ahoneybunvalorie: seems like Riddell has something going on for kdeplasma-addons00:57
ahoneybunlast edit was 3 days ago00:58
ScottKvalorie: Even if we don't have the metapackage like Debian, Kubuntu does have all the addons packaged:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeplasma-addons/4:5.3.95-0ubuntu103:38
ScottKSee the descriptions of the various binary packages to see which has what you're after.03:38
valorieScottK: that's in proposed however03:55
valoriewhich is cool, but not available03:56
valorieand this box is still on vivid03:56
ScottKvalorie: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeplasma-addons/4:5.3.2-203:56
ScottKHere's vivid https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeplasma-addons/4:5.2.2-0ubuntu303:57
valoriehere's hoping that they will be backported to vivid03:57
valorieor perhaps I should upgrade this box too03:57
valorielittle travel netbook was excellent in wily at Akademy03:58
ScottKDunno.  I've been upgrading to Debian recently.03:58
valoriehow are you finding that experience?03:58
valorieSon is on Debian now as well03:59
ScottKNot as polished as Kubuntu, but for me it's fine.04:05
ScottKFewer politics is nice.04:06
valorieright, I hope basically withdrawing from Ubuntu politics will work for us04:06
valoriethe rest of the flavors seem to survive without attacks04:07
soeesomeon with Wily and muon ?07:03
valoriewhich muon?07:30
valorieI have wily, just update/upgraded07:30
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.3.95-21-g91a450b * Harald Sitter: libmuon/backends/ApplicationBackend/ReviewsBackend.cpp07:30
pursuivantfix application backend build07:30
soeemuon package manager07:46
soeevalorie: ^07:46
sitterRiddell: kldap needs a new upload which will fix the kdepimlibs build07:48
valoriesoee: I'll check in a mo'07:54
valorieI finally got listadmin to work on all the servers where I admin lists07:56
valorie...and saved on dropbox where I can access it from any computer07:59
valoriesoee: I do now08:01
valoriewhat can I test for you?08:01
snelefile search in dolphin doesn't work if file search (baloo) is disabled08:01
snelei found this bug report https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33986608:01
ubottuKDE bug 339866 in search "Dolphin search displays "Invalid protocol" error." [Normal,Resolved: downstream]08:01
sneleit says something is probably wrong with packaging08:02
snelethis happans on wily08:02
soeevalorie: in menu there is a option to exit sources list, but it seems like it just refresh packages list not opening settings08:05
valorieok, while I was waiting I used it to update/upgrade08:06
valorieit will finish in a min08:06
valorieno idea why it found so much to upgrade when apt alone didn't.....08:07
valoriebut perhaps a whole slew of stuff just hit in the past couple of hourse08:08
soeevalorie: yesh Frameworks 5.13 for example 08:09
soeeso a lot of updates 08:09
valoriesoee, can you be more specific>08:31
valoriewhere in the menu08:31
valorieseems more powerful than I remember08:32
soeevalorie: in menu click Settings -> Configure Software Sources08:33
sittermh didn't Riddell say something about not being here today -.-08:34
valorieyes, for me it just refreshed08:34
valorieno configuration was actually offered08:35
soeeah so its some bug :/08:35
valoriebut now I get the new kdeconnect!08:35
valorieyes, I'll confirm the bug report08:36
* sitter wonders why the notes say gpgmepp needs a gcc5 transition08:36
valoriedid you file one, soee?08:36
yofellast I remember is that the configure software sources button was an external kdesudo software-properties-kde call08:36
yofelso that's either broken or not ported to pkexec or that's broken08:37
sittergcc5 transition...08:37
soeevalorie: nope08:37
yofelsitter: because the symbolfile had c++11 symbols in it, Riddell concluded that it wasn't needed08:38
valoriesoee: now I need to go to bed, though08:38
valorieif you file a bug, I'll confirm08:38
sitteryofel: just patch it?08:38
valoriejust leave the link here and I'll do it later08:38
sitterits a new lib08:38
lordievaderGood morning.08:38
sitterthe symbols file inside is a stub08:38
yofelsitter: right, which is what they did IIRC08:38
* sitter checks08:38
yofelme and rohan just didn't know that08:38
yofel(the file being a stub)08:39
sitterprolly should have mentioned that xD08:39
sitterno fix in sight apparently08:39
Riddellsitter: right I'm leaving in half an hour09:29
Riddellsitter: kldap up!09:35
sitterRiddell: all the pim stuff will need new uploads more or less09:37
sitterI just fixed up all -dev dependencies according to what their cmake files look for 09:37
sitterin particular stuff between kdepimlibs and kdepim fails on second level dependencies of the base libs09:38
sitterkmime, kholidays, kpimtextedit, kblog, kcontacts, ktnef, kdepimlibs, akonadi-calendar, kcalutils09:39
