knomepleia2, ping me when you are home and have something around 30-60 minutes to debug the flyer printing process so we can finally get that done and over with07:22
knomeUnit193, where's the MP to update the docs debian/ dir?07:26
Unit193I don't know?07:46
knomecan you do one?08:01
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Unit193knome: For what exactly?09:25
knomethe dependency updates09:26
Unit193I see...09:26
knomeyou pasted me that pastebin09:26
knomeso please make it a MP..09:26
Unit193I don't remember any such thing, last paste I had was for livecd-rootfs.09:27
knomemaybe it was krytarik then09:27
ochosibluesabre: what potential issue with the patched panel? and good to hear you could successfully drop it in -staging!09:35
knomeochosi, http://tracker.xubuntu.org/ppa-uploads.html09:49
bluesabreochosi: I followed up with a "ignore me"09:55
bluesabreI thought that staging had the split panel package for vivid, which required a few plugin rebuilds, but that was in staging so it was not a problem09:56
ochosibluesabre: oh ok, perfect. ignoring you now :)10:45
ochosiknome: sweet10:45
ochosibluesabre: so i guess this is working and we can ping flocculant about it?10:47
bluesabreochosi: yep, it's in -staging and ready to go10:47
ochosicool, so flocculant you can ahead and check xfce4-panel and xfpanel-switch from the staging ppa and give it a go. you can then launch xfpanel-switch from the panel preferences after the update as the new "backup and restore" button10:48
bluesabreochosi: made the sidebar a bit nicer on catfish last night, working on making the sidebar work more nicely https://code.launchpad.net/~catfish-search/catfish-search/gtk316-csd10:51
ochosiwhat widgets are you using in the sidebar btw?10:52
Unit193Toggle to turn off CSD, by chance?10:52
bluesabreochosi: ListBox10:52
ochosioh interestig10:52
bluesabreUnit193: maybe10:52
Unit193Oooh, wasn't expecting that.10:52
bluesabrexfce handles them sanely now, so not enitrely necessary10:52
ochosiis it listbox that is not properly themed in greybird or is it catfish being a bit funky there?10:53
bluesabrewell, it seems to be gtk being dumb10:53
bluesabrelistboxrows for some reason are adapting the button class10:53
ochosiooookay :)10:53
bluesabreI force remove the css class now10:53
ochosihm, well we can throw together some css to include in catfish if you want10:54
bluesabreI fixed that last night10:54
ochosito make it look sane in adwaita and greybird by default10:54
ochosinice, looks sane now10:55
ochosii just pulled ;)10:55
ochosithe menuitems in the settings menu look a bit off still, but other than that it's nice now!10:55
bluesabreyeah, going to fiddle with that for a while tonight10:56
ochosianyway, nice work!10:56
ochosilooks like the release isn't terribly far away though10:56
bluesabrethis week for sure10:56
bluesabrehoping to drop a mugshot release this weekend as well10:56
ochosithe search-entry is a bit short10:56
ochosibut well10:57
bluesabreneed to reach out to libreoffice packaging team today, or blacklist the human theme on the iso10:57
ochosii think file managers work around that by showing the search in a separate row below the headerbar10:57
ochosioh right, in that case get in touch with Sweet5hark10:57
ochosihe might not always be around, but you're looking for him10:57
bluesabreochosi: will you be around today?10:58
bluesabreit'd be cool if somebody could start prodding ubuntu-dev about an ubiquity release https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/ubiquity/trunk10:59
ochosioh humm, i prolly won't be around during the day..10:59
ochosiwould be back in about 4hrs or so10:59
bluesabreok, there might still be a few folks around at that time10:59
ochosimaybe it's enough to poke someone once now10:59
ochosiand i can follow up on it later11:00
ochosii can get in touch with Sweet5hark then11:00
bluesabreI'm out from soonish to +10 hours11:00
ochosiwhat do we want from him again?11:00
ochosiwrt the human theme i mean11:00
bluesabrealternate depends/recommends for libreoffice-gtk on libreoffice-style-human|libreoffice-style-elementary11:01
bluesabreI might be able to put together a patch before heading out11:01
ochosiok cool11:05
