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apothacarrywhat's the latest?03:02
josuesome know how to configure permission with xampp in kubuntu?03:09
cihhanhi all! i m using Kubuntu 14.04 and today somehow Firefox stopped the sounds. I can listen to music from VLC player though03:10
cihhanAny ideas?03:10
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josuetry Apply the FFmpeg fix03:11
josuesudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/trusty-media03:12
josuesudo apt-get update03:12
josuesudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg03:12
cihhanjosueL i have installed it and restarted firefox03:17
cihhanjosue: but still i cant get any sounds from firefox03:18
josueand with crhome03:18
cihhanim installing it now03:18
cihhanjosue: no sound there too :/03:22
josueno idea men03:22
cihhanthanks a lot man03:23
josuemay be codecs?03:23
cihhanjosue, im not sure why :/ but somehow i cant get any sounds03:25
cihhanhi all, i cant get any sound from videos using both firefox and chrome but vlc works fine. any idea?03:40
josuesome know how to show copy dialog in kde?03:49
josuea copy progress03:49
surgyim running kubuntu 14.04 kernal 13.19  i have a huion graphics tablet that works in krita and gimp with pressure and everything. works great. in mypaint everything on the tablet works except for pressure..... can you help me get my pressure sensitivity to work please?03:55
zoidberg__why is 15.04 so buggy05:16
zoidberg__it said stable on kubuntu website05:16
TJ-All stables have bugs in them; some would call them features :)05:17
zoidberg__lol i literally broke 2 kubuntu 15.04 systems by simply installing packages05:17
zoidberg__think its the display manager because both cases the os would boot only into a black screen05:18
TJ-Any proprietary drivers in use? black screen is often a modesetting issue05:22
valoriehmmm, 15.04 is very stable for me05:27
valorieas is 15.1005:27
Maakuthgreetings. 15.04 with the most recent updates installed, sddm doesn't let me log in06:03
Maakuthi can type in the password, but then nothing happens when i click login. it's thinkpad on amd64 architecture06:04
hateballMaakuth: A new install or upgrade?06:05
hateballMaakuth: I'm thinking if some of your user settings got messed up, you could try moving the config files away and starting fresh06:05
Maakuthi installed it as a fresh 15.04 ubuntu, only recently installed kubuntu-desktop06:05
Maakuthhmm wait a moment, there's something related to pam and the fingerprint sensor in sddm logs... let's see if i can disable the reader06:06
TJ-Maakuth: does anything happen if you press Enter rather than press the button06:06
valorieMaakuth: that can be a problem (ubuntu + kub-desktop) because Unity does not use SDDM06:08
valorierather they use lightdm06:08
Maakuthalright, it was the fingerprint thing, it seems06:08
valorieit is possible that ensuring that SDDM is indeed installed, and that lightdm is purged, will help06:08
* valorie went through this with a wily install06:09
Maakuthi changed from unity to kde because i thought kde would have my scenario better thought out: laptop with a dock06:11
Maakuthunity fails miserably when i undock or dock while its running06:11
Maakuthwell, at least kwin and konsole segfaulted when i undocked, couldn't do anything06:12
valorieMaakuth: better to install kubuntu directly then06:13
valoriepurging the unity stuff is a pain06:13
valorieif you make a liveUSB of kubuntu, you can run that and check the dock/undocking06:14
Maakuthi can't believe unity has anything to do with the docking behaviour06:14
Maakuthhmm, good point06:14
valoriehard to say06:16
valorieI know my login was very messed up06:17
valoriesometimes it turned black, but I could still enter the password and get into my kubuntu session!06:17
valorieit was bizarre06:17
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TJ-That's a lightdm/greeter issue, possibly combined with X video driver issues06:22
valorieright, getting rid of that stuff cleared up the problems06:23
valorieI didn't change drivers though06:23
TJ-lightdm executes a few shell scripts as part of starting the X server and greeter, so there's always potential for it to mess up since part of that is using an appropriate theme (to match the desktop)06:28
valorieit used to work well for us06:29
valoriebut it's been nothing for trouble since the advent of sddm06:30
Maakuthbut if i have sddm selected as a default dm, are the lightdm scripts still getting executed?06:30
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valorieMaakuth: I don't know, but this is the second time I've had to purge lightdm to get sddm to work correctly06:36
valorieyour experience might vary06:36
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lordievaderGood morning.08:38
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yossarianukMorning !08:56
yossarianukToday is a good day08:56
yossarianukso happy -Ubuntu will now always have the latest nvidia drivers !!!08:57
yossarianukProgress for gamers.08:57
yossarianuk(and anyone who uses opengl.)08:57
soeeyossarianuk: yes i already poted info on g+ https://plus.google.com/110954078302330754910/posts/SCTg9pAdaY908:58
hateballit'll be even nicer once stuff gets added from the steamOS repos09:03
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ManDulanGood morning my friends. I have a new laptop and I would like to NOT use the nvidia drivers neither the noveau one. How can I disable all? I want to use the integrated graphic card from Intel.09:48