sitteror that's what triggered on jenkins anyway xD09:39
sitterdoing a last test build then kdepim should be done (build deps possibly not quite in order, but meh)09:45
Riddellsitter: kmime, kholidays, kpimtextedit, kblog, kcontacts, ktnef, kdepimlibs, akonadi-calendar, kcalutil  uploaded!09:54
Riddellsitter: have I mentioned you're my hero?09:54
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sitterRiddell: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_stable_konsole/lastFailedBuild/consoleFull didn't you fix konsole?10:05
sitterRiddell: please check your dolphin repo10:10
sitterthe dolphin that is on git.debian is not actually ported10:10
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clivejoso where are we up to with Applications 15.07.90?10:42
clivejois okular kf5 yet?10:54
clivejositter Riddell: ping10:54
sitterclivejo: same as yesterday I am busy trying to get CI to bulding though10:57
clivejositter: if there are multiple install files we need to have the following in rules?10:58
clivejo        $(overridden_command) --destdir=debian/tmp10:58
sitterScottK: oh hey, btw, pykde4 uses kdepim-dev apparently but kdepim4 is going away now, so I suppose we'll have to rebuild pykde4?10:58
sitterclivejo: no, it is figured out autiomatically10:58
ScottKSounds like.  I haven't looked at it.10:58
sitterif there are more than one package the files automatically get installed to debian/tmp10:58
sitterif there is only one package the files get installed to debian/packagename directly (thus removing teh need to have an install file to begin with)10:59
clivejositter: if I use uscan to download the files, will git only care about what happens inside the debian folder?11:00
sitterclivejo: yes. git only ever cares about what you tell it to care about (i.e. files that you don't git add won't matter neither will changes you don't stage for commit in files that were added)11:01
clivejositter: CMake Error at /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake:1316 (message):11:06
clivejo  Unable to compile a basic Qt application.  Qt has not been found correctly.11:06
sitterclivejo: context?11:07
clivejookular building locally11:08
sitterexport QT_SELECT=411:08
sitteryour build environment picks up qt5 apparently11:08
clivejojust in konsole?11:08
clivejowill that break my ability to complie qt5?11:09
BluesKajHi folks11:10
sitterclivejo: no, will revert on next login. or you can simply export with 511:11
clivejositter: not working11:11
sitterclivejo: how are you trying to build okular?11:12
sitterdoko: did xapian not get a rebuild or something? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/214469237/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.akonadi-search_4%3A15.07.90%2Bgit20150814.1107%2B15.10-0_BUILDING.txt.gz11:14
clivejositter: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12078603/11:16
dokositter, it should, at least in the distro: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/akonadi/1.13.0-2ubuntu511:16
sitterclivejo: you can temporarily add that export to debian/rules11:18
sitterthat should make it work definitely11:18
sitterjust don't forget to remove it again before committing11:18
dokositter, you don't have wily-proposed enabled11:18
dokoin this ppa11:18
sitterdoko: that's intentional11:20
dokositter, but won't work then, that's intentional too =)11:21
sitterwhat's the point of proposed if the release pocket breaks anyway :P11:21
dokowell, we don't change the soname of libc, but it's nearly as bad as this ...11:21
sitterah yes, libxapian22v5 is stuck in proposed11:22
sitterpoor thing11:22
dokoso please be patient. I think at this point it's really better to test in a ppa with proposed enabled. you could create another one11:22
sitterdoko: wouldn't it be more useful if we instead spent time getting stuff out of proposed?11:24
dokositter, sure: see http://pad.ubuntu.com/gcc-5-transition11:24
dokositter, that's what I'm doing all the time this week, fixing kde ftbfs and autopkg tests11:25
clivejolibokularcore6 is complaining about symbols11:31
clivejocan someone look at okular, I cant figure out what is wrong with it11:43
yofelwhere's the status page again?11:44
yofeloh, linked on the pad, nvm11:45
yofelclivejo: huh, okular looks green though?11:45
* clivejo face palms11:46
clivejoIve got okteta and okular missed up!11:47
clivejostupid dyslexic brain11:48
sitterah yes and we are left without a dolphin port11:49
sitterbut notes say jon made one11:49
yofelsitter: can't you take what's in the PPA?11:52
yofelthe build logs say that the package looks for KF511:53
yofeldoesn't actually build though11:53
clivejositter: if I dont want the changes in the changefile in my patch, do I just ommit that file whilst staging?12:05
sitteryofel: because it is not ported12:11