ochosigotta run now11:05
bluesabreochosi: this is the diff, basically we want libreoffice-style-elementary as an alternate Recommends for libreoffice-gtk and libreoffice-gtk3 http://paste.ubuntu.com/12054927/11:21
bluesabrenot sure when lo-5 is due to be packaged, but we can probably blacklist the human theme in our seed for the meantime11:22
bluesabregotta run, bbl11:22
flocculantbluesabre: did that lightdm upload go in - in time for live build at 09:50? if so then I guess it wasn't that11:29
flocculantstill got password in livesession11:29
flocculantochosi: ok :)11:29
bluesabreflocculant: yeah, it should be in there11:40
flocculantmmm - ok - issue elsewhere then perhaps11:40
bluesabrefor reference http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/x/xubuntu-default-settings/xubuntu-default-settings_15.10.2/changelog11:41
bluesabrein case somebody wants to help in the investigation11:41
flocculantok - well that's in the livesession ok 11:42
flocculantI guess I'll try in -release later see if I can get some interest in it11:43
krytarikknome: Yes, it was me - I've noticed 'debian/copyright' in the work items too though - so how about you combine it with that? :P - http://paste.openstack.org/show/MqvUKza6T5IN3p2iZsyU/12:54
knomekrytarik, please, do a MP...12:55
knomeoh no, not again...13:06
knomedpm, hello!14:21
knomeso if you haven't got the information yet, we've moved the tracker to http://tracker.xubuntu.org/14:22
dpmknome, so ochosi and I had a conversation about the tracker, and when he showed it to me I thought it was something really cool to showcase. I was just going to mention it on a G+ post, but I asked him whether the server/url were already stable enough to point to, and he'd said he'd check with you14:23
dpmso here we are :)14:23
dpmessentially, it pulls data from LP blueprints as a nicer/xubuntuier frontend to replace status.u.com, correct?14:25
knomewe've also been planning more stuff, like building a list of the latest uploads to our testing PPAs as well as the main repositories for packages that we are interested in14:52
knomethis would especially help our testers see what has changed lately and focus on making sure new stuff that is landing is working and not regressing14:52
knomeanother new feature i've been preparing is pulling stuff from the QA trackers to get some information on the amount of tests ran etc14:54
flocculantochosi: the digging at why live starts at password is ongoing 18:29
flocculantUnit193: it is apparently lightdm "lightdm now expects an actual meaningful value instead of what we're handing it for autologin-session="20:07
krytarik# user-session = Session to load for users20:19
krytarik# autologin-session = Session to load for automatic login (overrides user-session)20:19
flocculantyea I know20:27
krytarikObviously, we'd want to check what happens when we set "autologin-session=xubuntu", alone and alongside the current one.20:36
flocculantkrytarik: we could, personally I'm going to let it get dealt with "I'll "fix" that in a second" :)21:06
flocculantit's at least Ubuntu also21:06
flocculantI'll catch up tomorrow 21:06
ochosilate evening all21:29
ochosibluesabre: did only make it back now, so no progress on the LO stuff21:29
geniiHehe, yep22:00
bluesabreochosi: darn22:04
ochosiand now Sweet5hark isn't around22:06
ochosialthough judging from the logs, he wasn't all day :)22:07
ochosiwhat if we just file a bugreport or better yet a merge-request?22:08
bluesabreochosi: yeah, that's what I need to do22:08
bluesabrenothing to merge into22:08
bluesabreso need to create a debdiff22:08
ochosithen it'd be easier to ping people about22:08
ochosihmm, right, it's only a packaging change22:09
bluesabrewas just in a hurry this morning22:09
ochosioh, doko would be another candidate22:09
ochosiyou could try to ping him in #u-devel22:10
bluesabrecreating a bug report now so we have tracking22:15
bluesabreochosi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/+bug/148391422:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1483914 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "libreoffice-style-elementary as alternate to libreoffice-style-human" [Undecided,New]22:24