soeewell intell will be used if you dont switch to nvidia09:54
ManDulanand how to disable the noveau, soee ?09:59
cojackManDulan: uninstall it?10:01
ManDulancojack: and I will be using the Intel? I don't want to have any issue if I uninstall noveau and I start getting a black screen for example10:02
ejayManDulan: unistall noveau and remove xorg.conf file, everything will be fine10:03
cojackManDulan: fallback should be triggered and using vesa on intell vga10:04
cojackanyway, you have awlays recovery mode on boot10:04
soeeManDulan: i think even if noveau is installed but you are using intel then noveau drier is not used10:05
cojackManDulan: and check a bios, maybe your laptop have an option to use one of the two cards, or maybe an priotity to use10:05
cojacksoee: he can check it by lsmod10:06
cojackohh maybe better option it's to blacklist nouveau in modprobe?10:07
ManDulanDoo you know which package I need to uninstall? Searching by "noveau" doesn't works10:08
cojackManDulan: because you make a typo10:08
cojackit's nouveau10:08
ManDulanThat's true, thanks cojack <310:08
cojackManDulan: np, and it should be xserver-xorg-video-nouveau10:08
ManDulanI had to uninstall "xserver-xorg-video-all " because it said it depends on it.10:10
ManDulanI'll restart and see what happens.10:10
ManDulanThank you guys10:10
cojackwait a sec!10:10
cojackdo not rebot!10:10
SimoniousI want one process to automatically startup as SU when I run screen (via .screenrc) - how can I do this?  Google is failing me :/10:10
ManDulantell me10:10
cojackManDulan: what did you do?10:11
ManDulancojack: https://paste.kde.org/p0cajzhyi/az3ngd/raw10:11
cojackManDulan: ok, sorry dude, my fault10:12
cojackgo ahead and reboot10:12
ManDulanI'll come again to thank you again :P10:12
cojackSimonious: imposible untill you're root10:13
Simoniouscan't even ask it to prompt for su pw?10:13
cojackby this way, then check just, add an bash sudo in this file and check10:14
SimoniousI have 5 processes that I'd like to all startup on initiating screen, but the 1st one needs su to function10:14
cojackSimonious: you can also override screen start program to bash script and then write some bash script to run your sudo cmd and other stuff and at the end to run screen as well10:18
* Simonious ponders10:18
cojackand Im sorry that I wrote that is something impossible under linux, blame me10:19
ManDulan_Helloo. How can I check which graphic drivers am I using?10:20
cojackgood question10:20
cojackManDulan_: sudo lshw -short10:22
cojacksudo lshw -short|grep display10:22
cojackor this10:22
ManDulan_ /0/100/1/0                   display        NVIDIA Corporation /0/100/2                     display        4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller10:23
ManDulan_Which one? xD10:23
cojacksudo lshw -c display10:24
cojackwhat this one will return?10:24
ManDulan_cojack: https://paste.kde.org/p1lx7tdnv/iyzwu2/raw10:26
ManDulan_If life is so fair, why roses have thorns? :'(10:27
cojackManDulan_: do you have glxinfo ?10:28
ManDulan_No cojack10:28
cojackcan u install mesa-utils ?10:28
ManDulan_Of course my bro10:29
cojackthen after install try this command:10:29
cojackglxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer string"10:29
ManDulan_cojack: OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Haswell Mobile10:29
cojackthen u're at home10:29
cojacksorry, wrong sentence10:29
cojackor maybe good, im bad in this kind of slang10:30
cojackanyway you're using Intel vga, so it's what u want10:30
ManDulan_Thank you cojack10:31
cojackyou're welcome10:31
ManDulan_I hope you'll be recompensated with girls and money10:31
cojackManDulan_: haha, thanks ^^10:31
yossarianuksoee: cheers - good stuff, i'd argue its good for desktop users as well as laptop ones...10:49
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BluesKajHi folks11:10
SimoniousI've got screen starting several processes on startup in splitscreens, if one of them fails I want it to drop to a bash shell, should be easy, right?11:22
yossarianukhi - running plasma 5.3.2 (PPA) i have a simple usability question (may be best in #kde..) - when I choose an image for the lock screen  the scale is totally wrong..11:25
yossarianukit doesn't seem to matter how small/large the image is either...11:25
yossarianukanyway of scaling that ?11:25
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externalMonitorMhell I have a question concerning KUBUNTU 15.04 with PLASMA .3.212:23
BluesKajexternalMonitorM:  assume you meant plasma 5.212:24
externalMonitorMhow can I "mirror" what I see on an external monitor and what I see on my laptop screen? I just want to "mirror" it12:24
externalMonitorMPLASMA 5.3.2 yes12:24
externalMonitorMI cannot find it in the monitor settings in system configuration - is it perhaps still to be developed?12:25
hateballexternalMonitorM: What drivers are you using?12:26
hateballIf you're using nVidia you need to configure that stuff using nvidia-settings12:26
hateball(proprietary driver that is)12:26
BluesKajexternalMonitorM:  it should just mirror the X output by default afaik, but I haven't checked since 14.10 was on my laptop12:27
externalMonitorM i am my system uses INTEL internal grafics, not NVIDIA12:28
externalMonitorMlspci -nnk | grep -i VGA -A212:30
