zequencexubuntu went with the gtk2 variant, so I think we should also (bug above)09:14
OvenWerksI wonder if using xubuntu's desktop file from seeds would do this for us.13:32
astraljavaShould, but are we not dropping/exchanging anything from it for our own?13:38
OvenWerksastraljava: not really, we use other than just a desktop seed already and our settings seed pretty much has any differences in it.17:09
OvenWerksastraljava: there may be some tools that we add in our desktop, but we probably don't need to.17:10
OvenWerksastraljava: I have installed Studio apps + menu direct to Xubuntu with no noticable difference. We would only have to make some of our packages "Replaces" the Xubuntu equivalent... the less the better. I think we could accept font choices and style choices. settings covers backdrops/menu/session setup.17:13

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