sittercmake looking for kf5 has nothing to do with the packaging actually providing it12:12
sitterclivejo: yep12:12
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clivejois License: GPL-2 or GPL-3 or GPL-KDEeV the same as License: GPL-2?12:31
sitteralso note that "GPL-2 or GPL-3 or GPL-KDEeV" is likely not what was meant there12:32
clivejowhy is lintian comlaining then!12:32
sitterclivejo: because it wants a block for GPL-212:32
sitterbut there is no block for GPL-2 because there is nothing licensed GPL-212:33
sitterthere's probably only something licensed GPL-KDEeV12:33
sitterclivejo: replace that or thing with only "GPL-KDEeV"12:34
sitternot knowing which package you are working on I am still reasonable certain that this is what the copyrigh tshould say :P12:34
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clivejositter: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12079015/ complaining about line 12912:40
clivejowell the paragraph at 12912:40
clivejoW: okteta source: dep5-copyright-license-name-not-unique (paragraph at line 129)12:40
sitterclivejo: line 47 is GPL-KDEeV12:41
sitternot that or thing12:41
sitterthat's why lintian then trips over line 12912:41
clivejoso just put GPL-KDEeV?12:42
clivejogrrr still complaining12:45
sitterclivejo: yes12:47
clivejowhats that?12:48
rdieterI suspect that's a reference to the "or later versions as approved by the membersihp of KDE e.V" clause on https://techbase.kde.org/Policies/Licensing_Policy12:51
clivejoI dunno how to fix this12:52
sitterwhat's the error12:52
clivejoW: okteta source: dep5-copyright-license-name-not-unique (paragraph at line 129)12:52
sitterclivejo: it's defined twice12:53
sitterstill okteta?12:53
sittergood question12:54
clivejoI changed line 47 but its still complaining12:54
sitterclivejo: can you paste the entire lintian output please12:54
clivejoNow running lintian...12:55
clivejoW: okteta source: dep5-copyright-license-name-not-unique (paragraph at line 129)12:55
clivejoW: okteta: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/okteta12:55
clivejoW: okteta: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/struct2osd12:55
clivejoFinished running lintian.12:55
sitterclivejo: please paste your copyright file12:56
clivejositter: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12079084/12:57
clivejoI changed line 47 as above12:57
sitterclivejo: are you sure that is the copyright lintian is running on?12:58
clivejoare there other copyright files?12:58
sitterno but there are possibly different versions of the source?12:59
clivejogit versions?13:00
sitterclivejo: how do you call lintian13:00
clivejodebuild calls it13:00
sitterclivejo: how do you call debuild?13:00
sitterwhere do you call build?13:00
clivejodebuild -j4 or debuild -nc13:01
sitterhave you tried staging your changes?13:01
sittertry that13:04
sitteralso paste your entire debuild output13:04
clivejositter: can you apply this patch - http://paste.ubuntu.com/12079151/13:11
clivejoI need to learn more about the copyright file to fix it13:12
clivejoand I have other stuff to do at the minute13:13
sitterclivejo: that watch file change is no good it removes unstable13:13
sitteralso those should be 3 commits13:13
clivejoit was wrong13:14
clivejothe original line13:14
sitterah true13:14
sitterme daft13:14
sitterclivejo: I still need that install change in a differnet commit though13:14
sitteryour install fix only applies to 15.7.90, so it needs reverting in kubuntu_stable13:15
clivejoI dont understand13:15
sitter15.07.90 uses +usr/share/oktetapart/oktetapartbrowserui.rc13:15
sitter15.08.0 will use -usr/share/kxmlgui5/oktetapart/oktetapartbrowserui.rc13:16
sitterso we need to fix it in kubuntu_wily_archive13:16
sitterthen merge it into kubuntu_stable and revert the install change again, because it makes no sense for the stable CI13:16
sitteras per your own fix I linked to13:16
clivejohow do I revert the commit in git gui?13:18
clivejoor do I have to do it on terminal?13:18
sitterclivejo: you don't need to revert it, simply amend and unstage the install change ;)13:18
sitterand edit the commit message13:18
sitterthen commit 13:18
sitterthen you can stage the install change independently in a second commit13:18
clivejobut I have alreadly commited the changes13:19
sitterclivejo: I haven't pushed it though, so you can still amend it13:19
sittersimply tick the amend box13:19
clivejoI mean in my local git13:19
sitterand select the install file in the left bottom list13:19
sitterthen go to edit -> unstage13:19
clivejoI need to revert my local commit?13:19
clivejogit reset HEAD~  ?13:19
sitteryou are not listening13:20
sitteropen git gui13:20
sitterand tick the amend box13:20
clivejoah ok13:20
sittertick amend -> select install file in list -> go to commit -> unstage from commit13:21