ochosii'd say let's either link it to the bugs blueprint or to the dev one22:26
bluesabreI'll link it to dev22:26
ochosisounds good22:27
ochosiwanna ping doko straight away?22:27
bluesabredone linking22:27
bluesabreochosi: feel free to add any other comments ;)22:30
ochosik :)22:30
ochosiwell doko is in the LO packaging team22:30
ochosiso i would presume he will take care of it22:30
bluesabresensible request then22:30
ochosiadded a line22:34
bluesabreochosi: cool22:35
ochosiok, i guess i gotta get some sleep22:38
ochosibluesabre: anything left for me to do before i take off?22:38
bluesabrenah, I'll try to get some stuff together for you to do tomorrow22:39
ochosibluesabre: humm, just one more thing..22:40
ochosithe clutter bug22:40
ochosithat affects parole22:40
ochosihas that been fixed meanwhile?22:40
bluesabreochosi: probably not22:40
bluesabrebut don't know22:40
ochosiupstream claims so, but i think ebassi merged two bugs that are not the same22:41
bluesabresuppose I'll have to check that out then22:41
ochosii'll quickly fire up my wily vbox to check22:42
ochosihmm, also, what was the outcome of your talk with Unit193 about xfpanel-switch packaging? can we add a workitem for him or what? :)22:44
bluesabreone of us will write a bug report tonight for packaging in ubuntu22:45
bluesabremaybe I can convince him to tidy up the package if I write the request22:46
ochosiyeah hmpf, still not fixed22:48
ochosiso clutter still has that bug22:48
ochosioh crap22:50
ochositotem works now22:50
ochosiso i guess we're on our own22:50
ochosiwe can either skim totem's changelog for mentions of clutter-gdk or ... humm, well i dunno what else to do22:50
bluesabresounds like something that can be fixed after FF22:51
bluesabreunless somebody wants to look into it22:51
krytarikflocculant, Unit193: So, there we go :P - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/casper/1.364 , http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/wily/casper/wily/revision/118722:53
bluesabrekrytarik: nice!22:53
krytarikTook me a while to find where this file is coming from. :P22:54
ochosibluesabre: found no relevant change in totem when quickly skimming upstreams git22:57
bluesabrefun fun22:58
bluesabregstreamer changes that we can't keep up with22:58
bluesabrelike mugshot's camera22:58
ochosialso no relevant changes i could find in ubuntu's package22:59
ochosiand no patches that point in our direction23:00
bluesabrewe'll figure it out23:00
bluesabreprobably just need to sit down with wily and crash it a bunch to figure it out23:00
* ochosi tries to remain optimistic23:01
ochosiso let's fix mugshot's and parole's bugs post-FF23:01
ochosiso that we can get the feature stuff done now23:02
bluesabretry to get new features done this week, bugs after23:02
ochosialrighty, sounds like a plan i can fall asleep to23:02
bluesabreso new catfish/menulibre this week/early next week23:02
bluesabreand packaging23:02
ochosithat should get a lot of our workitems done23:03
ochosilol https://github.com/gmc-holle/xfdashboard/commit/965b6f01210c3c97fe5c02f3e77b7d45e481e75d23:04
ochosifwiw, adding the CLUTTER_BACKEND=x11 fixes parole23:05
bluesabrethat probably won't work for very long23:05
ochosiif you want yet another hacky workaround23:05
bluesabrebut good to know23:05
ochosialso, parole still segfaults when closing23:05
bluesabrebugs bugs bugs23:06
ochosiwhich is another, probably unreported bug23:06
ochosidevelopers developers developers!23:06
ochosianyhoo, time to get some sleep finally23:07
ochosinight everyone23:07
bluesabrenight ochsoi23:08
bluesabreinternet slowing down... uh oh23:08
ochosibluesabre: ok, final note: according to this bugreport https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=785538 this might be a clue https://git.gnome.org/browse/totem/commit/?id=8c15325bc12740e94000d7b42a76c2a9b589656023:15
ubottuDebian bug 785538 in totem "[totem] totem crashes at start, no way to start it." [Grave,Fixed]23:15
ochosihowever, we don't have that call to set the connection-speed in parole23:15
ochosimaybe we should add it though23:15
Unit193So, Aug 20th is FF, and GCC5 hasn't fully landed yet. :D23:36

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