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thumpermarcoceppi: *bzzt* wrong01:07
thumpermarcoceppi: juju run runs within a hook context01:07
thumpermarcoceppi: however, it isn't as easy as it should be01:07
thumpermarcoceppi: I managed to execute juju run to get a relation config value using the CLI01:08
thumperbut it requires a bit of prior understanding that isn't entirely obvious01:09
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pmatuliswith HA, how does the juju master get associated with the mongodb master? is it random (among the initial one + the ones which are about to be created) or is it always the initial single state server?13:48
rick_h_pmatulis: I'd assume it'd have to be the first ones. Until the others are brought up and sync'd they're not able to be a master.13:54
pmatulisrick_h_: makes sense13:54
rick_h_pmatulis: I guess it's not final/official. I think natefinch might know more/better if I'm incorrect.13:55
natefinchpmatulis, rick_h_: Mongodb chooses a master, and we make that Juju server the master13:57
natefinchpmatulis, rick_h_: if there's only one state server, obviously it's the master.  When you add more, mongodb chooses a new master through its magical and mysterious algorithm13:58
pmatulisnatefinch: ah, the juju master always resides on the same host as the mongodb master?13:59
natefinchpmatulis: yep, just easier that way13:59
pmatulisnatefinch: perfect13:59
bloodearnestso, it seems destroy-environment in manual provider doesn't invoke destroy-service on the environments services. Is this expected?14:59
bloodearnestmeans I need to remember to manuall destroy-service's first, before tearing down the env15:00
skylerbergHi guys. I am starting to write my charm and I see that pretty every charm (that I have looked at) calls execd_preinstall at the start of the install hook. It is not clear to me after looking at the source code for this function what it does.18:25
marcoceppiskylerberg: this is really for our IS team, they do a special bit that adds an execd directory to call additional files18:58
marcoceppiit's how they add code for certs and stuff18:59
skylerbergmarcoceppi: Alright. Thanks Marco.19:01
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mbruzekHello marcoceppi.  I am still having trouble getting amulet to deploy with this added binary.  I tried deleting the .bzr directory, but then I got juju-deployer errors, and I have tried your commit trick and which didn't work.20:27
mbruzekmarcoceppi: Any other options?20:28
marcoceppimbruzek: wait until next week and try again?20:28

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