externalMonitorM00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:0116] (rev 09)         Subsystem: Sony Corporation Device [104d:908b]         Kernel driver in use: i91512:30
BluesKajexternalMonitorM:  what is showing on the external now ?12:32
Simoniouseasy way to remove trailing whitespace in #!/bin/bash script?12:32
Simonious(on just a variable)12:32
hateballSimonious: sed or awk12:34
Simoniousahh, got it: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11791402/shell-script-how-to-trim-spaces-from-a-bash-variable12:36
externalMonitorKI see two different screens on the external vs. Laptopscreen but i would like the two to be the same i.e. synchornized13:06
TJ-externalMonitorK: You mean 'cloned' ?13:15
externalMonitorKso i see what happens on the big external monitor also on my laptop13:18
externalMonitorKjust like "preentation modus" - would be the same with a video projector13:19
TJ-externalMonitorK: I usually use the command-line tool 'xrandr' to do such things, but I think the GUI display applet is supposed to be able to do it too13:21
externalMonitorK  in PLASMA 5 now this xrandr i think does not work any more?13:23
TJ-externalMonitorK: xrandr is how the monitors are controlled13:28
anoneemouseI'm having trouble when logging out. I have to log out twice. The first time around plasma is closed but I have to then press alt+f2 and type log out to get my desktop to properly log out\13:30
Simoniousscreenrc is great at starting processes and jumping to the next thing (when starting multiple screens) so great in fact that it starts things before the initial thing has had a chance to run...  I'd prefer not to have to introduce a delay into EVERY process, but rather introduce a delay into screenrc - can this be done?14:14
josue_Hi, how to enable a copy progress bar in kde? I dont want a notification widget14:28
bigcat4i would also like to know if that is possible.  i like the notification method, but it would be nice to know how to have it the other way as well14:29
BluesKajin relation to which process, josue_?14:29
BluesKajbigcat4:  what is possible?14:30
bigcat4when copying a file/folder from say the desktop to a USB stick, there is no popup progress indicator, only the one shown in the notification window, accessed via the bottom panel14:31
bigcat4is it possible to have a popup instead?14:31
BluesKajsorry never gave it any thought, just rely on the notications progreessbar especially when transferring large files14:34
BluesKajas I'm doing atm14:35
BluesKajbacking up my music and video folders to second a hdd from my laptop ..gotta have that redundancy14:36
josue_a copy big file process14:37
josue_or zip many files, i want a progress dialog, not hidden notification14:37
BluesKajit's not hidden if you leave the notifier open14:38
josue_yes i know... but some wants a beatiful dialog kde3 style14:38
bigcat4it does keep it out of the way whilst working with other windows though, so it does have its advantages14:38
bigcat4plasma 5 is just beautiful.. i think it could sell linux to a lot of people who think linux desktops are stuck in the past14:40
BluesKajjosue_:  there may be a progress bar option/app for such uses , but this is the first time I've seen it requested14:41
josue_bigcat4 want too, but I can do? how?14:42
BluesKajbigcat4:  really ? that's a matter of taste14:42
josue_of course...14:43
josue_now i lost (i) icon notification...14:43
josue_how to configure preferences?14:43
josue_so, it's possible recover old fashion progress copy dialog in kde4?14:47
BluesKajjosue_:  right click on "show hidden icons" in the panel near the clock, then choose system tray settings14:47
josue_ready, in preferences of notification widget, it's checket transfer files... I'll uncheck, some tutorials says this recover copy dialog... :P14:52
bigcat4BluesKaj: yes you're right of course and there are other modern looking desktops out there, but I think KDE has a great mix of traditional layout with a polished modern look, which a lot of non-technical users would find attractive14:52
BluesKajtigcat4:  well once there are more kde look options for the plasma5 desktop i may agree, but the new "look" doesn't replace some of my favourite features that have been dropped by plasma514:57
josue_not works... :(15:22
josue_those dialog was deleted from code :P15:23
lordievaderPerhaps submit a wishlist bug?15:23
josue_they won't do if some can bring the copy dialog kd3 style15:25
josue_uncheck a notification option "Transfer files and work notifications" and copy dialog keep ocult15:34
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josue_I want this... http://www.leobravo.cl/?p=1864 but not works... why'016:05
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josue_ready... I must restart plasma to apply changes :P16:32
josue_thanks to everybody16:32
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hhernandez1977afternoon all17:12
hhernandez1977I am wanting to know has anyone gotten kmail to work with exchange?17:13
hhernandez1977I am trying to kmail at the office17:13
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theofficejust hopped on the kubuntu train...yay!17:44
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Novice201yHello. After last restart I see glitches from moving windows :/ How to solve this?19:17
Novice201yThose glitches are on wallpaper.19:34
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