support this tool, but you are free to use it and get support for any problems you have elsewhere.21:54
marusJordan_U: thanks21:55
bytefireI removed and re-added WiFi drivers. It seems to have gone okay. But connection fails with the message: aborting authentication with (Mac address) by local choice21:56
Jordan_Umarus: You're welcome.21:56
bytefireAny suggestions why that might be?21:56
MonkeyDustbytefire  by local choice... did you somehow change a mac address?21:57
emmanuel_erchello everyone!!!21:58
emmanuel_ercI think I might be the biggest moron on the planet right now21:58
daftykinsemmanuel_erc: well phrase an ubuntu related support question for us and start from there21:59
emmanuel_ercI'm sorry... I am just freaking out21:59
daftykinsok, well pull yourself together first :)21:59
k1l_emmanuel_erc: please stick to technical ubuntu support in here only.21:59
jhutchinsemmanuel_erc: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?22:00
emmanuel_ercI am going to ask about how I might restore my files that I deleted. Is that ubuntu techical support related?22:00
k1l_!extundelete | emmanuel_erc22:01
k1l_!undelete | emmanuel_erc22:01
ubottuemmanuel_erc: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel22:01
emmanuel_ercThis was on my laptop, and I shut down my computer once I realized what happened, though I did install extundelete while I was panicking.22:02
bytefireMonkeyDust not deliberately22:02
emmanuel_erc(I am using my desktoop right now)22:02
bytefireMonkeyDust it connects fine after restarting22:03
emmanuel_ercI want to ask if it is possible to start my laptop up again and just go to the virtual console so that I may perhaps unmount the drive22:03
bytefire... the machine22:03
Leverquincan i get some link with terminal commands. and with list of file type that is commong in linux (the best if have comperation with windows)22:05
daftykinsLeverquin: file types (extensions) aren't really relevant in Linux land, type is handled by metadata in file headers i think22:06
Leverquinhow do you mean?22:07
daftykinsyou don't get file.ext , you get file with header info22:07
Leverquinoh and where i can see header?22:08
daftykinsyou would run "file foo" and it can tell you what the file is22:10
allonhadayahi, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for analyzing a core dump from a piece of firmware, specifically iwlwifi?22:13
allonhadayaI have the location of the dump, but I'm not sure where to find the binary... or if that's even what I'm supposed to do.22:14
Jordan_Uallonhadaya: I assume that you're having trouble with a wireless card. Does this card work well in another OS? If you suspect a problem with the linux driver then I would suggest filing a bug report and including this core dump. How did you come across this core dump anyway?22:20
allonhadaya:sb goto -122:23
allonhadaya:sb goto -122:23
allonhadaya:sb goto -122:23
allonhadayaoh oops22:23
joanhi, need some help with permissions on a directory mounted using the "bind" option. Scenario: /bind_dir, set with 777 and ownership root:root, is the main dir. It has two subdirs, /bind_dir/subdir_home (777, user:user), and /bind_dir/subdir_media (777, root:root). The first one binds the regular /home/user dir system, and the second one the regular /media dir system. Both are meant to be used in a nfs share, and are mounted as usual:  "none22:24
joan   bind  0  0".22:24
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allonhadayaJordan_U: I've been using this same setup for a long time with no trouble, so it must be a very infrequent edgecase. I had a bunch of webpages open, actively streaming a youtube video, as well as an ssh tunnel which may have been hung up on already.22:26
MrHeaderrHey hey22:26
allonhadayaJordan_U: where should I file the bug?22:27
MrHeaderrThe Ubuntu Mate image for the Pi2 is awesome, still use now22:27
sirEggheadI have a fresh 15.04 installation that won't connect to wifi.  NetworkManager sees the wifi spots around.  The password is correct.  I have another laptop (different hardware) with a fresh 15.04 installation as well.  It works fine.22:27
Jordan_Uallonhadaya: All you've said is what apps you had open when something happened. What actually happened? Where did this "firmware core dump" come from?22:28
wileeesirEgghead, Check lspci in the cli for th hardware as well for us.22:32
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wileeesirEgghead, Just making sure it does connect with wifi, can you confirm this?22:33
allonhadayaJordan_U: I'll try to answer what I think you're asking, but correct me if I didn't understand... One moment I was usng my apps like I described, and the next I had a bunch of log messages from iwlwifi on the screen. The last line indicated where I could find a core dump. The computer was unresponsive for a while, until at some point I could reboot it.22:33
sirEggheadwileee, the hardware is showing up.  RTL8188CE.  It won't connect though.  I even tried to connect to an open wifi as well.22:34
daftykinsugh realtek22:35
sirEggheadagreed ^22:35
Jordan_Uallonhadaya: Is this error message still available in /var/log/dmesg.0 or elsewhere?22:35
t3p0hello all!22:36
t3p0I have a quick question regarding installing a piece of software on server-12.04.522:37
wileeesirEgghead, Yeah realtek, info on the web I will share, as I'm not sure what you've done so far, and am not really up on this issue.  https://www.google.com/search?q=15.04++RTL8188CE&hl=en&site=webhp&gbv=1&sei=nnjKVfjgBpfSoASZ5YOAAw22:37
t3p0apt-get install stress-ng doesnt seem to find the package22:38
sirEggheadwileee, haven't really done anything to this one yet.  I dislike realtek.22:38
bekks!info stress-ng22:39