sitterthis will take the file out of the commit object13:21
sitterthen update your commit message and commit the amendment13:21
clivejook http://paste.ubuntu.com/12079225/13:22
clivejothats minus the install file changes?13:22
sitterlooks good13:22
sitternow you can make a second commit with the install file changes13:22
clivejoI dont understand why the paths have changed between the stable and unstable versions13:24
clivejobut Ill take your word for it13:25
sitterclivejo: that's not what happend13:25
sitterkubuntu_stable is not a version13:25
sitterit is a moving target13:25
sittertracking this upstream branch http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=okteta.git&a=shortlog&h=1194c7904b33e1b6540f3f89c92d19e34960aefe13:26
sitterand this is why the path in kubuntu_stable needs to be different http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=okteta.git&a=commit&h=d88c536ad16f475958bd1b94a39dadad795b9bd013:26
clivejositter: but Im working from kubuntu_wily_archive?13:26
sitterthat commit happened 4 days after the tagging fo 15.07.90 though http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=okteta.git&a=tag&t=v15.07.9013:26
sitterclivejo: kubuntu_wily_archive gets automatically merged in the CI branches13:27
clivejotrying to make it orange or green here - http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/build_status_15.07.90_wily.html13:27
sitterrationale being that 99% of the fixes one does in the _archive branch apply to the CI branches13:27
clivejositter: can you re-run that build for applications 15.07.90?13:28
sitterbusy doing other things13:29
clivejook, no problem, Ill go do my other jobs13:29
clivejothanks for your help, again!13:29
sitterdoko: kgraphviewer is not part of kde applications, can I simply upload it to get rid fo the boost1.55 hard-dep?13:32
dokositter, sure, just make sure that it builds with -proposed enabled ;)13:35
snelesomething happend to muon on wily13:47
sneleconfigure software sources trigers "check for updates"13:48
snelein muon, updater13:48
BluesKajsnele:  muon seems fine here 13:48
snelein discover "configure sources" doesnt work13:48
BluesKajsnele:  are your packages up to date?13:49
sneleBluesKaj: can you check Settings>Configure software sources13:49
sneleBluesKaj: yea i am installing updates few times a day13:49
sneleit was working few days ago13:49
BluesKajI use muon mostly as a reference, otherwise I use the terminal to update and upgrade/install packages13:51
sneleBluesKaj: well it seems that i cannot edit software sources via muon atm. very wierd13:52
BluesKajsnele:  I edit the sources.list13:52
sneleBluesKaj: I like gui method for sources :)13:54
BluesKajsnele:  well considering that muon is acting up, then the sources.list is your best alternative IMO14:01
BluesKajmuon discover doesn't do much for me 14:02
sittergoing to head out soon14:12
sitteryofel, shadeslayer: if one of you fancies doing some uploads to the apps stage ... all the pim packages can probably be uploaded as like half of them had build fixes for CI (a list of them is now avaialble at the bottom of the notes) also okteta14:17
sitternot sure I'll get to do anything tomorrow as I think I am not home, but let's see14:17
shadeslayersitter: tomorrow's Saturday?14:17
shadeslayeruh ok14:18
sitterwe are well behind schedule because no one packaged crap14:18
shadeslayerI can't upload because I have other stuff to do :/14:18
sitteroh and if someone wants to... 15.08.0 candidates are available for packagers, so merging stable and initial uploading that might be a feasable thing to do since I almost have everything at least to warning stage in CI14:18
sitterdoko: kdepim pushed to next week I fear, there's only two packages missing to be sucessfully staged though and at least one rebuild (pykde4 needs to loose pim api) needs to be figured out still14:21
sitterdoko: kgraphviewer OTOH built nicely and should be good for migration out of proposed https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kgraphviewer/4:2.1.90-0ubuntu2 14:21
dokositter, not urgent, because we fixed the kdepim in the archive14:21
sitterI see kdepim-runtime is on the list of boost1.55 blockers though14:22
sittermight likely need the seme ifdef treatment14:22
dokoargh, depends on kolab14:25
clivejoRiddell shadeslayer : could someone push the following patches please http://paste.ubuntu.com/12079225/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/12079233/ for okteta and rebuild17:40
clivejolibkface seems to be symbols problem can I fix those or does it need transition?17:43
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soee_https://plus.google.com/+AaronDennis/posts/dkhKjYCNtaB :)19:02
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ahoneybunvalorie: I'm not sure he understands IRC23:58

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