ubottustress-ng (source: stress-ng): tool to load and stress a computer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.03.20-1 (vivid), package size 1307 kB, installed size 2829 kB22:39
allonhadayaJordan_U: I'm digging around... Will let you know if I find it.22:39
sirEggheadwileee, I'll go over some of those results and get back to you again.  thanks.22:39
bekks!info stress-ng precise22:39
ubottuPackage stress-ng does not exist in precise22:39
wileeesirEgghead, No problem, wish I had better support.22:39
bekkst3p0: It doesnt exist in precise.22:39
t3p0@bekks oh my22:41
t3p0I feel pretty dumb22:41
t3p0I suppose it needs 14.04 huh?22:41
allonhadayaJordan_U: the crash dump was located in /usr/share/apport/apport -- would that serve as a hint to where I might find the logs?22:41
bekks!14.04 > beisner22:41
ubottubeisner, please see my private message22:41
bekksbeisner: dont bother, I tabfailed.22:42
bekks!14.04 > bekks22:42
ubottubekks, please see my private message22:42
t3p0@bekks thanks for getting that info for me22:42
daftykinssirEgghead: can you update that install with the wired interface?22:42
bekks!info stress-ng trusty22:42
ubottuPackage stress-ng does not exist in trusty22:42
bekkst3p0: It doesnt exist in trusty either, gimme a few please :)22:42
bekkst3p0: It should be available in trusty backports: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-backports/2015-February/020479.html22:44
sirEggheaddaftykins, yeah22:44
allonhadayaJordan_U: now that I look at that file, that doesn't really make sense... :/22:44
daftykinssirEgghead: ok, updated realtek drivers it is then22:44
sirEggheaddaftykins, sounds good.  mind pointing me in the right direction?22:44
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bekkst3p0: Can confirm it is in trusty backports: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty-backports/stress-ng22:45
Jordan_Uallonhadaya: I'm looking up how to get apport to automatically send a bug report including the crash dump.22:45
bekkst3p0: Hope that helps22:45
daftykinssirEgghead: no can do, don't know where to get anything - it'd just be google.22:46
sirEggheadhaha kk ty22:46
Jordan_Uallonhadaya: Running "apport-cli" should present you with the option of filing a bug report.22:47
t3p0@bekks thanks so much!22:49
bekkst3p0: you're welcome :)22:50
bekkst3p0: In "revenge", you could clue me a bit further on how to use stress-ng :)22:50
finetundra__anyone know how to move programs to a ti 84?22:51
finetundra__on 14,0422:51
finetundra__probably not the best description22:51
bekkst3p0: this one: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~cking/stress-ng/ is a bit overwhelming :D22:51
allonhadayaJordan_U: apport-cli indicates that there are no pending crashes and that lines up with the fact that it's not in /var/crash22:51
k1l_finetundra__: how would you do it on a non-14.04?22:52
finetundra__k1l_: I don't know22:52
allonhadayaJordan_U: could the system have frozen before it was able to write the report?22:52
k1l_finetundra__: and what does "move program to a ti84" mean at all?22:52
finetundra__And I'm talking about programs meant for the ti84 calculator22:53
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allonhadayaJordan_U: I know that this line of code ran -- https://github.com/elp/iwlwifi/blob/master/fs/coredump.c#L60422:53
allonhadayaJordan_U: if it helps22:53
daftykinsfinetundra__: i take it you mean software on Linux to manage the calculators22:53
k1l_!tilp | finetundra__22:53
k1l_!info tilp | finetundra__22:54
finetundra__daftykins: that sounds about right22:54
ubottufinetundra__: Package tilp does not exist in vivid22:54
k1l_!info tilp2 | finetundra__22:54
ubottufinetundra__: tilp2 (source: tilp2): Texas Instruments hand-helds <-> PC communication program for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.17-1 (vivid), package size 310 kB, installed size 948 kB22:54
t3p0@bekks agreed :)22:56
t3p0I am learning myself, trying to move away from using StressLinux distro.22:56
t3p0Would prefer something built it. I will chime back once I get some facetime with -ng :)22:57
finetundra__that'll do, thanks guys!22:57
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finetundra__and I'm back. Tilp seems to crash when backing up. Does anyone know how to backup with tilp and where it stores backups?23:13
daftykinsthat's like the most niche request ever23:14
daftykinsfinetundra__: look it up, i feel like you don't even try before you come here.23:14
finetundra__daftykins: I do try before I come here. When I do come here, I've reached a dead end.23:14
daftykinsfinding that program was like an app search, heh23:15
FinetundraStill, now I need to know where it puts backups. And why it crashes when backing up.23:17
daftykinsdoes it have a man page?23:17
FinetundraYeah, I didn't see a backup location listed23:18
k1l_Finetundra: that program is a very special one. so you might have more luck with looking into the docs of that program or see if there is a community around it23:18
hexdecimalagainhey everyone23:33
finetundra__hexdecimalagain: hi23:35
hexdecimalagainI have a little problem23:35
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finetundra__hexdecimalagain: go ahead and say it23:35
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:35
hexdecimalagainI started to do programming (im on holiday btw), im 18, as i said i started to do a programming it was so productive 2 weeks for me, but i gave up. I dont have a motvation what should i do23:37
hexdecimalagainIts little off topic23:37
OerHekstotally offtopic :-)23:37
k1l_hexdecimalagain: #ubuntu-offtopic or ##chat for that then23:37
finetundra__hexdecimalagain: ubuntu-offtopic23:37
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gartralhey guys, in 15.04 is /home encryption manditory?23:52
k1l_gartral: no23:55

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